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Jan 27

Jan 27

This Week in PlayStation Home: The London Pub, Limited Assassin’s Creed 2 & BioShock 2 Items + Zombieland & MAG Events

Locust_Star's Avatar Posted by PlayStation Home Community Manager

It’s that time again – y’know, the time where we drop in to let you know all about the latest and greatest content scheduled to release into the ever-evolving world of PlayStation Home. This week plays host to yet another deluge of awesome content including an incredible new personal space, some seriously hot events, and super-limited items from some of the best games of 2010. Want to learn more? Then read on, my friends…

First up is VEEMEE’s London Pub personal space. This cozy watering hole is situated on the banks of the river Thames – not far from the Houses of Parliament – and is appropriately outfitted with a multi-player darts game that is sure to attract all the party animals on your friend’s list. Priced at $5.99 (less than a real-world round of beverages for your buddies), the London Pub has all the amenities to ensure that an appropriate party vibe flows freely at all time – from the humorous taps to the ever-kindling fireplace. Peep the pics below for a peek at this hot new personal space.

PlayStation Home - LondonPub 1 PlayStation Home - theLondonPub 2

I don’t know about you all, but my calendar has been cleared for quite some time for the release of the Assassin’s Creed 2 “Battle of Forli” DLC, dropping this Thursday, January 28 on the PlayStation Network. In fact, the only thing that has me more stoked than the prospect of seeing the Caterina Sforza storyline play out is the new Ezio costume (available for both your in-game character and AND your in-world avatar), which will be released in PlayStation Home in tandem with the DLC launch this week. This super-limited costume will only be available for one month and then it will be pulled off the shelves forever. So check out the pics below and then head to the PlayStation Home Mall this Thursday to pick yours up before time runs out.

PlayStation Home - Assassin's Creed 2 Male_EzioLimited2

On that note, those of you that took advantage of the opportunity to pre-order BioShock 2 from will be able to unlock the Big Daddy costume in PlayStation Home. So rad. You all are going to be the envy of Central Plaza on February 9 when BioShock 2 releases and we start playing the game like mad during our Featured Game parties.

PlayStation Home -  BioShock 2 Male_BigDaddy

Speaking of Featured Games: As you all know, the next level in multi-player shooters – MAG – released on Tuesday, exclusively on the PlayStation 3. And to celebrate this momentous occasion, we are devoting a ridiculous amount of our Featured Game nights in the near future to blasting away on the battlefields of the MAG universe. In fact, this weekend – Friday the 29th through Sunday the 31st – we are inviting all of you MAG fanatics out the Central Plaza, between the hours of 6:00PM and 10:00PM PT (9:00PM and 1:00AM EST), to join a faction– be it the SVER (Friday), Raven (Saturday) or Valor (Sunday) forces. This is when you decide once and for all which side you are on. So get your butts into PlayStation Home, grab free MAG shirts that represent your soldier style from the Central Plaza, and then slam in a fresh clip and chamber a round, because this is going to be the battle to end all battles.

There’s at least one event going on in PlayStation Home literally every day, 365 days a year. And some days there are two, like this Thursday, January 28 and Sunday, January 31, when we continue the on-going Zombieland event in the PlayStation Home Theater. The gist of it is this: There is an exclusive film clip from Zombieland playing in Theater #1. Watch the video, and then check out the trivia questions placed on the marquees, posters, and billboards throughout PlayStation Home. The first 25 community members that send an email to with the right answers to all 17 questions will win a copy of Zombieland on Blu-ray. Be sure to read the official contest rules at the end of this post for all of the juicy details.

Last but certainly not least, we’ll be releasing a Gargoyle furniture bundle as well as Fantasy and Victorian clothing bundles to complement the Paris Clock Tower personal space. These bundles contain multiple items grouped together at a greatly reduced price. See the below video for an overview of these awesome new items and then grab the bundles from the PlayStation Home Mall this week.

Zombieland Blu-ray Trivia Contest

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Void outside the 50 United States and D.C. and where prohibited. The following promotion is intended for viewing in the 50 United States and D.C. only and shall only be construed and evaluated according to United States law. Do not proceed in this site if you are not a legal resident of, and located in, the 50 United States or D.C. and are at least 18 years of age at the time of entry. To enter, you must have a PlayStation 3 system, a valid PlayStation Network account, internet access and a copy of PlayStation HOME installed on your system. Contest begins January 26, 2010 at 10:00AM PST and ends February 2, 2010 at 11:59PM PST.

