Thank You for a Great 2009

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Happy new year PlayStation Nation,

2009 was a great success for the PlayStation brand in a market that continues to be impacted by a down economy. I wanted to thank you for making this past year the best yet for the PS3.

According to NPD’s recent Top Global Markets report, PlayStation was the only company to see consumers in three territories (UK, US and Japan) spending 15% more on PS3 software in 2009 than they did in 2008 – this is while the category as a whole experienced a 9% decline in software sales. The PS3 was also the only console in the U.S. to see double-digit growth in sales this past quarter. December also marked the best sales month in the platform’s history, breaking one million hardware units and 7.3 million software units. We’re nowhere near slowing down in the new year as today’s NPD numbers show a 36% sales increase on PS3 hardware when compared to last January. This is truly remarkable given the tight inventory we’ve been experiencing as a result of high consumer demand since last Fall.

PS3G box left angle

Games like UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves are surpassing our lofty expectations as it outsold the franchise’s first PS3 game and is now closing in on three million copies sold worldwide. Over half a million of you have already chosen your allegiance in MAG, and have played over 270,000 games in the Shadow War.

We’ve also successfully established that we’re not just a disc-based powerhouse, but we’re also a digital powerhouse. PlayStation Network experienced huge growth last year, marking its best revenue month in December – a 155% increase in sales from the previous year. More than 40 million of you all over the world are coming to PlayStation Network to access multimedia content and to enhance your social gaming experiences.

It truly is a great time to be a PS3 owner as we have so much more in store this year. We’ve already come out of the gates with MAG, White Knight Chronicles, BioShock 2 and we have an onslaught of new IP and blockbuster games just around the corner with Heavy Rain, God of War III, and Final Fantasy XIII… not to mention the many other games we’re keeping up our sleeves. We’re also bringing groundbreaking technology to the masses with the launches of 3D gaming and the new motion controller later this year. We know both will open entirely new doors for you to enhance your gaming experiences and will provide new ways for you to think about interactive entertainment.

Thank you again for making PS3 your entertainment device of choice. We look forward to your continued excitement for the brand.

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  • You’re welcome :)

  • BrianMcGuinness

    You’re welcome.

  • Let’s hope 2010 is even better!

  • THE Jack Tretton? Holy crap. You’re welcome, man!

  • Been a proud PlayStation owner since ’97. Glad to a part of it. =)

  • Bought a PS3 Slim on Thanksgiving, its great!

  • EnigmaNemesis

    You are welcome Mr. Tretton and Thank you as well.

  • Your welcome Jack. Now, how about you get some support for the PSPGo. In particular I would like to see more available games and I would like to pay the same price that someone with a UMD does. Really, why should I have to spend $10 – $15 more for the same game when my version doesn’t require pressing, printing, or shipping?

  • Fix the yellow light of death issues on my sons PS3 and Ill be happy.

  • Been an owner since the February after launch. Loving every second of it.

    Thank you, Mr Tretton.

  • You are very welcome! Now please have a sit down with EA so we can get some Mass Effect 2 goodness.

  • MiltonMafia

    Where’s the update. I’m falling asleep!

  • You are welcome, leader! We will follow the Sony brand for all time!

  • you’re most welcome jackie boy :-)


    SONY PS3s deserve everything it got. Cant wait for what sony has in stored for us next! GO SONY!

  • Thanks. Just beat Uncharted 2 a third time and can’t wait for heavy rain. I hope that update comes soon.

  • Joeyboots80

    Here’s to another great year for the playstation brand!

  • I support SONY and always will!

  • Thanks Jack.

    Actually I think we need to thank you and Sony for the PS3 price drop and the Slim.

    I know I have 3 friends that were hesitant in purchasing a PS3, but when the price went down, they all purchased one.

    Keep up the great work !

  • Thanks. Sony PS3 keeps me going these days. Keep up the great work folks. You have my loyalty.

  • And thank you, Sony. Im a long time playstation supporter and official “fan boy” since my wife brought me some Sony stocks for our anniversary

  • You’re welcome. Keep on rolling this year. Please keep the PSN free and don’t charge for cross-game voice chat.

