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Feb 11

Feb 11

New God of War III Pre-Order Bonus and Trailer

Anthony Caiazzo's Avatar Posted by Senior Product Marketing Manager, SCEA

Spartan Army! You are only a little over a month away from March 16th, the day Kratos brings Chaos to the PlayStation 3. Although the release is a little over a month away we still have some epic size announcements in store for you fans.

The much-anticipated God of War III trailer that Geoff Keighley can’t stop Tweeting about, hits tonight, 12.30am (Eastern and Pacific) on Spike TV. Here’s a quick preview:

We also have more exciting news to share for fans. Starting today, GameStop has announced that customers who pre-order God of War III in-store will receive an exclusive 17 x 24 poster signed by Andy Park, Concept Artist for God of War III. This premium is in addition to the previously announced exclusive Phantom of Chaos character skin. The poster is available at the time of pre-order, and quantities are limited. Already pre-ordered? Don’t worry; the offer will also apply to those that have previously pre-ordered God of War III in-store. Please note that the offer is not available online. For more information, or to find a store near you, log on to

God of War III Gamestop poster

Until then, enjoy the trailer tonight, and let us know what you think!

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Bowdz said:

February 11th, 10:07 am

Absolutely awesome. I cannot wait to see the new trailer!

UNCyrus said:

February 11th, 10:10 am

Any other pre-order bonuses? Say for… Amazon?

boricuacookie said:

February 11th, 10:13 am

Cant wait to get this.

blindrocket said:

February 11th, 10:13 am

Hand-signed or printed autograph?

makaveddy said:

February 11th, 10:14 am

o man call me crazy but KRATOS IS MY DADDY!!! lol i can not wait for this game….ARES!!!!

sscoolChea said:

February 11th, 10:15 am

Already paid for the ULTIMATE EDITION….I can’t freakin wait …….

About-200-Ninjas said:

February 11th, 10:15 am

lol Printed autograph.

No way Park is gonna hand sign 3 million + copies of the poster in a month lol. No Human being not even Kratos could pull that off. heck not even Goro from mortal Kombat could do it.

THE_J said:

February 11th, 10:16 am

man that poster looks really cool,God Of War always had awesome artwork

redbaron788 said:

February 11th, 10:17 am

so when are yall gonna fix the blog so the vidoes work on the ps3 browser? my pc is teh brokes so all i got is my playstation for the internets

BlooodyCow said:

February 11th, 10:17 am

Why do GameStop get all these cool pre-order. I absolutely despise that company and their business methods.

Karsghul said:

February 11th, 10:18 am

Too late gamestop…i’ve already decided to pre-order it on Amazon.

JPMCH said:

February 11th, 10:19 am

What about us… who preordered it ONLINE? Damn!

Jeigh said:

February 11th, 10:20 am

Alright, before I even consider watching the trailer, I need to know: ARE THERE GOING TO BE ANY SPOILERS? I’m going to get the game either way, and I really would like to see the trailer in the meantime, but I don’t want to have some revelation popping up half-way through the trailer that ruins it for me.

(Final Fantasy XII ((SPOILER)) was ruined for me with just the screenshots of Ashe with her name, since she was supposed to have died pretty much at the very beginning of the game.)

EnigmaNemesis said:

February 11th, 10:20 am

Pre-ordered Ultimate from Amazon.

Not a fan of Gamestop … boo!

I would like the poster autograph or not.

Dragonzblaze said:

February 11th, 10:23 am

still cant watch videos from ps3 browser or comment also already preordered the ultimate edition i better get my poster XD

Jeigh said:

February 11th, 10:23 am

That poster is another one of those things that you should really consider selling separately (sort of like all of those shirts). As a general rule, I avoid Gamestop when I can, but I’d easily pay $15 for that poster separately.

bushisprez said:

February 11th, 10:29 am

Can’t wait for more exclusives! Gonna get one of those posters Kratos is already staring at me from a playstation magazine pinup telling me to get it. lol

usergentoo said:

February 11th, 10:29 am

What about a demo without a price attached to it.

xBlackBloodx said:

February 11th, 10:30 am

Woo, gonna go get my poster soon!


We want limited edition bundle info!!!

At least deny it if it’s not happening, i want to get a new one but i’m waiting till you say something about it so if you aren’t making one i can go get it sooner..

headwing45 said:

February 11th, 10:30 am

When you say Gamestop, do you also mean EB Games (and EB Games Canada?)

kb4983 said:

February 11th, 10:34 am

I’m sorry this is complete [DELETED]! I pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition online the DAY it was announced and now I don’t even get one of the coolest pre-order bonuses?!?! WTF, this is seriously a [DELETED] promotion!

igorsport09 said:

February 11th, 10:38 am

In the game,there will be portuguese in american version?

kristophergrin said:

February 11th, 10:38 am

fu*king fantastic.
Go Gow3/Santa Monica Studios/PS3 for the win!

whatisdelicious said:

February 11th, 10:40 am

This is awesome. I’m getting the ultimate edition, now with an extra skin and a free poster, AND I made a deal with the GameStop manager that I get the huge God of War III box art poster in their window when I pick up the game.

