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Mar 10

Mar 10

Live from GDC 2010! PlayStation Press Conference

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar Posted by Sr. Social Media Manager

UPDATE: Hit the play button in the Ustream box below to replay today’s PlayStation Move press conference from GDC.

Greetings from GDC 2010! This year we’re going big at the Game Developers Conference, with a major press event today. Couldn’t make it in? Sure you can! Just watch our live stream below.

The show starts at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern:

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JKar275 said:

March 10th, 5:02 pm

It’s important that Sony itself sell the blue screws that are so easily damaged during an upgrade of the PS3’s hard drive. I looked online very carefully and I could not find anyone that sells them. I live in NYC & I couldn’t find them at 2 local hardware stores and a laptop repair shop.

TheGuardianFID said:

March 10th, 5:02 pm

Awesome job guys, SOCOM 4 on the MOVE, I like it, sign me up!!! 8)

Kai200X said:

March 10th, 5:03 pm

Thank God I was able to watch the whole thing online! Very good showing and everything look so promising! Can’t wait to try out the PSMove in the future!

Darth-Krayt said:

March 10th, 5:05 pm

Cripes!! Chris Morell is the friggin’ hottest person in the world. He’s like a good looking Zevreran from Dragon Age without the sickly looking complexion. That’s what he is….a super hot Elf. He could put a whole new meaning to the term “role playing game”. I hope he comes to Boston so I get to see him in real life.

ZhePrime said:

March 10th, 5:05 pm

While it was pretty interesting, the most important thing and the deciding factor is the price.
If people have to buy a motion controller, a sub-controller/additional controller and an eyecam and the cost is a bit high, I don’t see this doing very well, even if it is pretty cool.

The price needs to be right.

Demonized said:

March 10th, 5:06 pm

Jeff and Chris:

Really awesome job on the live stream guys, that was incredibly awesome and SOOOOOO much appreciated. So much so that I sincerely hope you guys do this for other events such as Destination Playstation and E3 which would be amazing.

Also I think your presenter skills were pretty good too, that kind of thing is pretty hard but you did well.

Great to see some of the stuff on the way for Move and it has actually piqued my interets a little, the controls for SOCOM look like they work better than I thought possible with motion gaming.

Thanks again and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do this again at the likes of E3.

Loki_d20 said:

March 10th, 5:06 pm

I was impressed with the technology and liked how it was integrated. I’m not sold on it yet and kind of disappointed with the name as well.

But, you guys really need to create a new name for the ‘extended’ controller other than whatever huge name you threw out at the press event.

Train1999 said:

March 10th, 5:06 pm

I think the show was great. They should do some move of these. Please do one on E3 2010. Playstation Move I feel has alot of upside already. Playstation still rules.

megamixer said:

March 10th, 5:06 pm

Looks like the PS3 will be the last real game console. From PS4 on we’re doomed to be stuck with mandatory waggle controls. :( Thank god its to late in the PS3’s life cycle to make PS Move anything other than optional.

B1GG1N said:

March 10th, 5:07 pm

I was very impressed by what I saw. The stream was great. Mr. Jack Tretton was great (as always). My only gripe would be that you’re only bringing the hands on demo to cities in the Northeast (as always). Any chance that the new PlayStation Pavilion in Orlando will be getting a (pre-launch) look at it for those of us in FL?

Loki_d20 said:

March 10th, 5:07 pm

Oh, and the live stream was perfect other than the small display screen above. Camera angles were good, view of the screens were great, people were easily understood when talking, and loved the interview at the end.

Would love to see a lot more of these type of streamed events.

Skillz5 said:

March 10th, 5:07 pm

I only saw the last 5 min of the live broadcast and I was impressed. Please give the consumer more options! Please give more parental control. Never play that Lightning Bug song again!

Tyger0 said:

March 10th, 5:07 pm

Anybody else notice that the sub control didn’t need to be connected to the PS Move? Nice touch I think. Last thing I need is another cable. I think it does charge with the USB to answer someone else’s question on here. Wouldn’t make much sense not to.

Stoffinator said:

March 10th, 5:09 pm

You guys did great coverage and hope you guys are able to do it for E3 and other events. Its nice to see you guys up there.

Now as for the unavailing of “Move”. Really? That’s it? So we basically get Wii HD?

The tech is impressive, but the games you showed made me shutter. It look like you took Wii games and made them HD. Nothing you showed to night interested me. I’m sure there are many more games being made with this in mind. But who ever made the line up for this event should be fired. Horrible.

BeTTer_The_DeViL said:

March 10th, 5:11 pm

Jeff and Chris, Great job guys!!! I was impressed with the coverage. I think this will be interesting… Time and game content will tell.. I am definatly interested in this. As Far as coverage goes keep it up, I’d like to see you all at G3…

mdd34 said:

March 10th, 5:11 pm

Sony, please dont concentrate too hard on the PS Move! Please remember us DS3 users! Your original user base!

isolatebody said:

March 10th, 5:13 pm

It looks great….so when can my kids play eyepet without me getting it shipped from Europe?????

inkme1 said:

March 10th, 5:13 pm

wait wait wait. wtf? if i want to play the fighting game or the gladiator game then i have to buy 2 move controllers?

katsuo7171 said:

March 10th, 5:14 pm

Dear Playstation,

WE the hardcore do pay you bills, so please listen. DO NOT SHIFT YOUR FOCUS OFF OF THE HARDCORE. Yes, the controller does have the ability to play those hardcore games, but I am afraid it is directed towards a more casual audience. Do not pull a Wii just for the money. The Wii announced their controller and their hardcore audience is slowly dwindling. Why? Well they aren’t getting the games they want.