  • Log into your PlayStation Network account and launch PlayStation HOME application.
  • Make your way to the Theater Space of HOME to view the first trivia question. Six (6) total questions will be available for viewing on January 26, 2010. The second set of six (6) questions will be available to view within HOME on January 28, 2010. The third and final set of five (5) questions will be available to view within HOME on January 31, 2010.
  • There are 17 total questions. With the exception of the first question which will be displayed on the marquee next to the Zombieland screen, the remaining trivia questions can be located throughout the core Home Spaces during the promotion period.
  • Some of the answers to the trivia questions can be found by watching the Zombieland movie, watching the Zombieland trailer currently playing the Bowling Alley space in Home, and exclusive Zombieland footage currently displayed on the Theater screen.
  • To enter, send an e-mail to Enter “ZOMBIELAND” in the subject line and in the body of the email include your PSN ID and all 17 correct answers to the trivia questions.
  • The first 25 e-mails received by Sponsor with all 17 correct answers will be selected as the winners.

1. To be valid, entries must be received no later than February 2, 2010 at 11:59 PST. Limit one entry per person and e-mail address. Subsequent entries will be disqualified. Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc (the “Sponsor”) is not responsible for lost, late, mutilated, illegible, incomplete or misdirected entries. Sponsor is not responsible for technical, hardware or software failures of any kind, lost or unavailable network connections or failed, incomplete, garbled or delayed computer transmissions which may limit an entrants’ ability to participate in the contest. Sponsor reserves the right in its sole discretion to cancel or suspend this contest should virus, bugs or other causes corrupt the administration, security or proper play of this sweepstakes. Entries not satisfying these Official Rules will be automatically disqualified.

2. PRIZES: Each prize winner will receive one (1) Blu-ray copy of Zombieland (ARV $40.00). Sponsor reserves the right to substitute prize of equal value if prize is unavailable. Prizes are non-transferable and no substitutions allowed.

3. WINNERS: Prize Winners will be determined by selecting the first 25 e-mail submissions received by Sponsor that include all correct answers to the 17 trivia questions. Selection will be held on or about February 15, 2010. Winners will be notified by PSN e-mail. If any winners do not respond to Sponsor’s notification email within 14 days of the date that it is sent by Sponsor, they will be disqualified and new winners will be selected based on the original selection criteria. Please allow four to six weeks for receipt of prizes.

4. ODDS OF WINNING: The odds of winning depend on number of valid entries received.

5. ELIGIBILITY: Open to legal U.S. residents only aged 18 or older. Return of any prize/prize notification as undeliverable will result in disqualification and an alternate winner will be selected. Prize winners may be required to sign an Affidavit of Eligibility and Release within fourteen (14) days of prize notification. By acceptance of prize, winners agree to the use of their name and/or likenesses for purposes of advertising, trade, or promotion without further compensation, unless prohibited by law. Additionally, by acceptance of prize, prize winners agree to release Sponsor, its parents, subsidiaries and affiliates from any and all liability, claims or actions of any kind whatsoever for injuries, damages or losses to persons and property which may be sustained in connection with the receipt, ownership or use of the prize or while preparing for, participating, and /or traveling to any prize-related activity. Employees of the Sponsor and its parent, subsidiaries and affiliated companies and their immediate families are not eligible to participate in this contest. Neither the Sponsors nor its affiliates, subsidiaries, division or related companies are responsible for any damages, taxes, or expenses that winners might incur as result of this sweepstakes or receipt of prize.

6. WINNER LIST: To obtain names of winners, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to Zombieland Trivia Contest, 919 E. Hillsdale Blvd. 2nd Floor Foster City, CA 94404. Prize winners’ name request will be fulfilled within four weeks. Requests for winner list must be received by March 15, 2010.

7. RESTRICTIONS: Void where prohibited or restricted by law.

8. SPONSOR: Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc, Foster City, CA 94404

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that_sterlin_kid said:

January 27th, 3:09 pm

So, where are these Bioshock 2 Items mentioned anywhere in the article? I expected item’S’, not an item that only Amazon buyers could get….

mzdez214 said:

January 27th, 3:18 pm

Do you guys plan to bring back the PSP in Home to replace the PDA?

nissangtr261 said:

January 27th, 3:20 pm

Hi Locuust Star

i thought of a great idea for Home you should add a color editing tool so people can color edit there currently owned clothes. it would be great for Home users and its guaranteed to get you guys money.

and can we get some new hair styles preferably anime based so girls can have long hair and guys can get cool hair styles. the old hair stlyes have gotten dull and boring.

