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Feb 25

Feb 25

The Drake’s Fortune Multiplayer Pack Releases Today for UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves

Arne Meyer's Avatar Posted by Director of Communications, Naughty Dog


As we revealed over at IGN two weeks ago, the new “Drake’s Fortune Multiplayer Pack” for UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves is available today on the PlayStation Store.

The “Drake’s Fortune Multiplayer Pack” includes two maps and six character skins inspired by Nathan Drake’s debut adventure, UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune. The six skins are available $2.99 and the two maps are available for $3.99 – or you can get all of skins and maps in a convenient, value-priced bundle for $5.99.

Check out some of the new character renders of the skins included in the Pack:


UDF-Eddy-Raja UDF-Gabriel-Roman

You can view and download the full set of character renders from the Naughty Dog Flickr page.

So, you may be thinking to yourself, “What are these skins and maps exactly?” We’re glad you asked. Read on for detailed descriptions of our “Drake’s Fortune Multiplayer Pack” content.

TWO new maps, available in all competitive multiplayer game types and in the co-op arena game types, inspired by locations found in UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune.

The Flooded Ruins
Based on UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune Chapter 10 – The Customs House, players will find themselves fighting in the midst of a thunderstorm, complete with rain, thunder and lightning. The Flooded Ruins is an asymmetrical map centered on the Customs House building, which is surrounded on one side by multiple two-story buildings and many flanking routes – you’ll need to stay on your toes and watch your back. The Customs House itself provides the advantage of higher ground if you manage to take the center sniper perch, where you can dispatch your opponents or call out their positions to your teammates. Watch out for incoming grenades!

The Facility
Based on the submarine bay in UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune Chapter 18 – The Bunker, The Facility is centered on a rusted out U-boat that has been left to rot in its dry dock. This fairly symmetrical map works well with all game types. Players can hide in dark corners, snipe from the control tower, or go guns blazing into combat. Look out for the moving cargo on the upper levels – it can block your shots or cut off an escape route at a very inopportune moment!

SIX new multiplayer skins based on characters from UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune.

  • UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune Nathan Drake
  • UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune Elena Fisher
  • Gabriel Roman
  • Atoq Navarro
  • Eddy Raja
  • Javier, the mercenary

The Multiplayer Pack also unlocks 12 NEW Trophies – 11 Bronze and 1 Silver – to earn as you play:

  • Bronze
  • Brass Knuckles – Get 100 Melee Kills in Deathmatch or Elimination Games
  • Gold Digger – Finish Wave 10 in 1 Gold Rush Game
  • I Told You I Was Hardcore! – Complete All 3 Co-op Objective Maps on Hard Difficulty
  • Made It – Finish Wave 10 in 1 Survival Game
  • Plays Well With Others – Win 50 Objective Games
  • Plundered! – Get 200 Captured Medals
  • Rapid Fire – Get 7 Tripled Medals in Deathmatch or Elimination games
  • Sneaky… – Get 50 Stealth Kills in Deathmatch of Elimination games
  • Still Alive – Win 50 Elimination Games
  • Tastes Like Chicken – Get 20 BBQ Medals in Deathmatch or Elimination games
  • Wipe Them Out… – Win 50 Deathmatch Games
  • Silver
  • Cold Blooded – Get 2,500 Kills in Deathmatch or Elimination games

Downloading the either the maps or the bundle unlocks the Trophies within the in-game multiplayer menu. You can gain progress towards completing these new Trophies in any game type that fits the Trophy criteria.

Purchasing the skins only will NOT unlock the additional Trophies.

We’ve also made sure that all our players can play from the same matchmaking pool regardless of whether they have purchased the maps or not – head over to to read about how we’re doing this and how to change your profile settings.

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Velzorn said:

February 25th, 12:07 pm

Can’t wait! I have some issues with the last update but still have fun playing multiplayer and I can’t wait to finally play on some new maps and with some new UNCHARTED skins.

I have a question about the new trophies. If players have already met the requirements for the new trophies before getting them will they be earned instantly or will the requirements still have to be earned?

