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Feb 25

Feb 25

Castle Crashers for PSN: Progress Report

Emil Ayoubkhan's Avatar Posted by The Behemoth

Hello PlayStation.Blog residents. Emil Ayoubkhan here from The Behemoth. We were graciously granted access to the blog to update everyone on our progress with Castle Crashers for PSN.

I’m here today to talk about our new volleyball minigame that we will be including in our upcoming version of Castle, but before I get into that, let’s talk about the release date. This is pretty straightforward actually as we don’t have one yet. We’re looking to finish sometime this year and as soon as we can narrow it down to a specific month, we will be able to talk about this more.

Castle Crashers - Volleyball Image

Now back to the to volleyball minigame. Here are some of the finer points:

Play co-op or vs your buddies

  • Local or online play
  • From 1-4 players per team for up to 8 player matches
  • Variable stats based on character
  • Use magic attacks to place 8 new magic status effects on the volleyball
  • Cool new serving and spiking moves
  • Available AI teammates or opponents
  • Play as any character you have unlocked
  • Play 1, 3 or 5 matches against your opponents
  • Leaderboards to track the best in the land

It’s basically like playing volleyball with your friends but you get to replace good sportsmanship with explosions, magic, and weaponry. As we get closer to the release, we’ll start revealing some more features and additions. What will they be? How will they work? What will they do? Stay tuned for more.


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Lilneso said:

February 25th, 2:24 pm

OMG thank you for giving us this update I was starting to think that castle crashers was forgotten but I’m glad I read this post and I can’t wait to buy this game when it comes out I’ve been waiting for it to come to ps3 since it came out on the 360

JonnyTyson said:

February 25th, 2:26 pm

Although it’s a real shame that a number of people have left such sour comments on here, I for one, am really looking forward to this game. I played it vaguely on my 360, but most of my friends play on the PS3, so I’ll have a lot more fun playing this over PSN!

It’s great to see you’re not just copying and pasting it over, and are developing new things to make the PS3 version superior. Good on you. :)

This’ll be a first day buy for me, when it’s released!

SDkngsht said:

February 25th, 2:30 pm

man i’ve actually wanted this game for a while now. had no idea it was coming to the PS3. definitely good news. wish there was a date (as in today lol) but still good news to know it’s coming.

ACEsqadron said:

February 25th, 2:43 pm

yessss thank you …my friend always used to rub this game in my face laughing and telling me its not for ps3 only 360….wat a meathead

Bashr21 said:

February 25th, 2:55 pm


I am fully aware that my opinions do not equal fact, my point was that a lot of the comments on the posts were pretty whiny and ungrateful. I know the online may not be perfect and I know my feelings about the game are purely subjective (though if you look at reviews and such, the game is generally considerded “great”), but the fact the Behemoth is even bothering porting this to PSN plus the fact they are throwing in extra stuff is pretty strong evidence that they are, in FACT, awesome. They could have decided “screw it, buy a 360 if you want to play this game.”

Exypher said:

February 25th, 2:58 pm

I’d totally buy this…


1. It was priced at $10 or less. After all, it’s almost a year old now.
2. Behemoth brings BattleBlock Theater (which looks mega-awesome by the way) to PSN on the same date 360 owners are getting it.

Fail to meet these conditions and I, as well as many many others, will skip out. I don’t believe in having to wait for games 360 owners got to experience a year before. It’s only normal for people to lose interest after awhile. If you guys do decide timed exclusivity for BattleBlock Theater, you may as well keep on that platform.

Microsoft moneyhats are killing the gaming industry. It’s pointless and hurts the developers.

AceBeeDee said:

February 25th, 3:02 pm

i love this post, its short and to the point. i just wanns say that i enjoyed this game on 360 and that I WILL be downloading it AGAIN on psn. its that good…

KidCommando said:

February 25th, 3:17 pm


For the post, your comments, and your honesty.

Was hoping it would have been out sooner myself, but will definitely check it out when it does arrive.

Psikorps said:

February 25th, 3:24 pm

@105 Bashr21

“my point was that a lot of the comments on the posts were pretty whiny and ungrateful.”

