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Nov 18

Nov 18

PSP Firmware (v6.20) Update

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by

SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

Hi everyone, PSP (PlayStation Portable) firmware update (v6.20) will be available later this evening so we wanted to give you a quick preview of what to expect.

  • Digital Comics ReaderPlayStation Network Digital Comics is a new service launching in December. It will allow you to download hundreds of classic and new comics from the PlayStation Store and read them page by page or frame by frame on your PSP system. Firmware update (v6.20) includes the Digital Comics reader application, which you’ll find under a new section called “Extras” on the XMB. Please note, the comic reader is an additional download; once you’ve loaded (v6.20) onto your system, simply click on the comic reader icon under “Extras” to download it to your PSP. In addition, you’ll be able to try out a free digital comic sample from the service soon. Visit www.playstationcomics.com for more information.
  • Export video/photo playlists – This is a new feature that allows you to export your video and photo playlists from your PC to your PSP system through Media Go. Download the latest version of Media Go (v1.3) for this and a few additional enhancements.

A full video walkthrough of Digital Comics will be available soon. Don’t forget, PS3 firmware update 3.1 is also set to go live this evening.

As always, we look forward to reading your feedback.

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Capt-Fury- said:

November 18th, 6:50 pm

we need new avatars now

Zemus101 said:

November 18th, 6:52 pm

PS3 FW 3.10 is live. I’m downloading it now.

MeanMrMustard said:

November 18th, 6:57 pm


BIGDUB707 said:

November 18th, 7:00 pm

update available now guys

Erniejpan said:

November 18th, 7:00 pm

Party system for 3.20? ;)

Erniejpan said:

November 18th, 7:02 pm

@ 52

lol cool

INB4 in the forums thread oF 3.10 KILLED MY PS3

Zemus101 said:

November 18th, 7:04 pm

@56 brilliant

I didn’t notice anything about Facebook before I continued with my download >.>

tirminyl said:

November 18th, 7:06 pm

Eric Lempel and Sony-

Please put the firmware preview video’s in the What’s New section in the PS3 XMB. It also wouldn’t hurt to include a skippable video preview of the firmware when downloading and installing.

Those are just a few things I have read from the community and wanted to relay that back to the Blog.

mikedo2007 said:

November 18th, 7:07 pm

Beside Marvel, are we going to get Manga just like Japan s getting one. It would really help anime/manga fan who own the PSP. It would be a nice add.

DDark said:

November 18th, 7:07 pm

Must we always complain about what we are not getting? I’m sure there is some cool feature that everyone could come up with that we would like to see on our PS3/PSP, but I for one can’t wait to try out the digital comic service and am happy with that release for now.

As for all the Canadians, do you really think Sony is not releasing features there just because? Don’t you think maybe it’s some Canadian government agency that they have to get approval from before they can release new services (like on-demand video and digital comics). But you guys are always on here bashing Sony like they just don’t like you guys. Or maybe they don’t like making money so they leave Canada on purpose. Please give us a break and use some common sense.


November 18th, 7:12 pm


You know…that is a freaking great idea…won’t get implemented given track history but still…kudos.


November 18th, 7:14 pm


No. There is NO government reason. It is licensing and a will to get it done. Period. The CRTC has nothing to do with VOD or Comics on Demand stores.

I paid the same amount as you did (assuming you are in the US) for my PS3 (two of them)…SCEA markets it as an everything machine yet Canada gets the short end.

kenaue said:

November 18th, 7:15 pm

I HATE to be a bother, but after 3.10, trophy synching is still borked for a lot of people, and this kind of defeats the purpose for the Facebook update since one of the big features FOR the update is unable to be used.

