MLB 10 The Show Box Art Revealed, Hits Stores March 2

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Happy New Year Baseball Fans and Welcome to The Show!

We’re less than two months away from Spring Training and the MLB off season news is making some big waves—Randy Johnson called it quits, Andre Dawson is headed to Cooperstown, and Matt Holliday is getting paid. More importantly though, I’m happy to give you the exclusive look at the brand new MLB 10 The Show box art featuring our own PlayStation Hall of Famer, Joe Mauer. For those of you looking to get your work in on the virtual diamond before Opening Day, MLB 10 The Show will officially hit store shelves on MARCH 2!

MLB 10 The Show PS3-pkg front-RP

So far we’ve been getting a great response from media who have played MLB 10. ESPN recently called The Show “A franchise that simply captures the sport of baseball better than any other, past or present.” Here are a few more previews to check out, GameSpot, IGN and Destructoid.

I also thought this would be a good opportunity to highlight some of our brand new features this year, so here’s a rundown of what you can expect from MLB 10 The Show. Stay tuned for more MLB news from us and welcome to The Show!

MLB 10 The Show NEW Features:

  • HR Derby – The Home Run Derby and MLB All-Star Futures Game are now available during the All-Star break in our season modes and as a stand-alone experience.
  • Catcher Calling the Game – Call pitches and play as the field general, just like Joe Mauer.
  • Online Gameplay Improved – This year the online gameplay experience has been vastly improved and will detect and respond better to adverse network conditions along with reduced bandwidth to help the speed and flow of online gameplay.
  • User Controlled Pick-Offs – Surprise a base runner with a quick move or lull him to sleep with our new pick-off mechanism.
  • Custom Music, Fan Yells, and Chants – Assign music or a recording to an entire team, edit tracks to assign batter walk-up music, or record your own voice and assign it to play for the team or player during the situation of your choice.
  • Movie Maker – Select up to ten replays to add to a single movie and do all the editing for your own highlight reel.
  • New Stadiums – Five new Minor League stadiums as well as classic parks including Forbes Field, Crosley Field, Polo Grounds, Shibe Park, Sportsman Park, and Griffith Stadium.
  • New Fielding/Pitching Training Modes and Practice Drills – New pitching and fielding training sessions will be part of our Road to The Show training suite.
  • Road to The Show Version 4.0 – New option settings (Game Watch and Game Completion) allow users to set how much of the game they wish to view, our mistake tracking system and new Green Light system reward and penalize good play, and our new stat tracking system keeps stats for your player’s career versus every pitcher or batter faced during the current season that can be accessed at any time.
  • Full Online Season Leagues – Fully functional online season leagues, save and display MLB Player stats, track player energy, allow for trades/injuries, and offer 40-man roster functionality.
  • Weekly Live Roster – An updated live roster will be available every week throughout the entire season.
  • Online Game History – View every game you’ve ever played online, complete with opponents, box scores, and game logs.
  • 1-30 Player Season Modes – Control one or all 30 teams right from the start of your franchise or season.
  • New Camera System – The most realistic camera system available will make you double take and make sure you’re not watching a live MLB telecast.
  • Real-Time Presentations – More than 1,250 new gameplay animations, more than 1,000 new presentation animations, and more than 400 personalized pitcher and batter animations.
  • Stadium Realism and Experience – Details, details, details! MLB 10 The Show offers daytime transitional lighting, shows all players on field in
    real-time (including players in the dugout and bullpen), and offers improved stadium ambiance with HR/splash counters, fireworks, steam,
    noisemakers, towels, thunder sticks, working digital and analog clocks, crowd reaching over the rails, and crowd detail, such as interaction
    with vendors and placing K signs.

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4 Author Replies

  • any chance of rain or clowds and the catcher taking off the mask? and the most i want is to use my 09 character on mlb 10, is hard start all over again every year hope you can and more last name because my last name is not on the mlb09 my last name RESTO.keep the great and hard work you are number 1

  • kenkraly2004

    Will MLB 10 The Show feature fireworks and all the sounds that are at all the ballparks? For exsample the tomahawk chop and home run sounds at turner field in atlanta and the police home run sound that is at progressive field in cleveland? I can’t wait for MLB 10 The show to come out in March. Keep up the good work sony on the MLB the show series.

  • I know this is off topic but since Sony San Diego worked on The Mark of Kri i have to ask. Will you ever work on Mark of Kri 3?

  • Should be Texiera on the cover.

  • Kill the multiplayer trophies please.

  • played last years demo
    its the sports game with the best presentation
    but since i dont know even half the rules of baseball i couldnt score even one point
    great game

  • Hey Eric I have a question for you. What’s so different about this years camera system compared to all the previous years?


    I can’t wait for this game

  • Phillynavs3

    Yes! classic stadiums… that was literally the only thing I liked more about MVP

  • serversurfer

    No wand support??

  • daveofferson

    PLEASE allow us to carry over RTTS players from past iterations!

  • Any particular reason you guys are using the now outdated Twins road uniform on the cover? At least change the gray to white, then it’ll look like the home unis.

  • HR Derby – The Home Run Derby and MLB All-Star Futures Game are now available during the All-Star break in our season modes and as a stand-alone experience.

    ‘Bout time a baseball game got this right! Thank you!

    Wow so many new great features (loving the time of day improvement, very important to me)

    The audio options are such a plus….beautiful

    Now, for next year please expand on multiplayer interaction.

    Allow for more than one player to co-op with you (same team). And basically each player manages 2-4 players while the other controls the 2-4 players (1 controls the pitcher, while the other controls the DH)

    ^Co-op baseball would be such a fun feature….

