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Dec 09

Dec 09

PixelJunk Shooter and So Much More

Dylan Cuthbert's Avatar Posted by President and Executive Producer, Q-Games Ltd.

The wait is almost over. PixelJunk Shooter will finally be available on the PlayStation Store tomorrow, Thursday, December 10 for $9.99…just in time for the holidays! (And another great gift is PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe for the PSP. Remember you don’t need a PSPgo to play Monsters Deluxe. It plays great on any PSP! That’s something we’ve had a lot of mail about.)

As all you PixelJunk fans are aware, music plays an important role in all of our games. For Shooter, we worked very closely with High Frequency Bandwidth and we really hope you enjoy the music as much as we do.

We’ve also added the ability to earn reward items in Home and have amped up our HOME PixelJunk area with a really cool new Shooter space. Be sure to check it out when it goes live next Thursday, December 17.

I might as well use this blog entry as an excuse to talk a little bit about the response PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe has been getting – it has been awesome! Metacritic currently ranks us in the top 10 of all-time best PSP games (at the time of writing), which is absolutely incredible for us! It seems most people are playing the game in offline 1p mode (which of course is engrossing to the extreme), but everyone should definitely try out the online play. It’s a lot of fun and there are lots of like-minded Monsters fans out there to “parlay” and boogie on down with. It’s also surprisingly fun to simply hang out in a one of the lobbies and watch the blow-by-blow tickertape commentaries of other people’s games.

Oh and I almost forgot the extra good news! To celebrate the launch of PixelJunk Shooter and the holidays, starting December 22nd, the PS Store will be offering a 3-in-1 combo deal of Racers, Monsters *and* Eden altogether for just 19.99! Even if you already own one of them it is a fantastic deal! As Deb Mars always says, we love spreading that PixelJunk love and here is a great reason to do so for your family and friends. Take the PixelJunk plunge and see what the fuss is all about!

And as always, send us comments!

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Chipper said:

December 9th, 11:04 am

Great. I have been excited to play since I saw the first trailer. Reminds me a bit of Fort Apocalypse on the C64 with liquids.

Tyrsis said:

December 9th, 11:06 am

I have so many games on my plate right now… but damn. I might have to get this.

Airwalkinman17 said:

December 9th, 11:13 am

Tomorrow can’t come soon enough. Thanks a bunch!
Day 1 buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NEJI64 said:

December 9th, 11:13 am

this game really would be off da hook with an online co-op.

Nick-30 said:

December 9th, 11:13 am

@ Jeff Or Chris

Eh, do you know when the Canadian Fortune Hunter Edition Winners are going to be announced.


DaveedT13 said:

December 9th, 11:13 am

Hi PJ!

I really, really am in love with Monsters, I have “Encore” on my PS3 but why don’t you release “Deluxe” for PS3? I don’t have a PSP and don’t plan on buying one, not everyone is interested in portable gaming but I’m interested in ALL interations of “Monsters”!! :)

Oh, and…video not available? Here…

    Dylan Cuthbert's Avatar

    Ken Chan said:

    December 9th, 11:38 am

    Sorry, that\’s been fixed

whitwhit said:

December 9th, 11:15 am

3 in 1 holy crap let me get my wallet ready mark it on my calendar okay im ready *patiently awaits bundle*

    Dylan Cuthbert's Avatar

    Ken Chan said:

    December 9th, 11:38 am

    hahahaha… and just in time for the holidays =)

    Dylan Cuthbert's Avatar

    Dylan Cuthbert said:

    December 9th, 6:07 pm

    Fingers crossed the deal will be available on Amazon too – because then you can buy the 3-in-1 pack as a last minute christmas gift for friends and family!

zerorules44 said:

December 9th, 11:16 am

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy its only 9.99 I have had $11 in my wallet for months and have not spent it because I have been waiting for this!!

Azure-Edge said:

December 9th, 11:17 am

can’t wait for the 22nd then. I don’t care much for the racing one but the other two are awesome. What a deal.

DaveedT13 said:

December 9th, 11:18 am

@ Jeff Or Chris

I’m posting my first comment here but am reading this blog since more than a year because I can’t login with Internet Explorer (version 6) but I decided to try it with Firefox today…lol

Anyway, just want to let you know…even if we click on “it’s my firt comment on this blog” button in the login page it’s bring us back to the “Lost password” page with IE 6 even if we have the good PSN account and password combinaison…with Firefox all is good.

