Wakeboarding HD Coming to PSN March 25

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Hey PlayStation junkies! I’m back yet again to announce our latest and greatest title for PlayStation Network. We’ve been working hard on this one for a while, and everyone here is very excited to finally announce our newest action platformer, Wakeboarding HD!

Do you like fast-paced arcade games? Do you like wacky, over-the-top tricks and stunts? Do you like crazy, high-speed racing and obstacle courses? Do you like beautiful, serene, tropical settings? Do you like wreaking havoc and chaos in beautiful, serene, tropical settings? (If you answer no to all of these… what are you doing here, anyway?) If so, then Wakeboarding HD is just the game you’ve been waiting for.

And you won’t need to wait much longer. Wakeboarding HD will be available on the PlayStation Network on March 25 in North America for $14.99.

Throw back to the non-stop action from the best of 90s arcades, while embracing the highly realistic killer waves that only the might of the PlayStation 3 can bring you. Wakeboarding HD drops players into 20 top-velocity, water-filled levels to maneuver through tracks, perform high-flying tricks, collect bonuses and avoid dangers from exploding mines to bloodthirsty sharks. (Seriously… sharks!) Show your skills and transform the South Pacific paradise resort into an action-packed extreme playground.

Wakeboarding HD 03

Jump onto docks and over boats, balance on rails and waves, and launch over buildings and landmarks. Flip, grab, roll, and spin as you hurl across the water and through the air. Smash through billboards and boats, splash the skimpily clad tourists. Race against your buddy in any mission with side-by-side split screen action.

Sound cool? Don’t just take our word for it. Check out what the trusty folks from had to say about Wakeboarding HD. We’re confident that you’ll enjoy the insanity as much as they did.

As always, a big…no, HUGE thank you to all of our fans and customers! We love what we do, and we can’t do it without you all. Please let us know what you think of Wakeboarding HD, and what else you would like to see from TikGames/Creat Studios. Enjoy!

Wakeboarding HD 02 Wakeboarding HD 01

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82 Author Replies

  • It’s here!

    I’ve been waiting for this game’s release and following it on news websites ever since it was released to the ESRB. I love these skater-style games and this one certainly does not seem to disappoint… the tricks, graphics and just easy-to-play attitude for a few hours of fun at a time is exactly what I’m looking for in games nowadays. *added to to-get list*

    • Scott Hyman

      Hey, obrendan18! Thanks for your interest in Wakeboarding HD. We’re thrilled to have such a following. Please let us know what you think when get a chance to play.

  • Interesting title. Glad Sony is keeping developers busy.

    • Scott Hyman

      Hi, IceCold.

      Oh, we’re plenty busy. This will be our 8th PSN title, and there’s lots more in the works at Tik/Creat.

  • Looks good

  • looks interesting….. will have to try this one out

    • Scott Hyman

      Thanks, greghead81. Please let us know what you think. We’re confident that you’ll have a great time.

  • Move compatible?

  • Looks like fun!

    • Scott Hyman

      We do try, TheMissingLink.

      I’m not sure if we want to get the Wakeboarding HD chocolate into the Magic Orbz peanut butter, but I’ll be sure to suggest it.

  • Looks cool maybe something to play after I am done with GOW3.

    • Scott Hyman

      Or… something to play between levels of GOW3. You can’t live by vengeance-fueled mythological violence alone, can you?

  • any discounts coming up for cuboid/magic orbz/mushroom wars please!!!!!!

    • Scott Hyman

      Aguilar, what would we do without you?

      Lots of stuff is happening soon at Tik/Creat. Keep an eye out…

  • Will a demo be coming out any time soon?

    • Scott Hyman

      Thanks for asking, 451! We’re chatting about it, but there’s nothing to announce just yet.

  • SSlartibartfast

    This is going to look VERY very amazing in HD.

    • Scott Hyman

      That’s because it does look amazing in HD, Slartibartfast. The water is as good as you’ll ever see. We’re very proud of how hard our team worked to get those waves looking good.

  • Seeing as you only mention North America, when’s the European release date?

    • Scott Hyman

      Europe is the 18th, North America is the 25th, maccarocks. Will you be buying a copy on each continent?

  • @5 You beat me too it! hahaha

  • xBlackBloodx

    You guys should have an hourly countdown to god of war’s release…

    Well release for everyone else… my gamestop didn’t get the shipment in cause Sony effed. great job by the way…

  • OK, I read the post and I notice that it has 2 player split-screen. Does it also support 2 player online?

    • Scott Hyman

      No online just yet, BlooodayCow. That doesn’t mean no online ever, but… only local for the moment.

  • Will there be a demo?

