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Mar 10

Mar 10

FINAL FANTASY XIII Comes to PlayStation Home + Sodium Updates, Indiana Jones Items & a Huge Sale!

Locust_Star's Avatar Posted by PlayStation Home Community Manager

By now you’ve read Jack’s post regarding the exciting new update to PlayStation Home’s core client, which will, among many other things, greatly improve loading times as well as streamline navigation in-between spaces. But we have much more than just the 1.35 update coming at you this week. We’re talking FINAL FANTASY XIII content, new Indiana Jones items, and more personal spaces than you can shake a stick at.

The reviews are rolling in and, to say the least, they are positively glowing. FINAL FANTASY XIII, Square Enix’s latest addition to what is inarguably one of the critically-applauded RPG franchises of all time, has just been released and, chances are, you are reading this blog on a brief detour to the ultimate destination: Pulse. Which means that we caught you just in time to let you know about an additional option for those of you who, like me, simply must immerse themselves in all things FINAL FANTASY-related – namely, the brand spanking new FINAL FANTASY XIII personal space (as well as the corresponding furniture items) that is releasing tomorrow, March 11 into the ever-expanding world of PlayStation Home.

Also releasing this week is a brand new personal space sure to make every racing fan’s pulse pound – the Luxury Race Box. A true must-have for all you speed demons, the Luxury Race Box is the ideal location to kick back and relax with your friends. That’s if your idea of “relaxing with your friends” is being bombarded with the shrieks and squeals of cars that are motoring by mere feet away whilst the smell of burning rubber fills your nose. Peep the video below for a closer look at this exhilarating new personal space.

Magnus Keynes’ Mall Madness sale continues this week with a huge price cut on some of the most popular personal spaces to ever grace the PlayStation Home platform. We’re talking the Summer House, Lakeside Log Cabin, Wizard’s Den, Post-Apocalypse, and even the Halloween favorite “Deadquarters” (which turns you and all of your friends into zombies just by entering) – with prices ranging from $1.99 to $4.99 for a bundle. Needless to say, Magnus has been going a little nuts with the proverbial scissors but it fares well for the rest of us, so let him do his thing! Here are a couple shots of some of the spaces that are on sale this week. These spaces are only available at this super-low price for a limited time, so be sure to pick yours up on tomorrow morning.

PlayStation Home Summer Apartment PlayStation Home Apocalypse Apartment

It’s a new week, which means that a new episode of The Tester will be playing in the PlayStation Home Theater come late Thursday afternoon. And, of course, we’ll be giving out free items to everyone who watches Episode 4 of this PlayStation Network exclusive reality series, as well as offering commemorative items in the Central Plaza and Theater kiosks – like this special The Tester jersey!

PlayStation Home Tester Female Jersey

In other news, another batch of Indiana Jones items are coming to PlayStation Home this Thursday – including your very own Ark of the Covenant for your personal space. Of course, you need to make sure you are pure of mind, body, and soul before you pick this one up…

In terms of Sodium updates, two new Salt Shooter weapons will be available this Thursday: The Multi Shot Grenade Launcher and the Long Range Plasma Emitter. The MSGL is a powerful and deadly addition to your arsenal that is perfect for taking on multiple enemies at once, while the LRPE boasts fantastic accuracy, rapid rate of fire, impressive range, and an efficient cooling system (the LRPE can be upgraded to become the most powerful weapon in the game and will help you achieve new personal high scores left, right and center!) To get these new weapons, all you have to do is purchase the corresponding items of furniture from the Sodium store. When you have these, you will be able to equip your tank with the weapons next time you play the Salt Shooter game.

Come tomorrow, you’ll also start receiving Bronze, Silver and Gold Accolades as you progressively earn more credits playing the Desert Quench mini-game in the Sodium hub. To earn credits as a thirsty customer you must drink your way through beverage after beverage following the command prompts which appear on screen – the less prompts that you miss, the more credits you’ll earn. As an employee, you should aim to serve customers the right drink combinations – correct combinations will earn you the most credits and get you closer to those precious accolades.

See you in Home!

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March 10th, 3:16 pm




footballrule said:

March 10th, 4:08 pm

Looking nice! Can’t wait till tomorrow! Big update!

MR_GQ27 said:

March 10th, 4:20 pm

@ any1 who can help me. the new 3D tvs are coming out in a month or so, and i was wondering are they just going to let us update our systems to run on this new tvs, or are they comeing out with a new system to run on the tv. Thank you 4 ur time

ivedoneyourmom said:

March 10th, 5:26 pm

Hey, I have yet to see a single FF13 ad on TV, how is this possible? How do people know it’s out?

leonforte2009 said:

March 10th, 5:53 pm

I also heard that Megaman 10 will be out on the PSN store tomorrow. It’s already out for the Hong Kong and Japan servers. I’m a die hard Megaman fan.

