PlayStation Network Status Update

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We’re aware that many of you are having difficulty connecting to the PlayStation Network this evening. Those of you with “slim” PS3s (the 120/250 GB models) appear to be unaffected.

Know that we have narrowed down the issue and have engineers working to restore service even as you read this. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, and genuinely appreciate your patience while we work to resolve this.

In the meantime, you may want to follow our Twitter account for the latest updates.

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  • So wtf.

    Been half of a day and still no word from sony? Can’t even use the 2 ps3’s I paid for.

  • How long do I have to wait? This is really getting out of hand!!!

  • Ok…I expected this problem to atleast be fixed by the time I got up today and still nothing? Atleast update us on what’s going on.

    Come on…I want to play my PS3!

  • Hey Im with you 195. We pay a lot of money for these systems, we deserve some damn answers.

  • XxChilliBeanxX

    @194, I got the same one but no way in the world am I taking a chance on it with MLB 10 the show coming on tuesday. I’ll wait till I hear that they have a fix.

  • tylerdurden30

    I’m worried at this point because Sony North America hasn’t said a single word in a very long time but the people at Sony Europe just tweeted that the problem is still being worked on. I really hope that this isn’t a regional issue that will end up leaving those in the US without any kind of PS3 capabilities for a longer period of time. I can’t quite understand how SOny overlooked a potential hardware issue like this. (if that is the problem) Oh well time to fire up the 360 and wait for Sony to fix the problem.

  • I got my 80GO ps3 since april 3 2009 and it works well.I have all my trophies and The PSN works well

  • Superstrokey1123

    Wish we could get more recent and updated info than this….

  • This seems like a very stupid problem on Sony’s part. So our systems could be screwed becacuse of a god damn clock.

  • why is it still not back to normal? this is getting stupid now. at least all my trophies are ok, but still no psn! FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT

  • tylerdurden30

    Sony is going to use this issue as a way to market the slim as a necessary upgrade. I smell hacker who is getting revenge for being kicked out of MW2 for cheating like that moron who hacked Sony over SOCOM. Seriously, SONY WE DESERVE AN EXPLANATION, NOT CRYPTIC TWITTER MESSAGES FROM YOUR INTERNS!

  • this is unexceptable, I already gave up on my 360 because of the red ring. Ill do the same for PS3 if this is not resolved. Ill be an exclsive PC gamer if this keeps up.

  • Lance_Akiro

    IDk how many times i replied but its funny just watching these comments. everyone wants an answer well lets all think this. if we got an answer on the situation at hand you think it will solve fixing it. when you have a server that powers almost the world or just NA wouldnt you think it will take longer then just doing a simple building of computers? all I’m saying is do something else people theirs more then just playing on the network all day i know theirs games coming our way but you think its the end of the world. just wait till they answer because the more people ask every hr hows it going nothing will get done.

  • Superstrokey1123

    @212 i assume you mean unacceptable right?

  • I paid $600+ for my launch 60.

    I don’t feel like I deserve answers. As a matter of fact, we did get an answer.

    They said look for a fix today. So now we just wait because what more can we do? Piss and moan more?

  • You’re all whining about not having answers here? Pfff with 215 posts… look at European blog post, over 815 posts and not a single reply LOOL

  • caracrowland

    my heavy rain trophies are goneand i was wondering if i would get them back amd please hury

  • Fix now please.

    Okay thanks bye.

  • Darklurkr23

    Well I did my part and telling me bro to not turn his on. We both have Launch Days PS3’s and hoping this won’t be a problem in the long run. I just fixed my blu-ray clickin with a restore system default, I assume this might be able to be fixed with a full wipe, but I’d hate to lose my saves cause I guess the bug would travel with them. O well at least I’m not in the middle of anything right now. I’m very impressed Sony jumped right out day 1 and said “Well Yea We see it’s ****ed up. We’re working on it”

  • So, I guess us Peter Parkers won’t be able to play Bad Company 2 at midnight tonight.

    Great. Just Great. I should’ve preordered the 360 version, I guess. :|

  • Nephilimator

    Give us an update.

  • Its been over 11 hours since the last update regarding the PS3s that have stopped working worldwide and that’s including Developer debug units. When are we going to hear something? This is completely unprofessional. Users have no idea about what’s going on and what’s being done or even what the damn problem is. Games wont work due to Trophies trying to sync with the servers, PSN Games wont work, DLC won’t work, Dynamic themes are corrupted, Trophies are being deleted, PS3s that are not even hooked up to the internet don’t work and the date has been set back to 1999!

    What the hell is going on! This is not how you treat your consumers. You guys have a personal Blog, Facebook accounts and Twitter accounts, but yet no updates on the situation in all this time.
    Users have the right to know what’s going on. Update your damn Blog, Facebook and Twitter with new information and what the problem is!!!
    And none of this BS of “we are working on it” That’s not an update.

  • poweredbyzen

    in the words of super drag star ru pual – YOU BETTER WORK!

  • I lost everything…all my littlebigplanet costumes…ugh PLEASE FIX THIS or replace it for free…

  • Jeez, you can turn on your PS3, people. Just don’t play any games. It’s a problem with the latest firmware, so you’re going to need to turn it on to download the new update anyway.