Example: Cold Blooded – Earn 2,500 kills. What if a player already has 3,000+ kills, will they have to get another 2,500 kills or will they already have the trophy?

    Arne Meyer's Avatar

    Arne Meyer said:

    February 25th, 12:52 pm

    Progression on the Trophies won\’t start until you unlock them by purchasing the maps only or bundle DLC. They aren\’t retroactive.

Bris_Blade said:

February 25th, 12:07 pm

Hope to get the pack over the weekend!!, Great price and a great DLC =)

Bris_Blade said:

February 25th, 12:09 pm

@Velzorn I am pretty sure they have to be earned, it’s a fun challenge though.

GarrMan said:

February 25th, 12:12 pm

the new update 1.05 has ruined the whole online experience. change back the health. one snipe shot and im dead. two fal shots and I’m dead. Whoever sees me first and im dead. the update is rewarding the weak players.

Demonhunter84 said:

February 25th, 12:14 pm

I’ll be getting this as I loved Uncharted 2 just haven’t played it online in awhile. Just wonder how hard are these trophies going to be to get?

    Arne Meyer's Avatar

    Arne Meyer said:

    February 25th, 12:54 pm

    All the Trophies are designed to reward continued play in MP and playing through a variety of modes. At a glance, I think most of them aren\’t too difficult to get within a reasonable time. The silver Trophy (2,500 kills in DM or Elimination) will require some time investment, but that\’s why it\’s a Silver Trophy.


February 25th, 12:16 pm

Great update, but PLEASE update the co-op levels and add more missions. I mean a measly 3 levels is not enough. I am sick of playing the monestary, village, and that nepal place. Thanks!

MonkeyGibber said:

February 25th, 12:25 pm

Found this on the EU site… do we not get these in the US?

On top of that, the game’s getting 12 in-game multiplayer medals:

Tip Off – Be the First Player to Grab the Treasure in Plunder
Protectorate – Shoot and Kill 5 Enemies that were Damaging the Treasure Carrier
No Cigar – Kill the Treasure Carrier while They are about to Score
None Shall Pass – Get 5 Kills while in the Hill during a King of the Hill
First! – Get the First Kill of the Game
Finish Him! – Get the Last Kill of the Game
Retaliation – Kill the Last Player that Killed You
Defender – Kill a Player that is Actively Shooting One of Your Teammates
That Was Embarrassing – Earn a Shutout in Plunder
Put’em Down – Kill Someone in the Knockdown State with a Pistol Weapon
Unlucky – Die 5 Times in a Row without Getting a Kill
Tricky – Kill a Player with a Pistol Weapon while Hanging

    Arne Meyer's Avatar

    Arne Meyer said:

    February 25th, 12:54 pm

    These medals are already in the current MP game — they were added as part of the Title Update 1.05

Solid-Snake-Eyes said:

February 25th, 12:29 pm

I’d like to know why the skins pack only has 2 heroes, especially when one of the villains is some random mercenary that nobody cares about. Sully would have made more sense to me, or Drake in the baseball shirt would be even better.

Zezzler said:

February 25th, 12:30 pm

Thnaks NG for continued support!
will be buying for sure~

Xamindar said:

February 25th, 12:34 pm

DLC is fine and all and I might buy the map pack soon. BUT, telling me I don’t have the DLC and asking me to purchase it EVERY TIME I ENTER MULTIPLAYER MODE is very rude. Didn’t you guys make enough money off this great game at $60 a pop? Now you have ram down my throat popups every time I join multiplayer to tell me to buy more?

I just lost ALL my respect for Naughty Dog, not acceptable.

    Arne Meyer's Avatar

    Arne Meyer said:

    February 25th, 12:56 pm

    This was an unexpected issue we noticed this morning. It\’s only supposed to remind you once AFTER the DLC is available in your region. Hopefully you can live with the minor inconvenience (or wait) until the DLC is available in the store and you can dismiss that dialog. Sorry about that!