I’m coming home with SO much swag on the 16th.

Gunwing said:

February 11th, 10:42 am

This game is a major reason I wanted back in on the PS3! Please make sure it’s the biggest action packed God of War title yet! Please make sure it has no issues when it launches!

Also please do some DLC! DLC FTW! Even if all it turns into is new skins………

headwing45 said:

February 11th, 10:43 am

What kind of poster is this? Is this a poster you usually get in a Playstation magazine or is it a 20$ thick one?

Nintendo451 said:

February 11th, 10:44 am

I already preordered this from Amazon. If this would have been announced earlier, I would have ordered it from Gamestop. Is there any way to fix this?

Juggalo1987 said:

February 11th, 10:44 am

so wait how do we get the poster if we already paid for the pre order.

dragonmagician said:

February 11th, 10:46 am

Is this available in Canada???

kb4983 said:

February 11th, 10:48 am

I’m sorry this is completely unfair! I pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition online the DAY it was announced and now I don’t even get one of the coolest pre-order bonuses?!?! WTF, this is seriously a horrible promotion!

Invicta2 said:

February 11th, 10:49 am

NOOO!! I already pre-ordered my Ultimate Edition from Amazon and I really want that poster.

I just hope that one of those posters pops up on Ebay… I’d easily pay $20-$30 bucks for it.

VofEscaflowne said:

February 11th, 10:53 am

Is the pre-order bonus available through EB in Canada? I’d really love to get this… but I hate being such a huge God of War fan but being so limited on bonuses we receive in Canada :(

mywhitenoise said:

February 11th, 11:01 am

Spike needs to learn how to tell time. Thursday 12:30am was THIS morning, not “tonight”. 12:30am “tonight” is Friday morning.

Really pisses me off, I was looking forward to watching it this morning.

terribledeli said:

February 11th, 11:03 am

It’s meant to encourage pre-orders from the B&M stores.

Hopefully it’ll end up like the Metroid Prime Trilogy poster and be promised to online consumers, then not arrive. Then we’ll get gift cards for the mix-up. Hooray!

Either way, I’d just toss my poster in the closet. Nothing says inappropriate for an adults’ home like a honkin’ huge Kratos poster.

KaMaKaZZZ said:

February 11th, 11:05 am

Kevin Butler is so awesome.

Grondinm said:

February 11th, 11:07 am

will these pre-order bonuses also apply to us Canadians who pre-ordered at ebgames? i have the ultimate edition pre-ordered and pretty much paid for. hope to get this sweet poster as well.

kosluftar said:

February 11th, 11:10 am

I pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition February 3rd at EBGames in Canada. Will I get the poster when I pick up the game?

Kenshin71 said:

February 11th, 11:12 am

Nice preview for Splinter Cell: Conviction there.

Enigma777 said:

February 11th, 11:15 am

Gamestop sucks! Can you please stop giving them the best pre-order bonuses!!!

spideyal said:

February 11th, 11:17 am

Ah, I wanna watch this on my iPhone.
I’m at work so I don’t have a computer near me. Dammit.

Anyways. Looking forward for the trailer tonight!
(already got the ultimate edition preordered online tho)

x1234dante said:

February 11th, 11:18 am

God of War III is gonna pwn everything this year!!!

Lolsa1 said:

February 11th, 11:23 am

I want

xaos said:

February 11th, 11:23 am

Kratos AND Kevin Butler??? Thank goodness I can use LocationFree to set my Tivo to record :)


February 11th, 11:28 am

Eu quero saber o seguinte, se SONY BRAZIL irá fazer o pre-order do game, outra cade a PSN BRAZIL??? “Ladies and Gentlemen” – wake up!!! Brazil wait for you – MUTHATCHU CAMPEROS!!!

andyelectronics said:

February 11th, 11:29 am

This new God of War 3 game is hot… I got my reserved for free and will be ship the day after it releases. I know how everyone of you guy can receive a free copy of God of War 3. Just shot me an email. [DELETED] for more details

MadmanInvincible said:

February 11th, 11:35 am

This is great, but what about Canada…EB Games?

You really need to start clarifying these things, this is the North American blog, not the American blog.

A_star23 said:

February 11th, 11:44 am

Alright, its been asked several times before but IS THIS ALSO FOR CANADIAN GAMESTOP STORES AS WELL? You can’t leave us canadians out!

mattwantsmore522 said:

February 11th, 11:44 am

Um hi Playstation Blog what time would the preview be in Pacific timezone (UTC-8) if it’s shown at 12:30 A.M

sam_i_jam said:

February 11th, 11:47 am

@ 48: The 12:30 a.m. time-frame is about right for West Coast.

SyphonFilter- said:

February 11th, 11:47 am

Looks nice,so since i had my pre-order already what date can i expect the posters to arrive at gamestop?

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