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Nov 18

Nov 18

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta launches tomorrow!

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar Posted by Sr. Social Media Manager

So what can we expect from the PS3-exclusive Battlefield Bad Company 2 beta, exactly? DICE Producer Gordon van Dyke joined me via PlayStation Eye chat to talk about the Arica Harbor map, the destruction you can cause due to the game’s Frostbite engine, and how you can win your way into the beta. Oh and there are lots of explosions. Pretty, pretty explosions.

To elaborate on a few things – you can follow the Official Battlefield Bad Company 2 Twitter here, and one of those sites giving out beta codes is… this one.

We’ll be giving out beta vouchers starting Thursday afternoon (PST) via our Twitter and Facebook accounts. So start following!

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OmegaKulu said:

November 19th, 9:21 am

My guess is that US beta wont start till PSN weekly update? which is in the afternoon. Can someone from Sony confirm this?

Stalinoz said:

November 19th, 9:21 am

i have the same problem, the beta code is not working…i have read in some forums that its a problem whit the ps3 update, if it is that i hope that it can be fixed soon

excessnet said:

November 19th, 9:25 am

Oh cool… thanks for the update !

Rompers said:

November 19th, 9:36 am

The beta forums say that it starts at 11am pacific

Da_Autha said:

November 19th, 9:49 am

12:50pmET Still nothing.


November 19th, 10:03 am

i never thought id be this crazy for a beta ive tried probably 548 times since midnight i think the fact that im not sure my fileplanet beta key will work is whats driving the madness haha and teh fact NO ONE WILL GET BACK TO US cough gordon cough

nxgn said:

November 19th, 10:23 am

It’s weird that there are no updates here, but I guess they’re busy. Their Twitter page says that Europe have been able to download the Beta since yesterday and that they’ve been playing for about 3 hours since they patched the VoIP. They’re waiting for Sony to “prop” the Beta for the U.S. and “please don’t spam your Redeem code or they might block you.” They also said they’ll be giving away more beta codes “through the entire Beta phase.”

That’s it so far.

Da_Autha said:

November 19th, 10:38 am

Yeah same here i got my key from ign as well, I hope it does work.

etur0 said:

November 19th, 10:40 am

How come the servers aren’t up yet in the US

Soulcollector1 said:

November 19th, 10:46 am

i think their is either a problem or it wont be up till the psn store updates.

SypherM211 said:

November 19th, 10:56 am

its going up with the update

Rompers said:

November 19th, 11:24 am

“Happy BATTLEFIELD: Bad Company 2 PlayStation®3 Closed BETA Day! Access Your Unique #BFBC2 Codes via PSN Today at 11PM PST.”

only 11 hours and 36 mins, lol

sasserke said:

November 19th, 11:25 am


where can i get a beta key ?!!?

SPJammer said:

November 19th, 11:26 am

2:26 est time and still getting a message that says code may have expired.

SPJammer said:

November 19th, 11:30 am was giving some away but not sure if they ended the promotion or not.

Stalinoz said:

November 19th, 11:37 am

im still reading in other forums about the beta for bc2, and now there is a rumor about the fileplanet give away beta keys, and that rumor is, that they give the same beta code that all of us have recived to diferent people around the US…and that`s why the code still dosn´t work………aaaahhhh pliiissss gordon tell us something about all of this

Cloudr22 said:

November 19th, 11:45 am

Hey guys! is anyone else having any problems with there code? I got mine and tried to enter it but it says that its invalid. Is it not time to download it yet? Can someone please help?

nxgn said:

November 19th, 12:00 pm

read post above or follow them on twitter.

EU is up and playing, but sony is still setting up the US beta for download.

the code will say invalid until its ready.
don’t spam the code into ps3 or sony might block you.

bbd23 said:

November 19th, 12:02 pm

3:03PM Est. still nothin


November 19th, 12:21 pm

Is Sony doing anything to ensure timed-exclusive DLC for BF:BC2?

I dont want to spend $60 on this game for PS3 and then find out we get DLC months after the 360 version.

Sony needs to step their game up and stop getting owned by MS when it comes to these big FPS games.


November 19th, 12:33 pm

EVERYONE CHILL ok dont enter your code to many times it will go invalid and if then your screwed check the twitter they posted as soon as the europe beta went up they will do the same for us @officialbfbc2 just chill the codes from fileplanet work

Cloudr22 said:

November 19th, 12:59 pm

(T_T) We just got yelled at!! Haha! Im just soo excited about this beta!