The point is PS3 owners shouldn’t have to be “grateful” when treated like second class gamers, when cross platform games are finally released were supposed to be all “grateful” we recive second-hand goods.

“the fact the Behemoth is even bothering porting this to PSN plus the fact they are throwing in extra stuff is pretty strong evidence that they are, in FACT, awesome.”

Or that they finally realised there was another console out called PS3 and they can get the second class gamers of the PS3 to buy a re-released title, but so as not to be looked at as purely money grubbing, throw in some extra stuff, kudos to them on the extra effort.

“They could have decided “screw it, buy a 360 if you want to play this game.””

They could have, your right.
However, looking at how many people will buy it, if its priced right (Myself included) they would be fools not to.

Yet, to act like its being brought to PS3 as a gift or out of simple respect to the PS3 owners and no consideration to the financial aspect is both naive and shows the mindset of the second class gamers we are treated like on the PS3

clupula668 said:

February 25th, 3:35 pm

Don’t listen to the guy who said to scrap the game. I want to play this. Thanks for bringing it over.

skippyx77 said:

February 25th, 3:40 pm

this game seems like the starcraft 2 of ps3. It was announced way too long ago, and there is still no end in sight. I think people would be a lot happier if they had a release date in mind. People don’t like the unknown.

    Emil Ayoubkhan's Avatar

    Emil Ayoubkhan said:

    February 25th, 4:57 pm

    We don\’t like the unknown either. Thank you for comparing us to Starcraft, that\’s like the nicest thing to say to a game developer.. I\’m getting all teary eyed.

    Sometimes we just can\’t narrow it down to a specific month, week, day. We hope we can maintain your individual happiness as we move closer to release.

Kirkpad said:

February 25th, 3:47 pm

I bought Braid on sale, so I was happy to be able to play it in perfect condition without having to buy a good PC or a 360.

Isn’t Behemoth sort of made from Newgrounds? Do you guys ever see Tom Fulp?

Kchow23 said:

February 25th, 3:50 pm

I love castle crashers I can’t wait for this game to go up in PSN and any future games you guys bring! :)

corto1976 said:

February 25th, 3:55 pm

I don’t care that the game was released on another platform 1-2 years before. If the gameplay is fun, polished and it’s reasonably priced then I’m all over it… The fact that others got the game 1 year before me doesn’t lessens the experience of playing it.

Keep us informed Emil!

The_X_Factor_9 said:

February 25th, 3:55 pm

I’m really looking forward to the release of Castle Crashers for PS3.
I really enjoyed the demo on 360, but never bought it because I felt paying for Live was not a smart thing to do.
Don’t listen to the negative comments posted here. This is a great game.
If I could reccomend a $9.99 “sale” during the first week of release, it would GREATLY help sales. I am expecting a $14.99 price point, but please do consider this, as most gamers know…this is a port of a two year old Xbox 360 game.
Either way, you have my support.

silverthehedgeh said:

February 25th, 4:32 pm

isnt vball already there or are we talking about some MP game play and i like the i played on 360 and really liked it ill be getting it again on the ps3

    Emil Ayoubkhan's Avatar

    Emil Ayoubkhan said:

    February 25th, 4:58 pm

    The original version does have a level that has a volleyball match mode. We\’ve expanded the crap out of this mode though.

plaztiksyke said:

February 25th, 4:41 pm

I don’t mind a delay, as long as it’s awesome when it’s released. I bought Braid when released on PSN to get the 1080p visuals and the 24-bit lossless audio. If you can get step up the quality from the previous incarnations in a similar fashion, you’ll have my money on day one.

Don’t listen to the haters, just keep up the good work!

Psikorps said:

February 25th, 4:42 pm

A multiplayer version of the volleyball game that players experienced during the adventure, as I understand it.
Its looking pretty good as a added play mode.

syk1288 said:

February 25th, 4:45 pm

Thanks so much for appearing again. I was losing faith in you guys but this post told something to my heart that you guys are trying to prove to the customers that it isn’t going to be an ordinary port.

That’s good new to me. My faith in you guys has grown back to it’s original state.

