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Dec 23

Dec 23

White Knight Chronicles International Edition: The Battle System

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Associate Product Marketing Manager, Software Marketing

Hey Everyone!

We know we’ve been talking about this game for what seems like an eternity, but we’re finally just a few weeks away from the North American release of White Knight Chronicles International Edition! We know many of you out there have been clamoring for a unique and exclusive RPG experience on the PlayStation 3 and it’s finally coming this February 2nd, 2010.

We also know there have been tons of questions about the combat system, the Georama and customization in White Knight Chronicles. To answer a lot of those questions, we’ve developed a series of videos that we’ll be releasing through IGN to help you get a deeper look into everything this fantastic RPG from Level-5 has to offer!

In case you missed the first one, here it is:

Keep an eye out on IGN in the coming weeks as they release the rest of this video series as we approach our launch on February 2nd, 2010.

Happy Holidays!

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NoxNoctisUmbra said:

December 23rd, 11:05 am

Looks very interesting, been waiting for a while for this one. Day one Pick up!

NoxNoctisUmbra said:

December 23rd, 11:06 am

looks very interesting, cant wait, day one pickup

Roxaxis said:

December 23rd, 11:07 am

Awesome!! Day one for me too.

GooDer_gAMe said:

December 23rd, 11:08 am

looks awesome, cant wait.

ZFair said:

December 23rd, 11:11 am

Im getting this game, fo sur.

tetsou9shima said:

December 23rd, 11:12 am

I might be interested….hopefully the story is great.

H8_is_Bad said:

December 23rd, 11:13 am

2010 is really looking like the year of the ps3!

Depending on reviews i’ll probaly buy this.. Combat system looks complex but its a welcome addition i guess.

mywhitenoise said:

December 23rd, 11:15 am

Little too late, this should have came out last year…looks really dated, even for 2008.

Mobius_124 said:

December 23rd, 11:16 am

I know this game is gonna be good and all, but no Rumble?? Seriously??? Com’n Man…

Talyis said:

December 23rd, 11:18 am

Ive been waiting for this game for 2 years and finally in comes in one month JRPGs are the best. I have been so bored of gaming because we have zero and now in the first 3 months were getting 4 JRPGs Stare Ocean 4, White Knight Chronicles, Last Rebellion and Final Fantasy 13. Thank you Sony for getting back to your main supporters

Khalil97 said:

December 23rd, 11:18 am


ModernYorkster said:

December 23rd, 11:19 am

While we be know by our PSN ID during online play?

ModernYorkster said:

December 23rd, 11:20 am

Will we be know by our PSN ID during online play?

wU-sOLdiEr210 said:

December 23rd, 11:22 am

Hmm could you make the videos on the blog and pictures iphone friendly? I read the blog at work all the time on phone
as for white chronicles i’ve been waiting for a rpg for the ps3

Qmoney88 said:

December 23rd, 11:28 am

Oh yes, oh yes I cant freakin wait. February is almost upon us and so is this gem of an rpg. This game looks too cool for words, did I mention I cant wait for this? Gonna be plenty busy with rpgs this new year with this, star ocean, last rebellion, ffxiii, ffxiv, crazy how many rpgs were getting all in such a short span. I love it!!

dam6655 said:

December 23rd, 11:28 am

I just can’t wait to play this game. I hope it lives up to my expectations.

zakupilot256 said:

December 23rd, 11:31 am

I have played this game and it is really good! DO BUY!

LokeSTL said:

December 23rd, 11:34 am

About friggin’ time!!! Already got mine pre-ordered on Amazon. Anyway we can get the release date bumped up? Come on!

Zezzler said:

December 23rd, 11:35 am

Now that we have a new epic RPG from Level 5 comming to us, with lotsa awesome features. Can we see some Dark Cloud?

Thanks guys for your awesome support~

KazeEternal said:

December 23rd, 11:47 am

Finally I can say I’m a spoiled PS3 RPGamer in 2010.

White Knight Chronicles
Star Ocean The Last Hope
Last Rebellion

Just in the first 3 months.

Nepraos said:

December 23rd, 11:58 am

I remember being wowed by their “target” video when White Knight was first mentioned. Then a year later to be disappointed a bit to see it’s actual gameplay. Their target video looked so innovative and I loved how the transitions were handled between the characters simply roaming about, menus and battles. I’m sure other here remember that video, but of course, it was just a video that they were “aiming” for rather than what it really is.

Despite the differences, I still find this game pretty interesting and will be picking it up as soon as it comes out.

BlooodyCow said:

December 23rd, 12:07 pm

Getting this game over Star Ocean and Final Fantasy XIII next year. THIS WILL BE THE BEST JRPG TO BE RELEASE NEXT YEAR. I already paid out for this game and have gotten 2 of my friends to pre-order this game because I kept telling them how awesome this game look. I was up till 4:30 this morning in a chat with one of my friend talking about this game. I told him to watch the previews on IGN and he was amazed that he never heard of this game before.

