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Feb 08

Feb 08

LittleBigPlanet: This Week in DLC

Mark Valledor's Avatar Posted by Marketing Manager, SCEA

Hey guys,

As mentioned in our last post, we’re trying something new to keep you up to date on all things LittleBigPlanet DLC. So on Mondays we’ll be here filling you in on the latest DLC coming to the PlayStation Store. In time, we hope to fill out this post with more DLC-related news, announcements, highlights, etc. But for now, this week’s post…


As Valentine’s Day draws near, PSP fans will be able to dress up their Sackboys and Sackgirls with costumes of ‘Luvre’! Two new packs will release on the Store this Thursday, February 11:

Luvre Costume for LBP PSP (FREE) – Show the world that you’re all heart, with this free costume that’s, er, filled with hearts…


Luvre Theme Pack for LBP PSP ($2.99) – Here’s an idea. Create a lovely custom level for your special valentine with this new theme pack. Then have your valentine play through the level designed specifically for them – it will be the best valentine ever! To help you, this pack offers 15 valentine-themed stickers to decorate your level and 4 costumes to dress up your Sackboy/girl in. And when you’re done, upload it for the rest of the LBP fans to play – and maybe use for our own valentine :)

LBPLuvreCostumePack_PSPAddOn_Thumb_US Luvre_cupid1

Valentine’s Day Mini-Pack for LBP PS3 ($2.99) – If you missed this last year, now’s your chance to get the Valentine’s Day pack for the PS3. With a special Cupid outfit, 10 love-themed stickers, lots of objects and 5 different types of materials, you can make enough levels for all your Valentines this year! LIMITED TIME – Hurry, these items will disappear from the Store on 2/25.


Chinese New Year Costumes for LBP PS3 (FREE) – In celebrating the upcoming Chinese New Year, be sure to download this free costume pack, complete with his/her traditional costumes for this special time of year. LIMITED TIME – Hurry these items will disappear on 2/25.


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mywhitenoise said:

February 8th, 9:55 am

I wish you guys would release NEW free DLC, instead of the same ones from last year.

Dice_for_Death_ said:

February 8th, 9:58 am

Always nice to see LBP PS3/PSP on the receiving end of some nifty DLC.

Imputed7-14 said:

February 8th, 9:58 am

Nice safe first DLC announcement. And we all know that next week is the White Knight costumes, which look cool. Here’s hoping there are Uncharted and Ratchet and Clank PS3 costume and sticker packs coming. Looking forward to the Marvel stuff as well. Keep up the LBP love Sony/MM.

SpiritThief said:

February 8th, 9:59 am


Is it 2009 again??

JesseHaysFL said:

February 8th, 9:59 am

Nice fig leaf…..

Thanks for the support please dont stop…

Any chance on getting some Mod nation cross over or is that not an option?

Also I would love to see Twisted Metal in LBP….You know a Sack-sweettooth or Sack-tooth if you will would be awesome….and spectre….fuggatabout it

ScubaOwl said:

February 8th, 10:01 am

What happened to the Disney LBP DLC?

dotCody said:

February 8th, 10:01 am

I completely agree with 1. I haven’t touched LittleBigPlanet in almost a year. I’m sick and tired of these overpriced costumes. :( And how come LBP PSP gets a FREE Valentine’s costume, but LBP PS3 costs money?

SpyDudeFX said:

February 8th, 10:09 am

More level packs, and yeah it does feel like 2009 again. New DLC is always more fun ;)

TwinDad said:

February 8th, 10:11 am

Hey look, same costumes as last year. It is 2009 over again.

CitizenInsane27 said:

February 8th, 10:14 am

Yeah, I would hate to hate, but I agree with the rest of these guys. More level packs please. Sick of the costumes.

There are plenty of user made levels, yes, but some of us would appreciate some real, honest level packs so that we can earn some new items. Instead of just paying $1-2 for costumes to wear while we play.

Otaku1975 said:

February 8th, 10:18 am

speaking of new DLC,since Final Fantasy 13 is coming out soon, maybe make a deal with SE and put out some FF costumes. Especially some FF9 ones, I already have a decent Vivi sackboy but want him to look great.