  • Looks beautiful–I love water done right!

    • Scott Hyman

      Thanks, Zookey. As I mentioned, our engineers and artists are really proud of the work they put into the water simulation. You can almost feel the spray while you play.

  • Looks really good. I might get it when it comes out.

    And I love how you reply to every comment. :)

    • Scott Hyman

      Almost every comment, LotemA. If someone takes the time to discuss our game, the least I can do is reply. As I wrote above, we can’t do what we do without you all buying our games. It means the world to us!

  • @vcotson lol, it would definitely look like it will work nicely with PS move. cant wait!!

  • I didn’t even see this up on the US blog, I was just reading the EU blog, @maccarocks check here:

    As I said on the other blog, the water looks so good, I can’t get ever it. I am really diggin the feel of this game, it just looks fun. Can’t wait to give a try. I entered to win the game on your twitter too so pick me ( if anyone else wants a go)

    • Scott Hyman

      Oh… you saw the Twitter contest, Ace? We are indeed giving copies of Wakeboarding HD away on @TikCreat for those who ReTweet!

  • Smash cars meets a wake board. Too funny.

    But since smash cars wasn’t supported…I’ll pass

  • Trust me Scott Hyman i will be done with GOW3 by the 25th got 20+ hours on Final Fantasy XIII by Friday of the week of release.

    • Scott Hyman

      Now that’s a devoted gamer! Class, please look at the fine work by Mr. Reign. Use his fine gaming skills as an example that you all can aspire to.

  • Will it have custom soundtracks?

    • Scott Hyman

      GoSox… I’m not sure. I just fired off an email to the producer. Should know in a little bit.

  • kinda has the ORBS look to it the sharks with all the carnage going on

  • Will it support custom soundtracks

  • AnthonyTonyMagic

    It should be fun even without Move, but I do hope that it gets compatibility by the time Move is released. PSN games could do really well with casual gamers who like motion control.

    Speaking of which, is it compatible with the SixAxis motion sensors?

    • Scott Hyman

      Anthony, I do not believe it has SixAxis functionality. But I do know that it will still have you catching your breath! Thanks so much for asking.

  • No online at launch? Can’t say I am not disappointed. I guess I will buy this when it is patch with online co-op. The sooner you guys patch in online co-op, the faster you get 2 more purchase. One from me and one from my friend :)

    • Scott Hyman

      Blooody Cow, thanks for your honesty. Everyone at Tik and Creat really appreciates feedback from our customers. As I have posted on previous blogs, everything that you all submit goes right to our development teams. We make games for you to play, and we always want to know what you want to see.

  • I wish I could reply to your comment directly.

    Thanks for the answer. And yeah…awkward…I wish I could change my PSN ID more and more each day. I don’t really have a nickname and this is just what I signed up as.

    Now I regret it.

    • Scott Hyman

      N451, we all have a burden to bear. If that’s the worst of it, then you’ll be just fine. You could always buy Wakeboarding HD and play over and over again to help you feel better!

  • I love anything and everything made by Creat. You guys make great downloadable games that are actually worth the money you ask for them and have plenty of lasting appeal. Will definitely buy.

    Also love that you continue to support your games with add-ons… Speaking of which, can we expect any new Smash Cars content?

  • I like the way this one looks. Any plans for a demo?

  • looks interesting

    • Scott Hyman

      Thanks, redgundog. I was hoping for something closer to “looks mind-blowingly, over-stimulatingly, addicitve-gamingly interesting”, but I’ll take what I can get.


  • When we gonna get a Creat game sale? :D

    And with all those titles and more coming. Don’t ya think its about time for a Creat store section ;)

    Any chance of Jet-ski’s later on for the Waverace64 feel?

    • Scott Hyman

      A store, SpiritThief? Well, you’ll just have to pay very close attention to see if that would ever happen, won’t you? ;-)

  • This is a day-one purchase seriously… and I know you guys will release a patch for Move Compatibility.

    I really hope you guys make a jetski’ing game; with online multiplayer using this same tech. Please Please Please???

    • Scott Hyman

      Jet Skiing, eh? We’ll have to have a good conversation about that one. Any other vehicle suggestions, PSN junkies? We’re always listening…

  • So nice !!! And About the demo ???

  • Yeah, I read the Sixth Axis article, and I couldn’t believe when I saw 8 titles from you guys already. I think I’ve been falling behind. I played the crap outta the first three — Mahjong, Magic Ball, err, Orbz, and Cuboid. But I think I’ve been falling behind lately, stuff keeps getting in the way. :(

    Was Smash Cars DLC ever released, I remember the trophies hinted at some, but I don’t remember hearing anything?

