LittleBigPlanet: Sack it to Me – The “LBP PSP Update” Edition

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Sackboy Helps with Math and Science Education

We’re uber excited to team up with the MacArthur Foundation & the Entertainment Software Association to encourage students to pursue science, technology, engineering and math in new and revolutionary ways. As announced today at the White House, Sackboy will be playing a big role in the Game Changers competition launching nationwide in December. Stay tuned as we’ll have more info soon (unfortunately, I can’t say or the Secret Service will sack-slap me), but for now, check out the below links of official stories/announcements:

What’s New?

LBP (PSP) Launch
As you all know by now, this week marks the launch of LittleBigPlanet (PSP) around the world. And while thousands of you are already playing, creating and sharing, there is a large audience we still have to cater too – our PSPgo and PSP owners who want to buy LittleBigPlanet (PSP) on the PlayStation Store. Read on…

LBP (PSP) on the PlayStation Store
Good news. After a lot of blood, sweat and tears, we have everything in place for a
PlayStation Store release tomorrow, Tuesday, November 24…right before the turkey break. We apologize to our PlayStation fans for the delay. We’ve had our teams around the world working on bringing LBP (PSP) to you as fast as we could and we’re very happy you’ll have it before the break.

New Online Update
You’ll be happy to know that our development team at SCEE Cambridge will continue to support LBP (PSP) post launch with ongoing game improvements and upcoming downloadable content. And this has already begun with a new update available for download now. This first update will improve the performance of some of the physics and tools in the Create mode.

Updates are new to the PSP, so we thought a little step-by-step instruction would go a long way:

  • Be sure to have online access on your PSP
  • On the XMB, highlight the LBP game icon
  • Open up the menu with and select “Update”
  • Continue with the on-screen instructions

New on the PlayStation Store

So what’s on the store this week? I have two words for you: Mon. Tage. Sorry, couldn’t resist. All kidding aside, check out these two new items on the Store this week:


LBP (PSP) Demo
Download this today to see why Sackboy continues to get rave reviews from our friends in the press.

LBP Turkeyhead Sackboy Costume

LBP (PS3) “Turkeyhead” Sackboy Costume
For all you LBP (PS3) owners who missed out last year, this special Sackboy costume is back for a limited time…so you better “head” there now!

Workshop of the Week

Over on our newly revamped site, check out the three video podcasts/tutorials that Media Molecule created a while back. We recently watched these again, and now we have the “create” bug (I know what I’m doing this weekend). Head on over and refresh your knowledge. You can apply these principals to LBP (PSP), as well.

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2 Author Replies

  • will there be water coming to the psp version

  • PSone Classic requests:

    Blazing Dragons
    Final Fantasy VIII
    Gran Turismo
    Intelligent Qube
    Need For Speed II
    Need For Speed III Hot Pursuit
    Rival Schools
    Tactics Ogre

    I know they’re not the greatest games.. but they’re definitely hard to find these days.

  • It is absolutely ridiculous that Go owners are not getting any sort of added discount or bonus for downloading this game now. We were PROMISED by SONY that first-party titles would be available day and date with retail copies. THEY USED THAT TO ENCOURAGE US TO BUY A GO IN THE FIRST PLACE. If they had said, “y’know, we may just release some of our first-party titles whenever we feel like it on the store” then most of us probably wouldn’t have bought the more expensive Go. Also, SONY has been using the PSP Go in ads featuring LBP PSP. It is absolutely ridiculous that they didn’t release it to us on time, even though we were told just a week prior to its OFFICIAL release date that it would definitely hit the PS Store on the 17th. Sony BARELY communicated with us, telling us nothing more than what we already knew, and offering NO explanation. If you are tired of hearing the complaining/whining, then I would like to say thanks, because people like you are the reason that these big corporations are able to just walk all over us and laugh all the way to the bank. I’ll pass on this title now, since there is no added incentive. Pirates have been playing the game longer.

  • will it be a midnight update like last tuesday? D: *crossing fingers* i hope ><!!!!

  • Is it possible to get costumes and stuff for addons on the psp?

