Digital Comics Reader Now Available for PSP – Get a Free Issue!

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Hi Everyone –

Digital Comics Reader for PSP

As you’ve already heard from Eric Lempel, the latest PSP firmware update v6.20 added the Digital Comics Reader to the XMB on the PSP. The PlayStation Network comic service on PlayStation Store will be coming in December (U.S. Only). In the meantime, you can get your hands on a free issue of Star Trek: Year Four – The Enterprise Experiment from our partners at IDW Publishing. Once you download the free Digital Reader, visit PlayStation Store on the PSP and enter the following promotion code:


This code is only valid until December 16, 2009. The code must be redeemed directly on the PSP (not through PS3 or Media Go).

You should also check out for more information and to find a code for another free digital comic. (Hint: For those of you following PlayStation on Twitter, you might want to check there, too.)

Stay tuned for more details about the PlayStation Network digital comic service for the PSP.

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  • Cool ^^

  • nice to have this feature on the psp :)

  • superman563onme


  • Very nice…

  • AWESOME!! but my PSP battery broke. :(

  • That’s cool, I can’t wait to check it out.

  • Awesomeness! although, I’ve been getting error codes for all the free PSN comic codes that’s out there each time I try to finish downloading… Hope all that gets sorted out soon so I can finally check out this cool feature!

  • Will the two other code work? I tried to download both of them this am and both gave me error codes.

  • @3 delete the account off your psp, make a US account and download it that way. Maybe that will work

  • I will try and download again on the PSP tonight. The code from Twitter worked on MediaGo but I can’t download, so I’ll attempt to download it from the PSP tonight. Thanks Grace!

  • code says it is not valid… :(

  • FYI: There has been 4, count ’em, FOUR FREE PSN codes sent out via Twitter and the official sites that I’ve found so far:

    And the one posted here 724K-A4BG-JLD7

    however, I’ve been getting the same 8010A12E error or whatever for each of them, even trying to redownload them, on PSP and on Media Go.

    The @PSNComics Twitter account mentioned that there may be a fix for it, but it apparently hasn’t come yet…

    Hope to finally check it all out real soon!

  • @11 Does not work in Canadia

  • evildude683

    I hate Canadians, they always whine about something.

    Thank you Sony!!!!

  • Seriously guys and gals… this is the 4th screw up you’ve done this week.

    #1 MW2 Launch is a complete fail.
    #2 PSN Store goes down for hours unannounced.
    #3 LBP PSP isn’t on the US store for unknown reasons.
    #4 Digital Comics is released yet NO ONE CAN DOWNLOAD THEM FROM THEIR PSP.

    Yes, full of fail this week Playstation. Dust yourselves off and try again next week I suppose.

    Fail whale out.

  • this is sweet
    will there be manga too or just comics?

  • dragonmagician

    U.S. only again….sad.

  • evildude683

    the download fails and I keep getting the Error code “8010A12E” what does that mean?

  • 8010A12E Download Failed on all of ’em….

  • I don’t ahve any problem with mine. Try it now, folks. Maybe you enter the code wrong.

  • When this become full service. Will wet get Japanese manga on there also? I love comic book and manga.

  • Not into comics at all but will check it out none the less. Thanks for the trial even though I’ll never use it after the first try. I’m getting an E-reader for X-mas. So merge that with the PSN store.

  • @15 I smell troll…..

  • Why is the Digital Comics app 1gb?

  • PSN_Tokeio how is the MW2 launch Sonys fault? They don’t run the servers, that’s IW & their 3rd party server partners fault. It seems the only thing you ever do on this site is complain.

  • @microShock pretty sure it’s not big of an app. I only have a 1gb stick and I have plenty of space prior to this update

  • Very awesome! I will be sure to take advantage of this before too long!

  • @15 Don’t forget the #5 fail this week… telling us the God Of War Collection was available on the 17th when it was only a ship date. Sony… wtf!

  • STRYC9playa

    Went to the website today and didn’t see any support or endorsement from DC Comics. WTF?

  • STRYC9playa

    Went to the website today and didn’t see any support or endorsement from DC Comics…what gives?

  • STRYC9playa

    scratch 31, point made…post lagged

  • Download failed (8010A12E)

  • Cool! Thanks for the update SONY!!! B-)

  • AceOfSpades725

    this sounds great, and i wish i could try it out, but i’m also getting that 8010A12E error :(

  • Arc_of_Infinity

    Easy fix. Deauth your PSP’s video/comics, then reauth it. Fixed my problem. Then just redownload the comic from your Transaction Management menu, and boom. Comics work.

  • Arc_of_Infinity

    Grace, could you please add something to this blog post advising anyone having problems to 1) deauth their PSP’s video/comic authorisation, and then 2) reauth it. That fixes the inability to save the comics when the downloads finish up. I’m guessing this is an unforeseen consequence of the latest firmware update.

  • @14

    Goodness, I wonder why. It’s almost as if they’ve been shafted by SCEA before. Oh wait, they have.

  • Why no manga and why is this not on the PS3?

  • Thanks for the free Comic! I’m more of a manga guy but if it’s this easy to get a comic, why not give it a shot I guess.

  • Vengeful-Chaos

    I’ve tried all 4 and they give me an error, i’ve formatted the memory stick, tried a new one, and deactivated / reactivated my system. Nothing has worked.

  • Why doesnt canada have this either? can we at least get an explanation? it just doesnt make sence.

  • 1) deleted digital comics reader

    2) then went to account management -> system activation -> video/comics -> deactivate system

    3) then re-downloaded from account management -> transaction management -> download list and all 4 comics downloaded with out an error

    4) re-downloaded digital comics reader

    pathetic that Sony hasn’t addressed this issue yet!

  • @42

    PSNCOMICS says Canada is ‘difficult’ due to needing a bilingual store.

    Well guess what SONY you don’t NEED a bilingual store in Canada…there is NO law that says such a thing. You may choose to launch that way and find it difficult but it isn’t a NEED.

    By the way…this launched in France and the UK right…sort of the two languages up here already.

  • It isn’t deauth (whatever that is) it is Deactivate. Under Account Management, go under System Activation, Deactivate the Video//Comics, then re-authorize it. Thanks to who Arc, though.

  • available in Canada?

  • dont know what you all are complaining about. i got both the codes this morning and they worked just fine, and i didnt have any problems with the psn store either.

  • I just read Star Trek and Transformers. This little reader rocks! I wasn’t very excited about it at first. Please tell me there is a huge list of comics coming out for it.

  • not working for me. download goes to 100% then shows that 802 error. when I try it again, it says my code is invalid!

    What hey is this about?

  • @24 I smell a brown noser. Check my PSN ID noob. Probably have more trophies then you… Confirmed.

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