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Mar 04

Mar 04

SOCOM 4: It’s Official!

Jeremy Dunham's Avatar Posted by Sr. Community Manager, Zipper Interactive

I wanted to drop in and deliver some truly exciting news – on behalf of everyone here at Zipper Interactive, I’m pleased to announce that SOCOM 4 is indeed in development and is slated for release exclusively on PlayStation 3 this fall.

SOCOM 4 screenshot Explosion

Of course, as with any new announcement, what you really want to know are the details: Who’s in your squad? Where have they been deployed? What kind of threat are they up against? Though we’ll be revealing the answers to all these questions and plenty more throughout 2010, we don’t want to leave you completely in the dark, so what we will tell you is that a militant revolutionary has unexpectedly seized control in an important South Asian country. As the Ops Com, your mission is to command an elite five-man squad charged with stopping his aggressive agenda before it’s too late. In only six days, you must lead your team through a hostile jungle and urban environments against an army of well-armed rebel insurgents that completely outnumber you.

If that setup doesn’t whet your appetite enough, you should also be pleased to know that in addition to the SOCOM’s single-player operation, players will also be able to enjoy a 32-person multiplayer mode that boasts more Special Forces units than ever before!

If you crave even more information, then the guys at IGN have you covered with their exclusive first-look preview at what we’ve shown so far. Editor and shooting game fanatic, Ryan Geddes, dropped by our studio earlier in the week to check out SOCOM 4 for himself, so be sure to read the full IGN article to find out what he thinks.

SOCOM 4 screenshot Team Running

But wait! There’s more! As part of our continued announcement celebration, the folks at GameTrailers TV will air the world premiere trailer for SOCOM 4 tonight at 12:30 am EST/PST. All you have to do is tune in to Spike TV when the time is right and let your eyes and ears do the rest. Don’t miss it!

Oh, and before we let you go, we wanted to send a message to our SOCOM and MAG fans all over the world. First, if you play MAG and wonder what this means for the game’s future, wonder no more – we’re still fully committed to supporting MAG for a long, long time and the addition of another game in our lineup doesn’t change that. Second, it’s been great to hear from SOCOM fanatics located in every corner of the globe as we led into today’s announcement. We’re extremely excited to be attached to this beloved franchise again and knowing that so many people wanted us to return to something that already meant so much to us has been both inspiring and touching – so thank you to all of you who wanted it to happen! We look forward to living up to your expectations.

SOCOM 4 screenshot Team Cover

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SILVABACK_07 said:

March 18th, 12:24 pm

Hi Jeremy…Big Big BIg fan of Socom 2. Ever since that game, Ive tried to find games just as great as S2 (ie)COD,Flashpoint,Ghost Recon,Socom 3…nothing compares. Cold Front comes very close and I am very satisfied. I am so glad you brought back the old maps. I hope I speak for others as well when i request that you bring back FISHHOOK. That was the ultimate map. Also could you do a BITTERJUNGLEesq type map? Thanks so much for thousands of hours of great game play. Will there be air support/attack in online play?

xEmoSquirrelx said:

March 23rd, 6:16 am

sooo what I am wondering is (and I have read all the comments that were answered)
1) fem characters- will they actually be in socom 4 for offline as well as online
2) how many guns can we expect (you must have an idea approximately)
3) that second pic with the APC reminds me scarily of MAG (raven vehicle defence map)pulling some idea’s from there?
4) will you actually make continuous DLC for socom 4 or is it just some pre release pitch (yes I am sceptical, blame other failed games)
5) will you be doing a confrontation with said DLC (rehashing old maps and selling them off as “new content”)
6) trophies, I have read a few other posts with the same thing, will they be ridiculously hard to achieve (not just by confrontation standards but MAG’s needing all medals for a trophy)
7) release content, so I was thinking will this game actually have depth with things like gear OR will it be one of those high graphics stunning looking games with so few actual in game options- camo colours, small I know, but I like options to customise like weapons, gear and appearance

more coming….

xEmoSquirrelx said:

March 23rd, 6:17 am

8) BETA, I am wondering about this, have been heavily criticizing MAG (especially regarding the SMG patch) so will there be a beta to test things before it just get’s thrown out with that 1.00 release and then the following week there’s a patch to “address” the game(weapons) balance

9)just an idea here, why not offer a few extra options online to people who complete the game offline (or find some in game secret), like a new camo or something for each level of difficulty, some people (ie me) just jump straight into a games online mode because the campaign is usually short boring and unrewarding

