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Feb 16

Feb 16

MAG v1.02 and Commando Developer Tips

Jeremy Dunham's Avatar Posted by Sr. Community Manager, Zipper Interactive

What’s up guys? Today we have a one-two punch in MAG news as we offer up our latest developer tips along with the specifics of the our next downloadable patch that will hit servers tomorrow, February 17.

First, the patch.

MAG, v1.02 has a consistent theme — Medical Support. After taking your feedback into consideration and playing countless games ourselves, we’ve made a number of Field Support adjustments that should help you steer through the battlefield more effectively. These fixes will also clean things up for players of other classes who don’t have a need to see who is hurt and who isn’t.

To be specific, we’ve eliminated the onscreen medic icon from anyone who has a Medical Kit and have instead changed it so that only those who have the Resuscitation Kit sport the cross. Moreover, we’ve also hidden “incapacitated” icons for downed players from everyone but those who can help them — cleaning up the screen quite considerably — and have added in some distance counters so that you know how far you have to travel before arriving at the injured.

The patch will automatically download on February 17, 2010 at 1am Pacific/ 4am Eastern/ 9am GMT and weigh in at about 40MB for the initial patch installer, with an additional 55MB for the patch itself. For complete patch details that include everything included in the download, be sure visit the official MAG Blog at

Today’s developer tips come from Zipper artist and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin stunt double, Keith Bachman – a man who knows how to play the “Commando” class, and a man who is going to share that knowledge with you now.

But first, a video to explain what the Commando is, immediately followed by Keith’s tips below:

Hey, this is Keith with some advice how to get in there for some close quarters combat!

Basic Tips:

  • The Commando is the exact opposite of the Sniper. It’s all about popping up in the middle of the enemy and wrecking havoc at close range. Heck, Commandos are the modern day berserkers… a highly skilled fighter to take on a squad at 5m, and completely crazy for doing it.
  • The holy trifecta of your loadout is your weapons. The shotgun is perfect for one shot take downs, but it makes a lot of noise — so it’s best used when backup is nearby since everyone and their uncle is going to hear you. The SMG with a silencer is perfect for getting in there with little or no support because of its high fire rate with the added bonus of keeping you off the enemy’s mini-maps. Finally, don’t forget to grab the “Knives: Improved Swipe Speed” and “Knives: Expanded Reach” skills. Nothing says “Commando” better than rushing in with a med kit and a knife, dropping everyone and never making a sound!
  • Seriously consider Improved Stealth and Health for survivability.
  • Stay out of open areas and stick to cover and flanks so that you can safely rush your opponents when the time is right.

Advanced Tips:

  • The Motion Sensor can keep you alive. Equip it and you can see your enemies on the mini-map every time they twitch. Know what’s around that corner BEFORE you get there.
  • Shadows are your friend. Don’t make a noise and hold still and most of the time they will run right by you! Remember: you have to get to your objective alive and undetected.

That’s it for Keith’s Commando tips. We’ll be back again tomorrow with Jay Embry’s helpful hints for the Direct Action Class. Don’t miss it!

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Ehahneli-13 said:

February 16th, 4:17 pm

I’m not a huge online multiplayer or FPS gamer, but I have to tell you guys that I am thoroughly impressed and enjoying MAG. Since I’m not a huge online guy, I basically ignored this game until the week or so before release. Then I started seeing some of the videos and looked into the game some more, which lead to me pre-ordering it. I am so glad I did. I am hooked on this game like I would be with an RPG (my favorite genre). There is just something that feels great while playing as a team, taking down objectives, or defending a position. I love how the game can change in a heart beat. Also, as an RPG guy I’m digging the skill tree and gear. I only wish there was more to choose from. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for making this game and I look forward to hearing about your DLC plans.

Mosh_Pit said:

February 16th, 4:20 pm

Nice little patch there but a hell lot of work left to do.