February 8th, 10:19 am

I love how Mm and Sony will start announcing their DLC stuff on Mondays!

But around when are we going to see more Disney related DLCs again? I hope we don’t have to wait till December again for Disney LBP….

Curtisio said:

February 8th, 10:19 am


I have both versions of this game and very glad the PSP is getting its share of DLC!

WoshJills said:

February 8th, 10:28 am

Sony needs to inform the public of the benefits of bluray, and the value of free online through DEAR PLAYSTATION.

ykiki5 said:

February 8th, 10:34 am

Looking forward to the PSP DLC – plus I think the Chinese New Year DLC looks great. I think I’ll echo a couple of other posters by asking about the Disney DLC. Hope to see an announcement on that soon!

TRIX_BOL said:

February 8th, 10:37 am

Hey Mark, when are we getting the Marvel costumes that were shown at ComicCon 09?
It’s been a pretty long time since then.

jimfear said:

February 8th, 10:42 am

seriously… Costume dlc was nice to have last year but now…. I dont wanna be harsh but… Do people really still care about this game? Yeah it was a really fun and beautifull game but i think the dlc of this game is a little bit too much. At least give us some new level to bring somthing new:P

joeli83cr said:

February 8th, 10:50 am

MARK when are we going to be getting the Savannah theme pack and costumes. It says on the US little big planet site that they came out 02/04/2010 but they NEVER DID. They are not on the PS Store so please but them up thx.

Thwip said:

February 8th, 11:05 am

I still buy the DLC costume packs that interest me; but I am REALLY waiting for the Marvel DLC!

octus said:

February 8th, 11:09 am

me too, i cant wait for the marvel costumes.

did sephiroth ever come out? that costume was shown before the game was even released.

redknight4 said:

February 8th, 11:22 am

great to see that last years lbp ps3 content has returned again. I thought there was going to be a different lunar new year costume this year. would like to see some lbp ps3 dlc for the cherry blossom festival could even be a level mini pack with 1-2 levels

I would like to know what content is going to be permanent seasonal dlc. this can help clarify to people when dlc will be back.

shinra47 said:

February 8th, 11:29 am

Where is Sephiroth? Is MM waiting until XIII releases to put out a FF costume pack?

ZAANOS said:

February 8th, 11:46 am

I loved the PoTC DLC and costume pack.

I hope you guys are working on serious content for the Marvel DLC and by serious content I mean a combat system. A wolverine sackboy wouldn’t be a wolverine sackboy without retractable claws with a “SNIKT” sound effect and hack and slash action.

If you guys released a massive Marvel DLC mini expansion with tons of Marvel Sackboy/Sackgirl characters with unique powers and abilities to choose from with a combat system I would gladly pay more than $20 for it.

I’d like to be Sack Logan clawing away at a Sentinel’s torso while Sack Cyclops is blasting away at its feet.

poodude said:

February 8th, 12:30 pm

I’ll be getting those Valentine’s stuff for sure.

MalcolmHB said:

February 8th, 12:35 pm

@jimfear, yeah people do still care about this game including us, personally we love to see new DLC. Sadly it just seems to be repeats of last year though which is disapointing. I also don’t understand why this isnt posted on the EU blog as it is a British game and all.

Thrasher20 said:

February 8th, 1:10 pm

Love the outfits!

usergentoo said:

February 8th, 2:07 pm

Where is the Savannah content? Europe has theirs. Its a few days late it seems?

Babywarrior5 said:

February 8th, 2:51 pm

I’m still waiting for the Ratchet and Clank stuff! I can’t wait for that. And the Marvel DLC is exciting too.

Taleeya said:

February 8th, 3:01 pm

I actually still like the costumes, but for the level pack, why not release them earlier? I wanted to make a Valentine’s level with the pack (since I was told it came out last year and would be coming out again this year) But now I don’t have the time. Should’ve come out last week (or even week beflore). It takes soooo long to make levels. (And I second more DLC levels!)

