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Feb 28

Feb 28

PlayStation Network Status Update

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar Posted by Sr. Social Media Manager

We’re aware that many of you are having difficulty connecting to the PlayStation Network this evening. Those of you with “slim” PS3s (the 120/250 GB models) appear to be unaffected.

Know that we have narrowed down the issue and have engineers working to restore service even as you read this. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, and genuinely appreciate your patience while we work to resolve this.

In the meantime, you may want to follow our Twitter account for the latest updates.

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Thrill_Kill said:

February 28th, 11:50 pm

Why is it that all of my PSN downloads wont work but 2 of them and they are now playing in demo modes and the information states that there is no owner of them?

Yes I own the original 60gb model, Sony fix this issue! The only game I can seem to play right now is SIREN that I imported from EU. :( And I have beat that game 100 times!

MAG and Heavy Rain wont even play. Why cant I get Tekken 5 DR to play!? Whats going on here!?? Single player games like Heavy Rain should NOT be dependent on the PSN online service.. this is ridiculous.

SolaceIX said:

February 28th, 11:53 pm

Can SOMEONE, ANYONE, respond!? We’ve spent enough money in the store to at least be told why we can’t use what we purchased. What in the **** is happening!? I may as well have taken a hundred or so dollars and lit it on fire.

starBlinky01 said:

February 28th, 11:59 pm

to the people worried about trophies getting deleted. I wouldnt worry since the trophies are actually on your hard drive. They do get uploaded to the net as a secondary storage system.

But there is no way Sony could delete something off your harddrive. So dont worry.

JesseHaysFL said:

March 1st, 12:03 am

I dunno sony sure did corrupt alot of my files today….all the dynamic themes I purchased are gone.

SolaceIX said:

March 1st, 12:08 am

Trophies be damned! The only game I have that works is Oblivion. DLC, games requiring trophies, PSN titles, etc… do NOT work. As I said: I should have just burned a few hundred dollars. Seriously though, we NEED an explanation.

Sonofman888 said:

March 1st, 12:09 am

there are over 100 posts on here w/o response…!!!!! can we get an official word please… I think we deserve to know

SolaceIX said:

March 1st, 12:09 am

Oh and speaking of checking Sony’s Twitter updates: They haven’t HAD an update in 5 hours.

jefXfree said:

March 1st, 12:22 am

You guys sure do cry a lot. It’s not like Sony’s just going to say screw you all we’re running away with the money we’ve collected.

They KNOW there’s a problem. Shut up, go to sleep, and everything will be fixed sooner or later.

Francision69 said:

March 1st, 12:22 am

I hope my trophies are okay. :(

jefXfree said:

March 1st, 12:23 am

Trophies are stored on both Sony Servers and your Hard Drive. If you’re not getting a YLOD or a hard drive error they’re fine. You just can’t earn any at the moment.

cshawnc said:

March 1st, 12:26 am

Also – this is affecting PS3’s that are not currently connected to the internet.

Just came back from a friend’s house, who just moved in and don’t have cable or internet yet; and even though we’ve played their LBP dlc before without the internet, we couldn’t tonight. Lost Katamari Forever trophies, time reset, etc.

SolaceIX said:

March 1st, 12:40 am

You guys sure do cry a lot. It’s not like Sony’s just going to say screw you all we’re running away with the money we’ve collected.

Thats the thing, they haven’t said a word save for “There’s a problem.” Also what makes you so sure its going to be fixed by morning? Maybe when you grow up and start spending your OWN money, you’ll know why we’re pissed.

jefXfree said:

March 1st, 12:43 am

HAHA! I spent over $600 of MY money on MY 60gb launch PS3. I’m not pissed because I know there’s nothing I can do about it and it’s not like Sony WANTS the servers and PS3s jacked up.

They’re not going to tell anyone what their issue was, they’re going to write some code and fix it as soon as they can.

