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Feb 10

Feb 10

This Week in PlayStation Home: Valentine’s Day Events Galore, Warhawk Apartment, Mardi Gras Items & More!

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There’s always at least one event going on in PlayStation Home, no matter what day it is. But this week we ratchet it up about ten notches. In addition to our daily Featured Game parties, we’re bringing you an exclusive Valentine’s event (complete with tons of rewards), a special SingStar V-Day-themed shindig, a SOCOM virtual item giveaway in the PlayStation Home Theater (because there’s no better way to celebrate the release of the new SOCOM: Fire Team Bravo 3), Mardi Gras content (so you and your krewe can hit Central Plaza in style), and a super secret event taking place in the Central Plaza that you’ll simply have to experience firsthand to believe.

But before we dig deep into the details surrounding these incredible events, let’s first look at a new personal space crafted specifically for all of you loyal Eucadian and Chernovan troopers that gather with your clans in clubhouses throughout PlayStation Home. We heard you loud and clear when you told us that you wanted private Sand Tables from which to strategize and formulate a plan of attack when launching into the world of endless battles known as Warhawk. A testament to our mission to expand your favorite PS3 games by offering unique supplementary content in PlayStation Home, the Warhawk personal space delivers a dedicated environment that hosts not only the aforementioned Sand Table but also a full-on Warhawk-themed multiplayer mini-game, all while offering the perfect launch point for your next mission. See the video below for a fly-through of this excellent new personal space.

It isn’t easy playing matchmaker, which is why we here on the PlayStation Home team don’t envy our friend Jerry. See, Jerry currently holds the position of Associate Cherub at Global Holiday Industries, Cupid Division…and he isn’t exactly what you would call an overachiever when it comes to his occupation. Jerry is in an especially tight situation given that the top brass at GHI has been looking to cut back on its workforce due to the poor state of the global economy. To determine who stays and who goes, upper management has put all employees under review, which means Jerry could lose his gig at any time. That’s why we’re calling on you, the PlayStation Home community, to play matchmaker this Valentine’s Day and help our buddy Jerry out. First, find the letters written to Jerry from lonely hearts all across PlayStation Home (these will be posted in the PlayStation Home Mall). Then, recruit a partner to help match the pairs described in the letters, adorning your avatar with virtual items from your inventory so that you closely resemble the matches these lovelorn people are so desperately searching for. Finally, snap a picture of the two of you in the Photo Booth (coming this Thursday to the PlayStation Home Mall), and you’ll not only save Jerry’s job but you and your partner will earn honorary Cupid status yourselves (in the form of some super exclusive rewards). Check out the video below and then visit www.cupidonnotice.com for more info. And be sure to head into PlayStation Home this Thursday to start playing matchmaker. Jerry’s livelihood (and the livelihood of his wonderful girlfriend, Sandy, and his adorable pooch) depends on you!

In further celebration of the impending holiday, we’re inviting you all out to the main SingStar Room to partake in some uniquely PlayStation Home festivities. We’ll be rolling out a limited time only mini-game in the re-skinned SingStar space, (in) appropriately titled Stupid Cupid. Pick a partner, hit the animated dance floor, and try to sync up your moves so as to unlock a special Valentine’s Day-themed animated virtual item. We’re not allowed to show you too much this early, but we did manage to sneak a quick shot of the special SingStar V-Day room. Check it out!

PlayStation Home Valentine's Singstar space

As mentioned before, we’ll be giving out free SOCOM: Fire Team Bravo 3 shirts to all community members that come out to the PlayStation Home Theater to view the trailer for SOCOM: Fire Team Bravo 3 trailer, available Feb 16th for your PSP. In fact, we’ll be giving 6 SOCOM shirts away in the Theater over the next two weeks (3 male/ 3 female), with batch #1 being available from February 12th – 15th, batch #2 being available from February 16th – 18th, and batch #3 being available from February 19th – 23rd. So be sure to visit the PlayStation Home Theater often in the coming weeks and watch the SOCOM footage. It’s the only way you can collect them all, and once these items are gone they are gone forever.

