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Mar 17

Mar 17

UNCHARTED: Eye of Indra Motion Comic Bundle, Rika and Pinkerton Skins Launch on April 1

Arne Meyer's Avatar Posted by Director of Communications, Naughty Dog


Since the UNCHARTED: Eye of Indra motion comic series was released on the PlayStation Store late last year, we’ve gotten a ton of questions asking if the Rika Raja and Daniel Pinkerton multiplayer skins – which were made available in Europe as part of a bundle – would soon be available to our community in the US and other parts of North America.

We can let you know today that the answer is YES!

UNCHARTED Rika Raja Multiplayer Skin UNCHARTED Daniel Pinkerton Multiplayer Skin

When the PlayStation Store updates on Thursday, April 1 (we’re not joking), the UNCHARTED: Eye of Indra Bundle will be available for purchase for $2.49.

What if you have already purchased all or some of Eye of Indra Episodes 2, 3, and 4? Fear not, we have you covered.

Here’s what’s going to happen:

  • On Thursday, April 1, UNCHARTED: Eye of Indra Episodes 2, 3, and 4 will be TEMPORARILY removed from the Store
  • ANYONE who purchased ALL THREE Episodes (#2, 3, and 4) prior to 12:01 AM, April 1, will receive an e-mail on April 8 containing a PSN voucher code good for the FREE download of the UNCHARTED: Eye of Indra Bundle INCLUDING the Rika and Pinkerton multiplayer skins.

    *IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to receive the email with your voucher code, you MUST make sure that your PSN account has a valid and working email address associated with your PSN ID. You must also make sure that you have the option to receive marketing communications checked.

  • If you want the Rika and Pinkerton skins and have NOT purchased all 3 individual episodes yet, you MUST do so before all the episodes are temporarily removed on April 1.
  • Starting April 1, the ONLY way to receive the Rika and Pinkerton skins is to purchase the UNCHARTED: Eye of Indra Bundle. Buying individual episodes after this date will not make you eligible to receive the voucher code for the Bundle and skins.
  • The individual episodes will return to the Store on April 15 for $0.99 each.

We have one last bit of good news – the UNCHARTED: Eye of Indra Bundle will also be released on April 1 in Canada and Mexico, via your local PlayStation Store.

We’re really excited to finally be able to share the Rika Raja and Daniel Pinkerton skins with our fans in North America. Many thanks are also in order to SCEA for putting in all the extra effort to make sure everyone who have already purchased all of the Eye of Indra episodes will receive the Rika and Pinkerton skins!

Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below and we’ll do our best to answer as many of them as we can with as little bold text as possible.

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Koutetsu_Tatsu said:

March 17th, 7:50 pm

Every now and then I forget that UC2 multi is international sometimes. Having too much fun to think about it. The European release of the skins in December explains the Rika skin I saw in-game a ways back. Looking forward to both Rika and Pinkerton in April. Keep ’em comin.

ajacks101 said:

March 17th, 7:59 pm

Just saw (or actually first “heard”) Emily Rose (Elena) with a featured role/storyline on the TV show Private Practice…I was in the kitchen thinking “Who turned on Uncharted 2?”. She was playing a pregnant woman…great actress. Hope ND are able to get her for Uncharted 3!

woobies13 said:

March 17th, 8:24 pm

Is #1 going to be on this bundle also? I really hate having #1 under the video section and then 2-4 under the game section. I would really like them all together in one spot. Will this happen or ???? Thanks

    Arne Meyer's Avatar

    Arne Meyer said:

    March 18th, 12:29 pm

    I believe the bundle includes all of the episodes, including #1, in one convenient file.

crXss said:

March 17th, 8:49 pm

So not only did the people who bought the episodes separately get jipped $.50 but we also don’t the skins till the 8th? Who would buy the episodes individually now?? REDONKULOUS ND, unforgivable!! lol jk

I don’t really care bout these skins but thanks I guess, always love DLC for U2! Rather have a finalized MP update though.

divine1000 said:

March 17th, 9:41 pm

Why didn’t the EU release get a similar offer? We were expected to buy all three episodes, then the comic/skins bundle just one week later.
Eyepet was released in the EU with serious problems, naturally, not only have these issues been smoothed out for the NA release, but SCE are currently considering whether to charge European gamers for the new software version.
As a European It just feels a little disingenuous to hear you say “We did all we could to make sure everyone wins”.
It’s not really ‘everyone’ is it?

    Arne Meyer's Avatar

    Arne Meyer said:

    March 18th, 12:37 pm

    That was in reference to our US, Canada and Mexico customers who did not have any opportunity to get the skins until now. Each region sets prices and policies for their PSN Store offerings. We were fortune to work this out with the North American stores.

PPp_Killer said:

March 17th, 10:08 pm

You cannot be serious, You basically do nothing about the European’s buying all the Comic Motion strips then you release a bundle the next week without you being able to get the characters unless you buy the bundle, ugh SONY…
Do you even care about any other country outside of America? Especially how America spends the least amount of money on there consoles and games.

    Arne Meyer's Avatar

    Arne Meyer said:

    March 18th, 12:38 pm

    As I mentioned above, each region sets their own prices and policies, and we were fortunate to work this out for the North American store, especially since that store did not even get a chance for the skins or the bundle until several months after it was due to be released worldwide.

Milestones77 said:

March 17th, 10:20 pm

I have a question for the people take will be getting the voucher, will we be able to re-download the skins if we needed to? (hard-drive replacement, etc?)

    Arne Meyer's Avatar

    Arne Meyer said:

    March 18th, 12:39 pm

    I believe so, it should be in your transaction history.

