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Dec 15

Dec 15

Flower Wins VGAs Best Independent Game – A Huge Thank You from thatgamecompany!

Kellee Santiago's Avatar Posted by President and co-founder of thatgamecompany

Hi, it’s Kellee Santiago again from thatgamecompany. This last weekend was…whoa, just totally surreal. Jenova, composer Vincent Diamante, and I met up at the event, where we got together with fellow indie nominees, Hemisphere Games (Osmos) and Twisted Pixel (‘Splosion Man) so that we could brave the great unknown of the red carpet together.


Which turned out to be a good thing because it was pretty hectic and intense there. Did you know going down a red carpet can take an hour?!? I don’t know how seasoned veterans like David Jaffe can do it!


These Mt. Dew-themed drinks helped us get through the pre-show schmooze-fest, though. It was great to be surrounded by almost all of the other Best Indie Game nominees – I definitely felt more grounded. I mean, how do you handle waiting in line for the port-o-potty and encountering Samuel L. Jackson?


(Waiting for the show to begin.)

And then there were the REAL celebrities – Rocksteady, Naughty Dog, Infinity Ward…I was nerding out all over the place. Very unlady-like. But I love any opportunity to straight-up shower love on some of my favorite game makers, because I know how much it has meant to us to get emails and hear from you guys about Flower.

Of course, then it got to our category. Our hearts were in our throats, which I think you could hear when we gave our acceptance speech. As Jenova said, Flower has come a long way since the day he said, “Let’s make a game about flowers and love,” to actually being awarded by Spike TV.

And because I was so nervous, I totally cut off Jenova before he could thank the most important people – you guys. We heard some of you got to be at the viewing party in Hollywood and were cheering right alongside us, and that really means a lot to us. Making experimental games is an emotional and scary process, and we really couldn’t do it without you guys. Thanks so much for all of your support these last three and a half years, and we hope we can continue to entertain you!

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Sunnyok said:

December 15th, 3:21 pm

I have that Flower game! Yay!

ghamdikh1 said:

December 15th, 3:23 pm


Alex_Assassin_08 said:

December 15th, 3:23 pm

Well done guys! :)

Absolutely phenomenal game :)

H3llMafia said:

December 15th, 3:26 pm

I like to play this game after a frustrating game of Uncharted 2 on Crushing. Calms me down.


December 15th, 3:27 pm

hmmmmm….I might have to get this game now….. *thinking*

Tyrsis said:

December 15th, 3:28 pm

Flower is fantastic.
Well deserved guys.

Berae said:

December 15th, 3:28 pm

You well deserved it! It was a fantastic game. very original

ghamdikh1 said:

December 15th, 3:28 pm

YO Kellee I HAVE 1 (Q):


depward said:

December 15th, 3:30 pm

Well deserved: Flower is an amazing, amazing game. Congrats!

tagout said:

December 15th, 3:31 pm

Olivia Wilde is gorgeous.

Nick-30 said:

December 15th, 3:32 pm


NightHawk17 said:

December 15th, 3:32 pm

well deserved in my opinion, i look forward to your next game. hopefully it will be as beautiful and calming as Flower, and hopefully it’s announced soon :)

jashwin said:

December 15th, 3:33 pm

“And then there were the REAL celebrities – Rocksteady, Naughty Dog, Infinity Ward…”

REAL celebrities?YOU guys are the the real celebrities,flower is an awesome game!!You deserve the award.

On a side note,Im waiting for a new game from thatgamecompany or flower dlc..

Armstrong said:

December 15th, 3:34 pm

Flower is awesome. I am totally happy you guys won! I voted for flower myself.

I am hoping for a space themed game like flower some day. Just explore the universe you know ;) cool stuff

serendipiddy said:

December 15th, 3:35 pm

Flower is simply awesome. My most favourite game.

Zarxce said:

December 15th, 3:40 pm

Amazing game is amazing. Can’t wait to see what you guys come out with next, whether it be some add-on content, a sequel or a new project altogether.

Forget Best Independant Game, this was easily one of the best downloadable games this year period. I’m just kicking myself for waiting until the sale to buy it (no demo had me skeptical…)

Ozumo said:

December 15th, 3:41 pm

Flower DLC/2?

narwhalSTAB said:

December 15th, 3:45 pm

Love flower. Hope you guys announce a new game soon.

joostin said:

December 15th, 3:49 pm

Flower is my favourite (that’s how we spell up North) game ever created! No word of a lie. It is the one and only game that feels like serotonin is leaking out of your brain lol. It made me so calm and happy, although that damn Pure trophy still eludes me and I may never get it because it makes me unhappy lol.

Great work guys/gals! Keep it up, I will support your games till I am dead or broke.