  • The “8001050F” error is a nightmare!
    Sony has worked fast to fix errors before
    so I hope to see somthing happen, today!

    I don’t even care about themes or trophies… I just want to be on PSN a.s.a.p.

  • Wow super big screw up by Sony, did they not know this would happen, lol. Isn’t this a breach of contract for the warranty on their side?

  • Watch we’re going to get a firmware update that “further increases system stability.”

    That will be our explanation. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again:

    I’ve spent well over 1500 USD on my PS3, games, dlc, etc…

    Why in the HELL are we being left in the dark about this!?

  • p.s. Thanks Jeff Rubenstein for posting this for us..

  • Man… this looks like a big mess.

  • WTH!!!!
    Let’s hope there’s no recall!!!

    I have a Gunmetal Kojima edition PS3 and that is irreplaceable for me!!!

  • that would suck man, they would lose tons of money.

    i would be sad for your kojima model.

  • NighTMarELorD

    Ok so ive been getting alot of info about this. id like to say Everything on my 60 GB ps3 works except for connecting to psn. i just tried Gow 3 demo, flOw (which i got for free when it was free on psn) and they work fine. i loaded bionic commando fine too. i didnt start a game but it loaded properly so pretty much everything for me is fine except i cant connect online for uc2 multiplayer :(

  • NighTMarELorD

    im not sure if its true, but i hear the problem may fix its self @ 7 EST, when the system clock will think its no longer a leap year and go back to the way it should. maybe sony is just waiting to see if it fixes itsself. it wouldnt be the first time they’ve been slow on a update. remember last thursdays PS STORE update? it didnt come till about 7:50 EST. im noticing sonys trend.

  • because of one late update (that you mention) its their trend? seems like you are looking for an excuse to bash em.

    i realize there have been other instances, but their updates are pretty random if anything.

  • in this announcement We were told to wait 24 hours.
    my question, is 24 hours from when?

  • @Jeff seriously tweeking right now. Can’t use Netflix, can’t use Rock Band 2 and was all geared up to play BFBC2 when it rolls out at midnight! What is the actual ETA from now?

  • They said 24 hours, so stop your [DELETED] and wait. What do you want them to tell you they’re working on it every 2 hours?

  • mastrofallz

    Wow what is with all this b****ing? You guys are *lucky* to get an update this early. At least this isnt old Sony where they would ignore the problem, not give a time frame, and not discuss it any further.

  • i know that it’s fixed and everything but since the error i no longer can download games updates i tried to download burnout paradise update more then 10 times it gives me a deferent error code that i can not remember and the error always shows up at 14% from installing.
    what should i do ? i heard that the xbox360 dos not install downloaded data so
    sony if your listening if you could do that pleas do because i real want download games updates …… thanks

  • how can i talk to someone about my ps3 not able to sign in to playstation network and it froze on me twice last night ????

  • if sony cant resolve this problem with the psn then i think they should do a recall with the ps3’s that are defected and replace it with the ps3 slim just as long that they are not defected in any way…..i mean it because this is seriously f****d up that no one can sign in or do any damn thing with the ps3

  • Thanks for the info.

  • First of all, I want my Phat PS3. It has 4 usb ports. You up grade the hard drive to 500mb. Thosse of you with slims dont or cant.

    My problem with sony is that on monday they posted that the problem was fixed. However, they have not recognized or admitted that there are lingering affects to many Ps3 older models. All i want is my original PS3 to work as it did before sunday. Thats all i want. no trade in for slims. So please recognize that there still is a problem. please



  • I have to agree with the last poster, I just want my PS3 back the way it was. It was great you acted so fast when the PSN was down (probably motivated due to the loss of revenue of it being down) Now I just wish I could fix the ‘coincidental’ YLOD that I and many others have experienced in the last 48 hours. Though I do suppose it help the companies bottom line if we all have to ither send it in for repairs or buy new ones. Masterfully done.

  • Now how about you guys say something about all those non-slim PS3s dying with just a flashing red light right after the Date Bug issue?

  • Judging by the previous comments is seems obvious that I am not the only one still experiencing difficulties.

    My ps3 never had a problem until this whole network issue. It started by not being able to play any games or log into the playstation network. After that it asked me update my game every time I put it in and would freeze after 1/2 hour or so of play. Now it won’t even READ ANY disc that goes in.

    I contacted Sony and they are taking the stance that none of the lingering issues have anything to do with the network problem that started all my trouble. By sheer coincidence my system broke down at the EXACT SAME TIME and I will need to send it in for repairs. The cost I was quoted is basically the cost of a brand new system.

    I find it very frustrating as a loyal customer that Sony has decided to absolve themselves of any and all responsibility in this issue.

    Has anyone else experienced a complete loss of function? I can get on the network but none of my Blue Ray discs or games will work.

  • @ specialist 08

    I have the Metal Gear Solid PS3, and I played Dante’s Inferno, and BFBC2 completely thru, so maybe we all are affected differently and maybe your a huge tool who should go play his xbox…. or just shut up???

  • Grafenwohr536

    PS3 250Gb…. Having trouble logging in to PSNetwork today. Error code 80028ED6

  • now when i try to log in on playstation network an error code pops up and say 80028ed6

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