February 16th, 4:26 pm

Okay just a quick question, In the beta we were able to make Multiple character why now we cannot do that? I want to sitch fraction cause i am a trophy hunter and its fun, But here is my issue My whole clan/all my friends good ones that i have developed a good relationship with them and would like to continue to play with them after i have done veteran mode. Will making an addition character ever return? Like someone has said why not make it so we can make another character after we have Veteran mode? have it so the stats are linked to each other aswell.

Also i’m a bit dissapointed the SVER difuse glitch won’t be fixed this patch as i thought it would be. Glad your adding Medic info and soon timer info.
One thing that i would really love but i know you guys won’t do is to limit the stuff needed for ribons. Dam the AA destroy 3/ bunker destroy 3 just to get a ribbon is hard


February 16th, 4:27 pm

also what about the knife issue? today i was sniping and a dude came up behind me, it was doing no damage to me and i saw him slash me 2 times before i slashed him lol

The_DarkMagician said:

February 16th, 4:28 pm

oh and sorry for the double post…Is it possibler to consider giving us the option to name our loadouts.

Also its really sad when players try to vote you off (speaking from when I’m in a leader position) before the first shot of the match is even fired. I believe this is due to them (the one initiating the vote) wanting the leadership position so I think if there was a block to voting for the first 5mins of a match and a person limited to only voting off a player a limited amount of times a match.

I played an entire match where i was continuously on trial, I mean if the person spent more time supporting the team as much as voting then perhaps we would’ve had a different outcome…

Before this post becomes my thesis i’ll just close it off with saying that I’m enjoying the game for the most part…I recommended to my friends and we rockin’ it out.

Balistic_Waffle said:

February 16th, 4:33 pm

the next patch should be able to give us a filter so that only people with mics are able to join

BrandUK said:

February 16th, 5:13 pm

Hi Zipper(glad this patch is out)…. just a quick one, grate game just one thing that niggles me though, when im playing i can easly waist a mag into someone {maybe lag but it happens more often then not}… would it be possible to anounce a hardcore side to the game?

OneShotOswald said:

February 16th, 5:42 pm

what about making it to where we can spawn on the squadleader?………….please

sordess said:

February 16th, 6:28 pm

@58 I second the motion! Pls have a patch that will allow us to spawn to one of our squad member! This would make the game a lot more fun!

Buddy175 said:

February 16th, 6:32 pm

like many other have been asking, will we ever see this game come to the ps store? because that one reason y im holding off on getting it. i much rather download it then get it on disc

Hsanrb said:

February 16th, 6:58 pm

While you all complain about SVER disarming bombs through their gate, why don’t we discuss Valor being allowed to use the repair kit through the steel walkways on the 2nd floor to repair the gate and can only be killed by grenades or shots from inside the building. I’m Valor and I love going from gate to gate inside the building (forgot which one) just repairing and being out of range from all attacking forces until they actually break through.

This game has lots of balance issues that prevent me from enjoying this game, but I play from time to time and have moved most of time to other games (mostly RPGs.) Not sure finding a clan to play with would fix that.

I’ll check back after the patch though, would fix issues of people calling medic to ppl like my roommate who didn’t have resuscitation leveling up weapons > support

GiraffeeDreams said:

February 16th, 7:11 pm

When will the stats and ribbons update? and will they be retro active? i have not got the silver cross medal (heal 10,000 units of damage) despite having 13,000+.

Getting dropped from a lot of games as well which is frustrating and as a result i haven’t really touched the game in over a week now, nor 6 other people on my friend list, these need to be addressed pretty soon, at the moment we’re all waiting for Aliens Vs Predator for our multiplayer fix as we rarely manage to finish a game in MAG and lose any XP we earned up to that point.

Don’t get me wrong MAG is a brilliant game, just broken, hope to see a fix soon, good update but could have addressed more urgent issues than how far away from a mine you are.

TerrenceT99 said:

February 16th, 7:23 pm

this gone be good its like another modern warfare 2,cant wait to i get it.bring on the pain baby!!!

peffalactic666 said:

February 16th, 7:35 pm

It would be nice if while playing with friend they were a different color. The respawn time of 20 secs is a little drastic. Also are they planning on a dlc for a team deathmatch category.

paunae said:

February 16th, 7:39 pm

First off, thank you for making a great game. I see so much less wannabe heros in this game and much more teamwork than I have ever seen in Modern Warefare. That being said, I have found that I have gotten much higher kill rates on modern warefare after playing a couple matches on MAG first. Interesting side effect huh?

