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Dec 21

Dec 21

MAG is Gold, Beta for Everyone Soon

Jeremy Dunham's Avatar Posted by Sr. Community Manager, Zipper Interactive

On behalf of everyone at Zipper Interactive, I’m proud to announce that following our successful series of beta programs this past fall, our 256-player first-person shooting spectacular, MAG, has gone gold in North America, Japan, Korea, and the rest of Asia. It is now headed off to manufacturing so that the game can make it from store shelves to PlayStation 3s all over the world. Expect MAG to drop on January 26 in North America and Asia, January 28 in Japan, and January 29 in Korea.

MAG Packfront Final!

The European discs are finishing up final quality assurance rounds right now and we expect to see those editions go gold sometime in the next few weeks.

We realize that the wait is still more than a month away, which is why we’re also pleased to announce a cool little surprise (or should I say, a “great, big surprise?”) to tide you over. In an effort to give you a taste of what to expect with the final version of MAG, Zipper and Sony Computer Entertainment will team up on January 4 to bring you our final and 100% open PSN beta.

But what’s so great about MAG Beta 5? Well, to start, it will take place worldwide — so if you’re in a territory with a PlayStation 3 and an Internet connection, you qualify to be a part of it. What’s more is that you won’t need any special permissions or code keys to participate, you’ll just get it and go! Complete access to the game’s 64-player sabotage and 256-player Domination modes are pretty good reasons to get excited too.

Of course, the best news about MAG Beta 5 is that you’ll be able to download the client in North America starting tomorrow, December 22! Additionally, PS3 owners in Asia can start downloading the file on December 25, while the European store will make it available on January 4. Check back for details on Japanese PSN store access in the near future.

Now that you know where to get the MAG Beta, your path to playing it is a simple three-step process:

  1. Log on to the PlayStation Store (tomorrow) and download the MAG Beta file like you would any other freely-available PSN video or demo (298 MB)
  2. Launch the MAG Beta program from your XMB to download a special patch that will restart MAG once the update has been received (another 38 MB)
  3. After the reboot, the beta will reconnect and download the actual game data so that you can play (1.8 GB – 2.3 GB depending on your region)

Complete the steps above and you’ll be ready to rock ‘n roll — and shoot things and blow stuff up — until the beta ends on January 10 at 11:59 pm Pacific Time. Keep in mind, though, that you won’t actually be able to play the MAG beta directly until the servers go live at 5 am Pacific on January 4. But hey, look at the bright side: this is the last time you’ll ever have to download a MAG file this big (since the data will already be on the retail disc when it ships next month), and you’ll save a whole lot of extra shooting time by downloading what you need early on; thus allowing you to jump into the action immediately on the 4th.

Oh, and one last thing before I go: I know I speak for everyone here at Zipper Interactive when I say that each and every one of us wishes you and yours a happy and safe holiday season. Thank you very much for supporting our community and our game in 2009, and we look forward to giving you exactly what you’ve been waiting for in 2010!

MAG screenshot new

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axeguy said:

December 22nd, 12:54 pm

ok i hav a question Zipper, first off i am soo waiting for your game, i love it and i think it will b teh best shooter out there in 2010, just a quick question and i hope u reply, so if i download the big update before the game comes out i wont hav to download it when i get the game the 26? or what exactly do u mean? like if i get teh game the 26 do i hav to download any BIG update again? i just dont want to download any big updates u knw, i played ur beta and loved it but i am just not willing to download something that BIG, i rather wait for the game IN CASE I DONT HAV TO DONWLOAD ANYTHING, it will b nice if i donwload it now and i dont hav to download it when i get the game but like i said i would like for you guys to clarify that for me plz. THNANKS!

punish_ignorance said:

December 22nd, 1:01 pm

do you know where i can get the beta??? i wasnt in on any of the other ones and yea i cant find the file anywhere…

ant_rocks_09 said:

December 22nd, 1:15 pm

People, clam down about not being able to find it I’m sure they will put it up sooner or later. You’re all lucky to even get to play the beta again anyway.

punish_ignorance said:

December 22nd, 1:31 pm

whatever. i just wanted to know if i want this game and i only have one game cause i just got my ps3 so i was pretty psyched to get a game like this. or at least the beta.

DarqueJedi said:

December 22nd, 1:35 pm

LOL ok so I’m not the only one who didn’t see it in the Playstation store… It was the first thing I checked when I got home from work.

