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Dec 08

Dec 08

The Saboteur Available Today for PS3 – Get Familiar with the Characters

Tom French's Avatar Posted by Lead Designer, The Saboteur

Hello readers, I’m back again, and The Saboteur is actually out today! I am truly excited that it’s finally available and you can all play it now. Today, I want to talk about the different characters in The Saboteur. Because the game is very story driven, it was extremely important to us to have a good solid cast of characters for Sean to interact with along the way while trying to get revenge on Dierker (if you’re confused by what all that means, see my previous posts). Our mantra for creating our cast of characters was “everyone has a problem.” This was important because it meant we had to create back stories for all the characters to give them grounding and purpose in the world of The Saboteur. While we have a lot of different characters in the game, there are some really key players you should know about.

Jules – Jules is one of the most important characters in the game because his death is the ultimate motivating factor for Sean’s romp across occupied France killing Nazis. It was a big risk to take to count on delivering Jules as a character. We hope the player likes him so that when he dies there would be an emotional connection and natural motivation for the player. Personally, I’m really happy with the delivery of Jules in the game.

Veronique – Veronique is Jules’ sister and another key character in the story. Before the war, Sean has basically an attraction to Veronique, but then again, he does to most women. After Jules dies Veronique helps keep Sean grounded, tying him into the world of the Resistance, and ultimately giving him something to fight for.

The Saboteur - Jules The Saboteur - Veronique

Vittore Morini – Vittore is in many ways a kindred spirit to the real world Ettore Bugatti who was the owner/designer of the Bugatti racing team that inspired our Team Morini in The Saboteur. Confident and wise, Vittore serves in many ways as a replacement to the father that Sean lost many years ago. While Sean may not always listen to him, Vittore tries to guide Sean on the path of right. Along the way he might help Sean track down something that’s very important to the both of them… their car, the Aurora.

Kurt Dierker – Overly cocky but good at what he does, Dierker is the type of bad guy you love to hate. Dierker drives for Team Doppelsieg which is our fictional version of the Mercedes team of the 1930’s where he is famous amongst the racing circles and is going to be a tough match for our hero Sean in his first race. We also wanted Dierker to be the perfect poster-boy for the Third Reich which he represents with the cold calculation of a steel blade. From the first time you meet him in the bar to your run ins with him throughout the game, Dierker is a jerk.

The Saboteur - Vittore The Saboteur - Kurt Drieker

Skylar – While she starts in the game as mainly a sexy friend-with-benefits from Sean’s past, Skylar’s past with Sean helps pull him into working with the British SOE (Special Operations Executive). When Sean first met Skylar, he mistook her for another bored rich girl with an infatuation for race car drivers. He had no idea she was actually a secret agent and the groupie act was merely a cover act to fool the Gestapo. Although being Irish makes him very reluctant to work with the British, the SOE has a great deal of connections in the world which can help him get closer towards Dierker.

Luc – Luc is the charismatic guerilla leader and another key character in the game. He becomes a leader in the French Resistance movement early in the game and by eventually uniting the various rebellious factions of Paris into one single Resistance movement. In the first scene, Luc finds Sean sitting at the bar of the Belle du Nuit, drinking his life away. Luc convinces Sean he should foster his hatred for the Nazis and do something more than sit back idly. The two of them go into the night together and the resistance is born. Their friendship continues to be one of opportunity, both need each other but as time goes on their reasons for fighting grow further and further apart.

The Saboteur - Skylar The Saboteur - Luc

Bishop – The British SOE have use for the skills of our renegade hero. The real SOE were set up by Churchill as his secret army with the charge to “set Europe ablaze.” Bishop who runs the SOE in The Saboteur has Skylar bring Sean to him because he understands that by pointing Sean towards Dierker, he can tap into Devlin’s hatred and put a serious dent in the plans of the Nazi occupation. Bishop is a devious mastermind behind several SOE operations – his business is secrets and business is booming – and his own identity is one of the closest guarded secrets of all.