Please Sony do not make the Move change what games you make. APPEAL to the Hardcore before the Casual. If you lose this goal even for the slightest moment that’s it you lose your hardcore install base.

I’ll emphasize again, DO NOT PULL A Wii just for the money.

Game Development is a form of art, it should be done for the passion, and Not for the quick buck.


tommycyk said:

March 10th, 5:15 pm

The controller, sub-controller and eye-toy all must be packaged together as 1 item called Move. Wii was simple in that people just buy the machine and got everything they need inside, that’s why Wii motion plus game are still catching up cause most of the customers don’t even know the difference.

Please do not release only controller and eye-toy, and then ask people to buy sub-controller for certain games, it would be epic fail.

ZhePrime said:

March 10th, 5:16 pm

@ #164
Did you really have to post that 2 times?
I think you know the answer, so why repeat the question?

likedatkilla said:

March 10th, 5:16 pm

PS eye cost 40 bucks a game that is around 20 bucks like Eyepet and the ps eye for 60 bucks the move is probably believed to be 39.99. I also believe that the sub controller will be 19.99 and the ps3 bundle they stated will either be the 120gb with the eye and move for 349 and the 250gb bundle for 400.


SykoTech said:

March 10th, 5:17 pm

Meh. I’m not into motion controls for any of the consoles (hence why my Wii just gathers dust). Seeing as how this was all about the PSMove, I wasn’t interested.

Still, it’s nice to know that Sony is mainly making motion controls optional rather than forcing you to use them like Nintendo usually does. I hope it says that way.

katsuo7171 said:

March 10th, 5:17 pm

Oh yea forgot to add. LOVED THE LIVE STREAM Commentary with you and Chris!!!

However Jeff next time relax. You sounded extremely nervous…

mdd34 said:

March 10th, 5:17 pm


I dont think Sony will abandon the hardcore, but I do think they will test the casual market waters. The Wii has a casual audience because the system is cheap and the Wiimote was new. The PS3 already has a user base of 30 million+ so I dont think they will be abandoning the hardcore anytime soon.

I see them stop utilizing Playstation Move before they stop making amazing games like UC2 and GOW3.

I worry too though, so… yeah. We’ll see.

Thrill_Kill said:

March 10th, 5:18 pm

Very nice show guys… I missed the first 15 minutes though. Was there a mention of new firmware with cross game chat? Or any mention of new games coming out this year? Or do we need to wait until E3 for those announcements?

Also, I would like to know if Sony plans to do any more patches for older games to include Trophys as seen in Lemmings and flOw?

I would love to see some kind of patch come out for Super Rub a Dub, and Everyday Shooter, to add Trophies and perhaps fix the horribly crackly sound in Everyday Shooter. That would just rock.

Sadly, it seems Johnathan Mak does not seem to care much for the people that bought his game. We haven’t seen one patch for Everyday Shooter since release, and it seriously needs an overhaul on the sound dept. He doesn’t even post on his forums to reply to comments left to him. Can you guys please find out from J. Mak, if or when he is going to introduce a new patch for us to give the game a little more life. Compared to the rest of the PSN Exclusives, Everyday Shooter feels quite stale now for such a price tag.

Karsghul said:

March 10th, 5:21 pm

Jeff here’s the feedback you asked for.

Disappointing there was no talk of next firmware update or new games.

If i wanted the PlayStation move thing i would have bought a Wii long time ago.

Jeff and Chris you both look great and look very enthusiastic but ya need to work on saying something interesting next time. i don’t know what goes behind the scenes, if you two are really busy to write anything…but it didn’t seem like you both had anything in mind to say.

Thanks for the stream. Hope you guys can do another one for E3.

syk1288 said:

March 10th, 5:22 pm

You guys were excellent.

It’s my first time seeing Jeff and Chris at the same time.

Everything was outstanding.

We need more live streams. That one was almost superficial from how great it was.

OMG, You don’t know how happy I got when you said that you guys are coming to NY. I never been to any Playstation events. I really want to go to any Playstation events. ILPS!!!

Thanks for this great live stream with you perfect coverage guys.

Hope you announce the day of when your bringing a Playstation Events over here to NY soon for I can open up that day.

The ‘Playstation Move’ was awesome. I’ll buy. I have everything Sony related.

Thanks for everything.
syk1288 out.

letherclad said:

March 10th, 5:27 pm

I absolutely love how lbp plays with the motion controller, can’t wait to mess around with that.

Don’t get me wrong I loved the news for the motion controller but I was hoping for more, but I guess I have to wait for E3!

