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Feb 24

Feb 24

Coming to PSN Tomorrow: Age of Zombies PSP mini

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Hey guys, this is Phil Larsen from Halfbrick checking in to give you some details for the newest addition to our range of PSP minisAge of Zombies!

You’ll step into the shoes of our hero, Barry Steakfries, who is thrown into a lab where Professor Brains is taking the next step to creating a zombie apocalypse – by sending them through time portals!

Age of Zombies PSN 1

Barry doesn’t take too kindly to this news, and after dispatching Professor Brains, ventures forth into the portal to save the world from a history of eating brains. Along the way, he’ll crack bad jokes, have fun blasting heads and deal all kinds of destruction with a wide array of weapons.

Age of Zombies features the single player Story Mode starring Barry Steakfries, which takes place over five time periods containing three levels each. You’ll visit the Prehistoric era, Ancient Egypt, Feudal Japan and more!

Age of Zombies PSN 2 Age of Zombies PSN 3

You can also unlock Survival mode, where hordes of undead will attack relentlessly in a level of your choice. Aim for the top score by killing zombies in quick succession to gain combo points, and wield a huge arsenal of weapons including the shotgun, SMG, flamethrower and minigun.

Age of Zombies will be released tomorrow for $4.99, and we’re looking forward to this tongue-in-cheek game designed to make you laugh while doing what everyone loves doing best – kill zombies! Through time!

Age of Zombies PSN 4

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xTruShinobix said:

February 24th, 9:08 am

Man this game looks old school amazing lol

mauaus said:

February 24th, 9:10 am

Ill be getting it for sure, nice 2d old school graphics and more importantly ZOMBIES :D

spunnups said:

February 24th, 9:13 am

Can the Mini’s be played on the PS3?

SPOOKULA209 said:

February 24th, 9:15 am

I’ve been buying a lot of PSP stuff lately. GT PSP, Socom FTB3, I might get LBP PSP tomorrow. I just got a 16gb pro duo for my PSP so keep bringing the games.

Not too sure about the pricing of the minis though. I paid $10 for tetris just because I don’t have it on any another console at the moment. Minis should be no more than $3.99 imo

Tengaport said:

February 24th, 9:15 am

$5 for Zombies?

I’m in!


February 24th, 9:15 am

Please!!!! Put world of outlaws sprint cars out tomorow
World Of Outlaws WORLD of OUTLAWS


February 24th, 9:16 am

Now this is a MINI game I want!!!! Finally!!!!

ghamdikh1 said:

February 24th, 9:17 am

@Phil Larsen

is there any plans to bring Raskulls to PSN.

JBruno said:

February 24th, 9:17 am

The main caracter looks Chris Redfield in RE 1 lol

KazeEternal said:

February 24th, 9:19 am

Enough with the Zombie Games already. almost like these developers don’t understand the concept of Over Saturation.

depward said:

February 24th, 9:19 am

Purchased Halfbrick’s two other Minis titles… don’t see why I shouldn’t pick this one up, either :) You guys are really carrying the Minis games; keep up the great work!!


February 24th, 9:19 am

@ 3, yes they can, mostly all Minis can be played on the PS3

evildude683 said:

February 24th, 9:24 am

I wanna be able to play Tetris on the PS3 please Phil tell the dev team to do something about it!!!

Now onto the game…I think it looks like a prehistoric version of Fat princess.


February 24th, 9:25 am

Xbox got world of outlaws 2 weeks ago when do we get it??????????? Come on playstation you didn’t keep up with GTA series GT5 is taking to long we don’t get half the stuff for rockband . Most racers race on ps3 cause we have the good weel but no more NASCAR games and making us wait for world of outlaws that not even that great. I know it’s free compared to xbox but at what price???

WestCoastR3DUBZ said:

February 24th, 9:28 am


urienji said:

February 24th, 9:29 am

Can’t wait for this one.

The Playstation Network is slowly but surely improving.

And the pre-release heads ups are awesome.

zombie9 said:

February 24th, 9:40 am

Zombie’s LOL =)

twooh said:

February 24th, 9:45 am

@10 – Amen.

SpiritThief said:

February 24th, 9:49 am

I guess this is it.

PSP has two games coming. PS3 has none.

Since when did PSN become only about the PSP???

Gunwing said:

February 24th, 9:53 am

Did you miss the fact that the PS3 has the fallowing titles in the pipe for Disc games?:

God of War 3
Final Fantasy 13 Versus
The Last Guardian
Mod Nation Racers

Sony has also said that this is all just the start for the PS3, and that many more exclusive games are going to be announced for the end of this year, and next year.

