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Nov 28

Nov 28

It Only Does Unbelievable HD Entertainment Bundles

Peter Dille's Avatar Posted by Senior Vice President, Marketing & PlayStation Network

Hi everyone. I hope you’re all well recovered from a tryptophan-induced holiday and are getting ready for some exciting shopping ahead (this is of course, if you haven’t already taken advantage of our great Black Friday promotions).

It’s been a lot of fun rolling out the many creative executions of our “Dear PlayStation” ad campaign over the last few weeks. Kevin Butler has garnered legions of fans as he demonstrates how the PS3 “Only Does Everything” in his very unique style. In fact, even our friends and partners at Best Buy have been impressed. So much so, they approached us about a unique collaboration featuring Best Buy’s “blue shirt” campaign in which actual Best Buy employees solve customer needs. Of course, we loved the idea.

Our colleagues at Sony Electronics and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment also got involved with Best Buy to sweeten the deal by offering an amazing value bundle that showcases the true powerhouse Sony is when it comes to HD entertainment. The bundle combines a PlayStation 3, a Bravia HDTV, and a choice of a new game and Blu-ray movie – all with a total savings of up to $1100! The promotion runs from November 29th until December 12th across Best Buy stores nationwide and online at There are some limitations, so read more on the bundle here:

If you or a friend is in the market for a true 1080p HD experience, you need to check this deal out. You can also thank Kevin and Best Buy’s Nick DeVita of New York for one-upping each other to create an “explosive” bundle and a great commercial.

I’d like to thank our sister companies and particularly our partners at Best Buy for helping make this happen. I hope many of you can take advantage of this opportunity to deck your living room with the ultimate HD entertainment experience.


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Kchow23 said:

November 28th, 3:04 pm

Video not available?

Nimoy23 said:

November 28th, 3:05 pm

Agreed about the vid.

Kchow23 said:

November 28th, 3:05 pm

P.S I hope some of these bundles make their way up to Canada for Boxing Day :)

Vanquish23 said:

November 28th, 3:07 pm

You can view the video at

Plstcsldgr said:

November 28th, 3:10 pm

Price check on aisle BOOM!

Pedro_-_ said:

November 28th, 3:11 pm

That’s what I call a good deal. Jeff should buy one.

Pedro_-_ said:

November 28th, 3:12 pm

That is what I call a deal. Jeff, you should buy one?

TailsTheCat said:

November 28th, 3:16 pm

But Bravia tv’s arent good.

LUGIEZ said:

November 28th, 3:16 pm

That is a pretty nice deal! I just purchased an on sale Bravia 32 inch myself and believe me the beast known as PS3 looks great on it – movies are now spectacular!

skullking123 said:

November 28th, 3:22 pm

lol one of the best commericals yet

Can I price check on aisle…BOOM

SEVENTY7 said:

November 28th, 3:27 pm

Pretty sweet deal for this time of year. Nice work!

somethingatt said:

November 28th, 3:35 pm

I love these ad series.

Total gold mine, Sony!

Firelogic said:

November 28th, 3:35 pm

I have to say this is the weakest Butler commercial so far. Wasn’t amusing in the least.

spatsnaz said:

November 28th, 3:36 pm

TailsTheCat | November 28th, 2009 at 3:16 pm

“But Bravia tv’s arent good.”


Anyway, great little ad as always. Not a bad deal either. :-)

s_S-killaz336 said:

November 28th, 3:37 pm

Thats cool. Does the ps3slim do the sync with EVERY bravia tv

jimfear said:

November 28th, 3:37 pm


Vernon_Hardapple said:

November 28th, 3:39 pm

Looks good. Any update on when we’ll be able to watch these videos in the PS3 browser again?

visionaxis said:

November 28th, 3:45 pm

BOOM! haha awesome

mafecto said:

November 28th, 3:46 pm

Nice! Keep ’em coming Peter!

befear said:

November 28th, 3:52 pm


JitteryJordan said:

November 28th, 3:52 pm

@TailsTheCat, dude I have a 40inch Bravia HDTV and it is awesome. P.S. BOOM!

thegriefer said:

November 28th, 3:52 pm

It was an ok ad but it doesnt really matter because it gets the point out to people pretty well.

crowsticky1234 said:

November 28th, 3:55 pm

This commercial is BOOM!!!!