  • i bet they will put out costumes o: i dont see why not

  • hello Mark i got to say that the LBP PSP demo is great

  • Haven’t seen a SITM LBP blog in the beginning of a week before :)

  • @53

    Laughing all the way to the bank? You do realize Sony can’t sell the game if it isn’t available on the store? You guys all act like you’re victims of Sony’s evil plot. They want their game on the store as much as you do. I don’t know why all you people can’t just accept the fact that everything doesn’t always go perfectly. That’s why our consoles come with warranties. That’s why games get patched. Things happen. Deal with it. If you can’t handle a little inconvenience now and then, gaming isn’t for you, because it’s an inevitability for all systems.

  • Thats where you are wrong mrbeatdown they already got the money for the game weeks ago from a lot of us because we bought psn cards or psn money sorry you were dumb and didn’t think b4 you opened your mouth!!!

  • Let’s not start yelling at each other over this… we get LBP PSP (with costumes) tomorrow okay?! Yeah and the statment is half true some people bought the PSN cards early in anticipation and Sony got us there, but some people only get the PSN cards after they see something on the Playstation Network so it’s a half and half thing.
    LBP Rules!

  • Yo Sora, check the reply they gave me on the first page, and I’m hoping for the MIDNIGHT release too! It would make my LBP day… COMPLETE!(and I would wanna pick up the guide book to give me pointers with the create mode…)

  • Um… i heard that the european PS blog said that there would be an Assassin’s Creed costume for LBP next update, but you don’t mention it at all here. was it delayed? or did they just make a mistake.

  • Any reason why the PS3 version is getting the new Costume but PSP isn’t?

  • I really feel bad for people like MrBeatdown. When I say that they are laughing all the way to the bank, that doesn’t mean people that have ALREADY spent money on the game. I am talking about the hundreds or thousands of people that waited patiently for the game to arrive on the 17th, only to be disappointed. Most of them will STILL buy this game, which is exactly why Sony doesn’t care. I’m willing to bet that most of the people commenting in support of Sony on this don’t even own a PSPGo or were really excited about this release.

  • I was an early adopter into the educational benefits of LBP. I created a level that (if you have half a wit) would open your eyes to the universe you live in. My ‘interactive educational’ level is called “The Scales of Earth’s Time and Space” by Armyless.

    Please join me in creating a living museum of interactive enlightenment! LBP ftw

  • Is this patch available to download on the net? I can’t connect my PSP to the internet via wireless so I was wondering if I was able to download the update manually?

  • @60

    If you have a PSP Go, I find it hard to believe that you can’t find another use for that $50. And all of that $50 doesn’t go into Sony’s pocket if you buy a third party game instead of LBP.


    Most PSP owners have an original model PSP. If a game isn’t available on PSN on day one, they could just as easily stroll into GameStop to buy a copy. Then Sony has to give GameStop a slice. And they need to pay to manufacture the game and ship it to stores. That’s adds up to a pretty significant amount of money lost on each sale not made on PSN.

    Yeah, PSP Go owners have only one option, but they make up only a small percentage of PSP owners. For the vast majority of people, the PS Store is just another retailer. If someone chooses to buy it elsewhere, Sony loses money. Not to mention the fact that fewer UMD sales means fewer used copies end up on shelves.

    If you have an explanation as to how I’m wrong, I’d love to hear it.

  • Could the podcast be downloadable for the PSP, would love to have them to refer to them on the go.

  • man!!!! i’m so disappointed to again read another blog and more than half of the comments are negative and complainants . we live in a worlld of technology where not all things are perfect.I spent a whole week reading the lbp goes portable blog,understandable the go users were upset and with fair reason. I than read this and most of you guys are still tripping. You said you would be happy with a apology and yet people are still leaving salty comments. Who cares about xbox but people who use that system, who cares that your not going to buy lbp for psp because ur mad or it doesnt compare to the ps3 version. I think sony is doing a hell of a job running 4 platforms ,trying to invent more ways to entertain us. I think they need us like we need them. I doubt they want to lose us as customers . We pay they’re bills and they provide with this exprience. We should be more willing to understand they come this far with issues in the past but yet millions have stood behind them . Ill be damn if i I go for a 60 dollar

