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Nov 18

Nov 18

PSP Firmware (v6.20) Update

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SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

Hi everyone, PSP (PlayStation Portable) firmware update (v6.20) will be available later this evening so we wanted to give you a quick preview of what to expect.

  • Digital Comics ReaderPlayStation Network Digital Comics is a new service launching in December. It will allow you to download hundreds of classic and new comics from the PlayStation Store and read them page by page or frame by frame on your PSP system. Firmware update (v6.20) includes the Digital Comics reader application, which you’ll find under a new section called “Extras” on the XMB. Please note, the comic reader is an additional download; once you’ve loaded (v6.20) onto your system, simply click on the comic reader icon under “Extras” to download it to your PSP. In addition, you’ll be able to try out a free digital comic sample from the service soon. Visit www.playstationcomics.com for more information.
  • Export video/photo playlists – This is a new feature that allows you to export your video and photo playlists from your PC to your PSP system through Media Go. Download the latest version of Media Go (v1.3) for this and a few additional enhancements.

A full video walkthrough of Digital Comics will be available soon. Don’t forget, PS3 firmware update 3.1 is also set to go live this evening.

As always, we look forward to reading your feedback.

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kendawg90 said:

November 18th, 8:35 pm

to bad it craps out when it reachs 7% whats new

Wheels86 said:

November 18th, 8:40 pm

PSP update is available it sucks that my PSP update is downloading better then my PS 3 update :(

Detsuki-G said:

November 18th, 8:40 pm

Sorry if this shouldn’t be here but I love the layout for browsing pictures on PS3 now. I was wondering if you guys had any plan to do something similar for the video menu? Maybe even the trophy menu? May be a little odd for the trophy menu but I’m sure you guys could figure something out.

Also back ground trophy auto-syncing would be great.

Awesome job on the PSP update. Love me some comic-books.

specialist08 said:

November 18th, 8:41 pm

whats up with the ps3 new update there seems to be a problem with your servers and I cant get any progress with the update keeps saying there’s a problem with the servers please Sony fix this problem .

kendawg90 said:

November 18th, 8:46 pm

to bad i keep getting a erorr

dradon2 said:

November 18th, 8:54 pm

woo! im gonna go download the PS3 one now. Thanks Sony

lillowrider69 said:

November 18th, 8:55 pm

Psp update is out!

Sakimori_X said:

November 18th, 8:59 pm

WOOHOO!! MediaGo v1.3 has better support for ad-enabled podcasts! Now I can download *all* my favorite podcasts (including IGN’s) via MediaGo and have them dumped to my PSP automatically for on-the-go listening!

I *can’t* tell you how happy this makes me. YAAAAAAY!

dulcediana said:

November 18th, 9:04 pm

downloaded the ps3 update.

Sony that was a boring update .


November 18th, 9:19 pm

this is stupid, I can’t even get to the playstationcomic site from my psp. Whats goin on? And, no I don’t wanna download it another way.

jwr718 said:

November 18th, 9:22 pm

I downloaded the PSP update but this PS3 one is really working my last nerve -_-

It’s going to be a long night, with these servers constantly disconnecting me.

iExile said:

November 18th, 9:22 pm

Sony. Trophy sync errors still exist, as well as huge oversized font and the lack of new avatars. How much longer are we supposed to put up with these awful ones? My guess? Another 3 years.

daascender said:

November 18th, 9:26 pm

Ps3 rulez! Ps3 “It Only Does Everything.” i like the look of the pages looks smoother on the ps3 browser now. i activated my Trophies to facebook

DarkHawk2099 said:

November 18th, 9:28 pm

Was wondering is there any chance that the comic reader will also come to the PS3? It would be awesome to use on on both systems. Currently I don’t own a PSP and so it would be great for people who don’t have the PSP also Cross Game Chat anytime soon?

Zezzler said:

November 18th, 9:36 pm

2 questions:
why not for ps3 also?
and why not in canada (that goes for video store aswell)?


Thrasher20 said:

November 18th, 9:38 pm

This is good for PSP owners

zelda-rocks said:

November 18th, 9:39 pm

Sony, I was wondering, does the inclusion of an Update option for PSP games indicate a coming fix for Littlebigplanet PSP’s create mode?

zeel-01 said:

November 18th, 9:41 pm

im perfectly happy with 5.03 with its TIFF exploit. . .