Special Mardi Gras virtual items will be available this week in the PlayStation Home Mall, so all of you party animals can celebrate this world-famous festival of excess properly. I’m betting that Listen@Home will be giving Bourbon St. a run for its money this weekend, so I fully expect each and every one of you to come out. Peep these pics for a taste of what is soon to be unleashed in terms of Mardi Gras-appropriate threads.

PlayStation Home Mardi Gras 1 PlayStation Home Mardi Gras 2

You’ll see some glowing spheres floating in Central Plaza come Thursday, February 11th. Approach these spheres, and then follow the instructions you receive to embark on a quest the likes of which is completely unique to the world of PlayStation Home. Who knows where the clues will lead you, but one thing is for sure: Believe that anything you can imagine, you can make real.

See you in Home!

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ADAMPwns said:

February 10th, 6:18 pm

Are you going to revoke any rewards we may receive from the mini-game in the Warhawk space as well?

nissangtr261 said:

February 10th, 6:23 pm

Hiya Locust

nissangtr261 said:

February 10th, 6:24 pm

hiya locust Q:any word on when we will be getting those school uniforms from IREM?

jin-zou said:

February 10th, 6:48 pm

are we ever going to get demon’s souls items? i’ve been waiting for almost a year now!! and i’m sure there’s many others that have been waiting also :(

Kenshin71 said:

February 10th, 7:14 pm

Warhawk personal spaces with mini games you can play with only a few people. Do the Home devs know most people have moved on from Warhawk? Seems waste of time and resources which could be better spent improving the loading times and upgrading the current public spaces to attract new visitors and encourage people to return.

CaTz_EyE said:

February 10th, 7:27 pm

I’m curious when we get the super hero outfits we saw in the last update video. I was looking forward to getting that when I got the Villains Lair.

    Locust_Star's Avatar

    Locust_Star said:

    February 11th, 11:12 am

    Good news: New Villain\’s Lair items, including costumes, are available today as well.

King0fHearts2007 said:

February 10th, 7:32 pm

Are we ever going to get anything new in Home? It seem’s like Sony just want’s to give us these private spaces to make money.

Home realy seem’s to be going down hill the last few week’s it’s a real shame.

jds07 said:

February 10th, 7:33 pm


Do we have to do the matchmaking on those lists in the Mall to use the Photo Booth? What if already have a Valentine partner in our friends list? Can we just go straight to the Photo Booth?

J-T-W-NY said:

February 10th, 8:24 pm

Reading that a contest is going to occur in Central Plaza makes me shudder. The freeze problems in that space have only become worse. Have these bugs been fixed? I keep either freezing or being tossed into the tree bench kiosk.

XScreamingEagleX said:

February 10th, 9:28 pm

i have to say.

if home keep this up (with new games, like the hover tank games, and this and all other) Home can get 80% of its population back.

keep it up guys!

p.s. charging people for clothing is enough, hope none of the future games would be charge.

Dragun619 said:

February 10th, 11:07 pm

It would be nice if HOME had trophy support, like getting a trophy for Completing Mini games and stuff.
I think it would make alot of Ps3 owners to go and download HOME and use it and actually look at the fact that its not how it was back in 2008 and that there is a tons of fun stuff you can do.

Anyways another great addition to home.

spiderbug said:

February 10th, 11:38 pm

Sandy is a beotch to leave Jerry for losing his job……

chris79nc said:

February 10th, 11:44 pm

I just got the Villin’s Lair.
i think that it should have come with a free villin or hero costume or both.
Why did you not have that with it?
Thank you for you’r time.

{ chris79nc }

Thrasher20 said:

February 10th, 11:54 pm

WarhawK LIVES!!!!