Steeb2er said:

December 9th, 11:18 am

Awesome info about the PixelJunk sale … I’ve been waiting to buy your previous titles.

I’ll pick up Shooter ASAP.

And it says “Video not available”?

    Dylan Cuthbert's Avatar

    Ken Chan said:

    December 9th, 11:42 am

    Now is definitely the time! Tomorrow can\’t come soon enough. The video is also fixed now

BlooodyCow said:

December 9th, 11:20 am

Does This game support online co-op?

ijustw1n said:

December 9th, 11:20 am

Will a code purchase be available on amazon? I want to get this and I have a credit there but I’ve noticed not all games (trine) are available yet on amazon.

    Dylan Cuthbert's Avatar

    Ken Chan said:

    December 9th, 11:39 am

    So glad you asked. This will also be available through Amazon at the end of the week =)


December 9th, 11:22 am

Thanks Dylan for your continued support of the PSN platform. $10 is a reasonable/great price and I’ll be sure to pick up SHOOTER for the family (though I STILL think GROTTO or would have been a good name too).

Cheers and all the best this Christmas Season.

Pucci2099 said:

December 9th, 11:25 am

looks fantastic! I’m getting it for sure!

morningdrive said:

December 9th, 11:25 am

this games are all awesome but you should make this for the PSP also. these type of games work well on a handheld and for on the go gaming. Please release a PSP version!!!

DrHorrible256 said:

December 9th, 11:25 am

I’m very excited! I’ll buy it soon

krae_man said:

December 9th, 11:27 am

So, buy two good games at regular price get a crap game for free?

I kid, I kid.

Seriously though I tried the demo of Racers and I hated it.

    Dylan Cuthbert's Avatar

    Dylan Cuthbert said:

    December 9th, 6:10 pm

    It\’s one of our favourites in the series – it might be worth trying it again after playing Shooter, Eden and Monsters some more!

LongTallnUgly said:

December 9th, 11:28 am

Will the soundtrack be available on the psn as well?

    Dylan Cuthbert's Avatar

    Dylan Cuthbert said:

    December 9th, 6:11 pm

    No plans yet, but a lot of the tracks are available on I-Tunes and there will be a CD album I think. Check the HFB homepage for more info.

NDC89 said:

December 9th, 11:30 am

day 1 for me for sure! however i wasn’t a huge fan of Eden but i think this will redeem Q games in my mind.

NDC89 said:

December 9th, 11:30 am

Gotta be a day 1 for me for sure! however i wasn’t a huge fan of Eden but i think this will redeem Q games in my mind.

sNsKid said:

December 9th, 11:31 am

Does the bundle include Monsters Encore and Eden Encore?

IceCold138 said:

December 9th, 11:32 am

wow!. another great, clean, and artistically stunning game from PixelJunk. 6/5 stars!

sNsKid said:

December 9th, 11:38 am

Grace please update the store tomorrow at the usual time (6pm EST) and not after 8pm EST.

Kluzot said:

December 9th, 11:47 am

Hi there !

How many trophies for this game ?

Kluzot said:

December 9th, 11:47 am

How many trophies for this game ?

    Dylan Cuthbert's Avatar

    Ken Chan said:

    December 9th, 11:57 am

    PJ Shooter will have 13 trophies

BigBoss712 said:

December 9th, 11:48 am

Can’t wait to play pj shooter tomorrow. =)

Korbei83 said:

December 9th, 11:49 am

Buy buy buy. Can’t wait to hear about series 2.

inspace2020 said:

December 9th, 11:50 am

Love the Pixel Junk series…will be buying this tomorrow no doubt! I played it at E3 and it was awesome!

twooh said:

December 9th, 11:53 am

See, now this is awesome. I have 3 other pixel junks (1 for psp) and I will get this.

$10 for a great quality “NEW” title.

Braid who @$15? :P

acerazer1 said:

December 9th, 12:01 pm

The music is awesome, if the music in the trailer is in fact a sample from the game.

Strange how gravity crash and this seem quite similar and are released almost at the same time, lol. It could be beneficial for both though, if both are successful, feeding off each other’s successes.

