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Dec 02

Dec 02

SingStar Holiday Update

Erin English's Avatar Posted by Product Marketing Manager

Hi everyone,

I’d like to share with you some good news about today’s shiny new SingStar Holiday update to version 4.30.

Firstly, and most importantly, this update fixes the missing songs (although you will have to re-download those that are missing), problems with videos and other issues a number of you found with the previous version update. We want to thank all of you for being so patient while these problems were being fixed and tested thoroughly. Hopefully, once you’ve updated, you’ll find everything back to normal : )

Well, not quite normal actually. There are a number of cool new features also added in this holiday update for you to try out too!

Singstore: What's Hot USA

Here’s a quick rundown:


  • What’s Hot? – Now you can see Top 10s on the SingStore – our hottest content from current Top 10 downloads to top festive tunes.
  • Quick Buy – Watching a media clip of someone singing a song you really like and want to add it to your collection? Now you can go and view it directly in the SingStore with the press of a button!
  • SingStore On Demand – You can preview and purchase SingStore songs available directly from the Song Selection screen in the game. Just press the Square button and you can view the whole SingStore catalog while playing.
  • Previously Purchased Content – If you’re in SingStore, you can instantly see which songs you’ve bought before.
  • Download all purchased songs option – In the SingStore, you can now download all the tracks you’ve purchased before quickly and easily. Just go to ‘Purchase History’ and select from there.

SingStore on demand USA

My SingStar Online:

  • My Favorite Media – This feature allows you to bookmark your favorite media clips in the community in your profile, so you can quickly watch them again and again.
  • Clubs – You can transfer leadership of a club to another person.


  • Cartoon Interface – This gives child-friendly in-game feedback and end-of-song rankings.
  • XMB User Player Profiles – When adding player names into your new game, you can now select from names stored on XMB (i.e. login profiles).

Phew, that’s it!

Last, but not least, congrats to the SingStar team as the franchise has now reached over 20 million copies sold worldwide!

Let me know your comments below on the update and more – I’ll answer what I can : )

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Craazy said:

December 2nd, 11:04 am

Cool…..I will check it out, so its live now?

    Erin English's Avatar

    Erin English said:

    December 2nd, 11:12 am

    Yes, this update is live now

Tyrsis said:

December 2nd, 11:09 am

Erin, what’s up with the Wireless Mics for North America?

    Erin English's Avatar

    Erin English said:

    December 2nd, 11:16 am

    All I can say is stay tuned and we hear you.

explosive78 said:

December 2nd, 11:12 am

Yea, i will buy for my wife when you update it with some more American r and b. Your music selection is just not good.

    Erin English's Avatar

    Erin English said:

    December 2nd, 11:14 am

    We are working on it, stayed tuned. We appreciate your patience.

Bug42 said:

December 2nd, 11:14 am

What about Depche Mode for the US? Will dlc work from the UK on the US?

    Erin English's Avatar

    Erin English said:

    December 2nd, 11:24 am

    Unfortunately not

terribledeli said:

December 2nd, 11:14 am

Forgot Wireless Mics.

Get the game fixed first.

What’s the official word on users being locked out their songs after downloading the update?

I can’t access my tracks I downloaded post August 2009 due to “Usage Rights – This song cannot be played because its owner has been deleted”

I’m only grateful I’m able to use my other SingStar games and not update to access my content.

Jon_Mclane said:

December 2nd, 11:21 am

The Quick buy feature sounds cool but it’ll just end with me sad when I use it on a song and find out it’s not available in our singstore. :( do you guys love making me sad?

    Erin English's Avatar

    Erin English said:

    December 2nd, 11:26 am

    We are working with our licensing teams on getting better artists for our US SingStore, stay tuned.

Llave said:

December 2nd, 11:22 am

I love how the song selection screen had The Killers- Human cover on it since its not available in our store or in any of the disc.

any word on when Universal songs coming to America? I have a boat load of PSN cards that I wont activate until Universal songs are available to purchase. The Universal tracks better be your Xmas present to us since we only got Queen SingStar and SingStar Latino this year…

    Erin English's Avatar

    Erin English said:

    December 2nd, 11:27 am

    Please stay tuned. And thanks for your patience.

Ftwrthtx said:

December 2nd, 11:23 am

Thanks for the info.

Any word on if./when there will ever be a fix for the PS2 SingStar Country disc so that it will work with the PS3 disc swap?

