God of War: Blood & Metal EP announced

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For those that have been waiting for another reason to pre-order God of War III Ultimate Edition, this might just be your tipping point =)

Announced today through Roadrunner Records, the EP titled God of War: Blood & Metal, will be released in March as a part of the God of War III Ultimate Edition, and will feature five exclusive unreleased songs from Roadrunner artists, including KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, DREAM THEATER, TRIVIUM, OPETH and TAKING DAWN.


For those that recall the original announcement PS Blog post, in addition to the raged fueled God of War: Blood & Metal EP, consumers who purchase the God of War III Ultimate Edition will also receive a voucher code to download the God of War Trilogy soundtrack, a special code to download a director’s cut of God of War: Unearthing the Legend, a full-length movie documentary depicting the history of the God of War franchise, access to an exclusive God of War Challenge Arena environment with up to seven unique challenges, an exclusive Kratos skin, and a limited edition art book. The God of War III Ultimate Edition will retail for $99.99 (MSRP).

“Music has always been an important part of videogames and can help bring titles to life,” said Stig Asmussen, God of War III Game Director. “Our goal is to make God of War III a special release in all areas and this just another way to offer fans and newcomers a worthwhile experience.”

For more details, here’s the press release.

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  • Nader-Abudiix

    thats awesome but tobad it wont come to where i live THAT SUCKS FOR ME :(

  • Dehshizknight

    Cannot wait for this!!! I’m definitely preordering this one.

  • Killswitch Engage and God of War 3? That is so full of win that I do not know where to begin. I already paid out for the GoW3 collection edition and this make it so much better now.
    I love you SONY.


    Encounter i buy!!

  • Dice_for_Death_

    DREAM THEATER. I’m sold.


    im going to get it i got all the gow from ps2 the one for psp and now this lol

  • Skater_Ricky

    Sweet news glade I’m getting this

  • Can’t wait for this Ultimate Edition. It might be reaaly awesome! Thanks for puting so much effort on Collectors’ Editions.

  • This would be really good if the game supports custom soundtracks. Does anyone know if it does?


    im gettin this for sure for my collection i have all of them and just got the gow1 and 2 blu ray disk

  • These are awesome news!! This Ultimate Edition is going to be really awesome. Thanks for puting so much effort on it.

  • Really awesome!

  • OMG I want that album art as wallpaper!!!!

  • Awesome!

  • OMG I want that album art as wallpaper!!!

  • I’ll do anything to have that cover art as a wallpaper. Anything, including kill myself. *slits wrist*


  • gaara_uchiha90

    OMG KILLSWITCH ENGAGE!!!!!!!!!! Sony that’s ALL you had to say. WOW oh WOW this is really turning into the most anticipated game to date…EVER!

  • I never pre-orderd a game before but it’s so tempting now!

  • lostinplainsight

    dude, all those bands suck except opeth. roadrunner home to the most watered down metal.

  • dam…….

  • KidCommando

    OK fine, you talked me into it. I will upgrade to the Ultimate Edition. I was most likely going to anyway, but this was definitely my tipping point.

    Also, PLEASE make that cover art a wallpaper…or better yet a dynamic theme with lightning flashes in the background. – HOTNESS!

  • Haha worth it! Already had it reserved—99 bucks aint bad!

  • poweredbyzen

    already pre-ordered my ultimate edition – i’m gonna weep!

  • It would be nice if we could get a taste of this music…ie: release one of the songs for us to hear.

    Will this music be in the game anywhere?

    More info pl0x, less secrecy.

  • F*** you S**y….march is too far to wait…just dying for this game… game of the life! you are the best!!!!

  • Einhander138

    $100 bucks for download vouchers!


  • You had me at Opeth.

  • angelspawn77

    I have never heard of any of those bands listed lol. But im willing to give it a listen. I love the artwork on the cover there though, that looks awesome.

  • @26
    Lawl, bad math.

  • Roadrunner Records is a cool company. If only Metallica was in this I’d be sold automatially

  • Dragonzblaze

    i reserved gow 3 ultimate edition on nov 15th cant wait for march 2 play this legendary game n listen to the music n watch all the extra stuff march cant come soon enough

  • jordan199311

    Can you buy this EP without getting the set? I really want the game and the EP but i cant afford the $100.


    wahoo!!! killswitch engage… man im excited but the price bites…

  • TailsTheCat

    You are all too young to remember Dream Theater; theres about half of a metal band on that soundtrack. Pathetic.

  • theBedBurner

    Wow that is a very metal album cover.

  • ShadowOfEden

    Wow, awesome. I love some of those bands and I’m a big God Of War fan. Can’t wait!

  • @34
    If you don’t consider Opeth metal then you’re obviously using a definition you created yourself.

    But, you know, keep talking down to random people on the internet about it. It shows character.

  • ArSEnAL_nAsRi8

    Killswitch engage are MINT! I’m gonna get GOW3

  • Really digging the idea of Metal bands like KSE and Opeth doing GoW music :)

    But why is everything download code? Why can’t get get discs? Especially for the movie.

  • Who are the winners of the God of War Spartan Army sweepstakes?!! You guys were supposed to announce the winners on the 17th and it is now the 21st.

    • Sorry, we\’re pending confirmation from the selected winners. We will announce later on this week

  • I have preboked this game!

  • Actually, whether or not people feel like $60 is justified for a game alone, putting all of this stuff together, even if it adds $40 to the package, makes it seem almost unquestionably worth the purchase. Dammit, can someone loan me $100? (And by “loan” I mean “give”)

  • EXTREME_rkmn

    Ummm wait, the FULL LENGTH movie documentary is a download, not a blu-ray? I was fine with everything else being download but that is [DELETED] Sony. That documentary belongs on a blu-ray disc, not as a download. That is ridiculous. Charge me 10 or 20 dollars more, I want that on a disc.

  • EXTREME_rkmn

    For the record, I have the Ultimate Edition pre-ordered already, but come on. The documentary should be on a BLU-RAY

  • xxnike629xx

    by the way…who won that god of war contest thing? i dont think they announced it yet.

    • We\’re pending confirmation from the winners. We will have an update before end of week

  • xxnike629xx

    who won the god of war contest thing? did they announce anything yet?

  • At least they replied, so before the end of the week? I hope you guys keep your word this time.

  • mywhitenoise

    Road Runner, ew.
    Thank the Gods there’s no metal artists in the original soundtrack.

  • Come on March!!

  • Should be some cool tunes ;)

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