The Saboteur - Bishop

That’s just a sample of the main characters. There are lots of other interesting characters to meet along the way to seeking revenge: Dr. Kessler, the defecting German scientist, other Resistance leaders like Dr. Kwong and Father Denis, the sexy Giselle and her crew of dancers at the Belle, and more. I hope you enjoyed my posts. Now go and kick some Nazi butt in The Saboteur!

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guitain said:

December 8th, 3:04 pm

Will we be able to catch us some Nazi scalps? =P

    Tom French's Avatar

    Tom French said:

    December 8th, 6:45 pm

    Hehehe. Not so much scalpin\’ as whuppin\’.

angelcoma said:

December 8th, 3:04 pm

When is your next game coming out?

    Tom French's Avatar

    Tom French said:

    December 8th, 6:46 pm

    Hahaha. Honestly, harsh, but your opinion. It will probably come out before yours though. ;)

SDCFAN21 said:

December 8th, 3:06 pm

haha its funny because my name is Sean to.

    Tom French's Avatar

    Tom French said:

    December 8th, 7:21 pm

    I\’ve actually used the fact that his name is Sean to remember other peoples name. Now I most likely won\’t forget yours. :)

Lyrick7 said:

December 8th, 3:09 pm

Im quite excited about this game. Sadly I wont be able to get it till next week.
Its great that even though you guys did WWII ‘all over again’ You still kept it very fresh with the artistic approach and change of gameplay style.

    Tom French's Avatar

    Tom French said:

    December 8th, 6:47 pm

    Thanks man. No worries. It will probably still be there waiting for you.

xXFirstClasXx said:

December 8th, 3:12 pm

Hmm pretty interesting

BigBoss712 said:

December 8th, 3:16 pm

I will check it out, shame that the studio was shut down, really liked some of your games.

Jon_Mclane said:

December 8th, 3:16 pm

That’s just mean

BZKlint said:

December 8th, 3:23 pm


I agree. :(

I especially loved Battlezone 2, as well as Battlezone 1, and still play them both on and offline today.

    Tom French's Avatar

    Tom French said:

    December 8th, 6:50 pm

    Battlezone is actually one of the reasons I wanted to work at Pandemic back in the day. I still have fond memories of hearing a designer screaming from across the hall as i stomped on his base with one of those mech units. Amazing.

luckner893 said:

December 8th, 3:26 pm

i think this game looks sweet

whitwhit said:

December 8th, 3:27 pm

@2 dang man talking about kicking them when there down.

dont mind the troll Mr. French looks like a decent game ill buy it when i get a chance to

    Tom French's Avatar

    Tom French said:

    December 8th, 6:50 pm

    Hehehe, no worries and thanks.

KILLZONE79 said:

December 8th, 3:36 pm

sorry to say this mr.french but when i looked saw the game at walmart today, i think i’ll pass. was looking at rogue warrior by bethesda

zombie_56 said:

December 8th, 3:39 pm

you ppl should pay gt cause they gave the saboteur a 7.7 if they gave it a 9i would of purchased it

    Tom French's Avatar

    Tom French said:

    December 8th, 6:53 pm

    But that would be pretty terribly dishonest to the community. From what I can see by way of reviews, some people love it, some people like it. It\’s very polarizing in that way. The thing that is consistant in all the reviews is that it\’s a fun game which ultimately, it\’s a game so that was our main goal.

Tr3p1dat10n said:

December 8th, 3:39 pm

I remember hearing about the game and looking and being upset it was for Xbox only (or maybe I was just misinformed). When I learned it was coming out on PS3 I was excited. Will definitely get this.

Best wishes to everyone in your studio. That’s quite an unfortunate event.

    Tom French's Avatar

    Tom French said:

    December 8th, 6:55 pm

    We didn\’t forget about you, how could we. :)

Paznos said:

December 8th, 3:40 pm

@11 you rather get Rogue Warrior?? that game is getting horrible reviews.