  • @justion2m0 & improperlyaged

    Go to the link and read the summary from the fact sheet.

    Most likely those features are for ps3 only. I’m just assuming here from the fact sheet having those ended with Ps3 in parenthesis. It’s long but here it is if you want to read it all.


    Great game, love it. The Show 09 was hands down the best baseball game I’ve ever played. So realistic. I’m definitely buying it the day it comes out. 1 question. Is there any chance we’ll see a Create-a-Team or Create-a-Franchise feature ever coming out for this game?

  • when will the demo be released? i love that is coming out march 2 i cant wait for i wish it could be even closer. lastly is the mic situation resolved this year? mics dont work and i heard if both people at the same time push L3 you can talk but you cant. also, im really tired of trying to trow someone out for whatever reason and somehow the player always misses the tag especially at home.when i throw the ball and whatever player gets it before the runner gets to the bas youd think they would get the tag but it frequently decides not to

  • Boricuastorm

    Hopefully the running controls on RTTS will be fixed. Or at least give us the option to pick the controls we want.

  • YES!!! There is fireworks in the game!
    i have always wanted fireworks in the game

  • GooDer_gAMe

    Will there be full player collisions between any 2 players randomly on the field? I know you added some last year, but I believe there still existed some clipping and some players would pass through another.

  • GooDer_gAMe

    In addition, please consider an option in Road to the Show 5.0 (for next year) to continue Road to the Show from a previous year.

  • Awesome I’m a huge fan of the show series, it’s the best basball game ever and I think possibly the best sports game ever made too.

    But, I have a suggestion. Instead of coming out with a new game every year just make the game updateable. Every year you could implement new features and just sell them on the store for like 15 bucks or something. I also think you guys should do stadium packs. User could send in there favorite minor league stadium and you compile like
    10 or more and put them on the store. It seems kind of wierd buying an entirely new game just to buy a slightly altered verision in 10 months.

  • I disagree sniperfox, I think the markets to small for sports games mainly becuase-they suck. Not to say that the show is a bad game I think it’s the best in it’s category but becuase of this I think you’ll see people who play a lot of others games picking up title.

  • why do i not see the “realistic farm system” under this list? i would give up 80% of the stuff mentioned above that are “new” to have at least 80% of realism in farm systems. So by the time I reach the season of 2015. I won’t have “Shane Pujols” as my clean-up.

  • I hope the new, improved camera fixes the changing-direction baserunning issue, or this game is a no-buy for me.

    (I work in television as an editor, and crossing the axis of motion is a big no-no.)

  • Will there be a Collectors edition? if yes what do you guys plan to give a long with the game?

  • Is there any possibility that you can see others playing online rather than only watching to the score box? Besides I have realized that with MLB 09 there was no chance the ball could drop even when the fielder was not right below the ball? Can this be improved to make it more real?

    For the rest Great game!

  • Baseballplayer50

    I love MLB The Show… anyways, i have two questions:
    -Will there be more customizable features on create a player.
    -Will there be a create a team option.
    -When does it come out.
    -Finally thank you guys for all your hard work, I would love to join the crew.

  • AutomaticChaos

    I would love to see a baseball game where when you get in the future, you see expansion teams come in with the option of taking them over.

  • TheFrankman86

    The quicksteal glitch, all OFs running like Usain Bolt, and online play are my only concerns…

  • Not sure if this has been asked but:

    – Will day-night transitions and fog be the only weather effects in the game? No rain/snow delays?

    – Collison Detection fixed?

  • mx2kentucky

    Will Aroldis Chapman be on the game? If so, I’ll buy the new installment, if not, I’ll wait till 11. Thanks in advance!! PS: Great job on this franchise.

  • chisoxfan83

    i know this is minor, do you guys ever intend on putting in magic numbers in the standings in franchise mode? It would be nice to know elimination numbers etc and the season winds down.

  • 2 things irritated me last year and they seem like easy fixes. 1st you should be able to select any jersey for your team to wear regardless of whether they are home or not. Example Jays could only wear black at home in ‘The Show 09’ although they wear it on the road all the time. 2nd, We should be able to select the temperature or weather conditions, any night game in Toronto the players all wore long sleeves and the commentators mentioned how cold it was. It is 80 degrees at night in Toronto in the summer.

  • First day buy for me.

    Can you guys please look into hitting with the analog stick? I think it’s a feature that if implemented well, (like EA’s NCAA Baseball series) can really enhance the gameplay experience!

  • Thank you SCEA San Diego for all the new features. After last years success, I was left with the 2 major concerns: No Homerun Derby, and the online issues needed to be addressed. I noticed you guys fixed that and more. Will the Homerun Derby be an available game mode online? All you need now is to add the Marlins Mermaids ; ) . Thanks again! I look forward to this title. Go Fish!

  • i really hope you guys add the create a player with the eye toy for the ps3 version. is there a reason why you guys dont do it for the ps3 i know the ps2 does it. PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE TO THE PS3 PLEASE!!!

  • rguillen300

    Will the PSP version of MLB 10 have support for the sub-folders feature that was added in 5.50?

  • WhiteSoxfn15

    Im am VERY excited for this game to come out. I am ashamed to say i didn’t buy last years game cause i felt that it would be more of a roster update rather than a new game, but this years looks great i am counting the days down til March 2nd. GO SOX!!

  • I hope they fixed the Indians’ alternate jerseys, as well as the home batting helmets and the “I” hats worn with the blue jerseys …

  • Samardzija32

    i think it would be cool if they made the playoffs more intense like they did with NHL 10 and also if they had different telecasts. like for espn, tbs, and fox and such with unique announcers to those stations.

  • is their going to be a demo released for this game?

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