I’ll be buying this tomorrow as soon as the store updates, the 3 Pixeljunk games have made me cry rainbow tears, and I’m sure this one will be no different. The amount of polish on em is really staggering, reminds of that other company that makes consoles over in Japan. Racers is a really underrated title, a trophy patch would breathe new life into it if you ask me…..

silverthehedgeh said:

December 9th, 12:03 pm

will we be able to make are own stages

jncasanova said:

December 9th, 12:05 pm

I already own Monsters+Encore and Eden, it would have been nice a bundle with Racers, the Encore of Eden and Monsters Deluxe, and if I’m already dreaming why not throwing in some Shooter into my dream bundle!! haha

Jeigh said:

December 9th, 12:06 pm

@ krae_man

Yeah, well I HAVE the game and… well, let’s just say the demo seems to be a good representation. I have no idea how many actually fun game-types there are because the bar is so high on the bad ones that you have to ace to get to the others. My opinion might change on the package as a whole if a firmware were released which unlocked every game from the start. (Sort of like with the Ice Tower in Monsters. I STILL don’t use that tower. XD)

Anyway, Hurrayz for the new release! I will, of course, be buying. =) (Though you will be receiving my money under protest- an entire contest for such a simplistic name. Probably received it as a joke within the first hour of the contest.)

acerazer1 said:

December 9th, 12:09 pm

Oh, I guess I’m the only one on this post that likes racers, lol.


December 9th, 12:11 pm

Day one for me I own them all with the exception of racers, that game for some reason just does not fit with the rest of the group, it could just be me but oh well, my wallet is ready to release funds the second this hits the store, one more thing, you guys and gals still working on pixel junk dungeons?

dragonmagician said:

December 9th, 12:11 pm

Congratulation on releasing 4 amazing additions to the PixelJunk brand in 2009! (PixelJunk Eden Encore, PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe, PixelJunk Home Space, PixelJunk Shooter)

I hope to hear more about future project soon as well.

Trieloth said:

December 9th, 12:12 pm

Iam so excited for this game. I will get it ASAP. But why are people being stupid about the name? I think its name is simular to the other games you guys/gals have made…you know monsters, racers are simple names..right? Oh well what ever, Congrats! Iam looking forward to the next PJ game :)

Kluzot said:

December 9th, 12:15 pm

I’m wondering if a demo will be release at the same time than the game ?

Trieloth said:

December 9th, 12:15 pm

BTW, PJ racers is Awesome! Is there a possibility of a trophy patch for it?

jimmyn28 said:

December 9th, 12:20 pm

This game looks friggin’ bad-ass.

Guyute1210 said:

December 9th, 12:29 pm

I will buy racers the day a trophy patch hits. The demo was fun, but not as great as the other two. I already have the monsters and eden and will pick up shooter day 1 or 2, but I’m not buying anymore PSN games w/o trophies.

Zezzler said:

December 9th, 12:31 pm

WOW! What an improvement (of generally everything), but the one thing that stood out there in that video (which i am now UBER STOKED about) is the Music. WOW. i dont even know how to explain the improvement. it is just that more awesome~

Thanks Dylan and the Team! now we all have to wait for PJ 1 – 5 (or ever 2 – 1)!!!

Anzo42 said:

December 9th, 12:35 pm

Sweet, my birthday is tomorrow and this will make a great gift to myself!

spunnups said:

December 9th, 12:38 pm

I want it, but the big question is…..is there online coop?

jonathan_val said:

December 9th, 12:41 pm

Online coop PLEASE!!!
Pixeljunk Series need it

LpSquall said:

December 9th, 12:46 pm

I’m pretty sure Pixeljunk is working on their first Online co-op game. Patience, its coming soon.

ZildjianKX said:

December 9th, 12:47 pm

I’m a huge PixelJunk Monsters fan (I even got featured in the PixelJunk Monsters Couples blog post, too bad they ran out of T-shirts), but two things make me sad:

1) We’ll never get the PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe content on the PS3, even if we own Encore.
2) The trophy patch for the PS3 was for single player only. I’ve put more hours into PixelJunk Monsters than any other PS3 game since it’s such a blast to play co-op. It’s a shame I’ll always have 0% trophies.

I’ll buy Shooter on day one, but I have two points:

1) I really hope you don’t get in the habit of porting games to the PSP and leaving PS3 users high and dry

2) I hope the trophies for Shooter are co-op based, since co-op is what you guys seem to do best


December 9th, 12:51 pm

Excellent I will be picking up shooter

on a side note,

any word on a compilation disk?

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