    Tom French's Avatar

    Tom French said:

    December 8th, 6:57 pm

    Although reading the words \”Mickey Rourke plays Richard Marcinko\” is kinda awesome


December 8th, 3:46 pm

game looks game getting it for xmas.wish you guys had not closed your doors. I was looking forward to a sequel for this game. Also great job with mercs 2. Ready for the next one.

    Tom French's Avatar

    Tom French said:

    December 8th, 6:59 pm

    There\’s still a chance of a sequel as long as the game sells enough for EA to want to do another. EA didn\’t completely kill Pandemic. There is a team from Pandemic at EALA now working on the recently announced Mercs Inc. project and some others as well.

poodude said:

December 8th, 3:57 pm

The game looks good, too bad I already spent money on InFamous, Shadow of the Colossus and Killzone. I’ll probably end up picking this up next year though. Sorry Pandemic, I really wanted to support you, knowing this is your last game. I hope everyone at your studio is able to find work and has a great holiday.

theBedBurner said:

December 8th, 4:00 pm

Hey sorry to hear about Pandemic closing…

EPGPX said:

December 8th, 4:06 pm

in a Clinton Sparks voice “GET FAMILIAR!!” sorry. that randomly popped into my head. don’t mind me.

Sup3r_l33t_N1nj4 said:

December 8th, 4:13 pm

I just wanted to personally say best of luck to everyone at Pandemic, hope you guys find new jobs soon. Happy Holidays, from us to you.

poweredbyzen said:

December 8th, 4:20 pm

waiting for my copy in the mail! i’m a trophy ho!

    Tom French's Avatar

    Tom French said:

    December 8th, 7:01 pm

    Yeah, I get that way too! (re:trophies)

Neil said:

December 8th, 4:24 pm

I was just watching someone playing this and I was impressed. I don’t think this game was marketed right, for example I didn’t know that you can climb around the buildings a la Assassin’s Creed.

    Tom French's Avatar

    Tom French said:

    December 8th, 7:02 pm

    Hmmm, I think they\’ve shown the climbing in most if not all the trailers. Glad you were digging it.

Nick-30 said:

December 8th, 4:25 pm

@ Jeff Or Chris

Eh, do you know when the Canadian Fortune Hunter Edition Winners are going to be announced.


drownedphoniex said:

December 8th, 4:26 pm

Hey Tom. Not too interested in this game but I’m sorry to hear Pandemic close down. I loved the Battlefront games. Hope you guys do well!

commedieu said:

December 8th, 4:29 pm


Buying as soon as I get home!

SaintNoir said:

December 8th, 4:33 pm

Game looks really interesting to me and the scores have been solid enough. Definitely will be picking this up at some point.

Really wish this game would have gotten a bigger push. Especially with the success of Inglourious, I could see this finding a decent sized audience right now.

    Tom French's Avatar

    Tom French said:

    December 8th, 7:04 pm

    That movie has a very similar tone to The Saboteur. I loved it.

Axecution said:

December 8th, 4:44 pm

Hey Tom, guess what i’m playing? :D

    Tom French's Avatar

    Tom French said:

    December 8th, 7:04 pm

    Hopefully The Saboteur? Otherwise this could get mean ;)

polo155 said:

December 8th, 4:55 pm

This game looked very good in Qore, Sony needed to help promote this one more. i love thesekind of game, thanksguys!

    Tom French's Avatar

    Tom French said:

    December 8th, 7:06 pm

    Oh yeah, that\’s right. The QORE episode is out and I haven\’t mentioned it yet. I just watched it yesterday with my family. Check it out to see some footage, etc, etc, etc…

lostinplainsight said:

December 8th, 4:56 pm

I guess not even a beard as mighty as yours could stop such a horrible thing from happening. my best to you and everyone affected by the closing of pandemic.