R1LEY62 said:

February 8th, 3:17 pm

whoah, you guys really worked hard on the psp dlc, you’ve definately have earned my money! :D

angelspawn77 said:

February 8th, 3:31 pm

come on MM, how come the psp gets new costumes while us loyal ps3 lbp owners get the same stuff as last year? You guys should have at least made the psp costumes available for the ps3 users as well, this sucks.

poweredbyzen said:

February 8th, 3:40 pm

definitely getting the chinese new year costumes! it’s the year of the tiger – got a tiger costume?!

Miles514 said:

February 8th, 6:38 pm

I want marvel costumes…

ShadowPhoenix18 said:

February 8th, 8:29 pm

I know people are upset about repeat costumes, and I do understand the disappointment…but as I only just got the GoTY edition about what, a week ago, I’m actually happy to see I get another chance to get things I missed out on. Those Chinese New Year costumes look great, and I thoroughly enjoyed the Pirates level kit and character pack, especially since they were free. I’m quite keen on the dressing up, so no complaints here!

Skuutr said:

February 9th, 3:40 am

How do I get my dlc to work on my psp, it keeps telling me theres none available when I try downloaded levels?

zadorvp said:

February 9th, 9:45 am

How about not complaining about repeat costumes? Not everyone got them when they were last out (ShadowPhoenix18 up there, for example).

In any case, looking forward to the upcoming Final Fantasy VII and White Knight Chronicles DLC. And Sonic/whatever else was announced at some point.

J-DANG said:

February 9th, 10:54 am

no more psp costumes please! i own both the psp and ps3 version of lbp and i barely play the psp version….no point in paying for costumes when there’s no multiplayer

wolfiecakez said:

February 9th, 12:20 pm

wait im really confused i dont see the savanah item or the valentines day items in the playstation network store on media go or my psp

Korlithiel said:

February 9th, 7:53 pm

Sounds like after this weeks update I may need to purchase some content and bust out LBP on my PSP.

maddog9616 said:

February 10th, 4:05 pm

The chinese new year costumes are no where to be found…
Limited time how about not even available???
Any idea when they will be available???

playfull6218 said:

February 10th, 5:05 pm

that is soooooooooooooo cool cant wate to download it

live_neck said:

February 10th, 10:32 pm

That’s So cool! haha im tryin to make a good angel costume but i need those cupid wings >_<

haha its worth 2.99 that's for sure

live_neck said:

February 10th, 10:53 pm

Oh and I think personally there should be a glowing material, and not that lave material glitch, something blue maybe :)… oh well like that’ll happen

Elvick_ said:

February 11th, 9:16 am

Wait… I don’t remember a Cupid outfit from last year’s V-Day stuff.. is that new? or is it a typo, because I only see the Cupid outfit for the LBP PSP and not the PS3.


NineToez said:

February 11th, 3:47 pm

Still no DLC to be seen.

NineToez said:

February 11th, 4:12 pm

Take it back; it’s in the LittleBigStore within the game, not on the PSN… at least not as of yet.

Formula-409 said:

February 12th, 9:57 am

I can’t seem to find it in either the PS store or from within LBP’s in-game DLC browser. What am I missing?

wolfiecakez said:

February 13th, 11:02 am

the lurve items are there but not the savanah items.

ericscolon said:

February 13th, 2:42 pm

its nice they bring back old costumes for sackboy/girl some of us missed them the 1st time and i was jealous of the people who had the chinese new year costumes but im good now. Also Mm should put out different holiday costumes each year, just make the old ones available as well during the limited time the new ones are in the store.
costumes i’d like to see be made
1 Kos-mos from Xenosaga episode 1
2 some Guilty Gear characters (Jam and Sol mandatory in that costume pack)
3 FF Tonberry costume
4 Spike from Ape Escape
5 Demon’s Souls armor costumes
thats all i can think of right now

drunkenNATIVE said:

February 13th, 7:05 pm

can you guys and girls help me get the Create trophy because thats all i need for the Platinum. look up my levels called Maze 1-Maze 7, or look up my name

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