  • on a game and than have to dish out a additional amount to play online. We have it good if sony wanted to treat us like s××× im sure they would. Trust im not trying to talk stuff but we have to do better and understand its technology who knows what can go wrong at any given time Also to the ones complaing about the re-release of outfits . There are alot of people who are just gettting the game and didnt get a chance to get the orginal outfits that you got when you first purchased the game so it makes sense to give those new user the chance to enjoy it like you did. So thanks for the turkey head since I didnt have that in my collection. But for one day be thankful many wish they could own a ps3 ,psp, go or even ps2. Hopefully u download users will enjoy the game like I do. I wish everybody a safe and happt thanksgiving

  • I understand people are tired of hearing negative comments, I don’t like it either, but here’s my story: About a month ago I sold my PSP3000, 17 UMD’s and a bunch of accessories for $200.00 and put that money toward a PSPgo. On November 10th I went with a friend to our local WalMart (Bedford, Indiana) while he bought ModernWarfare 2 and on the rack was several copies of LittleBigPanet Portable, a WEEK before the release date of November 17th. I was upset, but really didn’t care since I would have it the next Tuesday. We all know what happened next. So here I am, an early adopter of Sony’s PSPgo and the last to get my most desired PSP game ever. If anybody at Sony is reading this and you would like to make it up to a loyal customer of every PSP system ever released, just update the store early today. It’s always 6:30 pm EST or after when it updates. Or at least get LBP out first thing in the morning. Thank You, MrMustard

  • Sorry MeanMrMustard….a little known fact is that 90% of early adopters of anything tech related gets screwed. Eventually….get used to it. I see a price drop complaint in the not so distant future.

  • @DIEDFORYOU (52) WTF are you posting that here for??? This is the LBP thread! Take game requests to the weekly store update thread with Grace! Jeez, WHY would you put that here? *virtual sackslap upside the dome*

  • cough cough (sackboy PSN avatars?) cough cough

  • @ Bilbo818 – Yea, your right. I’ve been screwed several times before. I’ve never complained about price though. I paid $600.00 for a launch PS3, $200.00 for a PSP1000, I expect the price drop. But a digital download of a game released everywhere on time except North America is just weird. I don’t know, something fishy about the whole thing. Maybe if Sony were a little more open with reasons for problems and delays my mind wouldn’t go all ”conspiracy” thinking. Not that I expect them to send me a personal email reguarding every little problem they have. But they didn’t say a word about LBP until two days after it was suppose to be released, then apologise six days after, and still no one knows what went wrong.

  • @ MrBeatDown = You are wrong, because you miss the point entirely. People have been waiting for this game to hit the store since it was originally guaranteed by SCEA. You are basically saying that since Go owners make up the smallest percentage of PSP users then Sony should be allowed to just do whatever they want, which is BS. Also, you suggest that someone buys a third-party game instead of this, but most of the great PSP titles are all first or second party titles. You expect someone to spend up to $40 on a game that they didn’t originally want, then go and spend another $40 when Sony gets around to releasing this? I’m beginning to think that you work for SCEA, the way that you keep coming up with excuses and alternatives that attempt to make us spend more of our hard-earned money. If you don’t own a Go, then you should just STFU and let the people that have a right to complain speak.

  • You’re right Mustard….having one specific region get shut out while others are enjoying is messed up. Especially given that NA is the ones usually without the release problems. I hear ya man. Im just looking for this download to be accessed on the net and put onto my PSP memory stick. Ive heard nothing about doing this.

  • Can’t wait to purchase this game!

  • Will us with no Wi-Fi be able to download updates for the game without having to have Wi-Fi?

  • @ all of the whiners. Here is the cold hard truth. Where I am writing from this is still America where fortunately we still have choices. If you CHOSE to buy the PSP, PSP Go, network card or any other product based only on the release of a single game keep in mind that it was YOUR CHOICE! Nobody MADE you buy these. Show me the contract you have for a guaranteed release date. If you Don’t like SCEA, Sony or any other company you have the choice to buy from other companies. So if you don’t like what they do you have two choices, either tolerate it or go somewhere else.