    • Scott Hyman

      Thanks, ace. It really means a lot to us to have folks like you follow what we do.

      Keep checking in about Smash Cars. Always something in the works around here.

      If you like what we’ve done, check out Mushroom Wars, Interpol, Digger HD, and pay close attention for more announcements.

  • Thanks for the reply….looks like a fun game

    Will there be night time wakeboarding

  • Just want to say that the first screenshot looks b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l… I think I might just surf around and admire the scenery for a while :)

    Please tell the guys who made it that it is stunning!

  • Looks great. Remands me of some of the old arcade-type games on the N64 and PS1 back in the day (in a good way!).

    • Scott Hyman

      HongoXIII, that is EXACTLY what the team was going for. They will now smile even more, knowing that players are getting it.

  • @31

    I was just about to say someone should make a downloadable title in the vein of Wave Race 64… what an insanely fun game that was.

  • AnthonyTonyMagic

    Thanks for taking the time to read and reply to comments too, Scott.

    I think SixAxis would work well with wakeboarding games, as there’s a wakeboarding part in a game on another platform that uses motion controls ;)

    Anyway, online multiplayer and splitscreen multiplayer would really sell this for me. Even without, it’s still on my ‘might buy’ list

    • Scott Hyman

      Good suggestions all around, Anthony. And I hope that a craving for some arcade-style action can push Wakeboarding HD from the might-buy to should-buy list. No matter how you play it, some crazy, action-filled, over-the-top fun is always a good thing. Especially when enhanced by state-of-the-art water simulation.

  • @Scott Hyman; You know, based on your comment for other suggestions… there hasn’t been any really good sub games… I use to really get into Subwar 2050. Look it up on youtube. This would be something you guys should really tap into.

    • Scott Hyman

      Submarine games? RTS-style? Or action-style? Hmmm… something to think about.

  • The water and wave effects look absolutely amazing! :D

    Any chance there will be a demo just to try it out first?

    • Scott Hyman

      We’re chatting about a demo, stlthriot. But thanks for the compliment. I will pass it along to the development team.

  • great psn game . any ps move games from you guys? what ur thought on ps move?

    • Scott Hyman

      We’re quite excited about Move, and we hope we can chat more about it very soon. So, as always… stay tuned.

  • looks awesome. a buy from me, but i do wish that sony would make developers put up a demo for every game. we all know that devs would sell a whole lot more copies if this was enacted. but i buy all yalls games scott so demo doesnt matter for u guys. you havent let me down yet,dont see it happening on this game!! great job

    • Scott Hyman

      Daniel3334, I truly cannot thank you enough. Everyone here at Tik/Creat works so hard to make games that they love and hope that you will, too. When we get such a response, we get a kind warm-fuzzy feeling that only a gamer can get.

  • Wakeboarding HD looks pretty cool. Was never really a fan but I might just give this a try when it hits.

    And sorry to post this here, but it’s kind of bugging me. I originally wrote this in the “Why is the PlayStation.Blog white” post. So if Jeff or Chris sees, please try and address this.


    I like the changes but there’s ONE THING that’s really bugging me.

    In your CSS file, you guys have this

    #top { margin-top: 17px; }

    Take the margin-top out of #top and instead add it to #page.

    That way, that annoying white indent won’t be up top and instead the page will look like this:



  • Thanks for picking me in the Twitter contest. Looks like a fun game. Can’t wait to try it on the 25th.

    • Scott Hyman

      You won, pat_boy2008? Congratulations. Always cool to chat with someone who we get to send a freebie. I’m sure we’ll keep it up, so everyone should jump aboard at @TikCreat and @CreatStudios for more.

  • Custom Soundtracks = Day One Must Purchase (for myself an a whole lotta other fans).

    No Custom Soundtracks = Must Play Demo Before Making Purchase Decision.

    Just a big hint 4yah! The game ‘looks’ like fun though.

    • Scott Hyman

      Hey BananaFish… I’m awaiting word from the producer right now to confirm about Custom Soundtracks. A lot of or games have it, so it may well be in there.

  • no demo needed, it’s a day one purchase for this fellow

    • Scott Hyman

      Now THAT is what I am talkin’ about! Tik/Creat hearts GameMoney!

  • About time some quality new stuff comes to PSN. Haven’t had a title since Fat Princess that stood out to me. This one as well as Joe Danger look really sweet. Not sure if Castle Crashers will ever come out. This game certainly could tide me over. What can we expect as far as Trophies?

    • Scott Hyman

      eFunk25, I can’t list the Trophy specifics here, but I can tell you that there are lots and lots of ’em. Everyone at Tik/Creat loves Trophies, and we always incorporate a large number into every game.

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