UPDATED: Coming to PSN: Revenge of the Wounded Dragons

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UPDATE: Please be advised the release of Revenge of the Wounded Dragons has been temporarily delayed. A revised launch date will be announced once it becomes available. will become available December 10th, 2009.

Hey Everyone!

A Big Hello from Wanako, Artificial Mind & Movement’s studio based in Santiago, Chile! This is Luis, I’m the Producer of Revenge of the Wounded Dragons. We are very excited about this new release and I wanted to share with you some tidbits about the coolest features that this baby has for you.

In this dual-mission drama where you are the hero, your little sister was kidnapped by the local mafia Boss, while your grandfather has been killed by the same ruffian! But all these years, you were trained by the old man in the ancient art of Kung-Fu, your most lethal weapon.

One of our goals with this new title was to revamp the genre using today’s graphics capabilities, but keep the most entertaining arcade mechanics. And the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Network are the perfect place to make it happen! We know that some of you are big fans of old arcade games and that is exactly what we’re giving you!

Revenge is all about old-fashion arcade, and I mean it: Tons of enemies, loads of melees and fire weapons, challenging bosses, power ups, dragon rage, mini-games to let you breathe between chapters, finishing moves and much more!

You’ll be able to play the Story Mode either in single player or with a friend in cooperative multiplayer, but when you get to a mini-game, it turns competitive! Using a split screen, you’ll have to defeat your friends and battle for the best time.

Revenge of the Wounded Dragon

Revenge of the Wounded Dragon Revenge of the Wounded Dragon

As the game progresses, you’ll travel through a beautiful comic story between chapters, and contend with challenging Bosses, so be prepared!

Here is a more complete list of the coolest features in this action-packed game!

  • Single player and local multiplayer modes
  • 4 beautiful environments with immersive levels, totalling 24 areas all of them packed with enemies
  • 10 mini-games: Play them in single player or against your friends
  • Finishing moves to defeat your enemies
  • Dragon rage, your special power
  • Coop moves to use with your friends in multiplayer mode
  • Cool animated comic storytelling between levels
  • 12 PS3 Trophies
  • Leaderboards
  • The ability to create your own soundtrack and relive your game by taking screens through the XMB!

Thanks for reading about our game and get ready for some unique Kung-Fu action! Revenge of the Wounded Dragons will become available on the PlayStation Network tomorrow December 10th for $9.99.

Revenge of the Wounded Dragon

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3 Author Replies

  • Nice, looks like fun. Good work! :)

  • I guess I should be preparing my family for that inevitable hostage situation.

  • xXAssassin831Xx

    Might give it a try.

  • Too bad there isn’t a PSP version.

  • Looks very cool.. thanks!!

  • ElectricalFlame

    looks… fun…

  • This game = NEW DOUBLE DRAGON!? OMG, bought! Looks awesome. I noticed that you didn’t say online play, so I assume its offline only?


    “Thanks for reading about our game and get ready for some unique Kung-Fu action! Revenge of the Wounded Dragons will become available on the PlayStation Network tomorrow for $9.99.”

    The Store doesn’t update tomorrow last I heard.

    • Luis Romero
      Luis Romero

      Hi angelcoma,

      That\’s correct. The game does not have online multiplayer alghouth it has local coopeerative multiplayer.

      With regards to the store, it will be updated tomorrow because of the thanksgiving day.

      Have a good time playing Revenge!

  • QuebecSuperstar

    I love the concept. Seems like a mix between Shadow Complex and Double Dragon.

    I’m sold!

  • looks freaking cool

    @angelcoma, it better update tomorrow, because that’s when GEARBOX is releasing the first Borderland DLC.
    I am pretty sure the updates for Thanksgiving week have always been on Tuesday.

  • Online coop?

  • KazeEternal

    sounds like a winner. I’ll be waiting for the reviews. Nice to see some co-op games like this poping up on the PSN.

  • Es bueno ver desarrolladores latinos en PS3.
    Saludos desde Argentina. :D

  • evildude683


    “I am pretty sure the updates for Thanksgiving week have always been on Tuesday”

    That’s right man, and I can’t wait!!!!

    the game looks like it’ll make it better on the psp..looks good, tho.

  • narwhalSTAB

    @Luis Romero- Your the first game company I’ve heard of located in Chile, very cool.