SolaceIX said:

March 1st, 12:45 am

Well you keep living in your world where everything is fixed just like that. No explanation or anything, because that’s the way it works.

jefXfree said:

March 1st, 12:48 am

How many companies EVER come out and give you a 12-point plan on problem and solution? My guess is about 0. They fix the issue internally and send it to us with a cheap apology.

If it’s a huge problem they’ll offer new PS3s. It’s not a big deal. Sony isn’t just going to screw everyone over. It’d be the end of their Playstation and psp division.

Xamindar said:

March 1st, 12:51 am

They probably are not updating us on the issue because they figured that it was just a date issue and will work its self out in 24 hours on it’s own. That or they all went to bed.

EmperorKorea said:

March 1st, 1:10 am

They better give everyone a free game or some other form of compensation for this disastrous mess.

txmarine1 said:

March 1st, 1:15 am

I just want to make damn sure that this is something that CAN and WILL BE FIXED. Especially since FFXIII is coming out in a few days and all. I didn’t fight for this country and all for my 60 GB Back. compatible system to not be able to play the games I bought to play; Dante’s Infeno right now.

Semper Fi,

jefXfree said:

March 1st, 1:22 am

HAHAHAHA I agree that marines should get their systems serviced first because ps3s and the marines completely go hand-in-hand.

IceColdEskimo said:

March 1st, 1:24 am

Glad to hear sony is on it.

Stoffinator said:

March 1st, 1:37 am

God guys stop crying. Things happen, Sony is fixing it. Don’t worry about it.

spatsnaz said:

March 1st, 1:40 am

Oh well. Time to fire up the ps2 then.

jefXfree said:

March 1st, 1:40 am

A friend of mine that works at Sony EU said that you shouldn’t get on PSN AT ALL on 3-1-10 for trophy safety, even though the new required firmware update should launch today.

acepsycho said:

March 1st, 1:47 am

heavy rain won’t play because i am not logged in what is up with that it does don’t evean play online


March 1st, 1:55 am

While the PSN is down, I might as well go play MM:Legends on my 320/60gb (sick) PS3

djruden said:

March 1st, 2:01 am

Seriously Sony – its been 6 hours since your last Twitter update… Somebody has to know something more. Please update us!

Purchasing Final Fantasy XIII on xbox 360 confirmed!

Keeng said:

March 1st, 2:24 am

Thanks for the update! Please ignore any ridiculous comments from some of the people here. We appreciate it anytime you guys are open and direct about a problem.

DanlyKirbster said:

March 1st, 2:30 am

Yeah 6 hours without an update is pretty lame. I know its late at night on a Sunday but this is some bs.

Souledge94 said:

March 1st, 2:47 am

Well thanks for being on top of this.

Korbei83 said:

March 1st, 3:29 am

Huh… I had no idea. I was watching hockey. Weren’t you?

blitzz33 said:

March 1st, 3:36 am

good to know… but ya better get it fixed for your big exclusive The Show, and i want my trophies back for cod mw2

coRRuptedANGEL said:

March 1st, 3:37 am

6:30 am on the east coast and still nothing!!!! wtf!!

coRRuptedANGEL said:

March 1st, 3:41 am

@EmporerKorea don’t you think that’s a little ridiculous!!! a few hours without the PSN and you want a free game? why don’t you go read a book?

DNAgent said:

March 1st, 3:46 am

I’m hearing more and more about this and it seems like only the PS3s that have backwards compatibility with PS2 games are being affected. Especially the 80GB backwards compatibility ones as we all know those systems don’t seem to get much support as it is. They can’t play all PS2 games like the 60GB & games like Yakuza 1 have game breaking bugs and the backwards compatibility list says all problems are fixed but it isn’t and it’s a game breaking bug that will prevent you from finishing the game.

HypnoToast said:

March 1st, 3:49 am

Thank goodness we have Twitter for your status updates!

With over 30 million users affected worldwide, shouldn’t Sony have a better channel and one that updates more often to communicate what’s going on to those users who can’t use their system at all, even if it is for offline games?

SykoTech said:

March 1st, 4:05 am

Glad I have a Slim. I didn’t even know these issues were going on until I went to IGN this morning.