Dominator09-_ said:

December 22nd, 1:46 pm

punish_ignorance some are saying its only for people who had the original betas like a lady for sony. so im really confused

punish_ignorance said:

December 22nd, 1:52 pm

wow. cause Jeremy up there said every1 qualifies. thats pretty messed if he said that and its only for ppl who had the original ones.

bloody_sight said:

December 22nd, 1:54 pm

Ok you guys, i am redownloading private, i have already gotten update 1.50 and im also receiving updates from server (3%-1829.70MB) if it does work, i will let you know. Also, the ps store does not updates its content until Thursdays at night, so if they want to put the beta up, you’ll have to wait till Thursday unless they update it today which will be weird. Ill keep you posted!

punish_ignorance said:

December 22nd, 2:00 pm

how do you download the private if you werent in on it in the beginning?

bloody_sight said:

December 22nd, 2:11 pm

You cant, i am justy trying this. You guys dont do it, i will try and i will post if it does work or not. If it doesnt, we will have to wait until thursday which is when the ps store is updated.

punish_ignorance said:

December 22nd, 2:12 pm

ok damm. at least we cant play till the 4th. we arent really missing out on too much. since the servers wont go live till the 4th.

bloody_sight said:

December 22nd, 2:21 pm

50% everybody, will be back in a few.

punish_ignorance said:

December 22nd, 2:24 pm

ok haa. god i want this game hexa bad it looks legit.

DTHCND said:

December 22nd, 2:24 pm

Lol waiting until thursday *3 day later* Where is my ****in beta!?!?! Sony ****ed us over again!!! Lol jk it’ll prob be ok…

punish_ignorance said:

December 22nd, 2:29 pm

i just want my beta im getting tired of sony’s empty promises that they dont even try to fulfill. and since we started complaining Jeremy Dunham hasnt come back to check on his blog supposedly.

bloody_sight said:

December 22nd, 2:35 pm

Dnt complain just deal with it, besides majority of beta testers do not leave feedback which is what testers are supposed to do, so i think sony has all the right to withhold betas that they promised. If every single one of the beta testers would leave feedback report bugs/glitches and sony would not try to fulfill their promises, then i would find it unfair, but for now is even.

aleezada said:

December 22nd, 2:35 pm

I have to hate you and love you, Zipper. It’s great how you are launching an open beta. But… IT STARTS TWO DAYS BEFORE I GET BACK TO SCHOOL! Oh well, at least I will still have a few days to enjoy it.

punish_ignorance said:

December 22nd, 2:39 pm

true. i always leave feedback so im kinda annoyed but whatever.

and i go back to school the day it starts so i will only get limited play after school. i only have the 9th and 10th to play full days of the beta.

bloody_sight said:

December 22nd, 2:46 pm

I always leave feedback and report bugs, so it is annoying indeed, and i also go back to school the 4th. what a pain!

punish_ignorance said:

December 22nd, 2:51 pm

i know it kinda ruins it. i wish theyd have it the week after christmas instead of the week after new years day

bloody_sight said:

December 22nd, 3:19 pm

Installing right now…

punish_ignorance said:

December 22nd, 3:21 pm

man if it works ima be sooo jealous. i wish i had my ps3 when the other betas were going.i just got it after the whole thing ended i was soo sad haa. id been watching this game for hecka long thinking “this is gonna be awesome” but i got my ps3 like a day or two after it ended.

alexandro2K said:

December 22nd, 3:24 pm

people in north america, calm down. The open beta is going to come out today for sure because the store is going to update today. How do i know it’s going to update 1. In a post it says that today they are going to release holly invasion of privacy badman 2 demo. 2. In another post it says they are going to release disney lbp outfits today!!! 3. In another post it says they are going to release something of loco roco today!!! PEOPLE IN NORTH AMERICA WHO CAN’T FIND IT STOP WORRYING. TODAY THERE IS GOING TO BE AN UPDATE AND IN THAT UPDATE YOU WILL FIND THE MAG PUBLIC BETA!!!!

punish_ignorance said:

December 22nd, 3:28 pm

do you happen to know what time? cause i am anxiously awaiting the update now! haa thanx for the news!

bloody_sight said:

December 22nd, 3:31 pm

I got the newly Beta 5, i am in Character Management Screen.
This is what is says.

Welcome to MAG* Open Beta version 1.5!

Please note: the MAG* Beta servers will not be open or available to play on until Monday, January 4, 2010. Specific times are listed below:

. Hawaii – 3am
. Alaska – 4am
. Pacific Time – 5am
. Mountain Time – 6am
. Central Time – 7am
. Eastern Time – 8am
. Greenwich Time – 1pm
. Japan – 12am (January 5)

Be sure to visit official MAG* forums to discuss the game and provide feedback. The official forums can be found at (link).

For the mos up-to-date news and information, visit the official MAG* Blog.

The MAG* Beta servers will be open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day during this phase of Beta testing. During this time, be aware that available game modes may change. and it is possible that there could be periodic server down-time for maintenance.

We appreciate your participation, feedback and support in helping to make MAG* the best game possible.

