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Nov 24

Nov 24

Coming to PSN Today: Gravity Crash

Mike Graham's Avatar Posted by Producer, International Software Development

Hi everyone! I’m Michael Graham, the US producer for Gravity Crash. Earlier this year at E3, we had the opportunity to introduce everyone to a brand-new old-school arcade style shooter, Gravity Crash. Well, I’m here to let you know that Gravity Crash will be available on PlayStation Store today for $9.99!

Gravity Crash Screenshot 1

Just to give you a little background info, Gravity Crash combines vintage arcade shooter gameplay with striking HD vector graphics running in 1080p at 60 frames per second. Piloting a small craft armed with an arsenal of main and special weapons, a rechargeable shield and a carefully watched fuel gauge, players battle gravity and inertia through 35 levels that each feature environmental dangers, enemies and other obstacles. Along the way, players will encounter volcanic eruptions, winding caverns and bodies of water in their pursuit to complete their mission.

But wait, there’s more. You can create your own levels and share them with friends! Here to talk to you more about it is my colleague, Stewart Gilray, CEO of the development studio, Just Add Water, to give you the low-down.

Hi everyone, how are you guys doing?

What started for us as an idea almost three years ago is now about to invade your lives. Gravity Crash for PlayStation 3 will launch on the PlayStation Store today!

When we started working with Sony on this project we were certain we had a great idea for a game, and I have to say we are incredibly proud of what we’ve created and we can’t wait to see what you guys think when you get hold of it.

Gravity Crash Screenshot 5 Gravity Crash Screenshot 4

When you download the Trial edition of Gravity Crash you will get access to 4 levels from the 35 single-player and 12 multiplayer planets. You will also get full access to the game editor, where you will be able to design and create your own levels straight away, however only when you buy the game will you be able to challenge the world by publishing your creations on PlayStation Network.

Actually, I’d like to geek out for a moment and tell you about one of the little things we included in the Trial edition which, as far as we are aware, no one else has done before: at the end of the demo we have a dynamic “Published Levels” counter that tells you how many custom-made levels have been published to PSN. Personally I can’t wait to watch that number get bigger and bigger over the coming months!

I suppose that you’d also like to know how much all of this will cost.

$9.99 of your Earth money, will buy you:

  • 35 Single-player levels, including hidden and boss levels
  • 12 Multiplayer levels
  • 3 Multiplayer modes
  • Different player ships
  • Special weapons
  • Weapon power-ups
  • 20 devious Trophies
  • Leaderboards
  • Over 200 editor items

Speaking of the editor, just to reiterate what I said in my previous update, EVERY level in the game has been built with the same game editor, and you will have full access to it in the game. Here’s a little development diary from us at Just Add Water showing a bit of the editor in action!

And finally, during December we will be releasing a few extras to the PlayStation Store, so keep a look out for Gravity Crash wallpapers and themes. So all I’ve got left to say is thanks to everyone for your support since the game was announced. We hope you enjoy it and we can’t wait to see what you guys can create with the Editor!

Gravity Crash Screenshot 2

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bbd23 said:

November 24th, 1:21 pm


HatmanTc said:

November 24th, 1:23 pm

Cool looking game listened to a few interviews Stewart has done & it seems that you guys have a passion for the game. Look forward to seeing what comes next from you guys

KidCommando said:

November 24th, 1:25 pm

“$9.99 of your Earth money” lol

You can have my green paper! Gimme, Gimme

Jetup said:

November 24th, 1:29 pm

When will the PSP version come out?
Still getting this one though

Craazy said:

November 24th, 1:30 pm

You will have my money evil alien!

Ausohoj said:

November 24th, 1:31 pm

Darn it!!! One dollar short. Blast. I’ll give you my money eventually.

iExile said:

November 24th, 1:32 pm

Holy crap I forgot the store’s updating today due to Thanksgiving. Buying this as soon as the update goes up. Loved the trailer and the visuals are mindblowing at 1080p + 60 fps.

whitwhit said:

November 24th, 1:32 pm

hahah cant wait for this game i was pretty interested in this when i saw the first trailer awhile back .

PSN_Tokeio said:

November 24th, 1:33 pm

WTB Pixeljunk Shooter PST

krae_man said:

November 24th, 1:33 pm

So PSN is updating today due to Thanksgiving?

Hey Sony:


Quit putting off doing what you need to do to make this happen and get all your ducks in a row already.

dragonmagician said:

November 24th, 1:33 pm

I wished the “campaign” had co-op.

AmericanNinja1 said:

November 24th, 1:35 pm

Does this support PSP remote play?

ixnine said:

November 24th, 1:36 pm

This game looks hecka fun! Classic old skool shooter that I’ve always loved and the ability to make my own levels! Thanks!

bit-blt said:

November 24th, 1:36 pm

You got my money for sure.

dragonmagician said:

November 24th, 1:47 pm

And I keep confusing this game with Comet Crash (even though the games are quite different); I keep thinking this has released already because of that.

abort_user said:

November 24th, 1:48 pm

TRIAL EDITION? do my ears deceive me?! you just scored a lot of points in my book for that!

i look forward to playing your game. its nice to see some people still care about giving us a little of the game to try.

akibake said:

November 24th, 1:49 pm

This game takes me back and looks great. Thank you for pricing this appropriately. You’ve got my sale.