My only suggestion would be maybe make the bullets not trace as much? I have been able to figure out exactly where people are just based on the bullets I see flying across open air. Maybe this was intentional, i don’t know. Again thank you for continued support in your product.

XxT_I_K_IxX_PR said:

February 16th, 7:40 pm

Hi Zipper!! Hey tnx 4 the patch! great game u have here I luv it! even more than MW2!! :O is cuz the tactical stuff n a lil more teamwork n that im the leader most of the time lol but anywayz I rly want that the members of a squad could respawn where the squad leader is like in KZ2 n other games. Plz reply :) I would rly like this 2 be in consideration :D tnx again 4 my fav game ! lol S.V.E.R. pride!!

Hobartbob said:

February 16th, 7:50 pm


K1LLerBreW said:

February 16th, 8:01 pm

Jeremy, is there ever going to be a patch that lowers the spawn timer, I think it is ridiculous having to wait 17-20 seconds sometimes. Maybe lower it to 10-12 seconds…

Bulletpainpills said:

February 16th, 10:39 pm

Great patch! Now I can tell who can actually heal me! But I have 1 request Zipper. Can you add least add something where you don’t lose XP when you kill a friendly indirectly etc. a bunker exploding when you placed a charge.

zombie_56 said:

February 16th, 11:11 pm

great game!

tomsoldier said:

February 16th, 11:24 pm

I would like to see tutorials to become leaders. Some of them don’t even aware that they have those options. As the head of the team.

C_Smith said:

February 16th, 11:44 pm

I have to say that this is a GREAT Game however i have a friend (BSnap) he has been disconnecting from the game alot but not from the PSN or network it seems like it happens every match he will disconnect is this a server problem? also the update has some neet features but i have a question why dont you have a white medic symble for people who can heal only and a red medic symble for people who can revive? also this was mentioned why do you get a death count if you are down mut not out? why dont you decrease the bleed out time and if you get revived you are back in action without a death? overall i cant seem to stop playing so keep up the good work!!!!


February 17th, 2:42 am

Any chance to get private Group/Squad Voice Chat? Or Clan Support? It would be nice also if you can make a friends/clan Stats-Leaderboard

anthonyjh said:

February 17th, 3:24 am

When I was watching the dev diaries and pre-release media you guys talked a bit about wanting to make the player feel a bond with his faction. I laughed this off as silly nonsense and went about my day. Well I don’t know how you’ve done it, but I’ve grown to love Valor and loath the other factions. Honestly, sometimes it feels like REAL rivalries out there. Well done.

niguels said:

February 17th, 6:09 am

Being from S.V.E.R. makes me appreciate the value of Raven using a Pitch Black color scheme. They are easier to spot and shoot at on almost any map.

DocBooch said:

February 17th, 7:16 am

Great job, now we don’t have to make fun of team-mates who try to rez people with a repair gun!

I really don’t see the balance issues everyone complains about, with the exception of SVER’s domination map. Although, I think the defuse glitch may have a lot to do with that.

Each map has it’s ways to beat, SVER’s sabo is not unbeatable, Raven’s Aqui map isn’t either. I’ve gotten up to the letters against SVER plenty of times only to be beaten back and not take over any objective.

DocBooch said:

February 17th, 7:21 am

One suggestion I’d like to make though, it would be very helpful if we knew how many kills were left to win on Suppression. Or for that matter, how many kills it takes to win a Suppression.

careym said:

February 17th, 7:50 am

So I love the Dose of mag. but have just one problem i have a ps3 that plays ps1-2 games but not 3 intresting eh? so i would love a copy that i could download hence i just spent 74.80 on the thing.i am already prestige valor and half way up sev.