The Saboteur still looks great might just pick it up after the holidays thanks m.r French

    Tom French's Avatar

    Tom French said:

    December 8th, 7:13 pm

    Hehehe, thanks. The beard has a plan of it\’s own…

VanilaGorila-x- said:

December 8th, 5:21 pm

Amazon delivered it today. I can’t wait to give it a whirl in a bit.


LUGIEZ said:

December 8th, 5:52 pm

Thank you Tom French, thank you very much for this information.

    Tom French's Avatar

    Tom French said:

    December 8th, 7:24 pm

    I\’m trying to read it with every internet voice I can to detect any possible sarcasm in there. I can see possibilities, but my optimistic side says you\’re being honest. I’ll go with my gut on this one…

SSully said:

December 8th, 6:07 pm

Looks like a great game, i think ill be picking up tomorrow or Thursday.

    Tom French's Avatar

    Tom French said:

    December 8th, 7:14 pm

    Either day works for me.

dotCody said:

December 8th, 6:16 pm

My god, this blog has serious issues. Fix some of the errors, like the login.

Guts05 said:

December 8th, 6:33 pm

Angelcoma, making light of people losing their jobs is really immature, you need to grow up.

That said I will be picking this up as well.

    Tom French's Avatar

    Tom French said:

    December 8th, 7:15 pm

    Don\’t worry about what he said, I\’m just happy you\’re picking it up.

Jeigh said:

December 8th, 7:02 pm

This recent turn of events is a damn shame- I’m terribly sorry for your losses. I’ll pick this up as a sign of respect as well as a momento of the studio. (Next step: glass case.)

    Tom French's Avatar

    Tom French said:

    December 8th, 7:17 pm

    \”Pour one out\” for us too while you\’re at it. ;)

    And, well buy it cuz you want to play it, not for us. We\’re proud of the game and we want you to honestly just enjoy it.

Prem-aka-Prince said:

December 8th, 7:04 pm

I hate it when good studios get closed, good luck for the future^^

twooh said:

December 8th, 7:13 pm

@ Tom French

Kudos to you for answering and replying here. You’re the 1st person I’ve seen actually take time to do this more than 3-4 times a thread. You actually read the posts and reply. Man, that’s cool as hell. *thumbs up*

*grabs a Heineken*

    Tom French's Avatar

    Tom French said:

    December 8th, 7:20 pm

    It\’s actually fun to me. How often do you get to talk to total strangers and tell them why you care about something because you hope they will too. I guess I get to probably more than most but it\’s pretty amazing really. If I wasn\’t strangely such an introvert I\’d be in front of every game store for 100 miles around doing the same thing just in person. :)

acerazer1 said:

December 8th, 7:37 pm

sorry to hear pandemic is closing, good luck to you guys.

are there any plans to release a demo?

    Tom French's Avatar

    Tom French said:

    December 8th, 10:36 pm

    Thanks. Re: Demo, no ther are no plans for a demo of The Saboteur at the present.

JBruno said:

December 8th, 7:39 pm

Im getting this one soon. I liked the previous Pandemic Games… also LOR Conquest is very fun too( minus the “Get the Ring with Frodo” online Trophy argh )

Shame that EA dont sell PS3 games in Brazil, i will have to import as always…

    Tom French's Avatar

    Tom French said:

    December 8th, 10:46 pm

    Huh, that\’s something I never new (re: PS3 games in Brazil). Hope you like it when you get it. I\’ve always wanted to go down to Brazil, maybe I\’ll fly you in a copy personally (I wish). :)

spunnups said:

December 8th, 7:45 pm

Best of Luck to you sir. I will definitely be checking this game out!

juanpipe said:

December 8th, 8:01 pm

Tom, before you leave… I want to say that you were one of the best studios out there, there’s always some little mistakes here and there, but in the end you were great people doing great games. Now you leave us (and developers) with your legacy, I hope that The Saboteur is great, and I know it is.

By the way, great beard!