Link01 said:

February 25th, 12:40 pm

Awsesome, great to hear that there are new voices with the skins too. The only other thing is, will you add voices to the Heroes pack, and when will you fix the last fricken update. The M4 is useless now that the AK is dead on….

MarinoBrea said:

February 25th, 12:49 pm

What size is the map pack?

    Arne Meyer's Avatar

    Arne Meyer said:

    February 25th, 1:04 pm

    Not sure, I know the full bundle is about 160MB.

DNAgent said:

February 25th, 12:57 pm

Just make the multiplayer normal again and add a playlist for lowered health. That should make both people happy. A few boosters were useless enough when the health was normal due to other reasons but now a lot of boosters are useless because of lowered health.

Solid-Snake-Eyes said:

February 25th, 12:59 pm

Hearing that the skins have voices makes me more likely to purchase, but I’d like to know if Drake and Elena have new lines specific to these skins or do they just say the same lines they had before?

packy17 said:

February 25th, 12:59 pm

No double cash weekend to support this? Seems like a good idea to me.

    Arne Meyer's Avatar

    Arne Meyer said:

    February 25th, 1:05 pm

    Not planned at the moment, sorry!

drivatar said:

February 25th, 1:01 pm

@Arne Meyer
I appreciate your decision to not include MP trophies in the original game.

They are unfair because the difficulty/possibility to obtain online trophies hugely depends on when you play the game.

As DLC it’s ok.

    Arne Meyer's Avatar

    Arne Meyer said:

    February 25th, 1:05 pm

    I would hope it\’s especially okay when our DLC is MP-only too :)

TubaDude49 said:

February 25th, 1:07 pm

Thank you, I loved the area in Chapter 18 from the first game.

TubaDude49 said:

February 25th, 1:09 pm

Is it concinidence that the U-Boat *Hanger* is chapter *18*. I don’t like megadeth, but I can pick up the reference.

ShaoranLi said:

February 25th, 1:10 pm

What happened to the Swimsuit of Drake and Elena :( ?! You guys were so close to having all the skins from the first. Is there at least an explanation as to why these 2 weren’t there?

Regardless, this is sick stuff. Can’t wait to get this.

Xamindar said:

February 25th, 1:13 pm

Thanks Arne. I didn’t expect a reply. Glad to hear it wasn’t intentional. You guys are great!

Top-Bandit said:

February 25th, 1:20 pm

to bad i cant play competitive online… my character constantly freezes…sucks because i would of bought this DLC

KazeEternal said:

February 25th, 1:26 pm

@Arne Meyer Part 1 of 2
Thank you for responding, please bare with me as I have a limited number of letters I can use to explain.

I’d like to say thank you for the Uncharted 2 trophies as they stand now, that come packaged with the game. As a person who pursues platinums it was nice to see Naughty Dog heard my suggestions in regards to my experiences with Killzone 2, Resistance 2, and any other online game I’ve played where the trophies were nothing short of a nightmare.

Now perhaps sony needs to adjust their policies in regards to how trophies can be distributed or added over time if a developer like Naughty Dog decides to apply new trophies in the way they have. Given as you explain it, you can’t give us new trophies without the DLC. So I apologize as it is clearly sony’s fault for executing poor policy and it is something I hope Jeff or Chris can bring to the attention of the Director of PlayStation Network operations and associated staff related to trophies.

Supplying new trophies that can be earned with the original game via a paid to play DLC pack that isn’t needed for those trophies is where my real issue begins. It’s a bit under handed, though it seems policy is the real criminal here and not Naughty Dog.

    Arne Meyer's Avatar

    Arne Meyer said:

    February 25th, 1:37 pm

    I don\’t think I can understand your point. These new Trophies don\’t affect your Platinum nor will they be required for anyone who buys the game in the future to get the Platinum Trophy — you only need to complete the on-disk Trophies to get the Platinum. These new Trophies will lower your 100% of course, but that\’s because they\’re new Trophies to the overall list.

