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Jan 28

Jan 28

It’s Official, God of War III Will Be Attacking Stores on March 16th!

Eric Levine's Avatar Posted by SCEA PR Manager

God of War Fans –

There have been a lot of people asking about when God of War III is going to hit store shelves. Well, today I have some good news to share for those of you eagerly awaiting this highly anticipated PS3 exclusive. Kratos fans can get their hands on God of War III beginning Tuesday, March 16! You can pick up the God of War III Ultimate Edition on the very same day, which includes premium collectibles and digital content that is fit for any Spartan warrior. I’m also thrilled to unveil the official box art for God of War III and God of War III Ultimate Edition. Here’s a look…

God of War III

For those you thirsty for more God of War excitement, on February 11, we’ll be debuting our brand new God of War III trailer exclusively on SPIKE’s GameTrailers TV, so make sure to tune in. And if you’d like to get reacquainted with Kratos and refresh your skills before March 16, the God of War Collection is now ONLY $29.99. This epic deal gets you God of War and God of War II in stunning HD for one low price! Stay tuned for more God of War news as we move closer to launch.

GOWIII Ultimate Edition box

In the End, There Will Be Only Chaos…

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rafael_martines said:

January 28th, 10:54 am

Great! and what about the final cover of God of War III, That’s Kratos’s Eye Cover is outdated :P? Any news? Can we see any possible covers?

VofEscaflowne said:

January 28th, 10:55 am

I think a box art like this will attract the eye (lol, get it? :p) much better than what most of you want as a generic Kratos box art. It’s generating comments, a lot on the box art alone. It will stand out on the shelf at the store.

Jezer29 said:

January 28th, 10:56 am

Yes!!! Hit streaks here I come Lol

prongwongtong said:

January 28th, 10:57 am

Box art should be epic… this is not epic…

A_star23 said:

January 28th, 10:58 am

What the hell sony? thats got to be one of the [DELETED] boxarts in history! you can do so much better than that, at least something similar to the previous three games.and no console ps3 bundles? COME ON THIS IS GOD OF WAR THIS IS YOUR BIGGEST GAME!! ARE YOU SERIOUS? do you not know how much that will sell? I’m getting a PS3 for GoW and nothing special to go with it? COME ON!

IcedDice777 said:

January 28th, 11:03 am

Awesome!!! Looking forward into finishing this EPIC. I HOPE its not a 6 hour game (6 hr games are rentals in my book NOT worth $ 60 Dollars).

igorsport09 said:

January 28th, 11:05 am

And the back of the boxart?

fran_ASFAHA4565 said:

January 28th, 11:07 am


Myke-Myke said:

January 28th, 11:09 am

I can’t wait for this game! Most likely the biggest and most important release in all of 2010 (right beside GT5).

Also Eric,

Please have some great as usual Kevin Butler ads for GoW3, Heavy Rain, GT5, and ModNation Racers. These games are gonna be awesome and they will need some awesome marketing. Have some PS3 ads showing during the commercials during the Super Bowl if possible. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep those Kevin Butler commercials going!!!

TRIX_BOL said:

January 28th, 11:10 am

I have to say that I am very dissatisfied with both box art, i was expecting something “epic” from the Art team!


January 28th, 11:11 am

For the longest time I was afraid the “eye” box art would be the final product. A few weeks ago a new potential box art had shown up, and some people claimed it to be the actual official product. It looked fantastic, Kratos standing, battle-ready, appropriately epic. And I breathed a sigh of relief. Now, reading this article and finding the “eye” box art to indeed be final, I can’t help but be disappointed. It just doesn’t convey any sense of what the game has to offer in my eyes (no pun intended). Ah well, what can you do?

lagoonalight said:

January 28th, 11:23 am

EHH WHAT!?????

WHAT THE **** happened to the boxart I saw on N$G a bit ago. That was freakin epic. One of the best I have seen in a while. This sticks out like a sore bargain bin title. Guess what? I’ll be buying at 20 to 30 dollars, too.

GET A ******* CLUE WITH YOUR BOXART. THAT LOOKS ABOMINABLE. Your US marketing is ******* lazy and redundant. After all these complaints you people need to fire some people and get with what the **** people want on the cover. YOU don’t KNOW americans because we have been getting this **** for too long.

PSNmichal said:

January 28th, 11:28 am

Simply TERRIBLE box art, what were you guys thinking!? First with Heavy Rain US, now this box art.

RuthlessEd said:

January 28th, 11:29 am

It’s truly unbelievable that people are crying about the boxart.

This generation of cry-babies is just too much…

Sony should just put a big baby-soother on the packaging.