One question though. Please answer. Ok maybe two questions. lol

Is Battleblock Theater coming to the PSN? Or are you entitled to release that exclusively for the XBLA?

I don’t think you guys should let Microsoft control you guys anymore with $(it’s just my opinion, because I know you guys got enough money or w.e to do business with Sony so why not release on the same day as the xbox360?). You got plenty of people on the PSN who wants to buy your games. Don’t really mean to be bossy but for Battleblock Theater I will be. So chop chop, and get that to release in sync with the XBLA version.

Thanks very much if you reply. See ya on your next post.

    Emil Ayoubkhan's Avatar

    Emil Ayoubkhan said:

    February 25th, 5:03 pm

    As mentioned in previous comments we\’d love to release our games at the same time. Sometimes though things just don\’t work out that way. Fortunately for us we\’re able to still make games and have jobs. That makes us happy. Good games make us happy.

SketchyMidnight said:

February 25th, 4:50 pm

Hehe I’m a Newgrounder, so I’ve had CC on 360 and caught all the inside jokes.. Anyway a few questions..

Are we gonna have the same price point as it’s console counterpart?

Is BattleBlock Theater being considered / worked on for PS3?

How will unlocking the Alien work? Any consideration of a code or some sort of requirement?

Will the King & Necromancer DLC be included or released seperately? And possibly at the same price?

Also, do ya guys have your own PSN’s?

Darth-Krayt said:

February 25th, 4:54 pm

Don’t mind all the negative comments. I’m sure you and many other developers have noticed the rediculous sense of entitlement alot of gamer have this gen. I guess they’ve been spoiled.

Anyway, when I had a 360, Castle Crashers was one of the very few downloadable game on Live that I enjoyed. As I got rid of my 360 a LONG time ago, not having Castle Crashers to play was the only reason I even slightly regretted selling the system. So I’m extremely excited this game is coming to PS3. Especially because I thought the PS3 version was cancelled.

The new Volleyball game sounds kinda fun, I look forward to hearing more from you, and learning what other new features you are adding to the game. And I DO hope there are more.

brianR said:

February 25th, 4:55 pm

thanks for the update can’t wait for this game and i give you alot of credit for answering all the nasty comments in here

Kchow23 said:

February 25th, 4:58 pm

Will BattleBlock Theather also release on the PS3?

Emil Ayoubkhan's Avatar

Emil Ayoubkhan said:

February 25th, 5:06 pm

So many BattleBlock Theater questions….well unfortunately I can’t really answer any of those questions for the time being. If and when I actually get more info on BattleBlock we will definitely update everyone. Thanks!

NeoOfTheDark said:

February 25th, 5:12 pm

I loved the 360 version and I can’t wait to play the PS3 version, just to see what kind of extras you guys have thrown in. Honestly, you guys are one of my favorite smaller developers and I’m always looking forward to your new stuff. Keep up the great work!

SSully said:

February 25th, 5:43 pm

Sounds great, just take your time, and make it as good as you can. I’ve heard so many good things about this that idc how long it takes, ill be buying on day one.

Gertso said:

February 25th, 5:48 pm

I’ve been following Tom Fulp since even before “The Portal.” I look forward to getting this game and supporting you guys. It’s just really cool when you see someone go from almost nothing to where y’all are now. I mean…I watch you guys grow up as I did.

Elvick_ said:

February 25th, 6:08 pm

When the Haiti deal was going on I caved and bought it on my 360, but if enough is added to this I’ll probably buy it again.. besides, I don’t like the buttons on the 360 controller. xP

wU-sOLdiEr210 said:

February 25th, 6:14 pm

Emil, i have to hand it to you for answering so many questions and accepting this verbal bash you have been receiving. im not a programmer but this game is nice and to me it looks like something you can make in flash media. i had a lot of fun playing this game with my friends that own 360 but that was more than a year ago. should i give this game a chance? im unsure, i mean i bought GOW 1 and 2 when it was released for ps2 and then i bought the collection for the ps3. in a way i gave ready at dawn another chance, im almost positive this game will not be in the same planet need the less solar system as GOW.
if this was asked, what is would be the going price? i would imagine like 7.99 since its so old. i see this game as buying candy after valentine day….

xMisterSinisteRx said:

February 25th, 8:01 pm

Yes can’t wait I’ve been paying castle crashing the beard to get my castle crashers fix. can’t wait for this! day one buy for me :D

Bean30 said:

February 25th, 8:15 pm

This game looks fantastic!can’t wait for it, especially like the added minigame. Any chance we might be seeing more minigames?

hypersk_us said:

February 25th, 8:29 pm

Just one question.