HEN + GEN-B = much better than comic book reader, plus, why would i buy overpriced comics?

CrystalX3D said:

November 18th, 9:51 pm

Comics are a good match for the psp.

Now if you’d give us:
Friends list and message inbox on PSP
PSP native support for h.264 youtube video
Shoutcast internet radio on PS3
MKV video support on PS3, including subtitles

dulcediana said:

November 18th, 10:09 pm

I have 3,10 and it not have nothing worth.

no bc , no cross chat…nothing!

superben1990 said:

November 18th, 10:24 pm

this is cool!

hush404 said:

November 18th, 10:28 pm

Digital Comic reader eh… hmmm, not sure if I’m interested. :S

AntiDjinn07 said:

November 18th, 10:34 pm

Hey!? why No Love on the [TV] Catergory for PSP-2001 ?????

ndw4 said:

November 18th, 10:43 pm

Ehhh…..boring, unless you’re a comic book nerd…

DVD_Sandwich said:

November 18th, 10:54 pm

IDK if it’s coincidental timing, but after updating my PSP, the majority of the data on my memory stick became corrupted. I now have to re-transfer all my music, videos, pictures, games, and save data. I’m glad I back things up.

acerazer1 said:

November 18th, 11:28 pm

Damn this PS3 update is taking forever. Between trophy sync issues and random disconnects, PSN’s reliability has gone down the toilet ever since MW2 was released.

burnedearth said:

November 18th, 11:54 pm

@92&93 Nynja

Your comments sre the only comments needed here.

The more I read the more I felt the Holy Ghost. I jumped up shouting Amen when suddenly I looked up to see my mother-in-law not too thrilled from being waken up by yours truly. Anyway I’d rather not go into full detail so I’ll just say I completely agree with your justifications.

LoveDoctor said:

November 18th, 11:57 pm

How long will Sony keep up that the firmware version nr. for the PSP is twice the PS3 firmware version.

3.1 vs. 6.2 … see? What will they do once PS3 hits 4.0?.. let the PSP jump from 6’x to 8.0?

DX2069 said:

November 19th, 12:04 am

wow all these updates make me wish i had an XBOX someone fire everyone at SCEA and replace them with people that use the Playstation Network so that thoes people will make updates that are worthwhile

AxmShenmue said:

November 19th, 12:39 am

Media Go on Mac please

DVD_Sandwich said:

November 19th, 12:45 am

@ DX2069 : Maybe they should trade so MS can learn how to make dependable hardware.

stennex said:

November 19th, 12:51 am

The PS3 browser is now not supporting the PSblog videos. Has anyone else experienced this problem since the update to 3.10.

tsukasa1288 said:

November 19th, 1:33 am

Sweet, a comic service. This better include a great selection of manga though, I rarely read other stuff.

Francision69 said:

November 19th, 1:56 am

Can’t wait to download it!

gilgamesh21 said:

November 19th, 2:29 am

Eric, I want to give you feedback on PS3 3.00.
1. The sparkles are nice & dynamic theme ability is good.
2. Please allow the option to choose the “system start-up” I want.
a. Original “Sony Computer Entertainment/ classical music”.
b. New “PS3/ neo-classical music”.
3. Give XMB font size options.
4. Allow me to turn on/off XMB “blurring” effect.
5. Allow me to have the XMB icons/words stay visible or fade.
6. Allow me to turn on/off the “adticker” in top right corner.
7. Allow me to turn Playstation store icons on/off.
8. Please allow me to choose which “media boot-up” screen I want.
a. Original “PLAYSTATION 3/ jingle” splash screen.
b. New “black screen/ no jingle”.
9. Please allow me to choose the “loading” icon I want.
a. Original classic “droplet” “watermark”.
b. New clock
The “What’s New” can be turned off in system settings? It’s mostly superficial, but user customization is good. Many PLAYSTATION 3 users would take advantage of these options.
Thanks for your teams hardwork, I know they’re trying to make PSN/XMB better. I know SCEA may not be responsible for the changes. SCEJ is probably pulling the strings. Please give this feedback to them too. Thanks!

CerealxKiller13 said:

November 19th, 4:16 am

facebook is not working correctly, status updates stop after typing a few words and cannot click back on it

Mosh_Pit said:

November 19th, 4:56 am

Sux that no comics in canada… but at least I can change the color of my friends box… sweet..

