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Jan 05

Jan 05

Metal Slug XX Hits PSP on February 23 — Win Metal Slug Goodies!

Aram Jabbari's Avatar Posted by Manager of PR and Sales, ATLUS

Assembled denizens of PlayStation Blog,

Do you spend your days longing for a colorful, fast-paced throwback to the good old days of arcade action games? Do you daydream about grabbing an ally and riddling wave after wave of enemy soldiers with an endless stream of lead? Does your PlayStation Portable whisper to you, asking you to sate its hunger for old school awesome?

Metal Slug XX PSP Box

If so, seek help, but also, check out Metal Slug XX, coming February 23 to a PSP system near you (preferably yours).

Metal Slug XX explodes with the same winning formula of over-the-top action and cartoon mayhem that’s kept Metal Slug a premier franchise for over a decade. Frantic and fun, serious Metal Slug fans and casual gamers alike can relive the glory and charm of old school cooperative arcade play, teaming with a friend via ad-hoc multiplayer to outrun and outshoot hundreds of enemies and liberate as many prisoners as possible.

Metal Slug XX Screen 3

And there’s more here than just running and gunning, although as the test of time has proven, the running and gunning in this series can stand alone pretty darn nicely. There’s also a Combat School, which offers Metal Slug veterans a chance to put their cred on the line in over 70 challenging mission-based trials.

Ultimate Metal Slug fans can purchase Leona, a seventh playable character with her own unique abilities, via PlayStation Store for just 99 cents!

To celebrate the game’s announcement and/or upcoming release, we’ve got a small handful of rare collectibles to give away.

Metal Slug XX Underwear

First off, FOUR random commenters will get some nifty Metal Slug boxers. They’re not quite for wearing, although we’re sure as long as you’re good about keeping things under control that they’ll last you a nice long time, but they’re certainly the perfect prize for a Metal Slug fan to show off. Guffaw at your friends as they look with envy at your striped blue and white authentic Metal Slug boxers.

We’ve also got NINE Japanese promotional posters to give away. Nothing says hardcore like a poster in a language you and/or your friends may not speak!

All you need to do to be eligible, aside from being a resident of the United States or Canada, is comment under this post in response to the following: what is your favorite aspect of Metal Slug? We’ll randomly choose winners and get in touch with you!

Metal Slug XX Screen 5

Lock and load, friends: Metal Slug XX is set for release on February 23, 2010! We’ll be back soon with more info about this explosive upcoming retro romp!

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Delriach said:

January 5th, 10:22 am

Favorite aspect of Metal Slug? Knife kills :)

Hopefully the release of the game onto the PlayStation Store isn’t too long!

    Aram Jabbari's Avatar

    Aram Jabbari said:

    January 5th, 10:59 am

    Note to self: don\’t give Delriach any sharp objects.

Trygle12 said:

January 5th, 10:24 am

I recall Metal Slug X was amongst the best of the series. Does this mean it is twice as good?

Kristua said:

January 5th, 10:26 am

Posting just to say I support this wholeheartedly. Thanks, Atlus! Keeping my fingers crossed for a poster!

MercyOfId10ts said:

January 5th, 10:29 am

I want metal slug poster, that would look awesome on my wall.

Vinomen said:

January 5th, 10:29 am

Looks sweet cant wait.

Ellipsis43 said:

January 5th, 10:29 am

My favorite aspect of metal slug is…
It’s timeless gameplay it never gets old and is still my favorite 2d side scrolling co-op run and gun good time! The greatest thing is that I can still find Metal Slug arcade machines in almost every pizza place i go to, I love to line up my quarters and kick it old school.

whiteeerabbit said:

January 5th, 10:31 am

My favorite aspect of the game is the seeing the prisoners show there boxers!

CyleM said:

January 5th, 10:37 am

My favorite aspect of the game is the classic 2D side-scrolling action that has never changed throughout the years.

pacanug said:

January 5th, 10:40 am

It’s all about the co-op, right? Also, nice to see Atlus diversifying its portfolio beyond JRPG’s. But can one really ever have too many quality JRPG’s?