Darth-Krayt said:

January 27th, 3:32 pm

I love Home, but I’m really getting sick of all these AMazon Home exclusives. All 3 I know of, the Killzone 2 one, the Darksiders one and now the BioShock one are all costumes I want but can’t get. Every single one should be made availible in Home for at least a week. I don’t buy games online, I buy them in a store. And being someone who actually supports Home, not just uses it, I, and other people who support Home shouldn’t be excluded from the best costumes in Home, which all seem to be amazon exclusives.

Darth-Krayt said:

January 27th, 3:34 pm

On that note, maybe you guys should see if Amazon wants to open up a Home store in which they’ll sell their exclusive costumes if someone doesn’t want to get them for free by buying games online.

Sindred said:

January 27th, 3:34 pm

Quick question about streaming media into home (ie. Music/Video).

Since there are probably legal reasons why we can’t get personal music or video in our apartments, what about streaming the same music that plays in Central Plaza? It gives the apartment some audio personality, and you can choose what plays from a library you guys condone. Same thing with Video. Why not stream trailers and promos and some interviews to our virtual TVs. It’s like you can tune into the PS blog from home. Sure it’s not our own personal videos, but it’s something to entertain guests with, and I know I’d pay for some SOUND coming into my apartment.

M_C_A_S_ said:

January 27th, 3:41 pm


RobRoks said:

January 27th, 3:45 pm

im pretty sure people are still mainly waiting or the Trophy Cabinet .. why are you delaying this :(

nascent- said:

January 27th, 3:45 pm

I like the idea of the pub but having it as a personal space is retarded. It should’ve been a public space, the whole point of pubs is they are PUBlic houses. Not the same at all with only a few people.

silverthehedgeh said:

January 27th, 4:06 pm

also is the dart being fixed as the one i got is glitched as its a head item but should be headphones

O_Razor_O said:

January 27th, 4:18 pm

Oh..Em….Ge!!! ;D i cant wait for my ps3 to show up tomorrow (or friday) from service D< so i can download these badboys. wewt

pgsdi said:

January 27th, 4:36 pm

how about fixing the terrible loading times and errors. oh and how about actually listening to the forum thread of countless problems and complaints we are expressing with home. and release some decent content for home we can actually be happy to hear. oh yeah you guys also ripped us off with the Wizards Den. looks nothing like the picture that was posted..

xKylarx said:

January 27th, 5:31 pm

Is the AC2 Add-on separate for the costume from home. Is there a bundle with both of them?

Stoffinator said:

January 27th, 6:01 pm

Instead of new content next week, can we get the login fixed? It takes almost 6 min. to log into Home.

Kenshin71 said:

January 27th, 7:18 pm

The Home tean should put a halt on new apartments and other useless crap and build on the existing infrastructure. Upgrade the existing spaces and apartments, reduce load times and downloads, add more entertainment and interactive functionality within spaces and improve communication and character modelling.

I can think of a ton of things that would make Home better and more appealing to a broader audience off the top of my head. Home really has lost direction and most PS3 users avoid it.

SaintPickle said:

January 27th, 7:52 pm

Enough with the personal spaces! We dont need one every week. At least take some time and think up some really good ones! How about another normal and modern one like the City penthouse?

Fly-boi_2009 said:

January 27th, 11:39 pm

You all should Please stop making personal spaces every week, We have enough of personal spaces !! What You all need to foucs on is to fix how Home Run, by cutting down on the Load times, freezing,Logg in issues,making Home run smooth and much faster, than it do, buy more servers, It takes me nearly 10 mins to logg into Home.!!. You all need to take the time with Upgrading our exsitin Personal Spaces that we all had paid for !! by giving us Working devices such has Media, (TVS and Radios) !!!to make our apartments very useful on a daily basics, for having friends over, with interactives games that sold seprate in the mall to purchase, Pool tables , darts, etc. whats the purpose of having apartments for every week with nothing but furniture for,? its a wasted !!.Start reading the Fourms, and Respond to us all on the fourms We need answers from you GUys, Sony,Managers, Who ever that is empolyed with Sony. Customer SERvice. !! for issues we may have. communicate with us, instead of leaving us without a word !!

PantherX said:

January 28th, 1:15 am

The Home spaces are piling up, there needs to be a way to either trade them in or be able to invite ppl who arent on ur list to enjoy while ur there. how can u get ur moneys worth when u buy a space for a game then it gets old and sits there?

IcedDice777 said:

January 28th, 2:12 am

SOooooooo…… What’s the status of our personal 3D trophy Rooms at Home?