TheTwelve said:

November 19th, 5:48 am

YES. This will make bringing my PSP with me on trips even better.


airtoast said:

November 19th, 6:19 am

Where in the world is the Mac version of Media Go? Am I really supposed to believe that after almost 5 years of PSP, Sony is incapable of tasking a few developers to make a Mac client PSP media manager? As a day one PSP owner and Mac user this is beyond an outrage! The only explanation is that Sony must be ignoring Mac users purposefully due to some hidden motive. How pathetic!

Boosh88 said:

November 19th, 6:23 am

OK people this is how i see it, Sony is one kid surrounded by a bunch of school bullies(us), each one of them asking for their homework to be done for them, just let the kid get the work out in his own time and stop kicking him in the shins. Just be thankful your getting an A+.

Zta said:

November 19th, 6:39 am

PSP has trouble parsing .m3u playlists with non-US-ASCII characters in it — even though, when the playlist is deleted, it displays the filenames with non-US-ASCII chars fine. Please fix.

Nynja said:

November 19th, 6:56 am

@ Boosh88;

Interesting analogy except; since when have you heard of bullies giving the victim money?

cheifhung2low said:

November 19th, 7:12 am

repost of 3.1
Dear Sony,
can u……

-get the ps3 more visualizations when playing music
-get apps like myspace last.fm and vidzone to NA for the ps3
-allow playlists for videos
-make getting to messages received easier from xmb/in-game xmb (press select)
-allow ps3s to share media files (local or worldwide) would be AWESOME
-send voice messages
-cross-game chat
-have all games use the Uplay idea from Assassin’s Creed 2 as a standard from now on :D
-2012 movie screening in PS Home (great movie by the way)

Now that netflix is available will Sony be offering a monthy streaming service for is video on demand network… alot of the tv shows and cartoons on the playstation network seem better than whats on netflix. If thats the case of the new subscription service im all for it. i’ll cancel my satellite service and netflix :D

Wheels86 said:

November 19th, 7:46 am

Just wanna say both updates for the PSP and the PS3 are great but if I could make a suggestion.

If we could have a feature added wheree

CaptainHowdy72 said:

November 19th, 7:47 am

since update when i start uncharted 2 at the main screen where it would say to press sart it no longer shows “ANY” text. its this way in the whole menu… this sux, im trying to get the the skirmish trophy now and cant because it wont go to continue.
whats odd is just prior to this happening, last night while playing the game near the start of chapter 7 i went down an elevator and game froze. i hit start and got the pause menu but then froze again. so i turn on ps3 today and no go. lights go on but nothing. i hard booted by flipping the switch in the back and held down the on button for a new screen boot just in case. i now get an error message saying the ps3 wsnt shut down properly, and giving me child like instructions on how to do so. this update BLOWS SO FAR!!!! CaptainHowdy72 PSN

angrystslayer said:

November 19th, 7:50 am

with netflix psn movie & video digital comics are somethngs i don’t need but it doesn’t matter because all of those aps arn’t available here CANADA SO WHATS THE POINT & most of the gamers I know wouldn’t waste there $$$$$ on a CRAP BOX

Wheels86 said:

November 19th, 8:03 am

Just wanna say both updates for the PSP and the PS3 are great but if I could make a suggestion.

If we could have a feature added where if we are downloading a software update for either the system or an update for a game and we have an error occur that causes us to have to restart the download, well then the download should start again at the percent that the download lost it’s connection.

Last night when I was updating to 3.10 the update would keep getting to 56% complete and then lose connection so I would then have to restart.

I checked my signal strength and that wouldn’t be the problem because it was always in the high 90’s.

So maybe this feature could be added as an optional update for 3.11 but think this could be a good addition to the system but other then that both updates for the PSP and PS3 are great keep up the great work guys

deadpool7 said:

November 19th, 8:04 am

I’m really looking forward to trying out the digital comic reader. Great update!

teradome said:

November 19th, 8:20 am

Um… how about letting people sort/organize their game by something OTHER than “expiration date”? Good christ, man, you’d think this was firmware 1.2, not 6.2.

Ellipsis43 said:

November 19th, 8:25 am

Does anyone know what format the comic book reader reads i have tried Cbr. and cbz. maybe the file path is wrong.

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