    Erin English's Avatar

    Erin English said:

    December 2nd, 11:27 am

    I will chat with the dev team about that

Jon_Mclane said:

December 2nd, 11:29 am

Well thanks for cheering me up Erin. At least I know you guys haven’t given up so I will continue to be patient…. :(

dotemdot said:

December 2nd, 11:31 am

What’s the deal with Singstar Motown? Will it be coming out in the states, and, if so when? I understand (kinda) the DLC issues, but why are even song discs delayed so much in coming to the US. While we’re on the topic, could you at least explain what the issues are that prevent Singstar DLC that’s available in Europe from being released in the US?


    Erin English's Avatar

    Erin English said:

    December 2nd, 11:38 am

    Sadly, SingStar Motown will not be releasing in the US. We are hoping to have Motown content as DLC at some point soon.

Llave said:

December 2nd, 11:33 am

Question: My PS3 had the aweful YLOD. Now im thinking of picking up a new PS3. Is there an easier way for me to redownload my songs? Some people in the Forums that I have to send a fax of the receipts stating what I had bought, but some songs were from when the game first came out (a year and a half ago?) and I most likely lost the receipts since my email most likely deletes things after being read.

DeviantBoi said:

December 2nd, 11:35 am

I have a 60GB and am planning on upgrading to one of the new slim ones. Will this update allow me to re-download the songs that I’ve purchased once I have my new slim? Is 5 the limit to the times you can re-download a song?

Tony_Nibbles said:

December 2nd, 11:39 am

Can haz googly-eyes camera mode plz.

Tony_Nibbles said:

December 2nd, 11:40 am

Can I haz googly-eyes camera mode plz.



PullusPardusUS said:

December 2nd, 11:44 am

is the rumored Michael Jackson Singstar true?

DeviantBoi said:

December 2nd, 11:46 am

Erin, thanks for the link, but it’s not working. It says: “Access Denied. Reason: Client address is not authorized.”

Starfire07 said:

December 2nd, 11:50 am

Hi Erin,

Please continue to update Singstar to make it better. Look at Team Fortress as an example. Keep the updates coming, so far they are great.

As others have said, I’d love to buy wireless mics.

I think the main problem is all the disk switching. Please talk to the team to figure out a way to load all disk songs, PS3 AND PS2, that you own onto the ps3 so that all songs appear in the carousel. I understand legally why this can’t be a permanent thing but maybe make it so that they erase when you turn off the ps3?

Also, maybe the game can ask to place all ps2-ps3 disks that you own in the ps3 on bootup to verify that you own all the content?

Basically in the end we need all songs that a customer owns available on the carousel for singstar parties. Is this something the team is looking at? I own almost all of the ps2 disks and both ps3 game disks and it is a real pain to swap out.

    Erin English's Avatar

    Erin English said:

    December 2nd, 12:02 pm

    Totally appreciate your feedback. We are talking with the dev team to find a solution, I agree its a pain to have to swap discs.

Majin_Neo said:

December 2nd, 11:53 am

I have only gotten to play Singstar Queen and I absolutely loved it. (Big Freddy Mercury fan) But I was wondering if it would be able to have the songs download to the hard drive instead of swapping discs. Its not a huge deal but kind of a party stopper when we all play and someone wants to sing something from Vol. 1 then Queen then ABBA.

Will we ever see this? I’d be glad to pay a fee for it :)

    Erin English's Avatar

    Erin English said:

    December 2nd, 1:47 pm

    We are talking with the dev team about it, so hopefully we will have an answer soon.

Llave said:

December 2nd, 11:54 am

Erin thanks so much for replying to our complaints and stuff, really appreciate it. I feel much more at ease knowing someone will reply to most of questions. Any planned disc release for the US somewhere early next year? It seems SingStar discs are dissappearing on store shelves, I can’t seem to find the mic bundles anywhere and only disc based games are on PS2 not the PS3 ones, I had to give up my own copy of Vol. 1 to a friend and an old set of mics.

Also I think it would be great if we can have a SingStar contest or something. Maybe an audition to be in a future SingStar Ad? SingStar competition watchable in the PSN like Qore and Pulse?

    Erin English's Avatar

    Erin English said:

    December 2nd, 12:04 pm

    We have some things planned for next year, stay tuned!