KidCommando said:

March 10th, 6:47 pm

Maybe next week.

Bionicle123 said:

March 10th, 8:13 pm

I’m impressed sony i’m really looking forward to it i got final fantasy 13 today i must say i’m blown away

Pelt_Hunter said:

March 10th, 10:50 pm

Are you ever going to release the Bad Company 2 patch? I want the in-game store to work so I can get my content I paid for. At the rate this is going I’m going to be getting my two new maps and such when everybody else does when everyone who pre-ordered it should be playing it now. And DICE said on their Battlefield blog they released it to you, Sony, for approval on the 8th I believe. What the hell are you guys doing? Just sitting on the patch?

KATO-LEE said:

March 11th, 1:46 am

hell no this is sony of america of course thare going to charge us for the FF 13 living space that was free in japan

Kenshin71 said:

March 11th, 2:10 am

You should make Sodium 4 player multiplayer with free/purchasable unlockables (clothing, items etc.) after getting certain points. The drinking mini game idea is rubbish.

Please stop with the personal spaces too and work on making the public spaces more appealing instead.

Traumatizer said:

March 11th, 2:52 am

All these new personal spaces are cool, if your one to hang out at them, which I rarely do. I perfer bieng out in public and being able to listen to my own music off the harddrive would be nice. Sure I could go buy a stero but why, when my tunes are ready for use. Please let us hear our own music on home when we choose to.

Fly-boi_2009 said:

March 11th, 5:03 am

Please can we get the working tvs to play our videos off our hard drives/netflick/youtube.. try and get a dea with you allready have netflick on ps3.. Give us our radios/stereos please, that play out music on our HDD PLEASE… Public Voice Chat.with it automatic mute, and you have the choice to unmute the people you want to hear.. and the TROPHY ROOM… THOSE ARE THE MOST MAIN FEATURES WE ALL WANT. PLEASE BRING THEM. plEASE.

Keyeszx said:

March 11th, 5:46 am

WTF. Japan gets the FFXIII space for free but we have to pay? That space is so small that it’s not really worth it. You just get a view and some TV. It’s so small. Come on stop ripping us off. Why does Japan get it free but not US? You guys got enough money from idiots buying the gold suits.

delta__nine said:

March 11th, 5:56 am

it’s true what they say! opinions are like azzholes….everybody has one

Keyeszx said:

March 11th, 7:29 am

delta nine, not everyone has one. There are some people with birth defects that make em like mermaids, their feet are together. They have to use a tube that sticks into them to get rid of bodily waste. Just pointing out.

vcotson said:

March 11th, 8:58 am

@63 yep they are charging us i guess because square enix is in JP but they had it for only 1 week for free, but still they could of did it over here tho..

kmkaizen said:

March 11th, 9:11 am

ok now i am tick off right i was home FFXIII home space was not free at all you know i am mad just one week we you don’t listen at all

Taen_Lunos said:

March 11th, 10:25 am

Im with Fly-boi_2009, make working tv’s. and i love home, love the updates, but FFXIII should be free, at least for a week.

Taen_Lunos said:

March 11th, 10:30 am

and let us play our own music in personal spaces, that would be awsome

Lucky13X said:

March 11th, 11:14 am

Final Fantasy 13 reviews are not the most critical of all time(sounds like the glowing reviews marketing the Alines Versus Predator team had about its game). That honor goes to titles like Heavy Rain, Mass Effect, Fable, and Bioshock.

I will be sure to check in soon to Home. It has become the one thing I use on my PS3 consistently, so I applaud any effort to decrease loading times and frustration.

Thanks Sony.


March 11th, 11:43 am

sony now all you need to do is fix the finla fantasy 13 freezing issue or contact square-enix on behalf of your loyal supporters

Dj_Tenchu said:

March 11th, 12:43 pm


Dj_Tenchu said:

March 11th, 12:46 pm

ohand charging us % DOLLARS for a free space from japan?
how lame can it get???

Destroyx said:

March 11th, 2:10 pm

FF13 Lightning avatar. I saw it on the Japanese Home… we need it on the crappy american one.

ares_kristoffer said:

March 11th, 5:17 pm

I didn’t skim through the comments so maybe it’s been mentioned, I just thought I’d give a heads up. I didn’t notice the ability to do this before the 1.35 update, but now I can put furniture in my Sodium One Salt Shooter personal space. The space doesn’t much like it though, and closes down Home completely if I try to put in a picture frame (the picture frame is almost completely hidden anyway). But the furniture is there when I load back into Home. Some furniture items are easier to place than others, but the space is always against you adding and placing anything. Just beware, picture frames are the worst. And I’m guessing this should all be fixed…why not just allow the furniture?

