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Hi everyone,

It’s been fun to watch all the speculation on whether or not God of War III would get its own spot with Kevin Butler. The answer? Of course, how could it not? We’ve been looking forward to the launch of God of War III for some time now (as you all have) as it’s one of the best examples of “It Only Does Everything” that you’ll find. Where else can you get epic storylines, groundbreaking depth of scale, dynamic 3D realism, and our signature gameplay that is God of War. Yes, God of War III will be one of our biggest sales drivers this year, selling multiple millions of copies and becoming a system seller for PS3. It’s that good and everything you’ve heard is true. With more than 35GB of Blu-ray gaming goodness, it’s truly a shining example of “Only on PlayStation.”

The early reviews are echoing what we already know, that the wait for God of War III will not have been in vain. PlayStation: The Official Magazine has given God of War III a score of 5 out of 5 while Game Informer has followed suit with a 10 out of 10, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg as we expect an onslaught of positive reviews to hit newsstands next week.

Some of you already know what to expect from the final installment of this Olympic-size trilogy. For those of you who don’t, comparing God of War III’s scale and scope to previous chapters is like comparing Kratos’ Blades of Chaos to a letter opener. We are confident that if you haven’t jumped on board yet, this game will certainly be the incentive you’ve been waiting for to get a PS3. Our hats are off once again to our studio organization for creating another amazing experience. I’ve been saying it for awhile, but the depth and breadth of content on PS3 is unrivaled and will continue to be a catalyst to our sales all year long.

While the game itself won’t be in stores until March 16, many of you dedicated God of War fans have already been feeling the Fury of Kratos at your local 7-Eleven. Already, thousands of vouchers from the cups have been redeemed for exclusive downloadable content. Kratos will also be invading the world of NASCAR. On Saturday, March 20, the No. 20 car will be sporting a brand new God of War III and GameStop themed paint scheme driven by Joey Logano during the Scotts Turf Builder 300 at Bristol Motor Speedway. For our die-hard fans, we’ve produced our first collector’s item with the “Ultimate God of War III Edition” which comes packed with exclusive collectibles and downloadable content (priced at $99.99). Several retail partners are seeing huge demand on pre-orders for this edition, so make sure to grab yours on launch day.

Which brings us back to our good friend Kevin Butler, who will also play his part to promote God of War III with a new TV commercial that begins airing the end of this week. Suffice it to say that Kevin can’t possibly ignore the game’s star power. We will also have a 15 second commercial highlighting all the glowing accolades this game is already garnering. We hope you all enjoy your exclusive access to both commercials here before they hit the airwaves:

I look forward to hearing your feedback on the commercials and this amazing game.

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  • Lol…funny! u guys are amazing! Kevin Butler for president!

  • LOL God of War III can’t wait… you are awesome Kevin Butler

  • I love KB

  • Awesome as usual, funny stuff. Keep up the great work KB and Sony.

  • NY-Mets_Abe3b

    LMAO, “Thanks for coming”


    It does all of that in Canada, except for the Video Store…..

  • Is somebody sayin’ something? LOL Awesome

  • LoL this is Kevin’s best ad yet.

  • SketchyMidnight

    Just lovely!


    Kevin Butler ads always make me smile.

  • Bethanator5000

    Haha, that’s pretty awesome.

  • gold, as always lol.

  • Amazing
    loved it

  • awesome

  • XxiLLViLLAiNxX

    Haha I love the first one. It’s so much better than the second one which is pretty much the standard “HEY LOOK AT OUR AWESOME REVIEW SCORES! BUY THE GAME!!!”

  • QuietstormRB

    LOL another great ad keep up the amazing work.

  • I think the first one with Kevin Butler was absolutely hilarious, nice job. I personally enjoy the Kevin Butler commercials, but feel that commercials like the second one here do a better job of showing off more gameplay and appeal to a broader audience, although I could be wrong, because after watching Kevin’s commercial again, I was totally hooked. =)

    Kevin Butler all the way!

    “Thanks for coming…” XD

  • I’m on mobile phone…wish I could see this :(

  • Seeing_Red_Again

    Awesome commercial. I literally started cracking up during the Kevin Butler part.

    And the game looks just amazing

  • These commercials are awesome!

  • unstablefears

    LOL that ad is perfect!

  • StrykerIsland

    Outstanding. I love Kevin Butler.

    Whoever came up with that character deserves some sort of award.

  • I want the sword on Kevin’s desk!

  • Hey Peter,
    Those KB commercials are awesome! Whomever at Sony is responsible for those, needs a raise immediately!

  • Kevin Butler is, THE GOD of SPOKESMEN.

  • Awesome Commercial. Kevin Butler Rules All!

  • I like the 2nd one slightly more because of the epic music but it was kind of short. The first is funny.

    Nice commercials overall but I feel 1 more EPIC commercial is needed. Preferably one with the voice of Giai (Linda Hunt). I loved the GOW2 commercial she did. Also, with her voice there needs to be an epic song to it like Gaurdian At the Gates by Audio Machine (youtube it).

    The UK commercial is nice too.

    Just saying 1 want a memorable EPIC commercial fit to send Kratos off.

  • mywhitenoise

    I cannot wait to play this game! 7 more days! I’m only playing FFXIII to make the wait more bearable, once GOW comes in I’m tossing XIII aside.

  • Another great commercial. Kevin Butler is too much.

  • Nice, I like both commercials but I prefer the second one with all the excellent review scores. Ultimae Edition Here we Go!

  • GodDamnDevil

    Wow that second one just sucks. The Dante’s Inferno advert actually created interest in the game.

  • angelspawn77

    awesome! very funny, at first I though kevin butler was the bf she was talking about, then I realized kevin was hooked on the game as well, hahaha. The second one was a bit too short for my liking :/


  • Epic, I can’t wait for this game. I have a question though. Is the God of War 3 dynamic theme going to be put onto the Playstation store anytime soon?

  • Going to be a lot of angry girlfriends come next Tuesday.

  • LOL those are awesome and so will GOW3!

  • Awesome ad as usual. Really looking forward to the Ultimate Edition and closure to this great story.

  • Hey a perfect 5 out of 5 so let’s hope an xbox lover doesn’t sabatoge the score…

  • zachman3000

    Kevin Butler – Regional Manager of War.

    Greatest Job Title Ever.

  • Awesome work as usual!

  • Great stuff, keep up the good work guys!

  • “regional manager of war”…love it.

  • radiantshadow92

    hahah so funny, i cant wait for this game, KEEP IT UP!

  • meeksparda24

    KB is hilarious, I usually dont do midnight launches but this i will do it. Playb3yond

  • “Thanks for coming” Classic ;D

  • These commercials are freakin awesome! good job sony…btw, that girl is absolutely gorgeous!

  • singularity0821

    One question: why did you put this nearly one year old demo on the PSN? Why not an updated version?

  • Mister B has spectacular comic timing; sry, I meant “Regional Manager of War B”. Kudos, good sir!

    P.S. “Scraps *likes* you!” is a running gag around my household

  • DarkCollaring

    NEATO !!
    3D treatment in the future ? ;)

  • KazeEternal


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