God of War III Info Drought Ends Now

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It’s not often that buzz builds behind a news embargo, but judging by comments on the Blog, it seems a lot of you have been looking forward to hearing more about God of War III today. I’m happy to report that with the release of these screens and impressions of the game from last month’s New York preview event, you’ll be seeing GoW III updates much more frequently.

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Back to last months’ event, we’ve been dying to share what we saw since we first laid eyes on this Titan-riding, boss-fighting segment of the game. We could tell you how awesome it looks (and plays), how insane the realtime rendering is, how huge the Titans and boss(es) are, but I’m sure you’d rather hear it from more impartial sources such as Destructoid and IGN (look for impressions from many other sites to hit today as well).

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If the wait until God of War III‘s March release seems unbearable, I’m right there with you. We’re almost there, and we have MAG, White Knight Chronicles, and Heavy Rain to tide us over until then…

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7 Author Replies

  • would somebody just give me a copy

  • I have a VAIO PC and a PS3. yet SONY fails to update servers after 48 hours…seems like a tech FUBAR to me but I hope this game is an example of how good the stuff works not how lacking your products are….

  • the truth is that if all the other people who don’t even know about this game get excited for it with something like an commercial campaign it would be great for the sales…

    As far as this blog and all the forums are concerned in the field of excitement i think it would be totally ok to just release the game because i mean is it just me or is this DAY 1 ?

  • Looks good

  • This is all well and good. I’m just waiting on Sony to replace my 60 gig launch PS3 that they destroyed with update 3.15. Thanks so much, Sony.

  • superted8586

    I already have it preordered, and my PS3 decides to burn out… [bleep] me.

  • InstantClassic40

    Any word on if the game runs at 30 or 60fps? And, if it’s possible to reveal, will this be longer than GOW2?

  • xBlackBloodx

    They already said that it’s shorter…

    i’m disappointed in that :(

    but it will be longer then the first one. it’s possible to beat the first on under 5 hours.

    i did hear it’ll be average 10 hours.

  • unworthyBOZO

    Please some video

  • Damn the demo off of the GOW I and II colection… ends at a good/bad spot…at least let us kill the dude or help him take someone out then end the demo!!! Can’t freakin wait!!!!

  • Beautiful.
    Only thing that worries me are the spikes on the horse/crab creature.
    And is that a creature from greek mythology?

  • Crap.. I have a lot of games to buy this year.

    GOW III, MAG, Heavy Rain, BF:BC2, GT5 – wait… maybe not GT5.. that’ll probably come out after the world ends in 2012…

  • lanethepain49

    wow i really cant wait for this game. i beat the first one about a year ago and loved it and i just recently bought the GOW collection (great idea for making the collection sony) so i can beat 1&2 again before the third one comes out. the demo for it is amazing and it is definatly my most anticipated game for 2010.

  • MistaIncomniatic

    this game is gunna b crazy
    got the money up n the bank for a copy as soon as it come out

  • MaInStReEt24

    I’ll be putting my modern warfar 2 up for awhile!! No Sleep for a week again I can’t WAIT!!!!!!

  • FireDragonGod

    :( Awesome Screens Man
    But Where’s The Trailer ????

  • prnice4night


  • is it march yet?



  • awesome can’t wait till it comes out

  • ShoNuff_ofHarlem

    I am just now playing the GOW collection for the first time and they are amazing. Can’t wait for GOW III!

  • JXBlackhazeX

    These picks are amazing each one could be a wallpaper. Is there gonna be more info on God of war III other than screenshots maybe some new footage or a trailer

  • igorsport09


  • Hi to all bloggers. I am new to this so if anyone can help me with his I would be glad for you to. Oh and the God of War III is the bloody and gore because I saw the trailer of it and you wouldn’t believe your eyes. I love Kratos because he has the coolest weapons ever. Just telling you. Can’t wait for it to come out. *DRIBBLE*

  • BD_Mr_Bubbles

    Preorderd the Ultimate edition last night. Can’t wait!

  • rockybbad34

    SO Jeff when are we going to see a demo. I’m busting at the seams. This will be most certainly the Game of the Year for 2010.

  • JXBlackhazeX

    @ jfvalba.
    Only thing that worries me are the spikes on the horse/crab creature.
    And is that a creature from greek mythology?

    no worries in greek mythology Poseidon created horses from sea foam he is the god of all ocean creatures. Also that monster seams to be made of water and earth since posiedon has control over anything below the sky and above the underworld that creature is fair game its possible but i don’t know if it is a monster from greek mythology hoped that helped

  • andrekilledhim

    uncharted 2 FTW

  • navajogerman

    So, I noticed that it’s part of a demo, is there even the slightest possibility that we could get our hands on it, or see footage of it in some way.

  • mellowmonk4ever

    Just want to say that i REALLY hope that the GOD OF WAR 3 BUNDLE exists,and that it’s not limited in number like the UNCHARTED 2 set.Please listen to your fanbase Sony and do not drop the ball with this amazing game.There is a red ps3 controller already.Why not a red ps3 slim with Kratos on the face of the console??That would be…CHAOS!!!!

  • dave_kure-dx92

    ever since i finished GOW2 i have been waiting anxiously for so long and it’s almost here
    yay :)

  • Well everybody has the same feeling my friend so don’t you worry, it’s almost here!!!

  • xBlackBloodx

    It’s almost hump day…

    Where’s the new Information?

    Also, A LE God of Wat III Bundle would be awesome!

    I would love an Ultimate Limited Edition God of War III Bundle.

    I would cancel my reservation of the UE for the ULE Bundle in a heart beat.

    Listen to your fans!

    We made you who you are.

  • Can’t wait for this game!

    As well as ESP and Jaffe’s new Twisted Metal title…

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