Also, poker table for personal spaces or built into a new personal space. I’m not letting up until my dream comes true.

Kirrano said:

March 11th, 10:10 pm

Personally, I don’t mind paying the 4.99 CAD for the FFXIII space, However, I’m dying to know when you’re going to let us at those Lighting and Snow costumes. I want those more then some personal space. I’ve Already got a ton of those things (LocoIsland, Villian’s Lair, Waterfall Terrace, Neptune, you get the pic.) I prefer having really sweet costumes for the avatars themselves. (Like that limited Ezio costume, personal fav) When are you releasing those costumes?

chasewyrick1 said:

March 12th, 8:19 am

Dear Jack, I have found a bug in the new home update. Its a server error. every time one of my friends are kicked from the server it shows that he is not in home. but again he really is. he does not show up on my friends list on the pda. I have to restart home just to port to him. I hope that this info was helpful and i hope that u can get this fixed asap.

darkvice11 said:

March 12th, 4:12 pm

ff13 is cool psn home get better get it time

Zorvan said:

March 12th, 5:38 pm

Charging for a free item. How friggin’ lame. I was lookin’ to get the FFXIII space simply because I bought the game. Not to mention I only bought the damn console specifically for FFXIII.

ZFair said:

March 12th, 6:11 pm

@ MrMondayNighttt # 11, PSN will never out do XBL, they have Cross Game Chat(Gold or Silver), Party Chat(U need Gold for this)
Listn to your own music in any and everything..

ZFair said:

March 12th, 6:14 pm

@71, i have been playing FF XIII on the 360 and have had no Freezing problems, when i played it on PS3 it had issues with jumpy screen and visuals r way to dark..havn’t had any issues with the 360 version

YagamiTheGod said:

March 12th, 6:32 pm

It would have been nice if the FFXIII Space was free for a week, since it is so small and kind of bland.

Also, i’ve been wondering, why not make multi colored pool tables that we can purchase to put in our personal spaces that work like the ones in the bowling alley? would it be to difficult? If not it would be a easy way for you to get more of our $$$ i would think.

ZFair said:

March 12th, 7:56 pm

How about put in Full PS3 titles like XBOX does with games on demand, put on RE5, MGS4.. and bring in the PS2 away with the Minis they r crap, just like the Indie games on the 360.
and add Trophy support for older games like Ratchet and Clank Future Tools of Destruction MGS4 well damn all of the launch titles..and HOME really Beta still damn get on the ball..

rapsux1134 said:

March 13th, 2:05 pm

Its about time PS3 gets an R. P. G. game with a ATB battle system with command menus. i am gettin sick of all of this square hallway, first-person, over the shoulder, security camera view crap. i dont enjoy toggleing the view to aim and shoot stuff unless its automatic lock on target like Devil may cry. i think ps3 needs games with battle systems like Suikoden, final fantasy 7 through 10, Legend of Dragoon. etc. but with the modern graphics. at least bring back the overhead blood omen legacy of kain 1 concept. and side scrolls like mairo, donkey kong country, and castlevania are also good. oh yeah a roller coaster tycoon, or a thrillville wouldn’t hurt.
juct cut back on first persons, they are out of hand.

orahhhh24 said:

March 13th, 8:56 pm

MY NAME IS orahhhh24 no capitals and 4 H’s

Neracon said:

March 15th, 9:27 am

The new Final Fantasy personal space is rather ho-hum. Small space, one poster, no shelves, no interior rooms, unimpressive. Hopefully this gets an update down the road.

chris79nc said:

March 15th, 4:26 pm

“The Weebellion”.
I have the first code,But i can’t find code number2.
I went on and i can’t find code number2.
Can anybody help me find code number2 ?

chris79nc said:

March 15th, 9:51 pm

“The Weebellion”.
I have the first code,But i can’t find code number2.
I went on and i can’t find code number2.
Can anybody help me find code number2 ?

Destroyx said:

March 16th, 12:53 am

second life is so much better. i have a lightning avatar there that actually can fight. i wish home had this, without some exclusive nonsense and all that. they have vader there too. disappointed the avatars in home still smile like clowns too after this update.

Po-Po-Poker-Face said:

March 19th, 8:01 am

Will the outfits for Final Fantasy XIII be coming to the U.S. home? I know Japan’s home has them. I’d love for them to come to the U.S. :)

Destroyx said:

March 20th, 5:37 pm

can we just log into the Japanese home and get them, then use them in this lame american home?

Aerea_Sparda said:

April 5th, 7:42 pm

Wait a moment?¡ I never see the content in the PSH, and I cant see in this date because your act of beta in home is a err… >.< the costumes is moment o ever? because i can go te home in 23 of march and anythig about FFXIII¡¡¡ what happen?¡¡¡¡

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