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Jan 19

Jan 19

White Knight Chronicles: Why You’ll Want to Play Online

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We’ve been talking about White Knight Chronicles for so long, that it’s actually a bit hard for me to believe that it’s only 2 weeks from hitting stores. But [checks calendar], that is indeed the case! A few days ago, we held a media event in San Francisco to allow reporters hands-on time with the online portion of the game in a team setting. You can find impressions here, here, here, and many other places as well.

I also sat down with US Producer Tsubasa Inaba to talk ask how robust the online feature set is with White Knight Chronicles.

I can’t think of another RPG whose online modes (if they even exist!) are so intertwined with the solo campaign, and so I can personally see myself investing a lot of time there in just two weeks. Also, we hope you’ve been enjoying the tutorial videos – a third one (featuring a dissection of the character creation options) will be debuting soon.

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Gorvi said:

January 19th, 1:10 pm

Demon’s Souls is pretty closely integrated, but that’s in a completely different way. I can’t wait for this.

EventStatus said:

January 19th, 1:12 pm

Well PS Blog promised more footage/advertising of WKC starting today, and they delivered. Already have mine paid for and can’t wait.

Craiji said:

January 19th, 1:14 pm

Keep the RPGs coming, any word of US Tales?

gold5225 said:

January 19th, 1:18 pm

Will the online be kinda like the old (great game) Phantasy Star Online?

Ledis15 said:

January 19th, 1:18 pm

Will we see any content for Playstation Home from White Knight Chronicles?

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Cristian Cardona said:

    January 19th, 2:33 pm

    Take a look around 04:45 in the video.

KazeEternal said:

January 19th, 1:22 pm

tight for cash, but ebaying some cross platform titles for a PS3 exclusive like this one is well worth it. Been looking forward to this game for 2 years and can’t wait to jump into the online and single player experience.

gold5225 said:

January 19th, 1:25 pm

Wow I am much MUCH more interested in the game now that I have watched this video. I am probably going to buy the game now!

Skynetonline said:

January 19th, 1:25 pm

I been waiting for this game for so long!!!!!!!!!! 1st day buy for me! I hope it does well so we can see the 2nd one also. Level 5 ROCKS SO HARD!! XD

EventStatus said:

January 19th, 1:26 pm


Watch the vid, it said some trophies will unlock stuff for Home.

Santos21 said:

January 19th, 1:27 pm

Jeff more God of War 3 material please!! im so excited about this game..cant wait for it to come out!

smokey_vols said:

January 19th, 1:31 pm

“I can’t think of another RPG whose online modes (if they even exist!) are so intertwined with the solo campaign, and so I can personally see myself investing a lot of time there in just two weeks.”

Hello, Demon Souls lol.

dragonmagician said:

January 19th, 1:34 pm

Hoping for dynamic theme and premium avatar for this game.

I can’t wait to get my hands on this game.

piratedrunk said:

January 19th, 1:35 pm

Can’t wait for this game I hope it sells well enough that they don’t question bringing the sequal to North America.

DNAgent said:

January 19th, 1:36 pm

Now we need some dynamic themes & avatars for White Knight Chronicles.

Dragonzblaze said:

January 19th, 1:36 pm

reserving this game saturday finally the rpgs are arriving this gme looks epic i hope it supports dualshock 3 rumble feature buying no matter what day one purchase

VenomXv said:

January 19th, 1:42 pm

Just what I need, more RPGs. I have been waiting to play this game for over a year. Only two more weeks.

Ledis15 said:

January 19th, 1:51 pm

Yeah i watched all of it. Pretty cool i must say.

poweredbyzen said:

January 19th, 1:55 pm

it’d be tough to split my time between this game and mag – decisions, decisions!

Jeigh said:

January 19th, 1:56 pm

I already said I was going to buy it! Why must you taunt me so!?

(Oddly, it’s kind of a mix of two weeks being “too long” and “too short” since I have some major project deadlines falling in the same time period, so I’m torn between wanting it to get here fast and… well, not. I guess I should take this as a deadline for finishing all of that stuff and get it out of the way so that I can focus on what really matters, huh? =P )

GGCAN said:

January 19th, 1:56 pm

So many great games coming out this year.

This is a definate purchase for me.

spunnups said:

January 19th, 1:57 pm

No rumble support for this one I believe, kinda sad bu still picking it up

NoobianGod said:

January 19th, 1:58 pm

Thank you for Home integration!!! So right that this is so rarely done.

Seeing this interview has renewed my interest in this game! Great job PSBlog!

kmkaizen said:

January 19th, 1:59 pm

good i pre-order my copy now
and trophies that can give gear and item and home so sweet maybe home space theme white knight would be cool to have

Blkant said:

January 19th, 2:00 pm

About time, I have been looking forward to this title for over a year now… One of the few titles I have made space for in my budget to actually buy, not only rent. ^_^

xiked said:

January 19th, 2:02 pm

Im more excited for this game then Final Fantasy. White Knight tries to break new grounds in a JRPG and I like it!

Zezzler said:

January 19th, 2:04 pm

I wasnt too too interested in this game until i heard 2 things about it;
1) It has co-op online gameplay
2) it was made by level 5 (i love dark cloud)

rAdIOhEad73 said:

January 19th, 2:14 pm

Too little too late, this game should have been released here 2 years ago.
FFXIII is just a couple of months a way of domestic release, I feel bad for this guys but this game is going to flop bad.
It was mediocre when it was release in Japan more than a year ago, and it will be mediocre when you release it here, if you would have released a year ago maybe the hype for the would have helped selling, but now this game is all but forgotten.