    Tom French's Avatar

    Tom French said:

    December 8th, 10:37 pm

    Hehehe, thanks. Don\’t worry. I\’ll be around for a bit checking your questions and answering away!

    And double thanks!

OleGunnar said:

December 8th, 8:04 pm

Picking the game up next week. Looks like a lot of fun so I’m really excited to get it.

To all at Pandemic: Good luck in the future! I’ve enjoyed a lot of your games and I hope that all of you get to keep doing what you love to do!

    Tom French's Avatar

    Tom French said:

    December 8th, 10:44 pm

    Thanks man! I\’ve been playing through the game again (well, at home now) and I\’ve been having a blast.

hush404 said:

December 8th, 8:26 pm

Does your beard give you magic powers?

Have confirmation that I’m getting the game as a christmas gift, so I’m going to have to wait a bit more.

    Tom French's Avatar

    Tom French said:

    December 8th, 10:48 pm

    re: Beard magic = yes!

    I think most of my friends are getting The Saboteur for Christmas too! Enjoy Christmas.

skinnynerd03 said:

December 8th, 8:32 pm

Tom French, I can’t wait to get The Saboteur, the game looks amazing!!

Good luck in the future Tom, with your new games :)

    Tom French's Avatar

    Tom French said:

    December 8th, 10:48 pm

    *big thumbs up*

OnslaughtCometh said:

December 8th, 8:43 pm

Two questions, looks like you’re gone though.

Will there ever be a demo released?

Were you part of who EA kept?

Good luck.

    Tom French's Avatar

    Tom French said:

    December 8th, 10:50 pm

    demo: No, no plans for a demo. Sorry.
    me: no comment. yes or no you\’ll hear from me again someday. :)

dotCody said:

December 8th, 8:58 pm

My comments aren’t appearing on this badly coded blog.

Ice2Dragon said:

December 8th, 9:51 pm

Just bought it a few hours ago….


A+ Game for sure!

    Tom French's Avatar

    Tom French said:

    December 8th, 10:50 pm

    Super awesome! Glad your digging it! How far are you?

Erniejpan said:

December 8th, 10:00 pm

My condolences to all the people that lost their jobs at Pandemic Studios.

Tom French's Avatar

Tom French said:

December 8th, 10:43 pm

Re: Pandemic

It’s probably easier to just do this in one place rather than several times.

Thank you very much for all your nice words. I’m sure the team appreciates them (a lot of them are probably reading through your questions, etc). It really means a lot to all of us! FYI, there is still a Pandemic. There were a bunch of people moved over to the EA LA offices to work on the recently announced Mercs Inc. So more goodness to come.

Today, our US launch date, I know a lot of the people on the team have been playing The Saboeur on their own retail kits at home. I think I can speak for them when I say we’re proud of The Saboteur and hope you love it too.

Panama1984 said:

December 8th, 11:02 pm

I’m a HUUUUGE French Resistance buff so when I heard about a game coming out that involved it (back in like 06/07–whenever it was announced), I was really excited. Needless to say, not only has it fulfilled my expectations, but even gone beyond. inFamous and GTA are two of the best games ever, and you guys managed to take the best of both worlds AND add in the French resistance. Now if only Sean was French… haha.
I know you guys can’t criticize EA, but if Pandemic was owned by SCE you’d NEVER be treated as terrible as you were.


    Tom French's Avatar

    Tom French said:

    December 9th, 9:53 am

    Hahaha, awesome, this game is perfect fantasy fulfillment for you then! Glad you’re enjoying the game and thanks!

TheGuardianFID said:

December 8th, 11:03 pm

I went to pick it up today but my Gamestop didn’t have it yet!!! >:( I’ll be picking it up tomorrow, I have it reserved so no worries, the game looks awesome, congrats on releasing it!!! :D

    Tom French's Avatar

    Tom French said:

    December 9th, 9:55 am

    That sux! Well hopefully you get it today. I\’ve set a goal for myself to 100% the game at home. It\’s going to take some time :)

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