10) no pre-order 800CC armour that everyone else cant have till a later patch, yes I play MAG, I saw what you did there…. -_-
if you are going to go preorder bonus then go zipper style- put in a SVER or RAVEN costume/camo in it lol

SMOKER1 said:

March 24th, 8:27 am

You need to make 8v8 rooms also. Some of us don’t like the huge battle scenarios with so much chaos and lag. And be able to make your own ranked games ie… run and gun with no snipers, grenades or launchers and your own time limits and such, that was the best thing about the older SOCOMS. Nothing is worse than getting dead in the first min. of battle and having to wait 5 mins. for the round to end. People will “rank up” no matter what you do. So PLEASE give us the chance to make our own ranked games!!! Have the proper servers when the game comes out to be able to handle everybody. Also enough briefing rooms and demo rooms so you don’t have to search for an open room for 15 mins. Medics would also be cool. Oh yeah the custom taunts would be greatly appreciated. Sniping should be more realistic: standing the scope should wander maybe with a breath pause option, crouching not so much wander with a breath pause option, prone the scope should be rock solid. Maybe this would help with “shot-gunning” with a sniper rifle aspect.

Goldberg523 said:

March 24th, 9:18 am

8v8 would be highly appreciated, as well as the creating your own ranked rooms. I think this Smoker1 guy is like a Socom profit. He’s on to something with this medic idea. His ideas would greatly improve the gameplay.

thebutcher11 said:

March 24th, 9:34 am


T-O-N-D-O said:

March 24th, 10:26 am

I hope the playability is like SOCOM 2… IMO, SOCOM 2 is the best online game ever. Please ZIPPER, make it like socom 2 playability. my suggestion is just go back to socom 2 platform and just add NEW MAPS, take out all the glitches. That’s it! i know i read someone said just copy n paste socom 2. You know a lot of socom fans love Socom 2 playability… thank you!


March 28th, 8:28 am

I’m a big fan of Socom U.S. Navy Seals II and I loved to play Fish Hook online, it was the best online experience I had in my whole life. I would love if Zipper Ent could bring this great map into action in Socom 4.

CEO_ROOD_ said:

March 28th, 12:30 pm

How about adding things like bullet drop. Bring back the forest maps. How about a bannan clips. Six did good on the opptic sights, How ever im sure that you all can do far better. How about straps on the guns im sick of the guns just floating on the backs of people, and can you all please make the deaths a lot more realistic. I mean whats up with the splits every time i die. And my favorite thing that would pull socom further away from any other game… Hollow point bullets. make it an attacthment, how it works. You shoot your opponet in the left shoulder the bullet bounces of soft tissue and bones and comes out lets say his right arm. But make the bullet still live but with less damage and not capable of bouncing off tissue nor bones. And finally will you all put a CO-OP campain, i personaly would like to run through missions with my clan to test stealth and tactics.It would be very much so an asset not a liabilty. please take my ideas into consideration if its not to late.

CEO_ROOD_ said:

March 28th, 12:35 pm

Forgot this in the suggestions above how about being able to sight your own weapon ie markers in your scope like in the core. this would only work if you add the effect of gravity


March 29th, 1:37 pm

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: 8 vs 8 / 3 minute rounds / small maps / no sniper rifles option / no explosives option / full 3rd person view — It’s called “Run and Gun” and it has disappeared. Own it again and you’ll sell a billion units.

ALSO IMPORTANT: no turbo/speed burst button, even teams, enclosed maps, no vehicles, no health or medic or reviving, nothing that’s not real (power ups etc.), damage like the original 3 titles, all guns available online (don’t have to beat the game to get them all)

The original SOCOMs were perfect (aside from the cheating). Not sure what happened.

UnO_j3W420 said:

March 31st, 1:15 pm

wow wow wow. i cant believe zipper finally has control of socom again. oh how ive missed the days of socom 1 and 2. Faceless for life! im just curious about a beta testing for it? and would like to see more 8v8 rooms again. socom 2 was by far the best. and could someone please tell more info about the online play? oh and 1 last thing, maybe a re-do of the old commercials for socom for this release. aka navy seals playing reg joes…”its like shooting fish in a bucket.” hahahaha. and for anyone who has info, some friends and i made a group on facebook called socom 4 life.


April 1st, 1:03 pm

I hope the game is very similar in play to socom combined assault(online of course, I only play online). If there were a socom for ps3 that was exactly the same as CA for ps2 minus the cheaters I would gladly pay 60-80 bucks for it and smile. I would have never left that game if it weren’t for the cheaters and sony’s lack of monitoring it. Confrontation sucks by the way. Go Zipper we love you.

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