Nomik2 said:

November 18th, 7:15 pm

They should have an Extras tab on the PS3 and open up development for it, for apps like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Nice way to get apps onto the platform while not having any development costs for it…you can even sandbox them like the iPhone.

sabot37 said:

November 18th, 7:17 pm

…just another vote for Mac support on Media Go. I’m sure at least half the people who work there have Macs, come on!

ivanramon said:

November 18th, 7:17 pm

we want live tv

OMG-GUYS said:

November 18th, 7:20 pm


bbonds_007 said:

November 18th, 7:20 pm


I tried downloading FW 3.10 and tried canceling sense it was going so slow I was only at 3% after 10min. And now its stuck at the “Canceling… please wait” screen. Its not frozen sense the clock in the corner is moving…

What do I do!!!!

OMG-GUYS said:

November 18th, 7:21 pm

my trophies wont sync, ive had this problem for 1 week, it stops at 55 percent then i get an error code, PLEASE FIX IT, i cant access my gamer profile because of it

MeanMrMustard said:

November 18th, 7:21 pm

PSP firmware is not out yet.

OMG-GUYS said:

November 18th, 7:22 pm

a lot of people are having trouble with trophy sync, PLEASE FIX THIS, it stops at a percentage and then an error code comes out, because of it we cant access our profile , therefor cant change the color feature from 3.1

KwietStorm said:

November 18th, 7:27 pm

Keep getting errrors trying to update to 3.10. Same with syncing trophies as of late. What’s going on over there?

US-Frostburn said:

November 18th, 7:28 pm

Sounds good but PLEASE release more games on the Playstation Store for PSP Go owners, not only do we have to pay full price for games but we can’t even play a great number of excellent titles for the PSP because they are unavailable on the PSN Store.

Also my thoughts for your Storefront:

Please put a pictures/video section to go along with the description for each game. Show us what the game play looks like and how it looks in motion and we’ll be more likely to purchase games. Providing a short description of text is not enough for me to buy a game for $39.99 that I no hardly anything about. Yes of course I can go to Google and look this info up but having it streamlined and integrated into the store will help consumers attach to your product on a much deeper level. This is an issue with almost every Console based digital download store (Live has pictures now and sometimes a video download).

NinjaZeroEight said:

November 18th, 7:36 pm

Is the digital comic service for the US only or will Canada actually be able to get it?

NinjaZeroEight said:

November 18th, 7:37 pm

Also, if in the next update we could have the option to TURN OFF trophy messages that would be great. Nothing ruins immersion like getting the notice that I’ve received a trophy.

kmkaizen said:

November 18th, 7:37 pm

hey right now i am piss you don’t date a system unless it 100% ready to go i am have problem update this ok

lillowrider69 said:

November 18th, 7:37 pm

Hey anyone know when little big planet for the psp gonna be on the ps store

Mobius_124 said:

November 18th, 7:42 pm

PS3 Firmare update is already up guys. Download it now.

Blackbird002 said:

November 18th, 7:46 pm

Thank you!

MeanMrMustard said:

November 18th, 7:51 pm

maybe the PSP firmware is lost with LBP PSP in the dreaded PSP triangle.

NeoHumpty said:

November 18th, 7:52 pm

I can’t get it to finish downloading. Guessing it isn’t a problem as long as it doesn’t shut off while installing. xCrosses fingersx.

KILLZONE79 said:

November 18th, 7:54 pm

Wow, i havent been on my PSP since update 3.00
i’ve been playing PS3 alot.

Brandon_2535 said:

November 18th, 7:59 pm

on the new ps3 firwmare, you can’t use the facebook features on a sub-account… ugh come on sony please fix this!

Brandon_2535 said:

November 18th, 8:00 pm

with the new ps3 firmware, you can’t use facebook with a sub-account… ughhhh come on sony please fix this!!!

Ellipsis43 said:

November 18th, 8:08 pm

I wish they would make it easier to oganize files on the psp go, mainly in the games folder
sort by game titles and game data would be nice and add the last game played to the top of the list like ps3 does i have way to many files that are not games ( any downloaded song on the rockband store,killzone update,monster hunter data) come on its really annoying and i know you guys feel the same.

Sakimori_X said:

November 18th, 8:10 pm

Hurray for the comics reader! Here’s hoping DC will jump on this new distribution opportunity.

DTXSFC said:

November 18th, 8:11 pm

Can’t wait for the comics this December.

