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Jan 25

Jan 25

Coming to PSN this Week: Hustle Kings

Aaron Orsak's Avatar Posted by US Producer

Hello all! My name is Aaron Orsak, US Producer of Hustle Kings, and I’m here with some good news. The wait is finally over…Hustle Kings hits PSN this Thursday, January 28 for $9.99! Developed by UK-based VooFoo Studios, in collaboration with Sony Computer Entertainment, Hustle Kings is undoubtedly the most realistic and entertaining billiards game available anywhere…period. I don’t say this lightly, as being a tournament 8-ball player myself, it takes a lot to impress me. Well, color me impressed, because I can’t stop playing this game! From just straight-up pool to intensely complicated masse, swerve, bank, and spin shots, Hustle Kings gets it right from top to bottom. It’s so realistic that I’ve yet to find a shot that could be done on a real table, even shots I’ve seen the old pros pull off, that couldn’t be pulled off in Hustle Kings. Not one! Oh yeah, and did I mention the game is beautiful?

But Hustle Kings isn’t just a straight sim. VooFoo and Sony have packed it full of fun and unique features and stimulating game modes. Features such as uploading your best shots to YouTube, XMB music so that you control the jukebox, and game modes such as Career, Tournament, Trick Shot modes, and even online and local Tournaments!

And, of course, for all you trophy fans out there, we’ve got something special for you! There’s been a lot of discussion internally about how we can do something a little different with the trophy system, and we finally decided to make one of the silver trophies stand out from the rest of the bunch. This trophy can only be unlocked by playing online and beating someone else who already has it. Sounds simple enough, right? The catch is that the developers are the only ones who will start with it, and that means the only way to get it is by beating them at their own game!

Hustle Kings Screenshot 1

Hustle Kings Screenshot 2

So for all you pool fans out there, the wait is almost over! Stop by the PlayStation Store this Thursday and grab a copy for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!

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SEVENTY7 said:

January 26th, 6:54 am

Time to put some money in the PSN Wallet :D
Game looks great.

SarshelYam said:

January 26th, 9:16 am

Hate to jump on the bandwagon, but about time. I played this at E3 and it’s been a tough stretch waiting for this to hit. Easily the most beautiful and realistic pool billiards game I’ve ever played. Minute one purchase guaranteed!!

Rene_Led said:

January 26th, 10:41 am

Wow I love pool!

Im definateley buying this!

SilverPR said:

January 26th, 11:06 am

Great, so the rumors where true. And about those micro transactions… as long as with standard chalk I can make the same stuff with the specail one I’m game. Still I was waiting for this one and I will buy it.

Quixote said:

January 26th, 11:25 am

its always nice to see replies to the comments.

it has been said in some of the posts that there are microtransactions for item in this game, i am wondering if this true?
and if there are, what are they?


January 26th, 1:17 pm

Game looks nice!

Only thing im waiting on before I buy is the voice/video chat. I think itd sell huge with all those features!!!

AtomicAngel said:

January 26th, 1:20 pm

Wow, impressive! It’s bought.

SNAKE-EYES73 said:

January 26th, 1:30 pm

Where is the 2010 demos Sony?..Wow another week of boring useless junk!..Zzzz were still waiting for the demos for Heavy Rain, White Knight Chronicles, DarkSider’s, Heck just something new!…

lyndonAP said:

January 26th, 3:04 pm

@105- the game has a store in which you spend the HKC (Hustle Kings Cash) you earn while playing to grab things such as avatar pics for in game, cues, new ball sets, etc.

They do have a separate section of the store, however, that will be for purchasing via the PlayStation Store. This will likely include stuff (as was hinted at in previous comments/ replies) like new game modes such as snooker. As of yet, though, there is nothing there.

flatbed said:

January 26th, 3:15 pm

Can’t wait till Thurs !!!

XenoNative said:

January 27th, 12:01 am

sweet. no more yahoo pool for me, thank you very much!

RAWISWAR74 said:

January 27th, 7:07 pm

This game NEEDS CHAT CAPABILITY! Even worms has that option.

RAWISWAR74 said:

January 27th, 7:08 pm


zerosnake99 said:

January 28th, 8:35 am

It’s about time >=/. I’ve been waiting since the announcement for this this game to come out. Now I can finally school some kids without actually needing a pool table =P (though.. I do own one lol)


January 28th, 12:01 pm

I am patiently awaiting VOICE CHAT before I purchase….also when will it be available on on Amazon?

lyndonAP said:

January 28th, 4:52 pm

Thought of another quick question- is there any sort of icon beside the IDs of the devs so more easily spot them or is it pretty much a hit/ miss proposition?

hellZfirEJP said:

January 28th, 8:11 pm

A game like this HAS to include headset support. Come on guys, it canĀ“t be too hard to put it on.

The game is awesome. With the headset support, will be perfect.

Stanpy said:

January 29th, 8:33 am

one thing that I hate are DLC that are not mentioned like the Chalk that you kinda need for the end game stuff how great is that to rip off consumers personally. I regret buying this based on what i saw on the forums. There is 3 Chalk to buy for what hmm 0,99 each why is this even for sale why can’t we unlock them while playing the game what in the world they are thinking I swear Developers these days they try to take as much money out of our pocket as possible… I rarely complain about DLC but wow this game is like you need it to be in your stuff later in the game Forced DLC in a way…

JimInPT said:

January 29th, 11:49 am

THANK YOU so much for creating the option to turn off that rap crap! That was the very first option I sought out and selected – I could feel my brain getting dumber by the second until it was finally gone.

Thank you, thank you.

Very enjoyable game so far; not crazy about having to buy chalk with actual money if you want it – I’ll take a pass on that. Willing to consider DLC game variations, tables, settings etc. but I don’t pay “maintenance fees” on PSN, period.

I don’t think anybody really wants/needs video chat (it eats bandwidth and my room is pretty dark anyway), but audio (with mute and ability selectively mute specific PSN IDs) would be a nice addition later on.

Again, thanks for finally delivering and if you want to save space, just delete the c)rap.

loudhouse said:

January 31st, 6:34 pm

u havent answered all the chat issues yet. we all want chat available. what do u have to say about that?

BlackWitchery666 said:

February 1st, 11:02 am

Yeah, I’m so glad the Rap can be turned off!

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