At least that would be something you’re all familiar with.

xBlackBloodx said:

January 28th, 11:30 am

Ha nice.
I disagree but nice passion.
I feel that strongly about backwards compatibility but not a freakin box cover that you’ll look at once or twice.

But! here’s why i think the box art is a good idea…

Look at most, not all, the box arts out there… what colors do that have on it…


Having a pure white box art will draw attention to it. if there’s a lot of earth toned color box arts in a row at Walmart or where ever and God of War III is in there it won’t stick to the everyday consumer.

The white background will.

So i’m going to have to give Sony some respect for that smart marketing move because they, and we all know too, that we’re going to get this game regardless of the box art.

xBlackBloodx said:

January 28th, 11:33 am

Oh yeah i wanted to ask…

why only three replies?

this game deserved more attention then that…

PSNmichal said:

January 28th, 11:35 am

“It’s truly unbelievable that people are crying about the boxart.”
Are you some kind of simpleton? Sit back down on that stool fool.

DeMoNiCJoKeR said:

January 28th, 11:38 am

oh man, already paid in full for the ultimate edition, man this game is going to be awesome.

RuthlessEd said:

January 28th, 11:40 am


Not a simpleton. Just an adult that doesn’t need to whine because I don’t like the artwork on the packaging of a silly video game.

krae_man said:

January 28th, 11:41 am

People who want a PS3 bundle cool your jets. Their’s like a 99.999999999999999% chance a bundle is coming. Sony’s not going to announce everything all at once.

They gotta trickle every single drop of information as……….slow……..as………possible ya know.

Gotta milk all the free publicity they can. They probably already know the exact date they will announce it already.

Video Game PR plans are detailed to the point of absurdity just like presidental campaigns.

Juben said:

January 28th, 11:48 am

Sadly this game will play side seat passenger to FFXIII!

Multiplatform or not the game to have this year actually every year since ps3 release was FFXIII. People bought ps3s for FFXIII. See how many people ask for Sony to talk with Square and get them on the blog.

While i love Sony you should push back GOWIII to let FFXIII do its numbers then April since nothing really impressive is coming out thats where you come in and sweep April. Make a poll and ask the blog readers if they had 65 dollars or more for special editions which would they buy: FFXIII vs GOWIII? It would not even be a close contest the rpgers have been waiting for FFXIII for longest time.

mafecto said:

January 28th, 11:50 am

Boxart looks FANTASTIC.

People who complain about box art need to get a life.

MajinBahamutZero said:

January 28th, 11:52 am

I can’t wait for the game definitely my game of the year. Although I like the box art of GOW and GOW II alot more, they were just awe-inspiring this one not so much. Hopefully they change it before the game is out.

sikbta said:

January 28th, 11:54 am

This Game will be a Huge BEAST

GOW3 GOTY 2010, for sure…

Dragonzblaze said:

January 28th, 11:58 am

got the ultimate edition paid off getting it march 15th gamestop midnight launch we need god of war 3 dynamic themes psn id avatars in the end only chaos

Kane797 said:

January 28th, 11:58 am

OMG am I the only one who thinks this box art is bad, Sony cmon this is your biggest game of the year and that’s the best you could do?

Tridon said:

January 28th, 11:59 am

Wow, I’m SO glad I pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition. The box alone is wicked! I just have no idea where the hell I’m going to fit it (I can already hear my girlfriend complaining about it being in the way)!

As far as the cover art goes, I commend Sony on this cover and I DO think it’s rather epic. Why? Think of it like this; for the first two titles (as well as Chains of Olympus [which, in my opinion, should’ve been included in the God of War Collection]), the cover art showed Kratos from behind staring at a destination off in the distance. The third game is all about the final confrontation between Kratos and the Gods. The battle to end all battles. What better way to show this than by doing a close up of Kratos’ eye (which is the first time he’s ever been shown from the front on a cover), as if he’s eye-to-eye with a God. As if he’s saying, “f#*k you, Zeus… I’m hear to ream your lightning-blasting ass!” I personally love the cover, and am insanely excited to play some kick-ass fights and some frusterating-as-hell puzzles!

Bring on the God of War!!! =D

scorpio182 said:

January 28th, 11:59 am


I have been waiting to pick this up soon and now Im heading out to pick it up.

I checked and BestBuy Canada has already updated their website so for you Canadians the price did change.

Great job!!! I will be recommending this sale to friends you just got a ps3 also..

March 16th also..wow!!!!

Velzorn said:

January 28th, 12:05 pm

Can’t wait. Can we get a dynamic GOW III theme and new GOW avatars before the launch date?