StalkingSilence said:

February 17th, 8:06 am

Can’t wait to play and work out the new medic options.
Looking forward to the future stat integration with

Strombole said:

February 17th, 9:31 am

The distance marker for fallen comrades is a great addition… many times I head off in the direction of an incapacitated teammate for a hundred yards, and get arounnd the corner only to find he’s still a mile away… this helps me a lot to know who to run for. One suggestion on how to further integrate the shadow war and help silence the unfair map complaints… when a pmc fills their bar and takes last place contract, they should take that teams map to defend. Now they will only defend it against the Pmc that they won it from and they keep it until the bar fills up again, rinse and repeat. The idea isn’t really fleshed out in my mind yet but Im going to think more on it… plus it will give more variety until the dlc comes out… love the game, style, even graphics which look great to me… well done Zipper. I am officially a MAGgot!

Strombole said:

February 17th, 9:53 am

to the guy who wanted lower requirements for ribbons because repairing three bunkers was too hard… well, ribbons should be hard, first off, not everyone should get a platinum… period… the one thing I find funny is that I don’t think its hard, ive repaired five in one battle before… theyre all lined up, I hit the whole row of them, lol

Lord_Senyon said:

February 17th, 9:57 am

Well I tried to post here the 6 major glitches I have found so far, but like the other crappy comment sites, i can only put so much. so you go not knowing what makes your game poo. All though i do like the game, when the glitches become known an exploited I get to watch ur sales drop. Just like resistance’s lark glitch. GL

Tusourd said:

February 17th, 12:04 pm

I was just wondering if it’s at all possible to fix the stepping system.
For example walking forward and you stop because of something small sticking out of the ground. And you’ve got to jump over it. When if you walked normally you would just step over it.
I’ve been killed a few times because of this.

Also am not sure if it’s just lag but when I knife people at least 1/3 of them don’t die. I hear the noise but I have to swipe again.

Other than that. I love the game. ::D

Maverick10 said:

February 17th, 1:25 pm

MAG came out January 26th and I’m still addicted…addicted.

Rein111 said:

February 17th, 2:23 pm

Ok i am a player from S.V.E.R. and i have to say anyone who complains about the disarming through the door “glitch” needs to stop complaining and think i have defended plentifull times and one thing iv learned is all the “glitched doors” is they have a large dent in the bottom of them that leaves an opening under them so would you runa round the outside full of enemys area to disarm the bomb or just reach under the hole and disarm it there? and another think pretty much EVERY FREAKING sver door is next to a ton of windows so i mean is it THAT hard to walk 5 feet and kill people on the inside of the room through the window? are you THAT lazy i mean im probbaly gonna get yelled at and flamed or something due to supporting a so called “glitch” but the thing is i tried doing this “glitch” on a door without that dent and I COULDNT *acts shocked* so i highly doubt this can be considered a glitch ._. but whatever i know im gonna get called a loser or something due to this but god forbid someone use there brain in a first person shooter …

cameroni11 said:

February 17th, 2:25 pm

Amazing game! One update that I thought would be cool would be if you could add another UAV with just a powerful rocket launcher. It would be good to use when you need to destory those annoying bunkers lol

sumpunk said:

February 17th, 2:57 pm

lovin the game so far, but……
can we please rename our loadouts? also, can we have 2 separate lobbies…. for example, 1 for people only with headsets turned on and 1 for those without? that is a huge pain with this game. most of the time i am the only person in there with a headset. the most i have seen was 3 including me! this game is a real team based game and you have no chance if you cannot communicate and be communicated with.
the sniper rifles seem very weak too. they should be a 1 shot kill anywhere in the upper torso. but i am finding i need to pop the enemy up to 5 times. i realize the armour protects a little but 5 shots? even with headshots i need to hit twice. that is far from right.
enemy footsteps need to be heard aswell. i had an enemy walk right up to me yesterday while i was looking through my scope and stab me. i didnt hear a thing. i have a quality 5.1ch surround system that works great with all other fps’s. but for some reason footsteps are silent in this game?

i think thats enough from me… for now ;)

sumpunk said:

February 17th, 3:00 pm

could we please have a character count? i hate typing for 20mins only to be told to shorten my message!!!
seriously! that cant be too hard for the monkeys to implement can it?