    @angelcoma- The store does update tomorrow, because everybody is off Wednesday and Thursday for Thanksgiving.

  • KidCommando

    Would have definitely bought it if there was online.

    Still don’t understand why a co-op game sold over an online network would not have online play.

    oh well, it does look fun though.

  • Sony ONLINE entertainment:
    Single player and LOCAL multiplayer modes

    Irony at its finest…

  • #2


    Like you, I was not aware that a hostage taking and father-slaying was an inevitable part of being a family. But if they say so.


    Looks like double dragon and bad dudes all in one :) I guess I have a reason to use my homeade joystick again. Cant wait to play it. Any estimate on how long it takes to beat?

    • Luis Romero
      Luis Romero


      You can expect 2 to 3 hours of playtime.

  • Looks fun. Will there be a demo this week or will that be in the next week or so?

  • Is there any reason this game is not online?

  • Gilgamesh247

    Oh yes finally the good old traditional beat em up, on a side not the PS3 web browser, is preventing me from seeing the trailer its saying “Application is not supported” could it be the browser or the trailer please help

  • I thought the update tomorrow might be weaksauce since it’s a shortened week, but with this going up, perhaps not…

  • StalkingSilence

    Cool – I might have to check it out, isn’t the Madden Arcade game coming to PSN this week too?

  • ima_hustla_19

    10 bucks I’m sold

  • looks good, would be nice if there were a demo and some online coop

  • #21 It’s the latest PS3 firmware that is causing the problem. I guess Sony figured that advertising via Facebook was a good idea…and watching videos via the browser was a bad idea.

  • que sorpresa más agradable ver un juego procedente de mi mismo pais y ciudad, en Playstation Network! :D

  • Does the camera have to be that far away?

    Its like you’re playing from across the street.

  • zakupilot256

    I know what I’m buying tomorrow!

  • looks interesting , gotta a question for Luis , where wanako come from ?? why did you guys decided to name your studio wanako ? just plain curiosity

  • secularsage

    Looks very cool! It sort of reminds me of old-school brawlers like Karateka, River City Ransom or Double Dragon.

  • Definitely picking this up. This is the kind of game my fiance and I have been looking for.

  • looks cool and old school hopefully there is a demo

  • hay jeff.. why i cant view any video from this website any more on my ps3 browser after ps3 update 3.10 thanks

  • This looks great and at 9.99 seems well priced

  • That’s great and all, but when are we getting NEW AVATARS?!?!?

  • This is great at all, but new avatars when?

  • @34 becouse U have Facebook now what do U need video player for. I feel your pain I miss videos too. They took something I use everyday and replaced it with FACEBOOK (something I will never use). :(

  • Glad to see classic side scrolling beat ’em ups are being recreated. I’ll give this one a look. Will there be a demo?

  • eNriqueLeGrand

    Looks like Double Dragon, I might give this a shot along with Gravity Crash tomorrow.

  • Hi Luis,

    Chile is a beautiful country, hope your enjoying Spring.

    I enjoyed the game information and video. It’s posts like these that bring out the games and showcase them to gather interest. It did with me.

    To all other studios, this is how you post on the blog. Game information, game play video, DATE and PRICE.

  • nYcFrEeWiLL82

    this game looks fun…and im sure it is..but for a game as kool as this to not have online is dissapointing,nevertheless i will give it a try..why? because the price is right :p although i would pay 1o buks more for it to have online co-op or multiplayer..:p

  • epiphaniesarefun

    Thanks a bazillion for local multiplayer!!!! All these online only co op games are killin me since none of my buddies have their own systems.

    thanks again :)

  • nYcFrEeWiLL82

    @43..local is fun..but sometymes its better to play at home alone relaxed and just mett new people online.but hey i guess it would be a great game to have over the holidays huh..perfect timing SONY ;p

  • Hmmm… Sounds Sexy.

  • kinda hard to see.. but it looks like GOOD GAME. What other features does it have to offer ? is there a trophy system? is there a platnuim trophy?? please answer these 2 easy request. and ty and welcome to psn

  • my bad i just saw the list..

  • chriscowboyd

    Can the game run at 1080p?

  • Looks good, now I just need a job to afford things again lol

  • thats awesome this is the first time i heard of Game Developers established in Latin America. It makes me really happy to hear about this.

    Cant wait to play this game.

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