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Nov 17

Nov 17

Happy 3rd Anniversary PS3 and PlayStation Network!

Knguyen's Avatar Posted by Marketing Manager, PlayStation 3

As many of you know, today marks the third anniversary of PS3 and PlayStation Network. It’s amazing to think how far we’ve come in three short years. At launch three years ago, PS3 was a cutting edge gaming console, ushering in the idea of a forward thinking format like Blu-ray that few people had heard of. We were committed to that concept and how it would impact the gaming landscape for the next generation. Today, Blu-ray Disc is the next gen standard media format giving PS3 game developers a larger canvas to create games that continually push the envelope on rich, immersive gaming experiences.

In its infancy, PlayStation Network began as a free service to gamers offering an online commerce option for games and game content. Today, it offers an unrivaled social networking experience in PlayStation Home, a robust video delivery service for purchasing and renting SD and HD content from every major studio, social networking applications like Facebook, instant streaming content from Netflix, and a rich selection of more than 450 games for PS3 and PSP…oh, and yes, it’s still free.

Momentum is going strong and signs are only pointing up for us. In October, we saw a 70 percent increase in PS3 sales over last October. This was fueled by a marketing campaign that many of you have commented on, but also by a new slimmer and lighter form factor with a larger hard-drive for $100 less. We’re seeing hundreds of thousands of you joining the PlayStation family every day, and we welcome you to check out all of the amazing things that PlayStation has to offer.

We are really hitting our stride here and with how far you’ve seen us come in three short years, imagine how far we’ll go with the next three. It all starts with this holiday and blockbusters like UNCHARTED 2 and Ratchet & Clank, and only gets better in Q1 with MAG, Heavy Rain and God of War III.

Really, what I’m here to say is, thanks for all of your support. Without your enthusiasm and feedback, PS3 wouldn’t be what it is today.

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Zinacef said:

November 17th, 6:31 pm

Here’s wishing the PS3 and PSN, a Happy 3rd. Anniversary, and wishing you many many more to come (from a proud PS3 owner)!

thegriefer said:

November 17th, 6:35 pm

cross game voice chat would have made this day so epic!!! Im so glad I bought a 60gb!!!

ender411 said:

November 17th, 6:37 pm

Congrats PlayStation!

Year 4, here we go!

TheForbiddenOne said:

November 17th, 6:37 pm

I’ve had my 60gb PS3 since they were first launched. Never disappointed me. Go Sony!

hush404 said:

November 17th, 6:38 pm

Happy Birthday PS3 :)

In April it’ll be 3 years since I got my hands on ze beast :)

Korbei83 said:

November 17th, 6:39 pm


I mean… PS3!

Blkant said:

November 17th, 6:39 pm

What no anniversary gift? :P

AxmShenmue said:

November 17th, 6:41 pm

Im totally happy for the PS3. All its accomplished.

BUT COMON! 3 years and still the same old BAD avatars?
Thats my only gripe really. And simply because its just such an easy thing to update.

CaruthK said:

November 17th, 6:41 pm

I’m glad the Playstation Network is the way it is now. It’s online home to me. I have some really good friends thanks to the PSN. So keep up the good work guys.

packy17 said:

November 17th, 6:43 pm

Thank you all for offering a great experience with the PS3, and the greatest free online experience of all time. While consoles have life cycles, PSN will live on as long as you guys keep producing great consoles to go along with.

Happy Birthday and thank you again for all you do for us.

Cat_Corye said:

November 17th, 6:44 pm

So when are you guys going to send us the peice of the birthday cake? or something…. Ok I think I PS3 Slim cake would be cool lol.

Happy Birthday and keep kicking A$$!!

sethchilders said:

November 17th, 6:48 pm

Happy birthday PS3! I remember when I first got it and I am still playing it. Keep up the good work Sony!

Thrasher20 said:

November 17th, 6:53 pm

Happy birthday Playstation :)

mafecto said:

November 17th, 6:53 pm


I’ve been a gamer since Atari and a PlayStation fanatic since PSX. Sony is the beginning and end of gaming. We stole the crown from Nintendo 15 years ago and won’t give it back. The day Sony stops making consoles is the day I stop gaming.

Here’s to 15, 20, 25? more years. Thanks for the memories.

sscoolChea said:

November 17th, 6:57 pm



MrBeatdown said:

November 17th, 7:01 pm

What a coincidence? It’s also the third birthday of “When are we gonna get new avatars?” Hooray for procrastination!

trapper12 said:

November 17th, 7:05 pm

Happy Birthday PS3. It’s been amazing so far and very looking for the next years ahead.

osufan21 said:

November 17th, 7:05 pm


smokey_vols said:

November 17th, 7:08 pm

Happy Birthday PS3, launch day owner!

ima_hustla_19 said:

November 17th, 7:11 pm

Iv been with Sony since the release of the ps1 n nothin could ever make me switch. I mean realy who charges to play online?(wink wink)

CapinChronic said:

November 17th, 7:13 pm

Happy Birthday PS3/PSN!!… cant believe my baby is 3.. ah they grow up so fast (((sigh))) :)

wU-sOLdiEr210 said:

November 17th, 7:15 pm

yep its been 3 years and we still cant do chat between two different games

somethingatt said:

November 17th, 7:17 pm

We love you and your philosophy on gaming (and technology), Sony.
Don’t ever change!

Here is to hoping the PlayStation brand goes strong forever!

shystie1 said:

November 17th, 7:20 pm

Happy Birthday PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Network and thank you Sony for all that you do for us Gamers.

Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in the upcoming year.