Conrad_Max said:

February 17th, 4:34 pm

For those of you who keep asking, MAG can only be bought in disc form as downloading it would take forever. It is that big.

Thank you for the update. Now I know why all of those “Medics” kept walking by me no matter what I said (begged).

Since the game takes place in the future, where are the female PMCs? Surely in the future, more women would choose this type of job to earn a living? Seriously, it is just plain weird seeing a “macho” figure with a female voice. It is time to recognize the female player in online games.

Again, great update. Valor forever!

wunder_wafel said:

February 18th, 1:56 am

Hey guys thanks for the fix, how ever I think in the next patches you should be able to buy load out points to carry some heavier stuff, the upgrade should go in the athleticism teir on the end, another thing is a glitch I have encountered twice now when I’d be parachuting and when I hit the ground I go to run and and I’m spinting backwards and I can’t look down (only up) also people that are spawn camping really annoy me do you think you could add in spawn protection?

YODA798907 said:

February 18th, 10:21 pm

Mr. Jeremy Dunham:

I just got a copy of MAG yesterday & like the game & the concept, however my heart lays with socom. I have loved socom from the first release & is the main reason I paid $600 for a PS3. Confrontation was a BIG let down & there have been rumors around the web about Socom 4 in development & that Zipper is back in control not Slant6. If you guys were to search the web & look at how many or your fans love & want a good Socom (mirrored off Socom 2) it may overwhelm you. Socom 2 was by far the best one you guys created the single & multi player, believe it or not but you guys pioneered how online FPS are played today. If you could please make Socom 4 like Socom 2, same game play, tighter controls & better graphics I can guarantee you my salary that you will have a fan base that far exceeds any Call of Duty or Halo game out there. Sony makes all the decisions about Socom since they brought Zipper a few years ago. Sony give Zipper the freedom it needs to make Socom the way it should be & be more active when it comes to the Socom community.



jubjub516 said:

February 20th, 5:34 am

Are you guys going to be addressing the need for new maps? I could really use some new environments to play on. After plaing MAG for a while it can get pretty boring playing the same maps, since there are so few. Thanks

nr1341 said:

February 20th, 1:17 pm

I hope that this doesn’t display the med kit all the time.. I’m more of a commando, but my defensive loadouts have the med kit on them with res. Will it show that symbol even if I don’t have the med kit? I don’t want to get yelled at like that, especially now that they can “prove” I have res.

grissfam said:

February 21st, 3:58 pm

Hey i was playing sabatage as valor at their map and a bunch of guys got into the spawn building and i have their names if you want them but anyway thought id tell you guys so you can fix it

Peabo5000 said:

February 22nd, 6:08 am

Hey Zipper luv the game !! I hate to give out ideas… but this one is golden. Seriously, this game has and will have a following… As for DLC in the game…add a (Journalist?) skill that has a camera..other games have replay a’la madden(create highlight feature) I’m a little older(36) but I luv the game. I work in IT in support of a business application’s backend so if you guys need to add to the staff (hint hint)..also add feature so indivdual players can be muted vs. entire squad. Don’t list to guys complaining about players w/o mic everybody doesn’t like to talk but can listen. Too much chatter is bad anyhow.

Snuggie_B said:

February 22nd, 1:44 pm

hope to see a fix to S.V.E.R. forces getting into the valor spawns on sabotage we ran into this on feb 22 2010 @ 3:35 p.m. CST they were getting into the acctual spawn building and setting claymores and camping as soon as we would spawn boom or you would be shot without even taking a step while still in the spawn building. this is a glitch that needs to be addressed asap made so valor as it is very unfair or it needs to be fixxed so valor can get into the attacking teams spawn and do the same .

jubjub516 said:

February 25th, 3:36 pm

you guys should address the need for some new maps. Will this be coming in DLC any time soon?

-A concerned player

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