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Jan 06

Jan 06

Qore Episode 20 – Featuring Dante’s Inferno, Heavy Rain, Bayonetta and BioShock 2

Kevin Furuichi's Avatar Posted by Executive Producer, PlayStation Network

January’s Episode 20 is on the way, featuring eternal damnation, ceaseless precipitation, stylish decapitation and undersea exploration.

Hell is the last place you want to be—unless you’re impatient for the mythical adventure of redemption found in Dante’s Inferno. Veronica Belmont circles around EA to experience how the developer plans to bring the epic 14th century poem to life. There’s also an interactive quiz built into this episode that will determine your degree of sinfulness.

We’ve been keeping an eye on Heavy Rain since the Qore team’s first visit back in 2008. And, as promised, Quantic Dream has crafted a film-noir world that is both graphically impressive and psychologically disturbing. As you play the part of four different characters whose lives intertwine on the trail of a serial killer, your every decision has an effect on the story around you. This extensive preview also includes an interactive cinema demonstration of the consequences of a few of the choices you can make.

BioShock is one of the most critically-acclaimed games of the past few years, putting pressure on the developer to outdo itself for the sequel. We head back to Rapture, ten years after the events of the original game, to find out if life under the sea is really better as a Big Daddy in BioShock 2.

With Tina Fey-esque librarian glasses and holsters in her killer heels, Bayonetta is no soft-spoken angel. In fact, she’s a shape-shifting witch who battles angels and other assorted creatures with style. There’s a lot of video out there about this game, but we’ve got a full HD preview of this fascinating title and nine reasons you’ve got to love Bayonetta.

Audrey’s also got a look at the latest and greatest Blu-ray movie releases coming your way in early 2010, and we’ve got exclusive Dante’s Inferno and Heavy Rain PS3 themes to go along with this month’s video features for both subscribers and single-episode purchasers.

Episode 20 debuts tomorrow.

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Slayer612 said:

January 9th, 5:36 pm

I highly doubt I will be renewing my Qore subscription once it expires. Theme’s? Seriously! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! HOW ABOUT EXCLUSIVE DEMOS THAT AREN’T JUST TIMED EXCLUSIVE DEMOS! STOP WASTING MY DAMN MONEY SONY!

rhcooper said:

February 1st, 4:01 pm

The complainers here are absolutely ridiculous.

I just purchased a subscription to QORE. I knew what I was getting and looked forward to it and I must say I am not disappointed in the least.

Gamers are the most privileged, spoiled brats ever (next to comic book fans). The first thing you get with a subscription is 12 dollars off. Sure you could wait monthly and purchase an issue for $3 based on the advertised content… but you never know what could be hidden inside.

I noticed with my subscription I got a free copy of Heavy Velocity Bowling. I don’t know if that was the gift or part of the issue or what. If it’s the gift for the subscrption and renewals didn’t get a different free game, then that is a reasonable argument. Subscriptions traditionally (but not always) give gifts. Sports Illustrated and Playboy do, but many other magazines give nothing… just that you saved money.

In terms of content, the magazine has great style. In this issue, the test your evil quiz with the the developers of Dante’s Inferno was funny, interesting and have insight into the game that hasn’t existed in other profiles for it.


rhcooper said:

February 1st, 4:02 pm


The Heavy Rain footage showed off how many different and varied endings simple sequences can have based on choices you make.

and all the games features have awesome design photos that I’ve not seen elsewhere at all… and they’re all downloadable to the harddrive for transfer to PC or just as use on the PS3.

I’m not sure what most of these commenters (sic) thought they were getting with Qore, but they’re complaints seem bogus to what it actually is.

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