Northstar77 said:

February 11th, 6:14 am

I was wondering about how the servers are set up? I’m not understanding why some content is in one regions server to purchase but not in others? The code for the items are on every server as soon as they release since I can go to my friend in Europe’s Musicality space but If I have people in my friends list that are in different Regions I cant play in events with them on home. I don’t want to use a different region account for that purpose since I spend only on my American account. I was wondering if at all possible is there any talk about taking down the Region walls or at least give us an option (even with a charge) to visit and purchase from another region. I know there are at least a couple of ways to get Items transfered from one region to another. I would like to know the Legit way to do it though since I have spent way too much money on Home to risk a ban for Region hopping.

Northstar77 said:

February 11th, 6:24 am

It would also be great that if we could get the games that already run in home to be available for personal spaces Chess Pool Table and such. Media playing in our personal space would be great too. About my previous post about croos region visiting I have an North American account so its not as bad for us but the European people I know really find thier version of home lacking alot of the items we get. Seems to me it would just be better to let us get together in home. Traverse and maybe make new friends.

Vorlord said:

February 11th, 9:55 am

Hey Locust and Happy V. Day this week =)
I was wondering when the letters will be up this week in the Playstation Home Mall.

I’ve checked all around the posters and possible places around there, but couldn’t find anything. Is Home still updating all of that from a different Region?

Cause I’m from NJ, and I don’t know if the time difference is farther, or close to yours. Anyway, hope you can keep me informed so that maybe the North East region might be aware.

Once again, Happy V. Day and have a great week!


    Locust_Star's Avatar

    Locust_Star said:

    February 11th, 11:13 am

    They should be up within the next 5 mins tops. Thanks for your patience!

Subtenko said:

February 11th, 10:10 am

Match making?!

How about doing some match making with Incognito and Zipper. (MAG + Warhawk = Starhawk) Match make Sony, MATCH MAKE! =)

E3 please ;)

ztheskater said:

February 11th, 10:37 am

any update on where the irem items are? all im seeing is some bamboo hats uhh seriously?

xiked said:

February 11th, 11:58 am

This is great, this is making HOME alive! But SONY and HOME crew need to get this out to the public so social gamers know about this! It is not that many regular PS3 owners that knows about this!

kyle_angell said:

February 11th, 3:56 pm

sweet update but can you tell me when r u going to have any new stuff in the mall to buy. and one more thing i think its a good idea if you can sell stuff on playstation home because i got stuff that i dont want that i bot and i like to sell it so you should really think of doing that just an idea that i had. plzz get back to me :)

Armaank said:

February 11th, 4:12 pm

Any plans for a 4th Warhawk Booster? I’d definately be up for it, dying for an excuse to get back into the game, and get my friends into it to! PLEASE?

Dj_Tenchu said:

February 11th, 4:52 pm

am i ever gonna get an answer out of home team or do i REALLY have to call CS? you guys answer many pointless questions and i only have 2; what happened to my dang wizards den(falsely advertised) and when will the clubs recieve an upgrade?

darkspectre said:

February 12th, 6:51 am

@mywhitenoise. i logged into Warhawk last month because I miss playing the game. NO SERVERS were available! hopefully this new Home space will spark some gameplay within this franchise. i wish the developers cared more.

Dj_Tenchu said:

February 14th, 2:01 pm

SO i have done some digging into this home team and i must say that answering your friends only is really lame. i am a PAYING customer. whatever happened to the company working for it’s customers? i ask you very simple questions and get absolutely no reply? since opening my account(and my wife’s) i have spent close to 300 USD on home. now i think that THREE HUNDERED DOLLARS (the cost of another ps3, i own 2 already) should at least get me a dang reply! i don’t even hate on what ya’ll do i just would appriciate some feedback! thank you so much geat and wonderously talented home team.

Dj_Tenchu said:

February 14th, 7:06 pm

andone other question. any news as to when/if the big daddy avatar outfit will be available to buy at the mall?

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