BurntOrange32 said:

November 24th, 1:50 pm

Looks great, I think I’ll have to pick this up along with LBP PSP.

INTVGene said:

November 24th, 1:52 pm

Trial is up on the Euro store now.

It’s fun.. definitely will buy later today.

silentRob88 said:

November 24th, 1:53 pm

Looks like a lot of fun and the level designer seems pretty sweet, too. Will be picking it up, today.

SPOOKULA209 said:

November 24th, 1:57 pm


sigchi222 said:

November 24th, 1:58 pm

Looks extremely interesting. Kudos for allowing us a “trial”. All publishers should try and do this.

JJfutbol said:

November 24th, 1:58 pm

Wait a second… a PSP game too? Are you serious? That’s awesome! More of these PSN games need to be available on the PSP. I would certainly buy my favorites if they existed. Been waiting on this game since its been announced. Looks great!

What are the differences between the PS3 and PSP versions?

Shiromaji said:

November 24th, 2:00 pm

Wait.. what?

The single player levels are strictly single-player?
Can anybody confirm this?

mtgd said:

November 24th, 2:08 pm

looks cool, why always so pricy

RuthlessEd said:

November 24th, 2:11 pm


What needs confirming?

A single-player level would, by definition, support single players.

A multiplayer level would, by definition, support multiple players.

jqtaxpayer said:

November 24th, 2:13 pm

This looks like my kind of thing… I’ll definitely have to try this one out. And thanks for the level editor, that was a great idea!

smokey_vols said:

November 24th, 2:15 pm

I’m sold!

RuthlessEd said:

November 24th, 2:15 pm



It’s less than $10.

Do you expect developers to just give you their games for free?

echogridlock said:

November 24th, 2:16 pm

Looks amazing, and it looks like i wont be getting little big planet PSP. Ive been waiting for this one since it was announced.

MrCaine said:

November 24th, 2:17 pm

another one thats not about Borderlands… cmon the 360 owners ALREADY have it… hurry up psn u slow bastards…

iExile said:

November 24th, 2:18 pm

Wow I just tried the demo and I am completely sold on it now. Love the soundtrack too.

Moosehole said:

November 24th, 2:20 pm

Looks like an awesome game. Love the retro style stuff… Kind of reminds me of Sub-Terrania. Will buy for sure.

Locke_VI said:

November 24th, 2:23 pm

Looks like a awesome game!

Neil said:

November 24th, 2:40 pm

I saw this at E3 and thought it looked cool. I’ll buy it.

FunkyTable said:

November 24th, 2:43 pm

Looks like a great launch, and looks like a lot of fun.

Could you specify if the multiplayer modes are online or local? Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but this game looks like it would be best with a friend sitting next to you shooting alongside you.

Enforcer_X said:

November 24th, 2:43 pm

I want to buy it, I will buy it. Come on PSStore how about an update? Can the premium PSN get faster and more frequent updates? I would pay for that!

Caudill said:

November 24th, 2:46 pm

Game looks great! Definitely going to be buying this one.

KwietStorm said:

November 24th, 3:00 pm

Looks like a lot less artful Pixel Junk Shooter. Is the gameplay similar? Because I’m definitely getting Shooter.

firecar350 said:

November 24th, 3:08 pm

come on? u guys said lbp psp will be on ps store today. seriosly, did you get problems again. if i dont see it by tommorrow im getting the 3000. [if your making a bundle with lbp psp].

Saotome_Ranma said:

November 24th, 3:14 pm

It reminds me a lot of games like Gravitar and Thrust… can’t wait to try this out!

TheInfectedBy590 said:

November 24th, 3:16 pm

Awesome!! I’ve been waiting for this game! :D

almighty-slayer said:

November 24th, 3:25 pm

It’s an awesome game guys :) Buy it and make some cool levels.


November 24th, 3:27 pm

Holy Carp!…its Gravitar!

Sucks that I’m done buying games…if it plays anything like the one I remember…do yourselves a favor and buy it!

Shiromaji said:

November 24th, 3:50 pm


What needs confirming is whether or not there will be co-op play for the main “campaign”.
Though it seems that co-op play will be left for the 12 multiplayer levels…

This won’t be an issue if user-created content can be played through multiplayer though!

GAM3R_16 said:

November 24th, 4:37 pm

Play Create Share! Perfect :D

GAM3R_16 said:

November 24th, 4:40 pm

Play Create Share! Perfect def buy :D

AvoidTalkingMice said:

November 24th, 7:19 pm

Looks awesome. Any possibility of DLC? Not looking for confirmation, but just an idea of what the developers are considering….would be cool to get new objects for levels, etc.

phinnv8 said:

November 24th, 7:28 pm

The LBP style level creator and ability to put maps online sound great. Definately gonna check this game out over thanksgiving.

In the meantime back to Bad Company 2 Beta, it’s outstanding.

Einhander138 said:

November 25th, 12:47 am

No disc, no sale.

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