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Dec 24

Dec 24

Happy Holidays from the PlayStation Blog and Thanks for a Great 2009!

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Can you believe we’re capping off a decade in a week? It’s certainly been an amazing 10 years for the PlayStation platform, and 2009 was no exception by any means. Looking back, it’s astonishing how much content hit PS3, PSP, PS2 and PSN this year (Seriously, I just looked at every month this year. The sheer amount of content blows my mind).

Here on the Blog, we certainly couldn’t have made it through ’09 without your support. We had several hugely successful meet-ups this year, including the San Francisco GDC meet-up, the Mama’s Hot Tamale E3 eat-a-thon, a PAX gathering in Seattle and the recent VGA viewing party in Hollywood. We gave away lots of great stuff throughout the year thanks to some addictive PSN titles, and rolled out a flurry of videos featuring the people behind all your favorite games.

And speaking of games, wow. Just wow. I feel like I say this every year, but it’s just getting better and better for us gamers. LocoRoco 2, Flower, Killzone 2, inFAMOUS, Fat Princess, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Batman Arkham Asylum, Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves, God of War Collection…I could go on all day. But I won’t. I don’t want this to be about me spouting off games you know, played and loved. Rather, let’s use this space to find out what your favorite moments from 2009 were in PlayStation Land (list your top three, desert-island, favorite games of the year, perhaps?).

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But even more importantly, Jeff and I want to hear all about what you liked or hated (yes, we can take it!) on the PlayStation.Blog this year. We know you want a podcast (working on it). We know you like lots of video coverage. What third-party developers would you like to see more of around here in 2010? Anything else? Please drop your comments here and we promise we’ll read them and take ’em to heart.

So for 2009, that’s a wrap. Again, a huge ‘thank you’ for making the Blog thrive in ’09. You turned out in spades to make our meet-ups a big win. And we’ll continue the trend as we roll in to 2010 with MAG, Heavy Rain, God of War III and beyond. Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, happy New Year and/or whatever else you’re celebrating this holiday season, hopefully Mariah Carey-Christmas music free. I’ll leave you with a few of our favorite videos of the year. See you in the zero ten.

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saintaqua said:

December 25th, 8:25 am

Only thing I really hated was that so many good questions get ignored, for whatever reasons.

barnaclejoe said:

December 25th, 10:05 am

I think what I most love about this blog is when a new game is announced or new details are revealed, and one of the main designers/developers of the game come onto the website and write about it… and then answer questions afterward!

That is just such a great idea! This blog really does connect the biggest fans with the biggest talent!

NEXT year I am hoping for MORE content for PIXELJUNK SHOOTER to be announced ASAP! aha. That game is so freaking awesome…

LUGIEZ said:

December 25th, 11:27 am

hey can someone wrap up those beautiful uncharted girls and send them to me please! thanks! No seriously.. great job this year Blog.. it’s been great reading all the news and being kept up to date with stuff I normally would not get to know about if it weren’t for this great RSS feed. Happy New Year!

luciano97211 said:

December 25th, 1:15 pm

Love how the playstation network has grown. Me and my family are definite to make the playstation and its services the hype of many more holidays and years to come…!

SoraSackboy said:

December 25th, 3:52 pm

i really liked the dedication to informing visitors and the fast replay of the big ones in charge of the sighyt. my complaint wouldnt be with the site but the store. Marvel ultimate alliance 2 dlc isnt up and i got the game for xmas and have money for the dlc. Anybody kno anything about this.

Stoffinator said:

December 25th, 4:04 pm

Thanks for an awesome year with the blog. And also putting up with us Canadians for asking for the Video Store in Canada. We just really want it.

regGQ said:

December 25th, 5:16 pm

Is it just with Firefox that the videos refresh everything you put your mouse over it? It’s super annoying.

GutZ31 said:

December 25th, 7:22 pm

I would like to make a suggestion for new abilities on the XMB for future updates.

Why hasn’t anyone suggested in-game web browsing?

I would suggest an in-game web browser something like what you would find on mobile platforms, as in no java and flash support, but possibly picture, and of course text.

In-game web browsing would completely remove the need to search for hints and tips on your computer, or log off your game just to find something for the game you were just playing.

This would also completely slaughter the other consoles in that nothing on the market console wise has done this.

I hope someone reads this at sony, because I would really like to be able to check walk-through’s and guides when I really want to get a good gaming session going.


December 25th, 8:00 pm

Can we get a weekly HOME invintory update or maybe a way to shop from my home PDA it sounds lazy but those load screens are killing me also how long is this HOME BETA going to last

VIPERGTS01 said:

December 25th, 10:35 pm


Everything Gran Turismo, like the announcement of Lamborghini and Bugatti.