  • jayrockslife

    I’m glad to say that the Playstation consoles have been the only ones that I have purchased since Sega Genesis.

    Looking forward to get a great 2010 with Playstation.

  • You are sooooooo welcome Jack.

  • Thank YOU for giving us such sweet gaming experiences. And continuing to do so with titles such as the upcoming Heavy Rain and God of War III.

    Lots of love for Sony here. :3

  • time to really thank us and allows to reset our accounts back to zero, in the # of registered PS3’s, Ive gone through 3 dead PS3’s and Im down to only 2 consoles allowed, which means I cant use anything I buy with my 3rd PS3 :( customer service advices I should just buy everything again for my 3rd PS3, I dont think thats a reasonable solution.

  • I love sony products. PS3 is great. Just need ps2 backward combatibility and much better psp go support. Thanks for a great year.

  • pedro_nunes88

    You’re welcome and I’m happy.

  • I love you, Jack Tretton!

  • BulletTooth228

    Thank you Mr. Tretton for keeping it cool and supporting the ps3 and listening to the fanbase..

    Looking forward to E3 and listening to your 007 attitude and the jokes that i know they make you tell us.. it’s a hard job we know..

    Happy valentine’s day to you and mrs tretton..

  • You are welcome!!!! But I should be the one thanking you for bringing us the PS3. Without Sony I doubt I would be a gamer.

    Also why does everyone always forget about ModNation Racers? That game is awesome and should have been on the list

  • Mr. Jack Tretton, I’m your biggest fan after that smooth Final Fantasy XIV reveal. You left all of us baffled. Will be looking forward to seeing you in E3 this year!


    (I’m the guy who suggested Jack as a guest on the PlayStation Podcast).

  • Thanks to you Jack, I’ve enjoyed my PS3 like no other console before. The only thing that I still need is to be able to purchase from the PSN, my credit card is not accepted in my account (I live in Mexico) and the PSN cards are not available yet, video content would be great too. Don’t leave us so far behind please.
    Best regards!

  • sTaB_u_N_uR_i

    no no no, thank you Mr.Tretton.

    *still waiting for a psblog contest with a prise of a signed ps3 by a Mr Jack Tretton.*

    (one can dream)

  • Thanks Jack. I think the PR-Station 3 is fantastic. I mean, heck, who else saw consumers in three territories (UK, US and Japan) spending 15% more on PS3 software in 2009 than they did in 2008? The simple answer. Nobody. That’s like, science or something.

  • CitizenInsane27

    Not a problem Jack, keep doing good stuff with the PS3 (i.e. DONT CHARGE US FOR ONLINE WITHOUT HAVING A FREE OPTION) and we’ll keep buying and playing.

    Speaking of which, I wonder if I should send you guys a picture of my PS tattoo I got on my wrist in December as a nudge to getting some free swag? heh

  • Sup3r_l33t_N1nj4


  • almighty-slayer

    I love you Jack

  • Thank you Mr. Tretton! PS3 has made a 180 turn around in sales and it keeps bringing better things everyday. Keep up the good work!

  • You are welcome Jack,

    now let me Thank you Playstation to make me a proud owner since PS1 :). Lets hope 2010 will be greater then the past. We all hope you got some new games and surprises for us.
    (Getaway 3 Please!)

    Thanks Again for entertaining my life

  • Nighthawk150

    No thank you for the great system and entertainment you have given

  • Woot! PS3 FTW

  • jack is the man!!

  • oh yeah do what it takes to bring Mass Effect 2 to the PS3, please

  • sTaB_u_N_uR_i


  • My pleasure…thank-you!

  • I’ve only had a PS3 since September (waited for price drop haha) and I’ve been loving it everyday. Thank YOU for making it such a wonderful experience for all us gamers. Here’s to another great year!

  • You’re welcome.

    Now, cough up Gran Turismo 5, please.

  • Keep pumping out good things and I’ll keep buying.

  • UnKn0nSldr86

    its truely is a good time to be a ps3 owner :). WOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!

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