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Dec 08

Dec 08

PS3 3.15 System Software Update

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by

SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

Hi everyone, PlayStation 3 (PS3) will receive its next system software update shortly – v. 3.15. This is an optional update, and it enables existing PS3 owners who purchase a new PS3 system (perhaps as a second unit for the household) to transfer their content from their current PS3 to the new system. Content such as games, game save data, and videos downloaded from PlayStation Network can be transferred to the new PS3 system and deleted from the current PS3 system. Other content, including personal media files (photos, music, videos), can be copied onto the new PS3 and remain on the current PS3 system.

Here’s a quick primer on how the Data Transfer Utility works (UPDATED).

Data Transfer Utility

  1. Connect both PS3 (A) and PS3 (B) with a LAN cable and connect both PS3 to the TV (using different video input connectors). (Please note, do not unplug any cables when the PS3 power is on.) Turn both the current PS3 (A) and new PS3 (B) on. Please note, firmware (v3.15) must be installed on both systems.
  2. On the XMB of PS3 (A), scroll to the Settings category and select [System Settings] and then [Data Transfer Utility]
  3. Follow the instructions on-screen and select [1. Transfer data from this system to the other PS3 system.]
  4. When PS3 (A) is in standby and ready for transferring data, switch the screen to PS3 (B), scroll to the Settings category on XMB and select [System Settings] and then [Data Transfer Utility]
  5. Follow the instructions on-screen and select [2. Transfer from the other PS3 system to this system.]
  6. After transferring the data, follow the instructions on-screen.
  7. If content that was downloaded from PlayStation Store was transferred as part of this operation, you must activate PS3 (B) before you can use the data. Log in to the PS3 system as the user who owns the content, and then select (PlayStation Network) > (Account Management) > (System Activation) to activate the system.

More details on Data Transfer Utility will be available here once the firmware update is live.


The 3.15 update also enables “minis” to be played on a PS3 system. As we’ve reported here before, “minis” launched on PlayStation Network this fall in conjunction with the launch of PSPgo. These bite-sized games offer a more casual experience and are ideal for shorter gameplay sessions. Now PS3 owners will be able to play “minis,” and those who own both a PS3 and PSP system will be able to play on either platform. “minis” for the PS3 system will be available for download on PlayStation Store in the coming weeks. If you’ve purchased any “minis” already for your PSP and the title becomes available for PS3, you’ll simply need to download the title to your PS3.

As always, we look forward to your feedback.

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Chidi95 said:

December 23rd, 2:15 am

If you were to back up your SAVED GAME DATA on PS3(A) and then transfer it to PS3 (B) would the game data on PS3 (A) be deleted.

OutLawsFinest said:

December 23rd, 1:45 pm

*Can someone possibly give me a quick response, 2nd time i’ve posted this, thankyou…

* I have the original PS3 80GB etc. I’ve been wondering all this time when we would have an update for new visualizations. I’m sure i’m not the only one getting bored wih the one we have & the folding home Earth visual…
Not sure if this is the right section for this comment but i’m new to blogging.
Cheers Mate :D

YouPicItNet said:

December 25th, 8:13 am

If you’re experiencing a problem with your PS3 not reading bluray, it maybe that the lens on the bluray drive needs to be replaced. I was able to repair it by ordering the part KEM-410ACA from gaingame.com and replaced it by following the instruction on youtube.

Fergitchu said:

December 28th, 8:07 pm

I want to be able to use my backup data on another system.

I got the YLOD and had an old backup. Instead of getting it repaired or receiving a refubished unit that only has a 90 day war I bought a new PS3 with an 4 year extended service plan. I used the old backup data and out of the 30GB of backup data I only got my games saves. With more and more units with YLOD PS3 owners should be able to backup and restore all data that was backed up instead of redownloading and reinstalling data.

I don’t want to be installing again if I need my PS3 slim serviced.

CoolB4all said:

December 29th, 5:31 am

Hi All,

I’ve got a 60Gb model.
Being a technical person (and not being crazy to pay for an expensive Sony repair formula), I have already successfully replaced blu ray lenses for many people and myself.
Since I had to upgrade to version 3.01 to play Assassins Creed 2 my Blu Ray drive doesn’t read anything anymore. My new lens hasn’t even a 100h of usage.
Now on 3.15, my problem is STILL NOT fixed and probably, no fix will come!!

Strangely enough Sony states that there is no problem with the firmware, but how do they explain that, when I change the lens, my PS3 STILL doesn’t play anything?!? Oh yeah, and how do they explain all the guys I’ve been talking to who have the same problem, EVEN SOME OF THEM WITH THE SAME GAME!?!

For me, this is definitely a firmware problem!!!
But probably we’re all f$cked by Sony.

Nice trick to kill all the older models if you ask me…!!!

Keep up the “I didn’t do it” mentality…!!!
I think I’m going to start a Facebook group related to this problem…

CoolB4all said:

December 29th, 5:55 am

I was too late…
The group already exists on Facebook…
–> “PS3 3.0 / 3.01 firmware update making Blu-ray drive unusable”

Probably just a virtual group with non-existing people ;-))))

dJlpAUL said:

December 29th, 7:51 pm

ok you can already do this with a FAT32 format external hdd or flash drive without having both ps3s in the same room doing the data transfer sounds kinda like a pain in the *ss i guess its for the ppl who dont know how to work the ps3 to its full potential like linux and ubuntu downloading torents at breakneck speeds the RAM is unrivaled you just need to know ho to use it

chachi434 said:

December 29th, 9:02 pm

I just bought my young lad the Playstation 3, 250 g for Christmas, so I’m new at this!! Can anyone tell me why the PS3 doesn’t want to sign in to the network, It did for the first few days and now says it cannot becuase of a ‘DNS Error’. I have tried wired and wirelessly?!?! Thanks for any info at all.

iamtdward said:

December 30th, 7:30 am

First on a positive note, a big thank-you to the team for continuing to innovate and add features; this helps move the gaming industry forward.