An4564 said:

November 17th, 7:22 pm

Happy birthday ps3
and still no modded ps3s out there too so unlike the 360 and wiis all ps3s are legit

lostinplainsight said:

November 17th, 7:23 pm

meh, I was three once its not that great now five thems were some good times.

station3fever said:

November 17th, 7:24 pm

Proud owner of ps1, ps2, ps3, psp and they are all working perfect. :) Congrats to playstation and all those who created it. i would like to thank all game creators for making fun and a$$ kicking games.

Myke-Myke said:

November 17th, 7:24 pm

Even though my PS3 died last week, i’m still proud and grateful for my time with having my PS3. Its probably my most favorite item that I have ever purchased. I’ve been a supporter of the PS3 since it was announced in 2005 and will never stop. In my opinion, the PS3 is by far the best video game console that has ever launched and I wish Sony more success with the PS3 and PS as a brand. Happy B-day PS3!!!

P.S. W/ you guys (Sony) being innovators with consoles, I can’t wait to see what you guys have in store with the inevitable PS4…. LOL!

station3fever said:

November 17th, 7:25 pm

oh and thanks kim :)

squallxlionheart said:

November 17th, 7:29 pm

KEEP KICKING BUTT SONY…Take the 360 DOWN….thank you for unparalleled service…and great consoles…cant wait for the new exclusives next year! cross game chat, FF8 on playstation store, and new avatars is all i need

squallxlionheart said:

November 17th, 7:29 pm


Alpha_Gamer said:

November 17th, 7:32 pm

Happy Birthday PS3 and PSN!

secularsage said:

November 17th, 7:33 pm

Just got my PS3 this year, and I must say… I’m really impressed by Sony’s continual improvements on it. The PS2 was a great console with a lousy interface. The XMB really makes the PS3 less of a console and more of an entertainment device.

I think by the time we’re celebrating the 5th anniversary of the PS3 launch, the system is going to be the dominant platform for this generation. Games like Uncharted 2 have made me a believer.

And I love that PSN is free! I’m much more willing to spend money on add-ons when I don’t have to pay to play online. And the new Netflix software is beautiful!

odin_final said:

November 17th, 7:34 pm

Happy Birthday PS3&PlayStation network Please Continue …No, please stay forever as Number 1.

norm01 said:

November 17th, 7:36 pm

Day 1 PS3 owner here. I will always remember the state of the PSN back on day 1.. the joy of downloading the Motorstorm demo, the awesomeness of Blast Factor and the absolute killer network experience of Resistance: Fall of Man multiplayer online. How great things have continued to evolve. 256 players for MAG. Video store. Facebook and Netflix integration. Happy birthday to the PS3 and the PSN!

Protohype said:

November 17th, 7:37 pm

PS3, you and I share the same birthday. Woot woot woohoo! Happy third anniversary.

SpyDudeFX said:

November 17th, 7:38 pm

Congrats! I was there on day one in line at Sony Style in NYC! Fun event, long night lol

gus_xl said:

November 17th, 7:42 pm

Happy B-Day PS3! I love you! ( And only slightly less than I love my Dreamcast! )

narwhalSTAB said:

November 17th, 7:44 pm

The PSN is SO much better now than when it launched and I look forward to it evolving even further in the future. :)

jgnyy32 said:

November 17th, 7:44 pm

Happy Birthday PS3!!!

nYcFrEeWiLL82 said:

November 17th, 7:44 pm

Happy 3rd Birth Day PS3!! ive bin a HUGE FAN of SONY since the WALKMAN…and PLAYSTATION was the sexiest cherry on top! i dumped nintendo and sega in a HEARTBEAT!i KNEW PLAYSTATION will triumph…and it has ever since :p BEST GAMES BEST QUALITY BEST COMPANY- SONY FTW! but yeah my ps3 6ogb which i got on my bday..10/19/ the YLOD..but i RESURECTED IT (for 4o buks- all thanks to sum guy on craigslist) and now its stonger than ever-upgraded to 3oo gbs! THANKS SONY YU THE BEST! lol

Azure-Edge said:

November 17th, 7:44 pm

Congrats guys, I’ve always supported you guys because Sony always supports its fans.

afrosheen said:

November 17th, 7:46 pm

Awesome console, awesome online if you could just convince developers that allowing us to play our own music in every game isn’t a sin, and maybe get cross-game chat hooked up (I could care less but it’s the only advantage xbox live has left), we’ll have a big winner.

Here’s to three great years, and 3 even better ones to come.

TAGImperium said:

November 17th, 7:50 pm

Congrats on 3 years Sony, sorry for all the CROSS GAME CHAT whiners. They were the same ones that whined and cried for IN-GAME XMB. We know CROSS CHAT is coming, some people thing CRYING about it in every thread and post will actually speed things up. Morons. Looking forward to GOD OF WAR III. Still the reason I bought a PS3. (Now I have 3!) Happy BDAY.

wanethemane93 said:

November 17th, 7:52 pm

Congrats to Sony and PlayStation. I can’t believe my ps3 is two years old and counting.

XgargunoX said:

November 17th, 7:55 pm


radiantshadow92 said:

November 17th, 7:55 pm

i teared

MarcioLuisBR said:

November 17th, 8:01 pm

Happy birthday, PS3 and PSN! Back to us, please!!! The service was down, on the last hours!!!

Stoffinator said:

November 17th, 8:02 pm

Congrats to Sony on PSN being successful. Here’s to looking forward to the future. And whats this about a video service? Don’t have that here.

*Hint hint

gaara_uchiha90 said:

November 17th, 8:04 pm

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PLAYSTATION 3! I have to stop by and write/show some major love to my favorite and only gaming platform. Thanks for all the great times and can’t wait for more in the future. Congratulations and thanks! Good luck in the Future ;)

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