NINEblademanNINE said:

January 5th, 10:40 am

I’ve been waiting for this for quite a long time now. Can’t wait.

DoctorWho_90250 said:

January 5th, 10:41 am

My favorite aspect of Metal Slug is the fast paced shooting.

fallen777 said:

January 5th, 10:44 am

Looking forward to it. Thanks Atlus. :)

krae_man said:

January 5th, 10:46 am

Whoo! The PSP Go is being ignored!

I didn’t realise Day and date UMD and download releases was so hard to pull off with months of notice.

All Sony had to do was let you know the go was coming and require simultaneous UMD and download versions starting on Oct 1st.

But instead we get delayed Downloadable verisons or possibly no downloadable version at all for reasons that can only be nonsense.

Seeing as this game isn’t $40 it actually has a chance of selling well as a download. Well maybe not at $20 since Metal Slug Anthology is that exact same price and you get 7 games in that.

cool_trainer said:

January 5th, 10:48 am

I love side scrolling shooters, i guess that’s my favorite aspect of metal slug. Besides that i always look forward to going to my local taco shop to get some carne asada fries or burrito and playing some metal slug on the arcade machine.

bk105 said:

January 5th, 10:49 am

My favorite aspect of Metal Slug is fast paced shooting and mayhem which makes you want to continue playing.

dilly69 said:

January 5th, 10:49 am

Favorite Metal Slug aspect?


mcbuttz78 said:

January 5th, 10:50 am

Whats my favorite aspect of Metal slugs?? I would have to say the longtivity of the series and alo the art and lil cut scences which at times are funny and exciting..Looking forward oto this.. 1 questions b4 i go.. How does ad hoc party work,.. Is this the same as monster hunter ad hoc party or just local?

FuriosoThe said:

January 5th, 10:51 am

Obviously, my favorite aspect of Metal Slug is…


OnslaughtCometh said:

January 5th, 10:52 am

Did you tell him “bad bobo, bad!”?

dlbuller said:

January 5th, 10:52 am

I remember pumping quarters in the metal slug machine in the arcade of a bowling alley when my parents were bowling. I loved all the vehicles you could play around in.

More recently I built an arcade and made sure to have metal slug on there! Even the sounds of the game bring back fond memories! Thats probably what I like best about it.

drktempy said:

January 5th, 10:55 am

i love the arcade aspect of metal slug

SilentB said:

January 5th, 10:55 am

I love Metal Slug because of the ridiculous gameplay. The bosses are always interesting and fun to fight, and the game provides the perfect amount of difficulty to keep me coming back for more!

HuangFeiHung said:

January 5th, 10:56 am

My favorite aspect is seeing the terror on the enemy’s faces when I get resurrected in front of them

DeusJester said:

January 5th, 10:57 am

I will go ahead and say the hilarious/gruesome cartoon violence brings me back every time. It’s like a slightly-more-violent Tom and Jerry.

Well, okay, a lot more violent.

Closetpsycho said:

January 5th, 10:58 am

I love the 2D chaos. 3D is all well and good, but too frequently, you feel like you’re being cheated by the camera. In a good 2D game, you know you only have yourself to blame for getting shot and having to replay the stage. Repeatedly.

Lonestar134578 said:

January 5th, 10:59 am

My favorite Metal Slug aspect is that it is a throw back to all the old school side scrolling shooters in arcades that you don’t find anymore.

KA3AXC said:

January 5th, 11:00 am

I’d stand in line for this game, nothing like some new metal slug on the go. I love 2D side scroll shooters!

Prinny1 said:

January 5th, 11:05 am

My favorite aspect of Metal slug is that is gives away free stuff!

Er, I mean that it’s really challenging 2d side-scrolling goodness.

Golgosquall said:

January 5th, 11:06 am

I love knifing enemies in a game which pretty much warrants you to stay the heck away from said enemies.

But, also, gotta love the various power-ups and saving people aspects.