  • @bstncook – So, what you are trying to say is that we should be forced to tolerate poor customer service when we were told by the company that we would have the game on a specific release date? That is the stupidest thing I have read yet. I didn’t base my decision on buying the system on a single game, but the fact of the matter is, if we don’t make a fuss about this happening this time, then it will continue to happen over and over. I really don’t care what people like yourself think, since you obviously have NO idea where we (the whiners) are coming from. BTW, you can go ahead and call us “whiners” or anything else, but at least we are blind little sheeple.

  • @bstncook – So, what you are trying to say is that we should be forced to tolerate poor customer service when we were told by the company that we would have the game on a specific release date? That is the stupidest thing I have read yet. I didn’t base my decision on buying the system on a single game, but the fact of the matter is, if we don’t make a fuss about this happening this time, then it will continue to happen over and over. I really don’t care what people like yourself think, since you obviously have NO idea where we (the whiners) are coming from. BTW, you can go ahead and call us “whiners” or anything else, but at least we aren’t blind little sheeple.

  • Sorry for the double post. Show your PSPGo adopters a little respect, though, especially those like myself that have purchased every single version of the PSP.

  • does anyone know what time the store will be updated?

  • the thing is, none of us are whining about the wait, we’re upset by the way sony handled this whole mess. All we asked was for them to keep us informed which turned out to be too much

  • Just send me a SackBoy plushie for the wait and I’ll be HAPPY! :)

  • So, lets speculate on why there was a week wait for the DD version for NA. I would like to think that they fixed a lot of the bugs that everyone else is having, but I don’t think that theory will be true if we will still have to update when we get the game. If the reason was to fix bugs, then there should be no update for the NA DD version. Right? I don’t believe it was the PSN or the store. Assassin’s Creed made it on Tuesday morning, then the store was down for half the day, but has been fine every since. It boggles my mind, so anyone else that has more insight on this sort of thing (Sony) or you got some conspiracy theory of your own, I invite you to come speculate with me.

  • the thing that i keep thinking about is that if this was an unforeseeable delay in the game getting release digitally as they are claiming. Then why didn’t the stores have the download cards????

  • LOL wow funny. Are u serious??? ^ Anyway Sony I read the links to the article up above. I think it was really a kind and great gesture, that u guys are donating 100 ps3’s and copies of little big planet to schools and programs to help them find more interest in science and math. That is a great way to motivate and support kids. Great Job on that!!! I’am very excited in seeing what levels they create by working together and finding fun in creating.

  • im truly sorry about the typo i meant 1000 instead of 100. Even better

  • hey sony its the 24th and lbp still isnt on the psn cmon guys a want to play!!!!!!!!!

  • You notice that if you live in the east coast we get the PSN update at 8 to 9 and if not then then the (ugh…) next day and yes i know of the time difference.

    Don’t let that happen this time Sony.

  • @filthyvillian (77)

    Try again. Re-read what I wrote. I never said it was okay to ignore Go owners because they only make up a small portion of PSP owners.

    What I did say was that most people have a UMD option because most people don’t have a Go. Because retailers need a cut and the cost of manufacturing, Sony makes less money selling the UMD version. When LBP isn’t up on the store on day one, the vast majority of PSP owners can just walk into GameStop and buy it, in which case, Sony makes less money than they would have had that customer downloaded the game.

    By not having LBP up on PSN on day one, Sony loses money. They are not “laughing all the way to the bank.”

    Sorry pal. I’m right. You’re wrong.

  • its on psn ^-^

  • sure would be nice to get some more level packs like the Metal Gear one

  • Wat happened to the DLC for the psp version of the psp how soon are we gonna start seeing thrm in the playstation store?

  • omg will everybody stop complaining its your choice to buy whatever you want for a console why dont you whiners sel your go and buy a dsi or a 360 and pay like 30$ every month for xbox live when we have free internet i for one appreciate all of sonys support and all of the free extras

  • i dont understand this, so how come there is no psp lbp turkey add on? or is there no add ons desgined for the psp version?

  • i dont understand why there is no psp add on turkey head thing? is there even any plans for a psp lbp add on?

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