Will this be a PS3 only release or will it be available through the PSP PSN too?

Thanks in advance :)

saveur said:

February 25th, 8:44 pm

Thanks so much for bringing this over. I remember drooling over the game when it came out for 360 originally, and having to “wait” hasn’t stopped my eager anticipation for playing it. It looked fantastic then, I heard great things about it when it was released, and I’m sure it’ll still be just as awesome of a game whenever you guys decided it’s ready for a release on the PS3.

I’d also like to put forward my support as many others have for a PS3 release of BattleBlock Theater. It looks so fantastic (seriously, one of the best first trailers ever) and I’d love if the PS3 got all your fantastic upcoming titles a little closer to whatever their initial release dates are. Hell I’m still hoping one day we’ll get Alien Hominid HD…

All the best to everyone at Behemoth, keep up the great work, and thanks for taking the time to answer people’s questions be they somewhat rude or not. Hopefully we’ll be seeing another blog post from you guys soon!

JohnAlbert said:

February 25th, 9:54 pm

Emil, there is obviously people pissed off by how long this has taken. Most i guess have already played the game and had a time with it.

But i haven’t and don’t have a 360, so pretty much Ive been waiting for this. Of course the sooner the better, but if your adding stuff like this volleyball minigame (which looks awesome!) There is no problem! Ill wait. And whenever it comes, I’ll make sure I use all the word of mouth I’ve got to support you guys… As long as you take more into consideration PS3 on your next games!

Bashr21 said:

February 25th, 11:57 pm


I never said Behemoth was bringing the game to PS3 “as a gift or out of simple respect to the PS3 owners”. I know full well that the (probable) primary reason they are doing it because they are a small business and they like money. But I also think they want more people to be able to play their game. And your whole “second-class gamers” business is really nonsense.

When Castle Crashers was announced, it was introduced as a 360 game, not a “cross platform game.” As far as we knew, the game was NEVER coming to the PS3. Complaining that this game should have come out when the 360 version did would be like a 360 owner complaining about Fat Princess or flOwer being released for the 360 a year from now (hypothetical). It makes no sense because the game was never originally planned to come out for that platform.

Look, I’m not trying to spew hate or piss anyone off. I just think instead of people complaining about how long it has taken, maybe we should all take a deep breath and calm down and realize that Behemoth was never obligated to bring this game over here, so let’s be happy that they are, regardless of their motivation.

Xu_Davella said:

February 26th, 6:14 am

Im actually quite surprised that being as small a company that you guys say you are, that you’ve generated so much attention. I guess it really is a good game. I’m gonna buy it when the game comes out.

btw congrats on your Haiti fundraiser. :)

abd_alazeez2002 said:

February 26th, 6:19 am

Again is there something exlusive for ps3 like new dlc or price cut?

abd_alazeez2002 said:

February 26th, 6:23 am

Nice game
But I won’t buy it
it is very old and u didn’t care about PSN in the first place two years ago
And now after some reasons u cared about us
Or the game stop selling well in xlive to come here

The reason I like Sony 1st party developer is that they care about there fans and never let them down

Developers should gain there fans trust

Again nice game and thx
No hard feelings

    Emil Ayoubkhan's Avatar

    Emil Ayoubkhan said:

    February 26th, 9:52 am

    No hard feelings at all. Like you said \”developers should gain there fans trust\” coincidentally our fans trust us quite a bit. We\’ve met them at trade shows, through forums, comments, letters, emails, etc. It really is a great feeling and motivational to have such a supportive fan base.

    Clearly you\’re not one of those fans, and have some strong perceptions, experiences from other developers and situations. Which I can understand and see why you would need to share this with everyone on here.

