Coming to PSN this Week: Grandia PSOne Classic

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Finally! Grandia will be available for download on the North American PlayStation Network for PlayStation 3 and PSP this Thursday for $9.99!

Since the title launched on the Japanese PlayStation Network in April of 2009, we have received many inquiries about the North American launch. And it wasn’t so easy to keep our lips zipped under such circumstances, but the day has finally come!

Grandia 1

*Character design and illustration by Takuhito Kusanagi

Well, let me tell you a bit about the game.

Grandia is an unforgettable journey with over 80 hours of gameplay, and it was released over 10 years ago for the PSOne and became one of the most critically acclaimed RPG games. The player assumes the role of Justin, a young boy obsessed with becoming a great adventurer, who inherits a magic stone that leads him on an epic journey to uncover the mystery of a long lost civilization. And, he meets other adventurers who join him on his quest and as he unravels the threads of the ancient legend, he draws the attention of the Garlyle Forces who devise diabolical schemes to stop him.

The fight for the truth takes place across the world, with over 200 weapons, enemies, and items to collect plus over 80 magic spells and techniques to master. The title was released with two ROMs a decade ago due to the volume of the game, but you can download the same game from PSN on your PS3 and PSP only for $9.99!

I believe Grandia is ideal for RPG fans who missed the original version and those gamers who want to recapture the magic of their gaming past, and it can be appreciated by players young and old, men and women, casual and hardcore because this is a timeless game.

Grandia 2

*Illustration by Toshiaki Hontani

This is one of the first game development projects I was involved in after entering the company, and I was in charge of sound direction for the PSOne Grandia. Mr. Nobuyuki Iwadare has composed the soundtrack throughout the Grandia series, and the kind of work I carried out back then was explaining the atmosphere of the game to Mr. Iwadare. Then, he could compose the music suitable for the game and synchronizing the sound effects and his music with the game or the movie parts.

The performance of videogame hardware in those days wasn’t as good as it is today, and there were limitations to the methods of musical or sound representation back then; however, we continued to be particular about musical/ sound representation in laborious details and developed our first Grandia by trial and error.

So, I have a certain fondness for this title, and I was very thrilled when I learned that the PlayStation Network was willing to add our classic game to the lineup. And, all the staff including myself who were involved in the development of Grandia are very happy that the game can be played by both a new generation of gamers and those who played the game when it was first released. Thank you, Sony Computer Entertainment of America! :)

Grandia 3

*Illustration by Toshiaki Hontani

Are you ready to enter (or re-enter) the world of Grandia, brave adventurer? Your quest awaits! Check it out this Thursday when it launches on PlayStation Store for only $9.99!

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13 Author Replies

  • first ??

  • any chance for a new version for the ps3? i loved that game.

  • socksandshoes22

    My psp was looking for something new to play! High five.

  • Hmm, $9.99…I never played the game back when it was first released (I was 11 years old haha), dunno that I’ll pay that…I’ll have to do some research to see if I’d like it first.

  • fernandolins

    YES!!! Great news :D

  • Great! Not sure about this particular title, but PSOne classics is all I play on my PSP, so I’ll definitely look into it.

    Keep them coming!

  • yay

  • now all we need is both lunar games to come out to the psn.

  • OMG BEST PS1 RPG! <3 I own a physical copy but it'll be nice to put this baby on my PSP

  • Can’t wait to download this game :D

  • I agree with 8/KainDrake we need the lunar games!

  • @T3mpr1x

    dude trust me, you’ll like it. it’s one of the best rpgs out there.

  • DudeItsKyle

    Too bad I cant buy this. PSN wont let me activate my PSP because of 80109D24. So I cant download anything. I lost 100+ worth of content. Sad, I really wanted to buy this too. Oh well someday…

  • Tr3p1dat10n

    Awesome :D Can’t wait to play it.

    And Sony, bring Xenogears to PSN!

  • Played G2 and not this first one, thanks for releasing.

  • Dark_Vincent

    OH MY GOD ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! grandia is one of the best RPGs on the PSOne if not of all time!!! I played through it three times, it was the best in the series as well, imo! Grabbing it for sure, thanks Game Arts!

    • Takahiro Nishi

      When you complete the game this time, please tell us your impression of the game.
      Your frank opinions and comments are very important to us, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

  • Hi, I’m glad there putting this game out despite I already got it on my PSONE but this game is very good and the story line is good too. I wish they made another Grandia game squel (so far only three squels only).