JaY_Ci_415 said:

January 28th, 12:16 pm

Man I can’t wait for this game but there’s one problem…I’m still trying to finish part 1!!! Currently at the last lever and it’s pretty ridiculous…want to at least start part II soon.

poodude said:

January 28th, 12:16 pm

I bought the GOW collection on boxing day. God of War one was amazing. I haven’t started two yet but I’m so hyped for the third one. Which reminds me, I I still have to pick up Chains of Olympus. Too many games too little time :(.

Subzero316 said:

January 28th, 12:21 pm

Great news to hear that god of war 3 will come out march 16th, also great news that the new trailer will be shown on my birthday.

zopi-san said:

January 28th, 12:32 pm

that’s the worst gow art cover i ever seen!!!

kb4983 said:

January 28th, 12:33 pm

Also is there anyway, anyway at all to have the Art Booklet changed in size??? I have the art booklet from the God of War II Collector’s Guide and it is full size, incredible and it was like $20!! I’m paying $100 for the Collector’s Edition of GoW III can’t $20 of that be for a Collector’s Edition Art Book that doesn’t suck!?!?

TheGuardianFID said:

January 28th, 12:33 pm

Freaking Awesome, I have the Ultimate Edition pre-ordered, the Box Art looks awesome on both, very nice guys, I can’t wait to play the full game!!! 8 )

A_star23 said:

January 28th, 12:34 pm

All god of war games boxarts had kratos standing and facing some important structure in the background. they should have followed that structure for this as well. and mount olympus is clearly the main structure in this epic so they should have gone with something like that. this boxart looks terrible! COME ON SONY MAKE A NEW BOXART! I want it to look epic sitting beside my PS3, not something with girly eyelashes.

@120 – I certainly hope you’re right sir!

SandSkorpion said:

January 28th, 12:39 pm

Is the Combat Arena DLC actually “Exclusive” to the Ultimate Edition, or will is show up on the Playstation store 3 weeks later?

How does the documentary differ from all the behind the scenes videos from the God of War collection?

Kluv said:

January 28th, 12:39 pm

Any word on the STRATEGY GUIDE?! The collector’s edition one with God of War 2 was EPIC!

Rhez said:

January 28th, 12:42 pm

Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday to me…oh, sorry. Actually it looks like my whole Birthday month is going to be full of gaming goodness. The next couple months sound like they’re going to be grrrreat!

I’m still working my way through GoW II (on the GoW collection) right now so I will definitely be ready come B-day. I think we need more collections brought over to the PS3.

TEAM ICO collection anyone?
Maybe Ratchet&Clank?
How about DMC?
Anywho I think you should republish classic PS2 titles on Blu-Ray just for me. I mean you obviously set up GoWIII just for my birthday. I motion to keep that celebratory momentum going.

*oh and on a side note, I think Sony should copyright the GoW abbreviation, steal it back from that other GoW nonsense. hee-hee *eg*

EmpireNO said:

January 28th, 12:48 pm


I was planning on buying this day one, but now I found out it’s being released the 26th of February in EU. But Heavy Rain is releasing the 24th of February so I’ll get that instead. Now that’s what you get for delaying it for EU. Maybe I’ll buy it cheaper later after Heavy Rain, Bioshock 2, God of War 3, ModNation Racers, etc..

EmpireNO said:

January 28th, 12:48 pm

this was meant for the White Knight thread. :/

Kluv said:

January 28th, 12:49 pm

And who the hell made this beautiful cover?
I thought that was going to be the cover.

dominicanyo said:

January 28th, 12:51 pm

3 days before my birthday!

Heavenly_king said:

January 28th, 12:55 pm

I would have prefered a different boxart :(

Heavenly_king said:

January 28th, 12:57 pm


HELL YEAH!!!! That was the boxart I was expecting!!!




January 28th, 1:08 pm

the boxart really…. sucks to be honest.


January 28th, 1:10 pm

agree 145 the boxart is trash compared to that one.

eddieMX07 said:

January 28th, 1:11 pm

I read some of the comments here and most don’t like the official box cover. Personally I think the cover is ok but is not a good as covers for previous God of War games. Maybe they should have been a background like in God of War 1 and 2.

I would like to see an alternate cover for the Ultimate Edition. Maybe you guys for do what the Insomiac did for the Resistance 2.

Globox_82 said:

January 28th, 1:13 pm

one of the most generic, worse box arts i have ever seen! No imagination at all! Almost makes you wanna skip it…ugh.

Ledis15 said:

January 28th, 1:21 pm

I have a question,

Will there be any God of War content for Playstation Home?

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