I have one question, will there be a demo?

eatthemall said:

December 23rd, 12:17 pm


Rinaldus91 said:

December 23rd, 12:23 pm

This game looks brutally fantastic, and it’s a day one buy for me, but is this narrator really necessary? His voice is too over the top and I would’ve much preferred one of the devs to explain the battle system.
No biggie though, February 2nd can’t come sooner though.

IrishPete333 said:

December 23rd, 12:29 pm

Can’t wait, I have been waiting for some good RPGs. Keep up the good work guys! Oh and I will be getting this.

infamousXX87XX said:

December 23rd, 12:29 pm

Day 1 buy

SPOPS said:

December 23rd, 12:29 pm

Game looks good, but it might be one of those games that I have to over look. There are just way too many games that have come out around October – December and I need to finish those off before FFXIII in early March.

piratedrunk said:

December 23rd, 12:42 pm

I agree that the voiceover is way over the top.. nearly insulting since it sounds like it is aimed at kids.

That said this has always been a day one purchase for me Level 5 is one of the best developers out there

Firelogic said:

December 23rd, 12:45 pm

I’ll be picking this up, along with Heavy Rain, FFXIII, Yakuza 3, and GoWIII in Feb/March. As a result of this, I’ll be passing over games like Darksiders, Bayonetta, and Dante’s Inferno.

reson8er said:

December 23rd, 12:50 pm

I imported WKC and really liked the MMO style over-world and enjoyed what I could understand of the combat. Can’t wait to pick this up!

Dark_Vincent said:

December 23rd, 1:00 pm

Resonance of Fate, White Knight Chronicles and Final Fantasy XIII… man, my wallet is going to implode early 2010. I need a promotion!

Jeigh said:

December 23rd, 1:06 pm

Yes, I wholly agree that it was quite disappointing to see the actual gameplay after seeing the “target video,” but it still seems to have some charm to it. I’m really starting to think that I’ll need a demo on this one.

Odium_Generis said:

December 23rd, 1:13 pm

@8 Hrumph! Rumble…the gimmick all-of-a-sudden no one can live without. People say motion control is a gimmick, but can’t live without rumble? Give me a break.

mckg123456789 said:

December 23rd, 1:17 pm

Ok, im happy it coming to the US but why did it take so long! Look at Demon’s souls( AWESOME RPG, A MUST BUY!) it came out in Japan a few months after WKC and released in the US four months earlier then WKC. I just dont know, i mean they took so long and it doesnt even have rumble, PLEASE TELL US RPG fans why did it take SO long to bring this over to the US! please reply!

Ryukami_sama said:

December 23rd, 1:18 pm

Nice looking game, but that voiceover is beyond patronizing, I muted it half way through.

I will probably pick this one up come release day.

ice_prince09 said:

December 23rd, 1:25 pm

lol at the narrator’s voice :)

LordRaoh said:

December 23rd, 1:26 pm

Awesome, I’ve been excited for this game since early 2008.. i can’t wait to get my hands on it..

dragonmagician said:

December 23rd, 1:30 pm

Ive waited for this game for a long time, and it’s almost here. I just wished I could have played this game this holiday.

Any plans for a dynamic theme? Maybe one that shows some of the amazing artwork and design of the white knight.

BigBoss114 said:

December 23rd, 1:34 pm

Does the online in WKC require a separate login and has a separate friend list from PSN because that’s what it sounded like to me, can you clarify??? thanks!

DNAgent said:

December 23rd, 2:19 pm

Two Questions.

1. Will getting certain trophies in the game unlock rewards in Playstation Home?

2. Will there be a demo?

ADR143 said:

December 23rd, 2:21 pm

looks good

perrandy said:

December 23rd, 2:47 pm

i already pre-ordered the game and paid in full.but i have a question. are you guys going to release this game as a stand alone or with extras?

zombie_56 said:

December 23rd, 3:00 pm

wow looks better then i expected i might give this a go

Kilvoctu said:

December 23rd, 3:01 pm

I absolutely love the campiness of this trailer, no joke.

KoRn555 said:

December 23rd, 3:19 pm

that guy’s voice in that trailer, was horrible he doesn’t really have the voice for telling you about something interesting, though i’m excited about the game.

John_Oval said:

December 23rd, 3:23 pm

Can’t wait! Even though like #44 said this trailer is very campy…it is ultimately informative as well, and the combat system looks deep and awesome, day 1 buy!

supvic said:

December 23rd, 3:32 pm

what the [DELETED] took so long? seriously..

Carlos_Gabranth said:

December 23rd, 3:34 pm

I can hardly wait for the game release.

Jon_Mclane said:

December 23rd, 3:38 pm

That videos narrator is epic!

Mosh_Pit said:

December 23rd, 4:37 pm

OMG I cant wait!!!

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