BigBuddySvK said:

November 19th, 1:00 pm

Why I can not fix it Sony. I waited the U.S. store will have as the first BETA and the EU store will be in second place. At least tell us something if the damage whether what we go once nothing interested us but still no info about it. All day search the Internet for Forum Information what is happening. Problem is still the same in the U.S. store can not download BBC2 BETA keys are broken. Let’s have something stym Do you want to play Bad Company Beta 2. Sony already DICE beseech you to download a BETA game via the U.S. store. Thank you


November 19th, 1:06 pm

bigbuddysvk you talk like squizgar from metalocolypse haha

GEAR_1911 said:

November 19th, 1:14 pm

ey has the psn store even updated yet? usually when i get home there are atleast 3 new demos…theres nothing at the moment. its 1:14pm pacific time…im in LA

MeanMrMustard said:

November 19th, 1:27 pm

Beta is up!! downloading right now. Type in your codes people!!

Rompers said:

November 19th, 1:27 pm

did anybody read my comment?

the playstation twitter page

said that it would be up tonight at 11pm Pacific


November 19th, 1:30 pm


MeanMrMustard said:

November 19th, 1:31 pm

@KANE_KRAZY_KILLE, Too funny dude, but so true. Dethklok rules!

GEAR_1911 said:

November 19th, 1:35 pm

@MeanMrMustard is it? ahh im stuck at my cousins it..cuz i wanna go download it…

MeanMrMustard said:

November 19th, 1:38 pm

900 and something megabytes. done downloading, bout to start playing!

MeanMrMustard said:

November 19th, 1:42 pm

When I choose play now it searches for a game, then says we couldn’t find a game, please try again. But I see nowhere to create a game. What to do?

dead_hand said:

November 19th, 1:44 pm

80 minutes left.


MrMustard I would wait cause there are alot of people still downloading and trying to play probably.

SPJammer said:

November 19th, 1:45 pm

Heck yeah….9% downloaded and counting….

MeanMrMustard said:

November 19th, 1:51 pm

ah, the ticker at the bottom says they have enabled the download but are still working on the environment. Stay tuned to the ticker or twitter for more information. So there you have it. download it but don’t play it…..yet.

MeanMrMustard said:

November 19th, 1:52 pm

ah, the ticker at the bottom says they have enabled the download but are still working on the environment. Stay tuned to the ticker or twitter for more information. So there you have it. download it but don’t play it…..yet.

GEAR_1911 said:

November 19th, 1:54 pm

alright!! if this game is better than MW2 than im getting this for sure..

MeanMrMustard said:

November 19th, 1:54 pm

Weird…double post, my bad!

GEAR_1911 said:

November 19th, 2:02 pm

aww lame…wait, download, wait again, install, wait again, ready, wait some more lol

SypherM211 said:

November 19th, 2:22 pm

oh yeah oh yeah got mine working

Rompers said:

November 19th, 3:02 pm

mines downloaded, still no gameplay yet though.

tried us and eu servers.

Soulcollector1 said:

November 19th, 3:27 pm

their waiting on a patch for voice over like they did for eu then servers will be online

BigBuddySvK said:

November 19th, 3:47 pm

Super game to be able to download but now is not the servers DICE stym certainly fun or do not know when to put patches on the EU version and it was so why should wait for the U.S. version of the repairs. At least that I gave the beta download finally. Thank DICE and SONY.

foulb said:

November 19th, 3:48 pm

I already entered my code on the playstation network. Can anyone give me instructions on how to dowload the game to my ps3?

nxgn said:

November 19th, 3:54 pm

the message about the VoIP update was about an hour ago, but the EU took a total of 4 hours from announcing the patch to playing.

hopefully sony will be faster this time 8|

DR3KDJ said:

November 19th, 4:29 pm

they have to, bcoz now the patched its already created so they just have to distribute it to the US PSN.

Soulcollector1 said:

November 19th, 6:52 pm

its up posted on twitter few mins ago patch is out


November 19th, 9:51 pm

FEEDBACK looks like im first in line for feedback
ok:i would like the in between game screen (after a match while waiting to start another) to be more interactive. why? well my friend invited me to his squad right before a great game was about to end but i wanted to win the match so i stayed, after teh match i had to wait for the next match to load THEN leave that match and join his squad, it would just be nice to be able to leave or invite between games. A- so far

f2000veteran262 said:

November 19th, 10:20 pm

Feedback: I was having a great time with my specializations when suddenly, everytime i get points in a match, they are negative. Please fix this. I miss my specializations. :(

Soulcollector1 said:

November 19th, 10:28 pm

feedback woot post 200. anyhow game looks great
just the problem with ranks and unlocks keep reseting needs fixed.

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