The MAG* Team

bloody_sight said:

December 22nd, 3:33 pm


They will release the beta game but servers will not go up until Jan 4

alexandro2K said:

December 22nd, 3:42 pm

people emmm blood_sight is right the post clearly says that you will be able to download today but play until january 4th and will end on january 10

punish_ignorance said:

December 22nd, 3:46 pm

well yea but i still wanna get the download outta the way. i wanna know when the update to get the game will be.

alexandro2K said:

December 22nd, 3:51 pm

aside from the fact the servers will start on january 4th i really recommend you download it today because ot is supposed to be about 2gb of size. andd it still is going to be fun this dayas because no servers but remember there is character custamization and weapons so in the meantime you could choose squad check out the weapons custamize characters amd stuff

alexandro2K said:

December 22nd, 3:52 pm

and updates are usually around 4 pm to 5 pm

punish_ignorance said:

December 22nd, 3:53 pm

yea but when is the update for the store? im in the mood for some MAG. even if its only customizing characters and everything. the update is gonna be tonight huh?

punish_ignorance said:

December 22nd, 3:56 pm

ok i will check around 4:30 and then after 5 if it hadnt happened yet. thank you alexandro2K

drl92 said:

December 22nd, 3:57 pm

Games like M.A.G. are the reason(s) i bought my PS3, it has true potential that everyone has or is beginning to notice. Sony is the best and i know we can prove that statement

punish_ignorance said:

December 22nd, 3:59 pm

yea 256 players in one game blows halo outta the puddle it lives in haa! and uncharted2 is soo fricken awesome. all these great games are coming out for ps3 only now its sooo awesome!

bloody_sight said:

December 22nd, 4:02 pm


you will not be able to customize anything since you need to choose pmc first, and for that you need the servers. so for now the game without servers is useless, unless you like reading the license lol

punish_ignorance said:

December 22nd, 4:06 pm

ooh ooh ooh ooh! lincences and agreements are fun to read! haa! jk i hate reading. but downloading the big download early is still a smart move.

PituH-CowA said:

December 22nd, 4:18 pm

Ok, I’ve signed onto the PSN store, BUT I don’t see any MAG beta file?? :(

punish_ignorance said:

December 22nd, 4:23 pm

it hasnt been updated yet. dont worry. none of us can find it. ppl are saying there is going to be an update taking place right now i think haa. but yea nobody has been able to find it all day. so yea just dont worry we are all waiting.

JeepUltra said:

December 22nd, 4:42 pm

I can’t find it any where on PSN. Can some one help me.

punish_ignorance said:

December 22nd, 4:53 pm

dont worry read the comments right above yours. it hasnt been updated into the store yet. it should be soon but idk. no1 who hasnt been in the original betas can get it yet. if you were in the old beta you just redownload it and follow the steps and you have your new beta.

punish_ignorance said:

December 22nd, 5:07 pm

any1 know if it has been updated to the store yet? im too lazy to check some1 tell me plz?

guitarhero234 said:

December 22nd, 5:16 pm

I cannot find the beta download on PSN

punish_ignorance said:

December 22nd, 5:19 pm

dont worry me neither… pry on thursday since these LIARS at Sony promised it today and it hasnt been here all day so yea theyre pry gonna delay it being the idiots they are they cant inform us. but whatever. i guess we are just lucky to have another beta for the game. so yeaa. we wait

neneng0716 said:

December 22nd, 5:21 pm

that is why XBL is more popular than PSN. At least XBL mentions what time it will be up… I’ve been waiting the whole day. There is saying patience is a virtue… that does not apply this time!!! And what’s up with beta testers?? I am a customer too why should it be just exclusive to just a few?? down with my ps3 controller disappointed as usual.

punish_ignorance said:

December 22nd, 5:29 pm

yea they said itd be up and ready today but ive been waiting all day and havent seen it. and ive been on this blog all day and Jeremy Dunham hasnt once come on to tell us that they had problems or that they will be getting it up soon. another half ass attempt by sony.

amdrocks said:

December 22nd, 5:32 pm

Its Online everyone! I’m downloading the 256mb pack right now. Go to the PS store, select “View all titles” Select “M” and then “MAG” and then the beta will be there staring at you. ENJOY

dan678762 said:

December 22nd, 5:32 pm

what time does the playstation store update today

amdrocks said:

December 22nd, 5:35 pm

Dunno, but if you follow my directions you can get it right now.

punish_ignorance said:

December 22nd, 5:36 pm

i just logged on and i didnt see it? im going to restart my system and check cause its been on all day.

ok i restarted and its still not there what the f***!!!!!!!!!!!! this is pissing me off! i only have the videos no beta wtf!!!

punish_ignorance said:

December 22nd, 5:38 pm

nvm i got it yayyy! i got it now thank you sooo much amdrocks!

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