EMan_Unlimited said:

December 2nd, 11:56 am

Any chance of Singstar Disney coming to North America?

sscoolChea said:

December 2nd, 12:04 pm

The question thats being answer are horrible . Why dont we get answers for ..
Why does N.A songs still blows ?
Where is the wirelsess MICS ?
why are we getting euro stuff when 70% artist we aint never heard of?

answer this please

    Erin English's Avatar

    Erin English said:

    December 2nd, 12:16 pm

    What I can tell you is that we have made progress on the artist front, and are working hard to enhance the SingStore with US-specific content.
    All I can say at this point is please be patient and stay tuned and know that we are aware of what the community is saying.

DMPrince said:

December 2nd, 12:12 pm

my songs are still locked to my old system. Sony said they unlocked but they haven’t. Some Chick named Sylvia told me it was unlocked btw.

Llave said:

December 2nd, 12:18 pm

the links given for missing songs and redownloading songs is not working for me. Is it because i’m on my iPhone?

NekuDincht said:

December 2nd, 12:18 pm

when are we going to have more mexican artists DLC? and… when can i buy SingStar Latino for ps3, cuz the don’t have it on any videogame store. I’m mexican, btw!
Happy holidays! :)

    Erin English's Avatar

    Erin English said:

    December 2nd, 1:43 pm

    We are working on getting more Latin DLC content for the SingStore.

    SingStar Latino is available at GameStop only

Ftwrthtx said:

December 2nd, 12:24 pm

I love my imported wireless mics which I got from for a comparable price to what they will probably go for here in the states.

Now a question. Why can;t we download the songs in the background while we play other games offline? It works this way for other store downloads, but not SingStar.

saintaqua said:

December 2nd, 12:27 pm

Oh no!! I just bought Karaoke Revolution….and now Sing Star is looking good again. This update sounds wonderful. I can’t wait to try it out!

Thanks for finally starting to answer our questions, Erin, we honestly do appreciate that.

But we won’t stop bugging you about getting more songs available in the US store and the wireless mics!!! ;p

Thanks again so much, if this update works as good as it sounds I’ll be very happy.

Also, can you maybe add more trophies soon?
Maybe a bronze trophy in each add on pack as an extra incentive. :D

Parapraxis said:

December 2nd, 12:29 pm

Thanks for all the feedback in the comments, it leaves me feeling that things are going to get better for SS fans.
Love the game! Just want more content, your money is mine if the content is there =D

saintaqua said:

December 2nd, 12:29 pm

None of the links you gave out are working. :(

Parapraxis said:

December 2nd, 12:30 pm

or rather…my money would be Sony’s. hahaha!

Tntnnbltn said:

December 2nd, 12:31 pm


I just wanted to say thanks for replying to comments in this post. It means a lot for US SingStar players to be able to communicate with someone/give feedback.

KidCommando said:

December 2nd, 12:33 pm

A round of applause to Erin for answering questions and comments, Thank You!

Even if the answers are not what people wanted to hear, you at least addressed them. Again, thank you, it does make a difference.

NoobianGod said:

December 2nd, 12:39 pm

“Erin, what’s up with the Wireless Mics for North America?
Erin English’s Avatar
Erin English replied on December 2, 2009 at 11:16 am

All I can say is stay tuned and we hear you.”

Thank you! Finally some info on that! My wife and I had no plans on buying SingStar till the US gets wireless mic’s. This is VERY good news.

Wyrmchaser said:

December 2nd, 12:46 pm

Great update! Any chance of larger photos for the highscores? Now I can barely make out what they’re of, and the 20 player limit really has to go, it’s horrible when you have to delete someone and their highscore is wiped clean.

RuthlessEd said:

December 2nd, 1:03 pm

To me “stay tuned and we hear you” is not an answer. It’s just their way of trying to weasel out of providing an answer.

Tell us flat out:

Will we see wireless Mics in North America before the end of Q1 (2010)?

d_jeffrey said:

December 2nd, 1:12 pm

I am furious. Half of my songs are now locked after the patch. Last time, they were deleted, but at least they were easier to know which one to redownload from the menu. Being in Canada, I have ISP caps. So how will the situation be resolved, and how will you assume your errors. Last time it cost me $30 in ISP charges just to redownload my songs. As least give a SingStore credit or something.

saintaqua said:

December 2nd, 1:20 pm

By the way, I had to redownload 141 songs since they were all locked.
Don’t you think it would be fair to somehow provide us with something for our troubles? I can see if it was my fault, like when I upgraded my hdd, but this was Sony/Singstar’s fault and it seems wrong that we don’t at least get a free song or song pack even in return for our trouble and inconvenience.