I expect there is more to come. ;)

fcoag said:

December 25th, 11:09 pm

For You the 2009 you were a great year; but for my it has been a great pain to know that Sony is not responsible for the damages of makes of Playstation 3, my PS3 takes more than three months without giving video, and when I look for the guarantee receives to me more cost than half of which it is worth a new equipment?
In the 2008 it buys among other things, for my children, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and in 2007 COMPAQ V3218la. Xbox 360 presented/displayed error 74 and Microsoft repaired it without cost for me. The Computer had faults and Hewlett Packard it repairs without cost some. But the PS3 that I let give video DOES NOT HAVE GUARANTEE.
It is more than aberrant than SONY, with that public image, that we see everywhere, is so irresponsible with their consumers, I resist to think that who we bought Sony equipment, we are deceived in the good faith, and the confidence that we deposited when buying Sony products, that in addition are not nothing economic or cheap, compared with others.


December 25th, 11:50 pm

Happy Holidays SONY!

What I liked is how much of everything that we got from this Playstation brand…improvements with the Store, the XMB, and all the content…

Heres hoping for a Backwards Compatibility Patch down the road(for new users) and the ability to play PSP games on our PS3’s….Cheers


remanutd5 said:

December 26th, 10:17 am

hey Jeff or Chris maybe you guys can help , i have just been banned for a year on the playstation forums because i posted the last Heavy Rain video ( which contains nudity ) but i did it because i thought the game wasnt censored on the US , a year over that ? dont you guys think is unfair ? i mean no warning or anything?

TheTekator said:

December 26th, 12:21 pm

An Hello from France !
I can’t go on our EU/FR Blogs, because … they suck !
And now, with our EU forum update, I’m not logging on EU Boards anymore. And I guess I’m an important member of this community as an official SCEE tester, and the community award winner of 2008 (best French member !)

But, this blog is far better, as the US boards !

Actually, there isn’t one news I prefered this year.
Many news are just awesome. I loved talking with the producer of a future PSN game (didn’t remember the name, but it is 22carat or something like this) many news are here very fast, and every guys who work on the blog is really active and fun ! You’re doing such a good work :-)

Then, my wishlist for next year is simple :
– More Socom news
– Bring us Zipper back on Socom
– Announce an US AND EU realease date for Gran Turismo 5 (and the soonest as possible !)
Just do this, and you will do my year ! :-D

Finally, just stay as fun as this year !
Merry XMas (I’m late, sorry …) and happy holidays to everyone !

HU-_-FLUNG-_-PU said:

December 26th, 12:41 pm

i just want heavy rain and god of war 3 ill be set

Deez_BooBerriez said:

December 26th, 1:01 pm

I have a question concerning the downloaded PS1 games from the PSN. If you have a downloaded game, such as Resident Evil 3, on your PS3 and you have a PSP, can you copy that game onto your PSP using remote play and play it anywhere without using any sort of wireless internet connection and without being around your PS3 console? For example, lets say I’m sitting around bored in school and I can’t connect to the internet and I’m not next to a PS3, could I have my downloaded PS1 games copied onto my “PSP go” so I could play it whenever or do I have to have some sort of connection to my PS3?

Please help because I’m considering buying a PSP if this feature is available.

villdoc said:

December 26th, 1:21 pm

MAG was best part of 2009 and will be best part of 2010!!!!

villdoc said:

December 26th, 1:22 pm

MAG was best part of 2009 and will be best part of 2010

phinnv8 said:

December 26th, 1:28 pm

Sony why does it always say “your session has expired” when trying to login to the PSN website…. WTF is going on its been this way for weeks with nothing from you about it???

Gambit07 said:

December 26th, 2:10 pm

Demon’s Souls, which won Gamespots GOTY.

Astig_Darkra said:

December 26th, 2:15 pm

It was definitely a great year.Best part was probably…the release of awesome games for both systems.Also, good job on this blog!

StonerPlayer said:

December 26th, 5:21 pm

cool beans.

CloudStorm87 said:

December 26th, 5:45 pm

For me the best PS Blog moments of 2009 were the PAX ’09 videos of the Uncharted 2 panel. It was hilarious, especially Nolan with his Christopher Walken impression and stories of ad-libs like “Kitty got wet!”… Why that didn’t make it into the game baffles me!

Anyway, thank you for the great job you guys have done this. Sorry for the abuse I gave you on the odd occassions but only that’s because I love PlayStation so much that it hurts :P

explosive78 said:

December 27th, 9:03 am

Just got a ylod of my 60G model. Never thought it would happen to me.

SillyHatMafia said:

December 27th, 12:08 pm

I gotta say game wise, my mind was blown. Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, and Demon’s Souls are brilliant. I loved the updated the system got. With regards to a premium account thing for 2010, as long as there is reason to pay, I’m for it completely. There are some things i wish to see (Cross game voice chat, but I’m sure you guys are sick of us asking for that.) Just keep the games coming, it’s been good so far

Fersis said:

December 27th, 3:34 pm

Emily Rose !!!! 11!!1!!!