Thanks Eric!


November 18th, 8:12 pm

Still not up yet. How come the psp hasn’t gotten anything useful in a while for an update?


November 18th, 8:13 pm

Waiting for the PSP update! Updating the Playstation 3 right now. Slow connection so it will take a long time. Only 512Kbps!!!

Aus10_ said:

November 18th, 8:14 pm

Please make the changes you guys made in firmware update 3.0 optional for the PS3. I haven’t updated yet and don’t want to but i think i’ll have to in order to play assassin’s creed 2. IF i do have to i won’t be using PSN until warhawk 2 or resistance 3 comes out, cause i honestly can’t stand the changes. I’ll just have my PS3 on autostart disk. Seriously this is an important issue that effects my activity and purchases with my PS3.

shrimpdude said:

November 18th, 8:15 pm

Fixed playlisting/shuffling across subfolders yet? No? Wow, call me when you do. How many people give to turds about some comic reader? How about fixing some simple features first?

Nynja said:

November 18th, 8:18 pm

Why can’t we just create play lists on the fly on the PSP itself?

Why are we getting more non-game related updates for our gaming consoles and portable gaming devices?

Why do we have to have a “box” on our friends list at all? – Was this changed to hide dynamic backgrounds?

Why is it when a majority of Playstation users ask for feature A, we get feature B-1? (see cross-game text chat… yeah this is a great idea; pause your game, pull up XMB, read last message you missed, use on-screen keyboard to enter message or put down your controller and use your keyboard so you can communicate- lets hope the ridiculous censoring does not filter out valid non-profane words)

Was Facebook integration really in that high demand over more game related features?

Why don’t we have any way to change our online status to appear offline so we can access PSN features without being bothered by our friends?

Why doesn’t the NA PSN store have pictures of the games we are curious about purchasing like the Japanese store has?

Nynja said:

November 18th, 8:19 pm

Why can’t we see low-res video previews of games we are curious about buying without having to navigate to an alternate section of the store to see if one exists, then leave the store to view it and go back into the store and find the game we were just reviewing to purchase it?

Why does such a small file (firmware update) take so long to download?

Why do I have a bad feeling if/when we ever get the ability to use voice communication across different games, it will have a limit of one other person at a time?

Finally… why does it seem like Sony is becoming out of touch with gamers again (like they were during the PS2 era) by telling us gamers what we want and when?

Mies2000 said:

November 18th, 8:19 pm


There’s an update for media go as well.

kenaue said:

November 18th, 8:25 pm

Sony, you should focus on fixing your borked network before releasing more features that REQUIRE your network to function first. Trophy synching is borked, and has been since MW2 released. FIX IT ASAP! This is getting ridiculous.

XSE_Recoil said:

November 18th, 8:28 pm

Can we please have Facebook integration for subaccounts. Some of us use subaccounts for playing. I don’t see how this was overlooked.


kenaue said:

November 18th, 8:28 pm

Also, thank you for removing the news ticker!!

SorasNobody said:

November 18th, 8:31 pm

im accualy surprised sony doesnt take peoples ideas into consideration. thousands of gamers ideas are (in my opinion ) greater and more creative then what sony is putting out. sure its cool to be able to read comics on psp, but it wasnt a huge demand. now trophies on the other hand will add more replay value in a game and not make you want to just breeze through it and will add competition, gamers LOVE competition. i know it would be hard to add everything we want into the psp but really, if you go through all the updates, its mostly to lock hackers out and keep people from making this a trueley amazing system. like sony NEEDS to be in control. many people go through the risk of bricking there system in order to have a better and more customizable gaming experience. sony just needs to be more in touch with there customers. : /

mrkapawutzis said:

November 18th, 8:34 pm

Does this fix that annoying bug that crashes the SensMe program? I can’t use that thing for more than a minute before my PSP freezes.

DiscoJer said:

November 18th, 8:34 pm

Granted, the screen isn’t great for it, and there’s no way for Sony to make money off of it, but have an a reader for actual books (not comics) would be nice.

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