Love entering contests like this… too bad I never win :(

Maverdies said:

January 5th, 11:07 am

My favorite aspect of metal slug is the humor in the games. Even though there’s a a war going on and people are dieing(alot of people) they still have time to throw something funny in there.

BiezulbubBill69 said:

January 5th, 11:15 am

My favorite aspect of Metal Slug was jumping in the exoskeleton thingys and killin’ stuff up!!! :)

DroDrago said:

January 5th, 11:16 am

nothing is better then getting two lasers and just murkin everyone!!!!

KenjiXSamurai said:

January 5th, 11:17 am

What I think is great about the Metal Slug franchise is that its a refreshing taste of nostalgia. In a generation where everything is “HD” and “3D” environments, its nice to play a little 2D arcade shooter that reminisces on Side-Scrolling shooters.

axl4002 said:

January 5th, 11:17 am

One of the best arcade game, on mah PSP ? Well, now how could I say no ?

T1berSept1m said:

January 5th, 11:18 am

free boxers, plz!

No whammies!

saveur said:

January 5th, 11:21 am

Love the Co-op. Any good sidescroller that me and my girlfriend can play alongside together is always a huge plus.

SogeKing said:

January 5th, 11:21 am

Huge fan of metal slug! Is there any chance I could get those boxers even if I don’t win? I bought a Neo Geo last year just so I could play the original Metal Slug on Native hardware. The metal slug collection for PSP was fantastic too!

ThePerfectName said:

January 5th, 11:24 am

i love metal slug because it has amazing animations and the gameplay is sick.

H3llMafia said:

January 5th, 11:25 am

My favorite aspect of the game is that it is actually challenging. Unlike games today where you can just hide to get back health. I also like the humor of the game.

stevetherican said:

January 5th, 11:30 am

I’m a huge fan of the Metal Slug series and have played and owned every console release and portable release since 2000! That nonstop action, awesome challenge, and gorgeous 2D graphics will always keep me coming back for more, I can’t wait to pick this up and add another awesome MS game to my collection!

Ashen_Dawn said:

January 5th, 11:32 am

I love the detailed little animations with about a billion frames for even the most minor enemies.

Dardantuan said:

January 5th, 11:33 am

My favorite thing about the Metal Gear series is the graphics.

That being said, the news that this game is being released UMD only at launch is making me feel the buyers remorse burn all over again over ‘upgrading’ to the PSP Go… This game would have been a day one purchase for me. The PSN download probably would have ended up costing more than the UMD anyhow.

sleemo said:

January 5th, 11:34 am

I’ve always loved the SFX in Metal Slug games most of all. Especially the screams of fallen enemies.

Gogo_ZvC said:

January 5th, 11:38 am

I love the frantic action of Metal Slug, they’ve got a Metal Slug 2 arcade machine at my local pizza shop, best game ever to waste quarters on!

churombone said:

January 5th, 11:39 am

I love the satisfaction of stealing your friend’s heavy machine gun when he gets a game over.

AtlusFaithful said:

January 5th, 11:41 am

I love everything about Metal Slug! =) Running and gunning, the vehicles, the announcer! it’s all awesome! :)

BendyStrawz said:

January 5th, 11:43 am

If i win those boxers, i will be sure to show em’ to all the dudes before gym class! >:D

LokeSTL said:

January 5th, 11:45 am

Hey Aram! Consider this a random comment! Need those boxers…of course that Japanese poster would be awesome!

BTW, will you be bringing more info about 3D Dot Game Heroes soon?!! Already got my pre-order in at Amazon!

    Aram Jabbari's Avatar

    Aram Jabbari said:

    January 5th, 11:54 am


    Oh yes, much more info regarding 3D Dot Game Heroes is on the way, and trust me, you\’ll love every single bit of it.

Greyvvolf said:

January 5th, 11:47 am

What is my favorite aspect of Metal Slug? That’s easy! The art style, to me, is what separates it from any other video game.

Kurosaki-Isshin said:

January 5th, 11:48 am

Metal Slug just has a great feel running and gunning everything to death

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