HongoXIII said:

December 15th, 3:49 pm

Flower deserves it and more! I wish they would set up PS3’s with Flower on HD TV’s and have people try it in stores like Best Buy. That game needs to be displayed as not only as fantastic looking title, but also as a title that needs more recognition.

Kchow23 said:

December 15th, 3:50 pm

Congrats thatgamecompany!, I’ve played flower and its something different but its awesome

linebeginstoblur said:

December 15th, 3:59 pm

Completely deserved. Great job, guys. :)

Majin_Neo said:

December 15th, 4:04 pm

So does this mean we will be lucky enough to get the Flower Soundtrack on the PSN?

Rude_Sparthan said:

December 15th, 4:04 pm

congratulations guys… ;o) you are artist and gaming world need you!

PS: sorry for my english… D

ESIASON7 said:

December 15th, 4:06 pm

I Absolutely love Flower. You Guys really deserved that award. I was cheering for you the whole night, Congrats!

Sonicboom73 said:

December 15th, 4:07 pm

I was JUST playing this last night, and it reminded me of how much I want an official soundtrack for this game. Not even want so much as NEED. The music is so phenomenal, just like everything else about the game. I hope we see lots more from you!

Zezzler said:

December 15th, 4:11 pm

WOW, meeting Samuel L Jackson. IN THE FLESH. it must have been really spectacular. Congrats. but the real that you should be towards you guys for making such a fun game for us.

jqtaxpayer said:

December 15th, 4:15 pm

Well deserved… Flower was really something special and is one of the more memorable experiences of this console generation, which is saying quite a bit.

TheGuardianFID said:

December 15th, 4:29 pm

INDY GOTY and deservedly so, congrats on making one of the most beautiful and unique games out there, I bought it when it first launched and it’s still a masterpiece!!! :D

almighty-slayer said:

December 15th, 4:39 pm

You guys deserve it! My download GOTY for sure. We love you guy. Can’t wait for your next game

vexxorator said:

December 15th, 4:50 pm

Who is that girl between Kellee Santiago and Olivia Wilde

Bowdz said:

December 15th, 4:54 pm

Congratulations to everyone at thatgamecompany, you guys really deserve every award that you are (and will be) receiving. Flower was such a transcendent experience that it is easily one of the most memorable and enjoyable games I have ever played. Thanks again for taking risks and making such great games!

TheInfectedBy590 said:

December 15th, 4:58 pm

Great job! :D

dragonmagician said:

December 15th, 4:59 pm


I’m looking forward to the next game, flower-er?

theBedBurner said:

December 15th, 5:06 pm


You guys are awesome, Can’t wait to see whats next!

TailsTheCat said:

December 15th, 5:07 pm

Flower is a good piece of software.

Spike VGA’s are meaningless.

BigBoss712 said:

December 15th, 5:09 pm

Was happy to see you guys win, congrats!

Kid_Fleetfoot said:

December 15th, 5:26 pm

I think the ward for FLOWER is cool. Little “guys” make big time. Congratulations.


December 15th, 5:27 pm

Congrats Jenova and team…

To all you trophy hounds…thatgamecompany added trophies to flOw last month…go buy it.

Joel Fancers said:

December 15th, 5:31 pm

Congratz for Flower, very well deserved award!

I support TGC from Cloud on the PC (even made a lovely themed wallpaper on their boards time ago), it was a one of the best decisions Sony took letting them develope for the PS3!

I can’t wait for their next project.

Glorparin said:

December 15th, 5:31 pm

Congratulations first of all! :)

Can you slap Vincent and tell him to finish the Flower OST already for me? :D


Velzorn said:

December 15th, 5:31 pm


Perhaps this win and another price cut this week will get even more downloads.

Incubuster said:

December 15th, 5:34 pm

Flower is a fantastic game, you guys deserve it!

B-RadGfromOV said:

December 15th, 5:36 pm

I’m so glad it was you guys to get the award. Flower is the most engaging, beautiful, awesome experiences on any console at the moment. And that is without blood, gore, violence, or any narration. You guys pulled it off perfectly.

ADR143 said:

December 15th, 5:37 pm

congrats guys

Terminator_TX3 said:

December 15th, 5:41 pm

This is off-topic, but I don’t understand how a game like Modern Warfare 2 gets best shooter/multiplayer if it’s broken?

On topic, congratulations on the award.

NCtwin said:

December 15th, 5:41 pm

I’ve been a big fan since fl0w. Fl0wer definitely deserved it. Keep up the good work!!

elprovider said:

December 15th, 5:53 pm

Congratulations, Flower is an awesome experiencie, one of my favorite games of the year.

PirateThom said:

December 15th, 5:59 pm

Award was well deserved. No idea how you managed to take such a concept and make it so beautiful to experience, but I’m glad you did.

I take no shame in saying even though I was unemployed when Flower came out and money was tight, it was was well worth the small cost to experience it.

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