It Only Does The Show

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PlayStation Nation,

Hope springs eternal and I know this is the time of year when MLB fans focus on the prospects of their team. It’s also when you can get your hands on the latest iteration of the MLB franchise with MLB 10: The Show, launching today. Widely considered the most authentic baseball game, MLB is the #1 selling baseball franchise in video game history. We know MLB 10: The Show is going to deliver once again the best baseball experience out there and will come packed with those big, big moments and true-to-life gameplay you’ve come to expect from us.

And the reviews are following suit. Folks like Geoff Keighley are calling MLB 10: The Show, “One of the most amazing-looking sport games I’ve ever seen,” while Game Informer just unveiled its 9.5 score today, touting that, “Sony has created the most realistic simulation in video games,” and stating that, “the bar has officially been raised.”

This year, we’re extremely lucky to have the 2009 American League’s Most Valuable Player, Joe Mauer of the Minnesota Twins as our cover athlete. Not only has he been instrumental in the development of the latest installment of The Show, he’s been integral to some unique marketing efforts as well. Make sure to check out PlayStation Home to get Joe Mauer’s Twins jersey for free when you watch the game’s trailer in the Home Theater. Joe Mauer is also starring in a TV commercial with Kevin Butler to promote the game. Let’s just say the exchange leaves Kevin at Joe’s mercy.

Here’s the full commercial for your viewing pleasure. We hope you’re just as excited as we are about MLB 10: The Show.

Peter Dille

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  • I’m first. lol. Getting this game today.

  • When is Kevin Butler ever going to be corny?
    I guess never.

    His commercials are perfect. lol

  • Haha. Great commercial.
    “Well played, Mauer”

  • Very Funny. Love these commercials.

  • Not as funny as some of the other Kevin Butler commercials, but it’ll do I suppose.

  • Awww man this game is so good!!! I played it at Best Buy, and I want to get it!! I promise myself I will, this looks like the greatest baseball game ever!! EVER!! Yes, I said EVER!!

  • I think i saw this add once last night during raw, very funny one. May check out this game, i haven’t played a baseball game in awhile.

    I wonder if they’ll have a demo on PSN…

  • Omg… The next commercial for GoW 3 will be EPIC! I can already tell!

  • Baseball = Borinnnnggg!!!!

  • very funny ad, nice job, and the new game is sounding better then ever, as long as the online holds up i may buy it

  • So we can expect It Only Does God of War in a couple weeks here?

  • No Heavy Rain ad?

  • I love love these commercials.

    There will be portuguese in the american version of GOW3?

  • funny commercial. should of advertised Heavy Rain though. not one commercial.well i havent seen any. Will GoW get a Kevin Butler commercial? or get its own

  • CmdrSinclair

    Gotta say, I do love the Kevin Butler ads. Always entertaining. Would’ve like to have seen a Heavy Rain ad, but I find it hard to make a humorous commercial about that game… Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with for GOWIII.

  • Picked up The Show today, about to pop it in!

  • Gotta love the new ps3 ads, they are great.

  • My copy is in the mail, yeahhhh

    Should be here tomorrow (fingers crossed)

  • Hahaha great delivery once again Mr. Butler!

  • TrueFFVIIFan

    No subtitle or closed-caption for this commercial? What is wrong with you? Put either one of them in these commercials, SONY!!!

  • agree with#9

  • Great commercial these are awesome

  • XD XD Advertising GOLD yet again! Networks should be paying you guys for the level of entertainment you’re providing with these things.

  • Butler is the Segata Sanshiro of this gen.
    Hopefully, the PS3 won’t have the same fate of the Saturn.

  • i dont like sports games but the ad is nice lol

  • lol I saw this the other day on ESPN, “well played”. The game looks great.

  • WWESuperstar

    I saw this commercial during WWE RAW, LOL. Very funny

  • i love these commercials this wasn’t the best of them but its nice to see you guys still have this campaign running looking forward to the next ones



  • Got my copy this morning. Had to drive about 45 minutes to the nearest Gamestop so swap out my 09 copy but it was worth it.

  • >> TrueFFVIIFan | March 2nd, 2010 at 12:40 pm
    >> No subtitle or closed-caption for this commercial? What is wrong with you? Put either one of them in these commercials, SONY!!!

    Agreed. Do you forget some people can’t hear, Sony? :|

  • Why

  • what happen to Heavy Rain commercial?

  • XD “I’m not even allowed in Mexico” I wonder why??

  • ronburgendy101

    y wont my code work??????plz let me no asap

  • radiantshadow92

    lmao keep these coming they are great

  • HaLe_2_NaTHaN

    It better ONLY DO GOWIII and a wholelotofit!!!! This one is very funny though keep them coming please!

  • Pelt_Hunter

    I love Kevin Butler. Best marketing campaign ever. The Show is a must buy, it’s hard to believe a sports game from a first party developer is so ridiculously ahead of the pack. Keep up the phenomenal work. I’m hoping it’s at Gamestop today and not tomorrow though.

  • davidbadass13

    no heavy rain ad wtf?

  • Baseballplayer50

    I have a problem, even though this my favorite game in the world! I cant seem to use the classic stadiums,Polo Grounds for example, even though i pre-ordered the game. Can anyone help me figure out how to use the classic stadiums.

    Please help me

  • Great commercial!

  • Once again, Sony has hit the LOL mark! :D

  • hahahah great one!

  • UnholierThanThou

    there’s more than 44 people who actually care about baseball anymore? Huh. Who’da thunk it?

  • where was the heavy rain TV spot whit butler?! …SCEA and SCEE should really stop making different ads. Help each other out!

  • Well played Meower. >:|

  • I have to admit, you’ve made me laugh at a commercial for a game I don’t like (it’s not that I’ve played it and didn’t like it but I’m just not a baseball fan).

  • DO NOT EVER LET THIS GUY GO. These commercials are the best I have ever seen, I don’t mean just video games, but of all time.

    The old Ratchet and Clank ones on the PS2 were the only ones that Rivaled these.

  • jrivera0108

    Picked my copy up today and after trying out an exhibition game gonna start RTTS mode next. I’ve had no luck w the stadiums code too. I entered it in once…looked like it was gonna dl…hit continue then nothing. Now it says my code is invalid at any other attempts I make

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