Happy hollydays guys.

boxmyth said:

December 27th, 4:57 pm

My “something else”:
The announcement of Yakuza 3 coming to the states. I smiled for three straight days after that.

JaredTequila said:

December 27th, 6:35 pm

Games come and go so asking for a particular developer and game is only a temporary thing. But, asking for new or maybe not as well known games that may have slipped through the cracks like Demon’s Souls is definitely welcome. These types of games that aren’t as high profile are definitely intriguing. And exclusive PS Eye chats with these developers would be good, I think. All that and keep up the hard work! We definitely appreciate it.

mustbehiggy said:

December 27th, 6:57 pm

I’ve just liked the fact I have somewhere to come to read about ps3 updates or new things in games. Like changed in Uncharted 2 with the cash etc, or double xp in killzone 2 or LBP updates. Good show I tell thee.. good show!

ZeroSection said:

December 27th, 7:13 pm

Here’s a question. When are you gonna update the blog with SOMETHING? XD

LokiSukaido said:

December 27th, 7:23 pm

I’d like to see more PS2/S One titles released on the PSN. I mean, I LOVE being able to play my FF VII again, but where are FF VIII or FF IX? Those are just a few ideas.

tveye363 said:

December 27th, 8:03 pm

I love PSOne games, so getting a lot of good games this year gives me hope of receiving plenty of other excellent choices.

Which reminds me, why doesn’t America have Crash Team Racing yet? Seems a little odd, considering PAL and Japan have had it for at least a year.

ggamdori said:

December 27th, 8:51 pm

The 3rd video thumbnail on this post.

Just love to see Jeff so happy doing his job.

BTW, free-cross-game-chat please. Do not make already a voiceless ocean, PSN, worse.

Kchow23 said:

December 28th, 12:35 am

Hey, Jeff.. would it be possible to have a better use of the PSN IDs? I log on to my account to comment… but could it also be used to display our recent trophies by a signature perhaps? or for you guys to track our trophies and make a weekly post on which trophies were hot that week?(Giantbomb does this, but it’s achievements only)

Kchow23 said:

December 28th, 12:36 am

Also is a GOW III PS3 Slim Limited Edition bundle in the works? YES? NO? MAYBE? I can’t decide whether to wait to see if it’s happening or keep the PS3 Slim I’ve got…

Kchow23 said:

December 28th, 12:38 am

P.S I know you guys don’t leave out Canadians on purpose but it would be nice to have more contests involving us like the Uncharted 2 Contests for Canadians and a meet up in Canada wouldn’t hurt ;) … seeing how we are left out from the Video Store and Comic Book Store and sometimes PSN Store Update Content (Uncharted: Eye of Indra)

Kchow23 said:

December 28th, 1:06 am

P.S.S For next year I would like to see more post and interviews from third- party devs if possible… like we never heard from Ubisoft or Infinity Ward when their big games were coming out

RoyalXIII said:

December 28th, 1:24 pm

I read ur reply ’bout vespira. I really hope the ps3 port comes state side ’cause I’m a really huge fan of the “Tales of” series but I’m not going to wast $400 to buy a xbox 360 for one game. thats just stupid.

jpvato00 said:

December 28th, 6:33 pm

Happy Holidays and thanks for a great year. Can’t wait for the news that Sony may bring in ’10.

Lets hope that in some near future Sony could integrate 3D animated avatars.

KIDamazin said:

December 29th, 12:07 am

You guys have done an incredible job this year and I hope 2010 will be just as incredible and more. Hopefully in ’10, the blog will let us click on other PSNer’s in the blog comments and let us check out their PSN profile. :) Have a Happy New Year!! :)

BlackMirrior said:

December 29th, 12:14 am

Happy holidays, guys. I’m a first time psp ownwer (psp go), and I’m really exited for the next year. Without the umd slot though, I’m only able to play games on the ps store, which happen to be fairly recent. I’d really love it if a couple older games where included, such as Phantasy Star Portable, which for some reason is available as a demo but not as a full title. >_>

Thanks for hearin’ me out, and good luck next year.

swweet said:

December 29th, 10:10 am

i will admit, it was a great year…however i HATED you screwing us with the psp go…i still goit one and it is awesome,but EU got 4 free games and we only got a demo…the EU special even lasted longer!i know you keep saying there as some technical problems…but what i really wanted for christmas is to know WHY exactly you couldn’t give us the free games….and if it is reasonable(like abouyt the economy) i’ll understand…i just thought you didn’t want US to actuallybe treated fairly…*sigh*

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