Cody_L said:

November 28th, 3:55 pm

Awesome commercial. Hope we can get this one on the PS Store, as well as the others that have yet to be put up.

crowsticky1234 said:

November 28th, 3:56 pm

This commercial is BOOM!!!!!!

phinnv8 said:

November 28th, 3:57 pm

Losing FF-XIII exclusiity ultimately will cost Sony the cosole race.

It’s a shame because ever since the Slim and newer firmwares came out with the lower price PS3 has been great. BC2 beta is amazing too.

VenomXv said:

November 28th, 3:58 pm

Awesome, love the commercial.

Robert-Ninja said:

November 28th, 4:00 pm


VenomXv said:

November 28th, 4:03 pm


Yeah, maybe if it was 1998, lol. Final fantasy isn’t the best selling game on PlayStation, Gran Turismo is and that can’t lose its exclusivity since Sony owns it.

ITforensic said:

November 28th, 4:05 pm

Nice work!
However, Grandma (hoop and a stick!)is the best commercial for any Sony product, ever!
I watched it over and over again and would laugh every time… That is a good marketing.
Keep your marketing people (and give them nice bonuses)

Shadow_Dancer said:

November 28th, 4:06 pm

Nice ads. That Kevin Butler guy is hilarious.

…How about an ad that shows it’s backward compatibility feature? You can show how it can play Psone but NOT PS2 games…Guess it can’t do everything ;)

cossackboy said:

November 28th, 9:10 pm

These Kevin Butler ads all need to be collected in one place because they’re great.

Kairon said:

November 28th, 9:11 pm

They’ve been showing all the new PS3 ads at my local Gamestop, but I’m guessing this one wont make it onto the TV there ;)

Great job with this new lineup of adverts Sony, just please don’t over-do them! The Kevin Butler guy is great.

B-RadGfromOV said:

November 28th, 9:43 pm

I like smart humor and this didn’t really do it for me. However you can’t argue with 1100 dollars off.

kandal978 said:

November 28th, 9:51 pm


Rhez said:

November 28th, 9:56 pm

I have a Bravia 40″ and it’s great. I did hear was an earlier model of Bravia that had some problems. The new models should be fine. Just check out some consumer reports to avoid the bad ones especially if you happen to buy an older version of Bravia.

darth_sappy23 said:

November 28th, 9:57 pm

lol love it, and my launch 60gig looks GREAT on my just as old sony bravia!

Anubis80 said:

November 28th, 10:01 pm

hahaha Boom! Another great add. And a great deal too. Too bad I already own a PS3 and a HD tv.

Hideo2007 said:

November 28th, 10:08 pm

Great AD SONY!!! BOOM!!!

CrystalX3D said:

November 28th, 10:16 pm

Dear Playstation,
I showed my parents how to watch streaming movies from Netflix on my PS3 and now they WON’T STOP WATCHING THEM. -_-

true story

jaserious said:

November 28th, 10:30 pm

It does everything, but it doesn’t play PS2 games….

Oh I went there…

BiezulbubBill69 said:

November 28th, 10:40 pm

another awesome ad! keep ’em coming!!

pantsmith said:

November 28th, 11:10 pm

Thats a GREAT commercial.

TheRealAlpha2 said:

November 28th, 11:23 pm

Yeah you know what? I have a 60gb and it DOES play PS2 games so as far as I’m concserned it DOES do everything.


gema11981 said:

November 28th, 11:28 pm

these commercials are great ! Keep them coming please !

gmk218 said:

November 28th, 11:32 pm

lmao u guys are making great commercials keep it up booom

JSHidaka said:

November 28th, 11:35 pm

@phinnv8, Sony is not the publisher of FF, is SquareEnix, And SE choose the consoles. “Sadly” XBox 360 have the “same” potential as the PS3 for Final Fantasy XIII

gamestopper09 said:

November 29th, 12:02 am


How about Demon’s Souls commercial? I think gamers should know about this game because it’s awesome and epic RPG game.

Please fix trophy syncing. Come On!

Thrill_Kill said:

November 29th, 12:14 am

Love the new commercials. They are nearly as good as the old Ratchet and Clank vids for PS2.

I am also very pleased you started doing things exclusively with Best Buy instead of GameStop. I buy all of my PlayStation stuff from Best Buy. They now have the Gamers Club as well like Circuit City had. Great place to get some PSX products!

Good job guys!

radiantshadow92 said:

November 29th, 12:24 am

BOOOM!! keep it up sony

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