IcedDice777 said:

January 28th, 2:13 am

SOooooooo….. What’s the status of our personal 3D trophy Rooms at Home?

N_I_C_K_USA said:

January 28th, 3:58 am

come on sony stop adding stuff and fix the stuff we all ready have. it is still in beta and we are all geting sick off the lag in places and we buy more stuff to fill up are Wardrobe but then it takes longer to get in to home and we have more lag then. about time you stoped adding and start fixing the stuff we have. sorry if this sounds bad but we are all tester for you plz take note thanks
nick usa

Keyeszx said:

January 28th, 6:07 am

Why doesn’t home release the costumes that are from preorders in the store? They could make a lot of money off it after everyone wants it and then add it later so everyone can have it. Maybe make it cheaper than the average clothing as to give incentive for people to buy it even if some will complain that preorder was free.

vercity26 said:

January 28th, 7:57 am

the event will be a fail like every other US home event. the ezio costume with the altiar armor would have been cooler to have. and the big daddy outfit doesn’t even look like a big daddy. lol more like an old rusted scuba outfit. for those who like this new crap no offense just my opinion. ^_^ can’t wait to see what japan gets. i’m sure like always it will pwn US home lol

King0fHearts2007 said:

January 28th, 8:07 am

Where are TV’s where is The Hall of Fame?


January 28th, 9:22 am

even more worthless content.. surely we can spend that money on something worth while?

punish_ignorance said:

January 28th, 5:45 pm

SVER ftw! haa SVER all the way babey!! friday w/ SVER kickin it!

delta__nine said:

January 30th, 8:37 am


love_machine2 said:

February 2nd, 7:40 pm

Why don’t you guys build MAG items for unlocking things in the game?

love_machine2 said:

February 2nd, 8:01 pm

I hear that Audi has a space in home on another country’s server. So why isn’t it on home and another thing, you need to give us working tvs. I don’t care if it is a real television show or just a bunch of game
trailers. Have you seen the theater lately, I would like to see you try and watch a video with 20 people standing in front of you. Besides if you let us put televisions in our apartments, it might help persuade people to buy your products. I know i’m asking alot but I would like you to take it into consideration and make it free

love_machine2 said:

February 2nd, 8:07 pm

I hear there is a fumet going around about u guys making a trophy cabinet

love_machine2 said:

February 2nd, 9:21 pm

Lucas_Star do you make the home items, because they are awsome but I would like to give you ideas about what you can make next. As you can tell today is my first day finding. The Ideas I wrote about above I hope you liked and try your best to make it happen.

love_machine2 said:

February 2nd, 9:24 pm

Please excuse my second comment’s spelling error. Fumet is rumer

love_machine2 said:

February 2nd, 9:43 pm

I know I like to talk alot but I would I would like it if you could make it go up to four players to one ps3. I have a big family and it is hard to make sure everyone gets a turn

ReHsA said:

February 3rd, 5:14 am

Judging from most of the comments, a lot of people are mentioning something about the lag times, freezing and pissing you off because of the long load times. It’s very true that SONY should spend more time removing all those weird, annoying glitches that’s happening in HOME rather than adding more useless content. Trust me, Home will lose more USERS than content being added weekly if, and I say IF, the user interface hasn’t been improve. I mean all of the stuff they are selling(clothes, apartments, furnitures and all…) are cool but we can’t even use them because it bugs down when your trying to change, let’s say a hat, or it freezes when your selecting a chair to decorate in your personal space. Even more, why can’t we have TVs or Stereos in our apartment. Why can’t we stream our own music in our own PERSONAL SPACE??? After all, WE PAID FOR IT!!! For videos, I understand we can’t do it, because of legal purposes but music??? It’s not like we’re illegally downloading tunes, we just want to listen to music while partying with our friends in OUR HOME APARTMENTS! Unless there’s a perfectly good explanation for all of my complaints, I should say that HOME is not a HOME, it’s more of an out-house. A ‘BETA’ out-house…

love_machine2 said:

February 3rd, 2:03 pm

I agree with ReHsA you should do that because I still like it but we need music and tv. I watched the playstation home conferince and they had a working tv!!! So why can’t we. Like ReHsA

moradred said:

February 9th, 7:12 am

I was just wondering Is There going to be a Zombieland game? Because playstation got hosed about left for dead and dead rising And since Sony produced Zombieland I was wondering if there was going to be one.

moradred said:

February 9th, 7:13 am

I loved that movie!!

redtempest said:

February 17th, 9:19 am

That looks pritty rubish LOL

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