Thanks for streaming, that was awesome! You should definitely do this for E3!

letherclad said:

March 10th, 5:28 pm

Oh yeah, can’t wait for you to come to NY, I wish the GOW3 event was the first one though

KidCommando said:

March 10th, 5:32 pm

I like to Move it, Move it!

katsuo7171 said:

March 10th, 5:33 pm


Yea see the thing is Sony is relying on the Wii fanbase to be the major people to buy the Move. However, I don’t think they’re anticipating that; 1) It won’t be a snap of a finger move to the Move(pun intended) 2)People are satisfied with the Wii because of EA’s sponsorship with the Wii fit/sport/active.

Unless Sony takes EA and makes the move the lead platfform to develop these games on I don’t see a large flocking happening. On top of that Sony will NEED to advertise this thing, not just with one Kevin Butler commercial, but also a commercial showing how this thing goes further than a Wiimote and is not just a cheap knock off.

I mean this was kind of the same thing that happened with the Nintendo Revolution before it changed to the Wii. They placed so much focus on Hardcore, and look at them now…

I worry immensely for the Playstation Brand.

jackthemayor said:

March 10th, 5:38 pm

any chance you guys could post the full presentation on psn like you guys did with last years e3 for those of us who couldnt watch the live feed?

RoecraticA said:

March 10th, 5:40 pm


Athanasios said:

March 10th, 5:45 pm

It looks like the PlayStation Move controller has triggers. I would love to see the DualShock 3 with triggers.

Kuraudoffxi said:

March 10th, 5:55 pm

Great coverage and great conference…. gratz to Sony!

Insyt said:

March 10th, 6:10 pm

I’m lookin forward to checkin out the Move, it looks like it would make u more enthralled into a game like socom, or a fighting game like Fight Night or UFC, that would make it a little more active, not into Wii but if they can bring it to “hardcore” games and implement it well like it seemed to be with Socom, it can be a great new feature to add ontop of what PS3 already offers, i’m interested in the new 3d gamin too…anyways hope others feel its worth checkin…


GATXShinGundam said:

March 10th, 6:12 pm

Dear Playstation

We are happy for this conference and bla bla bla :<


DO IT DO IT DO IT !1111!!!!!!1

JKC31 said:

March 10th, 6:15 pm

George Thorogood’s: Move it on over, would make for great music for an add.

homeboy79 said:

March 10th, 6:20 pm

Thank You So Much for doing this guys!
This really made my day!

I honestly have not seen an interview given by you guys in such a long time. That said, I couldn’t believe how much of an improvement you guys have made. I didn’t think the interview was perfect(I thought the timing between the two of your questions was a bit off — very fixable though), but there was a drastic positive difference from what I remember seeing in the past.

Great Job Guys! Keep it Going!

and…Thanks again for streaming this! I look forward to seeing what you all have planned in the upcoming days, weeks, and months.

Hobartbob said:

March 10th, 6:27 pm

The Nintendo WII is officially on life support!!!

CDubyahS said:

March 10th, 6:31 pm

SOCOM 4 rawks! Keep your feet wet and your powder dry. Im gunning for you with PSMOVE…BOOYAH!

justaccording said:

March 10th, 6:39 pm

Good job with your first live webcast guys…keep up the great work on bringing the PlayStation Nation connected to all the new and exciting events and products we want to hear about.

TakiFuGu said:

March 10th, 6:49 pm

Great job you guys! Hope to see you guys in NYC soon. By the way, please bring me one of those PS Trophy T-shirt.

crowsticky1234 said:

March 10th, 6:58 pm

Now imagine a Sony 3D Bravia with that…OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!


March 10th, 7:09 pm

This is THE year; I can feel it. :)

Protohype said:

March 10th, 7:26 pm

So, Move it is! I swear to God I thought of ‘Mov’ for the name once I heard of ‘Gem.’ I cannot be more freaked out or just on the same page. For the removal of the ‘e,’ I guess I thought of it out of whack.

It only does Mind Reading.

Good to see the variety of games it will be supporting or introducing to potentially fill my ultra senses. Kudos for the Pres. interview for the last bit.

winterfreshh said:

March 10th, 7:48 pm

I love the new controls, i feel that it will bring fun to what should have been fun in the first place that the wii in my opinion lacked. that being said i am a hard core gamer and i am worried that the Move will be in every game that is exclusive to the ps3. for instance i really dont care if my mom can’t play uncharted 2 with me, i would much rather have the old fashion controls for those type of games. i feel that if you implement it in a game like that i will see were i should use the MOVE instead of being immersed in the game.

just sayin, keep MOVE games MOVE games and and the big games the same as they have always been, for the hard core. if not im afraid playstation will just become wii in HD and thats not why i bought my PS3 in 06

Curtisio said:

March 10th, 7:58 pm

Any word if Sony is going to add Motion support to the XMB and/or internet browser?


March 10th, 7:59 pm

Yes, I love this sooo much. I pay attention to every press conference, trade show, whatever show of videogames. Please do this again. You got E3, Tokyo game show and leipzig, well its not leipzig anymore. What is it? Oh yeah GC. Keep doin this. Oh yeah, next time have the stream in HD. Or replay in HD.

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