KazeEternal said:

February 25th, 1:26 pm

@Arne Meyer Part 2 of 2
I appreciate all the hardwork Naughty Dog has put into Uncharted 2 and I love the fact that you guys are supplying new trophies as well as DLC for the game. However the only trophies that should be available to DLC exclusively should be those related to the DLC only. Arbitrarily deciding I can’t get them because I didn’t pay for something that isn’t needed to earn them isn’t right. As a trophy collector (who is buying the content mind you) I still view it as unfair and underhanded.

I hope that makes things a little more clear. Thank you for taking the time to read as well as respond it is nice to know you guys are respondent to your community. Thank you again for the continued support of our Community on Uncharted 2.

ULRA-1- said:

February 25th, 1:49 pm

Please naughty dog don’t make a new patch for this. The one you recently released is great!! Love it

I dont want this game turning into killzone 2 where they release a patch every week changing the game..please keep this. It’s honestly great. Keep up the good works dogs

ShaoranLi said:

February 25th, 2:03 pm

Will we see a possible future release of Elena and Drake in their swimsuit skins and I guess, more skins and maps? Hopefully the swimsuit skins will be coupled with those.

MonkeyGibber said:

February 25th, 2:34 pm

@57 Oops I thought ‘Unlucky’ sounded familiar! Keep up the great work.

NightHawk479 said:

February 25th, 2:39 pm

You said you will be looking into new co-op modes and I’m guessing more maps on the way but will you do anything like RE5 or Red Faction and give us more campaign. Will I just have to wait till Uncharted 3 for more campaign. Anyway been a fan since Jak and Daxter, keep up the great work.

KazeEternal said:

February 25th, 2:42 pm

I’m glad you guys didn’t include trophies like these in the first place with the initial release to acquire the platinum. That is a plus, that makes me happy, and I thank you guys for it. At the same time I feel I should be able to acquire these trophies, now that they are out there without paying 3.99. See what I’m saying now. On Killzone 2 with their new trophies, they all applied specifically to the DLC in question and could not be earned unless you had purchased the DLC as what you needed was included in the DLC. Or say LBP’s Metal Gear Solid DLC, you couldn’t earn those trophies without completing the levels and including the items in the levels you built.

KazeEternal said:

February 25th, 2:49 pm

@Arne Meyer

No I’m not concerned with my platinum, that I’m well aware of.

I’m trying to point out that trophies as you have them now as you’ve described and as I fully understand what you’ve said is wrong to have setup in that way.

Look at KZ2 and LBP, the new trophies for say LBP MGS4 can only be acquired by owning the DLC and completing the levels contained within. Same is true for KZ2 you go into a map play the job on that map you get the trophy.

With U2 you go to any map from the original game on the disc real 1.0 type stuff you can meet the requirements for say complete the 10th wave on Survival in say the Ancient City or Nepal. You won’t earn the trophy because you didn’t pay 3.99. You see what I’m saying here.

Now I’m paying for the DLC because I want the maps and costumes today. Because I want them and I know that in no way this effects my trophies. Just showing my support for the game and to show my enjoyment of it. However I do not like how the NEW trophies and ONLY the new Trophies are able to be acquired.

dabomb4eve said:

February 25th, 2:58 pm

Can’t wait to get home and try this out!

By the way, any information on Naughty Dog Drake or Prakoso? FHE is in the works, but codes are long past due.

Andrefpvs said:

February 25th, 2:58 pm

Arne, a year ago I asked you this:

The voice actors I asked about did indeed return for Uncharted 2, and they did a kick-ass job once again! I couldn’t be more pleased when I played through the game in both English and Portuguese multiple times.

Now I don’t know if my request made a difference, but I’m here to thank you most deeply! Thanks Arne! I want them back for the next Uncharted game ;)

PS: I thought 1.05 was dodgy at first, but now I love it. Everyone, just ADAPT!

Andrefpvs said:

February 25th, 3:03 pm

My comment above is awaiting moderation, so please do read it when it is available, Arne :)

Also, could I get some tips on how to do stealth kills? I know you must attack your enemy from behind and when you’re not showing on their screen, but that’s something that rarely happens.