It takes forever to download that many songs again!!

typikal82 said:

December 2nd, 1:23 pm

I can’t get to the page you are linking to. I keep getting Fatal Error


Access Denied
Reason: Client address is not authorized.


December 2nd, 1:34 pm

All I want is some NEW and CURRENT content from artists KNOWN in the US and Canada. Why is this difficult? Lips/RockBand/Guitar Hero all seem to have zero licensing issues.

dragonmagician said:

December 2nd, 1:38 pm

Congrats on 20 million sold.

Unfortunately, none of the available songs interest me. Give me some 90s pop, or Cantonese songs (which will probably never happen).

mogar5 said:

December 2nd, 1:43 pm

Just to make sure, this is only for the ps3, not the psp?

Se7enthSign said:

December 2nd, 1:44 pm

First of all, thanks for all of the replies. It REALLY does make a difference.

One thing that I don’t think has been mentioned yet, was about the PS2 content. Will there ever be a way to upload PS2 media to My Singstar Online? One way or another, I’d really like to see that happen. Either by unblocking it in the game or making all of the PS2 discs available through the Singstore. I’d prefer the first method over actually having to re-purchase songs again, but I’d take either.

plaztiksyke said:

December 2nd, 1:45 pm

Will the PS3 songs eventually be 24-bit and/or lossless? I’ve been trying to get an answer to this for a while; it’s the only thing holding me back from buying!

I love karaoke, but want an HD audio experience in order to shell out money. Can you make my wish come true? :)


tearsofash said:

December 2nd, 1:51 pm

Those links don’t work!

And here I was hoping to get my Singstar songs put on my PS3 slim. I’ve been waiting since September after I called PS3 customer service, and they still haven’t deactivated my songs and allowed me to download them again.

wickedjv said:

December 2nd, 2:10 pm

Same problem here…

“downloading previously purchased songs” => Link doesn’t work! As a lot of people stated before me, I get “Fatal Error
Access Denied
Reason: Client address is not authorized.”
Hope there will be a solution very soon!

    Erin English's Avatar

    Erin English said:

    December 3rd, 1:20 pm

    Hi All,

    I know of lot of people are still having issues downloading previously purchased songs, so we spoke to the SingStar dev team and this is what they said:

    \”Firstly, please let me reassure you that the v4.30 update for SingStar is an extremely stable update and fixes all the issues in v4.20 as well as adding new features.

    However, I am aware that some users are being locked out of their downloaded content. Thanks to your feedback there is now a fix for people experiencing “Usage Rights” restrictions on their songs. A new patch will be released soon and you will not be required to delete and re-download your content. Please note that you can still play all your downloaded content with the current SingStar v4.30 update as long as you delete and re-download any songs that display the “Usage Rights” restrictions. We appreciate the frustration this may cause some of our community and we sincerely apologise for this.

    Dave Ranyard\”

    We will keep everyone updated as to when the patch will be available.

Wip3ou7pure said:

December 2nd, 2:29 pm

So when are you guys coming out with “SingStar: Michael Jackson”?

Wip3ou7pure said:

December 2nd, 2:30 pm

SingStar Michael Jackson? When?

DTXSFC said:

December 2nd, 2:59 pm

I’m not a fan of Singstar or singing for that matter but I would like to know how will you ever bring music videos to the Playstation Store directly instead of from the game? The playstation store needs music and music videos for non Singstar owners.

BeNNyMaNN said:

December 2nd, 3:02 pm

Ah thank you so much for the download all feature. I was planning on upgrading my hard drive and all of the DRM issues with transferring my songs had me terrified. One more feature I’d like to see added is the ability to check past updates. Sometimes a month goes by before I get a chance to check the store and the “New” section only has the most recent additions. I would like to see maybe a small section that allows one to see the last several updates by date as opposed to going through the whole massive list of songs/artists trying to figure out if anything came out that I missed. Thanks for all you do, I appreciate it.

SoYoung said:

December 2nd, 3:53 pm

whar happened for us who had the YLOD on our ps3 and cant play our purchased songs? I bought a lot of song but cant play it anymore due to the DRM.

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