We already know Resistance 3 is in the works, so will be more God of War games, not to mention that Sony is going to announce Jack and Daxtar on the PS3 soon, and last but not least some more PS3 only content for multiplatform games that take advantage of the PS3 hardware…..

ode2code said:

February 24th, 10:11 am


@ KazeEternal – ever think the developers might BE zombies? :p

KidCommando said:

February 24th, 10:12 am

a video would be nice!

Psikorps said:

February 24th, 10:21 am

Phil, just a quick question.

Can the ‘gore’ be turned off? I know Bill Clinton asked it many times before, so its a valid question. :)

JetSetFuture said:

February 24th, 10:39 am

I like the art style, and you can never kill enough zombies! Just hope this will be compatible with both PSP and PS3 (I know a few minis don’t work on both).

KwietStorm said:

February 24th, 10:47 am

Barry Steakfries? Haha

sNsKid said:

February 24th, 10:52 am

Is this playable on PS3 as well?

BiezulbubBill69 said:

February 24th, 10:54 am

damn this game looks cool. I’m definitely buying it for 5 bux!!


February 24th, 10:57 am

This game does not look cool looks like a super nintendo game . Where is world of outlaws sprint cars!!!!

TwinDad said:

February 24th, 11:14 am


While your preaching how about enough FPS games already. It seems like the shelf is littered with them. Over Saturation definitely applies.

improperlyaged said:

February 24th, 11:42 am

ok so sony just jinxed themselves. who wants to bet we’ll all be waiting for this forever tomorrow and when the store finally updates (at a ridiculously late time) this wont be there cuz it’s “delayed”. no further explanation given. we’ll see. since they already have the content ready today it shouldnt take all day for the store to update tomorrow.

improperlyaged said:

February 24th, 11:45 am

@19 umm when was psn ever about psp dude check the last monts worth of updates. the psp literally gets crap. almost no umd legacy titles or new releases for that matter. psone classics that most people never heard of bcak then or today and oh yeah most of the games are ridiculously overpriced. psn all about the psp, yeah right. sony barely acknowledges they still make them.

zombie_56 said:

February 24th, 12:05 pm

looks good!

angelspawn77 said:

February 24th, 1:16 pm

this game looks awesome!

Mokey_Mokey said:

February 24th, 1:20 pm

Crap, now i need to get some money on my playstation account!

tj317530 said:

February 24th, 1:37 pm

The first mini that actually looks pretty good. Now if they can do this every week, my life would be made. lol

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x7ZAGEx said:

February 24th, 2:15 pm

looks fun!

HolmWrecker said:

February 24th, 2:46 pm

I just knew I had to save that last 5 bucks on my account for the next store update. Shweet.
I’ve been looking for a new PSP game for a while.
Thanks, you guys!

MooseDog_00 said:

February 24th, 2:49 pm

Pixeljunk Monsters Deluxe is overpriced at 20$ for 70MB
Make it a Mini so I can get it cheaper and play it on my PS3!!!!!!

DiscoJer said:

February 24th, 3:54 pm

People, think before replying to threads.

This is a post from the developer from Halfbrick (a small indie developer in Australia). He has nothing to do with Tetris being playable on the PS3 (go talk to EA about that).

And the guy going on and on about the World of Outlaws, uh, you seem very confused. That game is on disc, and from THQ (again, not Halfbrick) and is not going to be on the PS3, it’s only for the 360. So buy one of those if you really want it.

Anyway, glad to see an original title for minis, though $5 seems a little steep…


February 24th, 5:29 pm

Dum dum it’s on disc for xbox it coming out for ps3 on the playstation store as a downloadable game so Dont speak if you don’t know world of outlaws will be out soon made but australian company big ant studios so ha ha dum dum and if miss spelled anything I don’t care I’m a gamer not a spelling bee champ

jvasq said:

February 24th, 9:16 pm

lol this looks awesome!!! hell yea more stuff for my psp. I love how i get to see a preview of things to come. Imma get this one fo sho. oh and people dont complain that there is too much for psp. recently its been mostly ps3 stuff and now i love how much attention psp is getting. thanks.

OMGmaps said:

February 25th, 2:54 am

aw the zombies are so cute!

Reluctant-Hero said:

February 25th, 3:04 am

This is going to be my first “Minis” purchase. Nice!

Etharius said:

February 25th, 4:34 am

I’ve been itching to pick this up, it’s probably my most anticipated game after Bioshock 2 lately.

I love me some old-school top-down shooting!

PPFabian said:

February 25th, 8:36 am

getting it in a few hours after the psn update goes live :D

DerKapitan said:

March 10th, 6:24 am

lol @ the troll wanting some lame, stock car racing game. gtfo and grow up. this post isnt about what you want. it’s about Age Of Zombies….dont like it? don’t post. it’s not brain surgery.

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