Introducing the Official Heavy Rain Box Art

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Hi folks!

Some of you surfing around yesterday might have stumbled upon what might be the US packfront. We just wanted to drop a note to everyone confirming that the below, is indeed, the US packfront for Heavy Rain:

Heavy Rain PS3 Packfront

We’re also able to confirm Heavy Rain‘s final ESRB rating has come in at a strong M for Blood, Intense Violence, Nudity, Sexual Content, Strong Language and Use of Drugs. And for those of you who have asked, the content is exactly the same as what’s being released in all our territories, so you’ll get to enjoy it exactly as Quantic Dream intended.

We’ll have much more in the coming days as we get closer to launch, so keep an eye out on the Blog for more information on one of PlayStation’s hottest titles of 2010!

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5 Author Replies

  • I do like it… a lot

  • In my opinion it is too “busy”, but nevermind. Really looking forward to the game! :)

  • Awesome Box art. Really like this better than the European box art. Thing it gives a better representation of the game.

  • @2

    I agree. It does seem a bit too busy, but it’s a deal breaker by any means.

  • It’s nice, but I like the EU one better, it’s more simple and more mysterious… All protagonists in a posed position on the cover is a bit cliche, but as I said, I like it :)

  • I like the boxart.. cant wait for the game. i pre-ordered it yesterday :), question tho was i supposed to get a free code for my pre-order? because i didn’t and forgot to tell them ( From EBgames Canada.

    • Cristian Cardona
      Cristian Cardona

      The retailer that you pre-ordered it from will be giving you the code. You should receive it when you pick your copy up. I\’d check with the retailer to confirm.


    It doesn’t look to “busy” to me.

    Looks great.

  • That makes the game look so much more appealing!

  • i liked the eu boxart better! can we expect a demo for HR on the psn anytime soon?

  • AnonymousAndrew

    Now prominently featuring breasts.

  • Is it hardcore?

  • Upon looking at the European one, I definitely like theirs more, but all box art in America has the main characters plastered all over it so why should this be any different?

  • The int’l artwork is much cleaner and nicer, than the US one. Still have this game on pre-order for months now, so looking fwd to it.

  • I think if it was only the origami it would be cooler

  • nice i have already pre ordered it at gamestop , and i have been banned for a year from the playstation forums for posting the latest Heavy Rain video ( which contains nudity ) i think the game is aimed to certain audience so you guys should let only mature people discuss it instead of banning everyone whos posting Heavy Rain videos. another thing is hope you guys make at least a tv spot for this game

  • linebeginstoblur

    Yeah, they WOULD put the female in front. How do you attract a buyer who wouldn’t have otherwise bought a certain game? Make sure that it’s impossible to read the title without also looking at breasts. Nice one.. The guy in the far right in the back looks kind of out of place. The lighting makes his face look like it’s made of plastic or something.

    Still a day-one/preorder buy for me though. :D

  • This looks like something for “Prison Break”

  • LOOKS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

  • I have been looking forward to this game since the moment I had read about it a long time ago.

  • yay :D, full female nudity for us :p

  • BrianMcGuinness

    How can box art be exciting?

  • I really think the SCREAM box art era is over. aka putting the cast on the front of the box. Doesn’t look horrible though

  • February 23rd cant come soon enough! lol cant wait to play my most anticipated game of 2010!

  • Any chance you can have the EU boxart available as a pre formated PDF to print out? Like Madden did with Favre? I really much prefer the EU one.

    • Cristian Cardona
      Cristian Cardona

      We\’ll be doing that for those that would prefer the UK artwork. Keep an eye out on the blog around launch!

  • That’s pretty terrible box art. The placeholder art they had on Amazon was way better than this, which at best can be described as boring and uninspired.

  • I’m not feeling the box art. However, I am excited for the game.

  • don’t like it all that much tbh.

  • I like the EU one MUCH better…

  • The EU one is better, but regardless I am getting this game!

  • FireDragonGod

    Luv I Just Wish That Instead Of 3 Guyz & 1 Girl It Was 2 Guyz & 2 Girls

    But Not Complains Here Awesome I Pray The God Of War Box Art Is This Good Or Better lol

    2010 Best Year In Gaming History

  • Don’t like the new cover. Too conventional and not specially well made, but it’s better than nothing, I guess…

    The EU one was way better. Anyway, this is a day one buy for me.

  • Now for the achievement list.

    Not an easy 1000/Platinum no looking at this game. Simple, really.

  • Ghost_Shrimp

    Man that really sucks compared to the PAL cover.

  • @30

    Are you kidding me?


    @ Cristian

    Will the Heavy Rain Chronicles have Trophy support? I’d really appreciate it if you could answer this question. Thanks!

    • Cristian Cardona
      Cristian Cardona

      We\’re checking in on Trophy support for Heavy Rain Chronicles and will definitely have some news on that before Heavy Rain launches.

  • I want to get this game but I don’t know if I will have the money or the time to play it.

  • Jeff Dude I know you have tons of people writting asking you this and that. So i’ll ask in every post if I have to. LOL. Are they working on something for the PS3 browser. I like the concept of being able to get online instead of me waiting to turn on my laptop and surfing the web, but I have to admit the current PS3 browser, well how should I put this, isn’t up to par with anything out right now. It’s like woking with Windows 95 brother. Please tell me they are looking into this. Thanks bro.

  • I don’t like it. It looks weird.

  • the EU one looks so much better IMO

  • i wish he new shipment of the 120gb PS3s come in to Bestbuy.

  • Euro box art is much better.

  • Looks ok. I lie the simplistc charm the UK box art has though

  • I love how you guys assume that all gamers like their games as morally depraved as possible!

    Thanks anyway.

  • I prefer the European box art, as well. I guess tits are required to sell games in the USA :(

    I’m am so looking forward to this game, and I hope it’s success allows Quantic to re-master Indigo Prophecy with HD graphics and audio for release on PSN. Of course, seeing Omikron remastered in HD and hearing David Bowie’s great songs in 24-bit lossless would also be welcome! :)

    I’m telling everyone I know to get this game.

  • i hope UK offer is different :)

  • I have pre ordered the Limited Edition!

    But for Christ sake, advertise this game like insane! Casual gamers have no idea what that this game exist. Make massive tv spots weeks before and after the release!

  • I’m not really a fan, but I’m always more for box art with a single focus, that seems too cluttered.

  • OOOh, boobies! Excited about the game. Can’t wait!

  • Jeff, is there any way we could get a printable version of the EU boxart with NA brandings, I’d really prefer the EU one, along with many other people.
    I remember when we got the special Resistance 2 optional, printable boxarts and they were awesome.
    You should ask about it, do it for the fans, the loyal loyal fans =D

  • Manic_Craven

    So happy to be getting the EU cover art, The US art is hideous.

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