PlayStation Network Status Update

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We’re aware that many of you are having difficulty connecting to the PlayStation Network this evening. Those of you with “slim” PS3s (the 120/250 GB models) appear to be unaffected.

Know that we have narrowed down the issue and have engineers working to restore service even as you read this. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, and genuinely appreciate your patience while we work to resolve this.

In the meantime, you may want to follow our Twitter account for the latest updates.

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  • Well i was wondering if playstation had the power to retrieve my all my saved data utility because i backed up my PS3 and it deleted it all. Due to the playstation error crisis and i thought my ps3 was broke until later on a friend told me it was network failure, but I didnt really understand the message that was shown,when I couldn’t connect online. Please Help what should I do?

  • So anyone else who wants to add their name to the growing list of 60gb owners who have fallen victim to the YLOD this week following the date bug…

  • smokeydays23

    Oh how I love the slim. To tell you guys the truth I didn’t hear about this until the day after it stopped. LOL

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