  • Excelente news!
    Now please bring Xenogears and Suikoden II

  • Now this is a true ps1 classic!..Keep bringing games like this to the store please :).

  • Sonicfan11589

    is this the only psOne classic releasing this week?

  • This is arguably one of the GREATEST RPGs of all time. Seriously.

    After Final Fantasy VII and Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete, this is easily my third all time favorite RPG on the PSone. And since you already released FF7 and a PSP re-release of Lunar, buying this is a no brainer.

    Thank you, this seriously just made my day.

  • Hell yeah!! More JRPGs for PSone CLassics, and it is a big one this time =)
    Thanks for bringing this up guys. Looks like we’ll have a HUGE update on PSN this week. Can’t wait for it ^^

  • I think I am convinced!

    Might get it next week or when I finish Heavy Rain.

  • OMG, this is so awesome. I loved Grandia on PS1. I really want to double dip on this.

  • Never played the original, so nostalgia isn’t a factor for me. Still, I enjoy RPGs, and while I’m sure it’s not truly the ‘GREATEST RPG of all time’ (Chrono Trigger holds that one), based on what people say, it’s likely great.

  • GATXShinGundam

    Grandia 4 make it happen :D

  • Love this gameI rate it higher than FFVII.

    Please tell me it is coming to Europe an well.


  • @EmoSaga

    Well, we already have Lunar Silver Star Harmony coming to us next week.

    But if you don’t have a PSP, I see your point…I mean, I can see why Square released Final Fantasy Tactics on the PSN (PS3 owners don’t have a remake), but it would be pointless for PSP owners to download that version when we can get a much better version (War of the Lions) for about $15-20.

  • Amazing news! Thanks for this. The PS3 really needs to be saturated with JRPGS just like PS1 and PS2 were. I can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for the PS3!

  • Woot! yay! OH YA!
    I’m so happy, even more PSone classics!
    Buying it!

  • Ah, a great game! I remember it well!

    check out that artwork by Takuhito Kusanagi, wouldn’t it be awesome if the PS3 could bring us a game that looked like that watercolor style? it would be like a Studio Ghibli film come to life, like Dragon Quest 7, but even better!

  • I wish all PSOne classics have trophies

  • europe? pretty please? ;-)

  • I still don’t like the American voice acting (at all), but totally worth buying.

  • Grandia was the first game I ever imported (for the Saturn) so I’m ecstatic to be able to play the Emglish version, portable no less.

  • who can we email about porting psone titles to the store? i never heard of this game, but i want to see Diablo PLEASE!

  • VERY good news for those who haven’t played this yet, one of the best RPGs for PSone.

    Still own my copy of the game or I would definitely buy this.

  • nYcFrEeWiLL82


  • Oh god yes.

  • I would love to grandia 2 playable on ps3! how about a Gradia Bundle, where it has all three games on one disc? sounds like a perfect deal to mee!

  • Now we need Xenogears, Beyond the Beyond, Suikoden II, Lunar and Lunar II..

  • LongTallnUgly

    Easily one of the best ps1/Saturn games ever, well worth the 10 dollars.This should hit the top of the download charts.

  • Fantastic news, one of my favorite classic RPG’s of all time, I’m very excited to be able to purchase and support the Grandia series once again. Now all I need on PSN is the Arc the Lad Collection, Lunar 1 & 2, Alundra 1 & 2, Xenogears, Thousand Arms, Azure Dreams, Breath of Fire 3 & 4, and FFIX, then my RPG thirst will be quenched.

    If I remember right there were some emulation issues though with the original discs on the PS2 and PS3 that caused freezing and sound issues. Just curious as to whether they’ve been fixed or not with the digital version, or if I was just crazy and not remembering correctly in the first place.

  • smokey_vols

    I’ll be buying it :) thank you!

  • Like some of the others here, I have the physical copy…about 6 or so years ago I bought it from a friend who found it at the store, pretty good game.

  • I might buy this just because of this awesome post.

  • I never played RPG before. Is this easy get into?

  • That’s nice.

    Now when is Suikoden 2 and Vagrant Story (which is already in Japan and Europe) coming to America, Sony? :|

  • KazeEternal

    DAY ONE TY GA! I never got a chance to buy the game when it came out ages ago.

  • NO WAY!
    I’ve wanted to play this game again for sooooo long, but couldn’t find it anywhere locally.
    Looks like PSN is the place I’ll be spending my money, once again.

    It’s awesome how this is coming out just when I was getting this urge to want to play it too. haha

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