Still, hope this gets resolved quick. Must suck not to be able to even play offline games. And some of my friends have Phats so I can’t play with them.

Xu_Davella said:

March 1st, 4:12 am

I was meaning to upgrade to a slim too…

Agent_47_PR said:

March 1st, 4:19 am


Thats the sound of small frogs in my patio last night…the only sound I could hear because my PS3 was dead!

The old ZUNE media players got a bug like this some time ago…their fix was to wait until the next day.

At least we should get a free premium avatar or dynamic theme for all this….lol

TubaDude49 said:

March 1st, 4:27 am

Man the my paranoia was so high when I searched the error code as “Really Bad, send in for service”. I was releived to know everyone in the world got it.

Othello500 said:

March 1st, 4:56 am

Thanks for the update, Jeff.

I’m sure you guys have your hands full today. Take it light, sir.

Nynja said:

March 1st, 5:17 am


All the trophy enabled games that I’ve tried last night have cleared them from my account (at least locally). I popped in Modern Warfare 2, Dragon Age: Origins, and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 which none of these were playable. After attempting to play them, the games no longer appear under my trophy list.

clupula668 said:

March 1st, 5:19 am

Why were you trying to play them if you knew what was happening?

clupula668 said:

March 1st, 5:23 am

From what I’ve been reading, I can see why they haven’t updated, as this appears to be effecting developers’ debug PS3 units too. I think the best thing we can do is wait it out. This happened to the Zune in 2008 and MS fixed that. I don’t think this is an unfixable problem. Just requires us to be patient. Yeah, it angers me too that I couldn’t use my day off to do more Star Ocean quests, but I know enough about computers to know that sometimes there are errors and it takes a bit to figure out how to fix them without making the problem worse.

ShadowPhoenix18 said:

March 1st, 5:40 am

specialist08, that’s some accuation. What reason would that person have to lie? Very few things are 100%, and it makes NO difference to the problem whether they are lying or not, so it’s simpler to believe them.

AgentX, I think that is an excellent hypothesis. I’m not sure if any solution they find will offer a retroactive solution for data already corrupted or lost, unfortunately. But that seems like a plausible reason for the problem to have occurred. It’s certainly been longer than “a few hours” as they theorized before, lol.

ShadowPhoenix18 said:

March 1st, 5:43 am

So, I guess it’s time to catch up on those PS1 games, huh?

Oh, and people are saying they download things but the install date is wrong because of the clock. Interesting that we have different levels of error. Myself and many others can’t log into the PSN at all to download anything from the store, but still more seem to only have an issue with trophies updating. I wonder if there is any system patterns to these differences, and if Sony could use that information to more quickly discern a cause…

MohammedMK said:

March 1st, 5:51 am

Please fix it as soon as possible I can’t even play my games offline =(

kingjambo said:

March 1st, 6:09 am

i dont care about online and offline, heck i dont even like the idea of downloading patches etc…but what i am disappoited of is that even offline gaming doesnt work with some standalone games. i put a lot of money on the table at day1, enjoyed a lot of good moments AND a whole lot of more regretable moments of minore importance. i am slowly getting used to download a patch for a Console game(in the old days you got an fixed replacement game from your local gamestore, sega and snes…dammit i miss that possibility that friggin much)…BUT this is absurd…i know its all pointless rage, noone could have forseen this, since its 2010 and the machine came out 2006. you all took my pleasure of plugging in a game (inseting a disc PS1 PS2, DreamCast,) to delivere me B3yond gaming experience….i can play beyond the time i need to patch. i am not pissed or angry, annoyed etc

kingjambo said:

March 1st, 6:09 am

….i am just disappointed with all that way this all is going. i like beeing able downloading demos, sending friends a message, play online. but everytime i power on the machine i fear bloatware, there were terrific updates, substantial ones and and usefull one…made the machineevenmore powerfull, but what is the price we pay? clutted xmb, store icons every where, advertisments, compatibility issues. really …dont know

thecoolfool said:

March 1st, 6:18 am


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