MLB 10: The Show Debuts on GameTrailers TV Tonight!

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Hello Sports Fans,

Ever wonder what it’s like to make one of those Dear PlayStation TV ads? Well, Spike TV got an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming TV commercial for MLB 10: The Show and will air it tonight on GameTrailers TV at 12am 12:30am PST/EST (during the same show as God of War III on Spike).

Additionally, we’ll be releasing our first big trailer for The Show during the same segment. Want to find out what Kevin Butler really knows about baseball? Why is Joe Mauer considered to be “America’s Fan-Friendliest Athlete”? Tune in and find out tonight.

Lastly, because we are proud to show off the game at any time, here is a whole slew of new screenshots that capture the intensity and authenticity that is The Show’s hallmark.

MLB 10: The Show take out

MLB 10: The Show Furcal Steal MLB 10: The Show Rob HR

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8 Author Replies

  • is they ever gunnah rain in mlb 10 the show……and when is the demo coming out!!

  • allenyjessy07

    i think the game will be out before the demo from the looks of it…….

  • Best Game Period. I Have Every MLB The Show Game. And Already Pe-Order This One. I Hope Road To The Show Is Good, I Know It Is , Thankss

  • the game is gonna come out than the demoo omgg hurry please im HAPPY

  • sportsman1047

    when is the demo coming out????

  • sportsman1047

    will there be road to the show where you can control everyone?

  • Lucas-Blackledge

    WOW! i cant waint for it to get here. i am probably the biggest MLB fan ever and to see a game do such a good job on it is like heaven to me. Please put out the demo. when is it coming out? (GO ATLANTA BRAVES!WORLD CHAMP 1995 & 2010)

  • Lucas-Blackledge

    o yeah on next years game yall should make it to where you can actually use your money you earn in road to the show to buy baseball equioment and other stuff and yall should also put namebrands on there. (i.e. mizuno, nike, underarmour, wilson, rawlings, etc.)

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