    With that said, I also hope there are no hard feelings and thank you for the comments.

syk1288 said:

February 26th, 8:37 am

@ Emil: Thanks for replying. Very much appreciate you giving me at least an answer. lol.

I’m here trying to figure out the mystery in your reply. I know you have said the same thing in previous comments/replies but it still looks like your hiding something. I know you guys have to be discreet and private about spilling the beens on how every is up behind the curtains but I’m that one person who would really like to know just because I Love ‘The Behemoth’. I sold my 360 couple of months after I played the hell out CC when it released. It was the only reason for me to play the xbox. Furthermore it was PS3’s time to shine (It’s still shinning right now).

I completely understand your reply though.
Many things don’t work out the way you want it to be.

syk1288 said:

February 26th, 8:37 am

I completely understand your reply though.
Many things don’t work out the way you want it to be.

I’m just one of those gamers/schooler that would *indeed* support your games. Hell I maybe could be considered a game advertiser from all the games I recommended my friends to buy and they 99% of the time do. My 100 friends on the PSN all buy the games I recommend to them and my “real-life” friends do too and yeah you know the process of how everything expands after you tell a friend that also has many friends.

Thanks again for the reply. I’ll wait patiently for Castle Crashers. As for Battleblock Theatre, I really wish you can do something about that. I’m not trying to be negative but that’s one of my wishes for this year as I will never buy a 360 again.

syk1288 said:

February 26th, 8:40 am

lol I had to post in two separate comments because it was way more than the limit of 1,250.

Thanks for the millionth time. lol.

‘The Behemoth’ Rules!!!


pantS-- said:

February 26th, 11:18 am

So, I say this:

My bro has an XBox360 and I have a PS3. He’s had Castle Crashers all these years and has played it to death, and rubbing it in my face to boot.

Since I don’t own a 360, I’ll be more than happy to wait to pick this up. It’ll be worth it since I’ve never actually played it before. Then when I ask my bro if he wants to play online mini games with me, I’ll say, “Oh wait, that’s right. You don’t have any…shame.”

Can’t wait, guys! Keep livin’ the dream!

ghamdikh1 said:

February 26th, 12:13 pm

@Emil Ayoubkhan


is this volleyball minigame going to be exclusive for PSN version.


Thrasher20 said:

February 26th, 1:33 pm

This is great. About time I hear more CC. I was afraid that Behemoth canceled this bad boy.

UofVirginia said:

February 26th, 4:45 pm

Is the Vollyball Playstation Exclusive? If not, it seems like you are waiting until it is complete to launch both at the same time (Vollyball on Xbox Live and complete game on the PSN). If thats the case, like others have posted, why pay full price for a 2 year old port? If in fact the Vollyball is exclusive to PSN……..You guys Rock!!!

Chuckbait said:

February 26th, 5:13 pm

Thanks for the update. The volleyball sounds great. I played the demo of this game for 360 like a year ago, and always wanted it to come out for ps3. I’m very pleased that you did not go the Braid route, and are adding new content. Take your time to make this game polished, I will be picking this one up.

NateDtail said:

February 26th, 8:17 pm

Thank you Emil for the update, any update is better than no update. I’m glad to see that your taking your time and not rushing this project. Just throwing it out their it would be neat to see it available for PSP don’t you think? Can’t wait to play Castle Crashers on the PS3 :D unlike some peoplem even though this is a port I’m excited and can’t wait to buy castle crashers again. Team Behemoth is AWESOME; keep up the work on making great games.

SykoTech said:

February 27th, 3:25 pm

Always wanted to try this game out. Good luck getting it to the PS3 guys.

IronChefWong said:

February 27th, 4:05 pm

I’ve been patiently waiting for Castle Crashers for many many months. My friend brought his 360 over a few months back and we played for a solid 8 hours straight. Its definitely AWESOME and props to Behemoth. I can’t wait to get this game in my hands as it truly is an awesome multiplayer experience with a bunch of your friends who are sitting next to you. I’ve went ahead and bookmarked your dev blog hoping for news on the PSN version of CC.
In the end I’m very happy that the game is coming to the PSN soon.
Oh and Behemoth = Awesome = FACT!

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