I think I’m pretty good at Uncharted 2 MP, and to prove how difficult it is for me to get stealth kills, I already have 5 BBQ medals towards the Trophy (I already bought the DLC), but only one stealth kill, and I think the player I killed was AFK.

Any tips from any of you guys, or Arne Meyer?

CountryStorm said:

February 25th, 3:14 pm

ummm do you mean to say that the us isn’t getting the DLC today? you responded to my last post saying it will be available when the PSN in my region updates (Except in the US) so does that mean the us isn’t getting it today?

dsigns209 said:

February 25th, 3:18 pm

@82 Tip for stealth kills: Stalk people. If you see a guy running chase him instead of shooting. Usually he will stop to pick up a new weapon or stop when aiming at someone and this is the perfect time to run behind him and choke him out. Another good way is if you see someone in cover wait til they pop their head up to shoot at someone and grab them from behind. Be careful though, if they see you, you might end up dead.

ThePimento said:

February 25th, 3:24 pm

Where the heck is the DLC on the store? It’s almost 5:30pm CST.

Andrefpvs said:

February 25th, 3:26 pm


So, the only sure way to snap their neck is when they’re aiming at the same side you’re facing. Makes sense to me. Thanks!

Sons-of-Helghan said:

February 25th, 3:29 pm

i think the purchased skins should work in all game modes, i would love to play the storymode as a Helghast =]

snarl2 said:

February 25th, 3:51 pm

@Arne Meyer- When are you guys going to add more Chloe skins? ;)

jonbhigh said:

February 25th, 4:05 pm

I NEED HELP! Cannot find where to download the new pack :( I went into the store, and the only download available is the Hero Pack. Went into Multiplayer mode & I get the dialog that I don’t have the new pack, but only find the Hero Pack in the Store.

NighTMarELorD said:

February 25th, 4:12 pm

i wonder if they’re gonna make it so enemies cant shoot u thru walls. im still waiting on the fix.

XxJazzur55xX said:

February 25th, 4:27 pm

i have the same problem! there is a guy who said the PS store should be updated today at 5pm CST, it’s 6.25pm CST already! and I cannot find the pack!

has anybody downloaded the maps already?

Kirkpad said:

February 25th, 4:29 pm

The PS Store hasn’t updated, why would the maps be out?

Varun10000 said:

February 25th, 4:33 pm

Hi ND, can u please tell me when the dlc releases in canada, ontario, toronto. Please reply arne mayer.

derickdemi said:

February 25th, 4:34 pm

Has anyone downloaded the maps? It dosent appear in the store

Orinocoboy said:

February 25th, 5:07 pm

So is this DLC out on the East Coast Yet???

Demonicshadows2 said:

February 25th, 5:15 pm

please just get rid of the lowered health it’s not fun like it used to be THIS IS AN ACTION GAME!!(you got to admit it) (CAMPING = NO FUN!!!!) the boosters most of them are pretty much useless?im sorry to be an a$$h*le but i’ll buy the dlc when i get to play the mp that i fell in lov with!! and i think alot of other people feel the same way

Army_of_Lefty said:

February 25th, 5:18 pm

@ Arne Meyer
ive been trying to add u on PSN for quite some time but uve been full for quite some time lmao. if u ever clean out ur list of anyone and have an open space please message me so i know that i can request u. im friends with a game dev and hes really cool so i thought id try to get some more cool people on it so if u read this please message me. i love UC2 and always looking for someone to play with
Naughty Dog Fan

Kchow23 said:

February 25th, 5:32 pm


jonbhigh said:

February 25th, 6:03 pm

@XxJazzur55xX && everyone: Go get it!!!!! It’s in the PS Store!!!

spazski said:

February 25th, 6:51 pm

Thank you for answering my question before, Arne.

To add to that, can we expect there to ever be an update that would allow players to choose from the character skins that come with the game to use in Co-Op arena?

I understand that it wouldn’t work with the story co-op missions because of the cutscenes within them but for goldrush and survival I think the player should be able to play as on of their unlocked skins.

Thanks again.

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