On a less positive note, the content sharing/moving functionality sounds way more complicated than it needs to be; I am hoping this is just a first step toward ‘in the home’ content sharing (e.g. play my content wherever is most convenient at the time).

I would expect this functionality to work such that when you have multiple PS3s in the house each one is aware of the other of the network and the content it has, making it full ‘shareable’ regardless of physical location — movies, games, pictures, music, etc. If seems silly to disconnect the ps3 in the living room (that is already connected to the home network),carry it into the family room, reach around back of TV to connect everything back together, blah blah blah…please please make this more user friendly…And in the event I have gotten it wrong and this is how it works…that awesome and Thanks!

bgunduz said:

December 30th, 10:23 am

hi all,

i downloaded 3.15 version for my ps3 and before i downloaded that i was playing metal gear solid, after i quit the game and downloaded it i tryed to play the game but it didnt not read the disc.
I put a different game but still no game apperad to play, Can any 1 help me plz

Ragionieri said:

December 30th, 4:51 pm

@386 Yes, my 80 gig bricked the second I downloaded 3.0 and will not read any Blu Ray or ps3 (ps2 and dvd work) (HSG Out of Bounds still works though….).

I am like you, I am still waiting for someone to post that a firmware update fixes everything.

Has anyone heard anything on the class action lawsuit?

bgunduz said:

December 31st, 4:00 am

Ragionieri wat you mean your waiting for the firmware update,What is it ?


laserheart said:

December 31st, 4:12 pm

Same problem here… upon updating to 3.0, the system won’t play any BluRay games, but will read and play all other types of disks.

3.15 didn’t fix the problem either.

K1ppaSlap said:

January 3rd, 8:48 am

Forget about this we need private chat before anything els

nukeinabottle said:

January 3rd, 3:54 pm

Why oh why do you keep beating around the bush on the cross game voice chat. Havnt you put us through enough? Is it ever gonna get hear or are you just gonna keep leaking tid bits of information every so often to keep us inticed?

bgunduz said:

January 4th, 6:44 am

Can any help me plz, I download 3.15 after that i couldnt play game,why has that happend,how can i solve it out ?
and when is the next update and what is firmware?


bgunduz said:

January 4th, 6:48 am

cany any help me plz.
i DOWNLOAD 3.15 and now i carnt play any games it dnt read the disc,is it from the update or els ? can anu help me out.when is the next update and what is firmware ?


ShinoBboy said:

January 5th, 7:01 pm

Hi Sony. I am running into a problems regarding the warranty service you are providing for the PS3. i sent my 60 gb console in the first the time around September of 2009. I paid the 150 USD. they fixed it (or so i thought) & i was given a 90 day warranty. Around November 2009, my ps3 suffered from a BD drive problem again. This time it was spitting the disc back out for no reason. I called Sony and they sent me a box. When they received it, they falsely accused me of warranty sticker being tampered.

ShinoBboy said:

January 5th, 7:07 pm

An investigation took place & never got the call back. I will mention that when i got it back the first time around they fixed my console, i noticed stickers on my console & i never even took those off nor did i ever tamper with any sticker that came stamped on my console out of the box. THey had me waiting even after i was calling them back (they never bother to call me back, ever) about the investigation all the way till the week before Christmas i find out i have a package at my front door; yes it was my console, & still broken. I never received the calls promised to me regarding the “investigation.” I took it to BBB measures & just yesterday i get a call from the “sony corporate office” (so they say), & they offer me 2 games to compensate for my 60gb console. how can i take this offer with when i have a broken console with me unable to play them?

ShinoBboy said:

January 5th, 7:08 pm

This truly is robbery because even before Sony corporate office hung up on me when she failed to answer my question regarding “their investigation,” Yolanda (the corporate member) said i also have the available option to pay 170 USD instead to get it fixed? I was enraged but i let her go on & her excuse for that price is that it’s a new year so there’s a price increase. It’s an old model so i just wouldn’t understand why would it increase in the first place? Now Sony have yet to reply back to BBB. The 60gb was 599.99 USD for me when it came out so offers put out from the corporate office to me are not compensating the 150 USD & the console price. i paid to get my console repaired. Whoever gets this message any help would be appreciated. Thank you


bgunduz said:

January 6th, 11:06 am

hi all,

i downloaded 3.15 version for my ps3 and before i downloaded that i was playing metal gear solid, after i quit the game and downloaded it i tryed to play the game but it didnt not read the disc.
I put a different game but still no game apperad to play, Can any 1 help me plz
what is firmware ??

bgunduz said:

January 6th, 11:10 am

hi all,

i downloaded 3.15 version for my ps3 and before i downloaded that i was playing metal gear solid, after i quit the game and downloaded it i tryed to play the game but it didnt not read the disc.
I put a different game but still no game apperad to play, Can any 1 help me plz

Mitsorougan said:

January 7th, 5:52 pm

The only thing I’m curious about is since I have a “minis” game (Tetris) that was meant for psp, does this mean I’m screwed and have to buy a separate version for ps3 or can I play the psp version on here now?

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