ModernYorkster said:

January 19th, 2:17 pm


I’ve got a question reguarding online play. Will we be using our PSN IDs? or will we be using a entirely diffrent login system…

footballrule said:

January 19th, 2:22 pm

I hope we get some Playstation Home content. When is this game releasing?

jqtaxpayer said:

January 19th, 2:23 pm

Let’s cut to the chase… are we going to be seeing a Dark Cloud 3 at some point?

Dracorius said:

January 19th, 2:32 pm

Oh Level 5 you horrible company….I said would never buy another rpg after Valkyria Chronicles, and Eternal Sonata sucked away all my sleep time. But now you have condemned to sleepless DOOM!

LordRaoh said:

January 19th, 2:46 pm

can’t wait.. already on pre order..

mac3attack said:

January 19th, 2:50 pm

Releasing in Europe on Feb. 25 by the way.
Can’t wait! Pretty sure I’m going to be broke and failing school by the start of the summer. So many great games coming out this year!

Monetep said:

January 19th, 2:56 pm

I’m getting this after Final Fantasy XIII, the online looks epic and may hook us for days.

But what is really important in Rpgs is the story! Can’t wait.

Thanks i can buy every game that’s gonna be released.

And… by the way, level 5, huge fan of layton here.

Ramage said:

January 19th, 2:57 pm

Well while I’m in the top 50 I’ll ask.

Hey Jeff,

I’ve been drifting in and out of following this title (waits been too long) and can’t think of any preorder bonuses that I’ve heard of. Know if there will be any?


    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Cristian Cardona said:

    January 19th, 3:08 pm

    There aren\’t any pre-order bonuses for WKC, but we encourage you to pre-order either way!

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Cristian Cardona said:

    January 19th, 3:09 pm

    There aren\’t any pre-order bonuses for this title, but we encourage pre-orders in either case!

perrandy said:

January 19th, 2:58 pm

thank you jeff and mr inaba for the online explanation.february the 2nd cant come soon enough!
will be waiting for the next vid with anticipation :)

Killuminati said:

January 19th, 3:09 pm

OMG I cannot wait for this game. It reminds me so much of FF XI and I loved that can’t. I also can’t wait for FF XIV. Thanks guys for the update.

BlooodyCow said:

January 19th, 3:10 pm

Hay Jeff, I might get this game next week. Will I be able to play online, or do I have to wait until the 2nd to play online? I already know two others that will get the game next week if the store breaks the release date :)

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Cristian Cardona said:

    January 19th, 4:21 pm

    You\’ll have to wait \’till the 2nd.

Crotin said:

January 19th, 3:10 pm

Buying this day one!

Bris_Blade said:

January 19th, 3:10 pm

Thanks for another great interview Jeff, I was just wondering is there any competitive play on Geonet, like PVP? And looking forward to this game =)

Cagalli said:

January 19th, 3:12 pm

I hope the time between the Japanese and American release for WKC2 is much shorter.

dallow said:

January 19th, 3:24 pm

Already have this pre-ordered, thanks Level 5.

John_Oval said:

January 19th, 3:26 pm

Thanks Jeff!

Man am i excited for this game, anyone on here looking for someone to quest with you can add or msg me once the games out!

PSN: John_Oval

Darth-Krayt said:

January 19th, 3:28 pm

Man, I wish I could see these videos, but I’m on the PS3 browser, so I’m out of luck. Anyone know if these videos are availible on youtube?

Chances are I’ll be getting this game when, or very close to when it launches. I’m not actually a fan of anime styled art, but the online is what’s pulling me in. I don’t like controlling only one party member in this type of RPG, but having other real people control the party is kool.

Also, thanks SO much for Home integration. Since I can’t see the vid, whet kind of stuff does it show? Can someone tell me? Is it like just a t-shirt, or is it like a White Knight costume? If it’s a White Knight costume, that’s really going to push me to get the game even faster. I love Home and I love awesome home costumes.

Speak for yourself. Final Fantasy 13 is not a game I’m getting until I can get it for around $20

wickedkae said:

January 19th, 3:32 pm

Jeff hasn’t played Demons Soul’s I see…

I have heard the online is a grind fest like Monster Hunter, is this correct?

Anyway getting this game day 1. Can’t wait.

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    January 19th, 5:22 pm

    I\’ve played Demon\’s Souls – but there aren\’t seperate online and offline modes, more of a \’bleeding\’ of online into the offline world.

EventStatus said:

January 19th, 3:37 pm


I know some people who imported the game, and they say it’s a clash between FFXI and Monster Hunter. Online is pretty much MH, as you and 3 players hunt down monsters and take their loot for pieces that make rare weapons and armor.

Darkdoom123 said:

January 19th, 3:40 pm

Can’t wait.

Severancepay said:

January 19th, 3:49 pm

Umm… Did he say players can steal items from your NPCs? Not just buy but steal as well?

silverthehedgeh said:

January 19th, 3:50 pm

ok here goes again any playstation home items for NA region

gold5225 said:

January 19th, 3:57 pm

@ 48 yes there are. They said at around 4:45 in the video there will be things you can unlock in PlayStation Home.

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