EdEN_Zardos said:

March 17th, 10:57 pm

I’ve tought about getting the Eye of Indra motion comics but now that they’ll be in a bundle for a 50 cent discount INCLUDING two free skins I’ll be sure to download it once it goes live in the store.

ynp7 said:

March 17th, 11:39 pm

So will the first episode have the advertisements removed in this bundle?

TripleA_14 said:

March 18th, 12:47 am

Whatever happened to the Uncharted 1 motion comics that were teased on IGN a long while ago? I was almost certain that THAT was going to be the bonus included with the Eye of Indra bundle, turns out to be something far more useless…but honestly, why did it take so long to put together the bundle? and where are the Uncharted 1 motion comics!?

    Arne Meyer's Avatar

    Arne Meyer said:

    March 18th, 12:42 pm

    This is series referenced on IGN (as part of a PlayStation.Blog liveblog event) — which is a prequel to the events in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.

    We had some technical hurdles to put out the bundle in the North America to ensure that that we could make sure the skins were also available. It was a (relatively) long journey but we finally made it.

Blaster-X545 said:

March 18th, 1:22 am

I heard people say that it’s so easy to please a kid.


Why I’m not happy with that Fool’s day realize?

Should I be happy too?

Am I normal?

Had I lost my purity?

God I’m just 11!

I hate the world today!


Solid-Snake-Eyes said:

March 18th, 3:01 am

Thanks for mentioning Canada, Arne!

Solid-Snake-Eyes said:

March 18th, 3:02 am

Oh yeah another question, will there be ads included in the bundle? I saw the first episode and there were car or jeep ads in it.

    Arne Meyer's Avatar

    Arne Meyer said:

    March 18th, 12:43 pm

    No, there’s no sponsorship in the Episode 1 within the Bundle.

adud3007 said:

March 18th, 5:35 am

Hey Arne, do you know with the integration of using skins in co-op can we have Cinema mode in co-op?

NarcMonkey said:

March 18th, 7:06 am

Hooray, more skins to buy…



Buying skins is stupid as hell…

Give me some more maps ND.

How did this warrant such a wordy blog post?

    Arne Meyer's Avatar

    Arne Meyer said:

    March 18th, 12:45 pm

    It’s a complicated process. We needed to be completely clear.
    Skins are actually pretty popular and we’ve had a lot of comments and feedback about making more available. Also, it’s been barely a month since we released the Drake’s Fortune pack with 2 maps…

Evil_Vladimyr said:

March 18th, 7:09 am

With regards to Eye of Indra, is Episode One being redone that so that all Episodes will be in the game menu??

Cause as it stands, it’s sort of annoying that Episode One is a video, and the other three are all ‘games’. It would be nice if they could all be stored in the same submenu.

    Arne Meyer's Avatar

    Arne Meyer said:

    March 18th, 12:45 pm

    Yes, the latest I heard was that they’re all within the same file, including Epsiode 1.

Bolusu said:

March 18th, 7:30 am

Can anyone tell me if this bundle includes new maps.

NarcMonkey said:

March 18th, 7:45 am

@67, nah just stupid comics, coupled with stupid skins… Nothing to see here… move along people.

frestelse said:

March 18th, 9:10 am

Hello I am asking if this is the DLC for April? Is this all? We that had the Skins before wants something too. This skins is a thing that you should have gived ous a long time ago.

interminate said:

March 18th, 10:10 am

so let me get this straight …. it won’t be on the asian psn store ?

    Arne Meyer's Avatar

    Arne Meyer said:

    March 18th, 12:48 pm

    I’m not sure, this was something we made for the North American store and this blog is actually specific to US news and information. Sorry that I don’t have any more info on Asia regions.

BigPoppaB said:

March 18th, 10:15 am

Ill buy this… and the heroes pack if you allow us to use them in coop, gold rush or survival

I understand why you have to use the in game ones for objectives,,, but i see no reason why we cant use whatever skin we want for the other coop modes.

ShaoranLi said:

March 18th, 10:25 am

So if I read correctly, anyone in North America who purchased all the episodes of Eye of indra will be getting the voucher codes for those 2 extra skins.

But then I read the last bit of good news part, which mentions Canada/Mexico that’ll be getting this too. I can’t help but think the voucher part is borderlined / separated from Canada and Mexico when reading that. But Canada / Mexico will be getting this voucher deal too right?

    Arne Meyer's Avatar

    Arne Meyer said:

    March 18th, 12:47 pm

    Yes, that’s what I understand to be the case

Kevinistight said:

March 18th, 10:59 am

Asians dont get it haha

Solid-Snake-Eyes said:

March 18th, 12:13 pm

I took a closer look at that Rika skin, I no longer want this bundle!

Lucky13X said:

March 18th, 12:23 pm

Even though it is just a $.50 savings to us who had not obtained any of the additional episodes beyond 1. It is great to see you are offering the skins for free to those who already paid up to $3 for the individual episodes, instead of having them pay an additional $2.50 for content they already have.

Good show.

Top-Bandit said:

March 18th, 1:22 pm

it would really be nice if i could play online… my character freezes all the time… i never had a problem playing any other game online beside uncharted 2… please fix

Hooligantuan said:

March 18th, 1:51 pm

Is this for Uncharted or Uncharted 2?

I’m not really up on all this Uncharted business – heck, I haven’t gotten around to opening the copy that came with my controller yet. Been playing a lot of MAG and Fallout 3, hahaha!

Elvick_ said:

March 18th, 8:08 pm

Oh good, I’m glad that SCEA isn’t ripping us early buyers off, even if they rip us off on some of the dynamic themes… but meh.

I’ll be awaiting the email. :3


March 18th, 10:37 pm

Hi Arne Iusually do not leave comments,and this one is off topic but would it be possible for NaughtyDog to make avatars because the choices we are stuck with now really do suck for the most part.You can reply if you want but it isn’t neccesary just letting you know that it would be greatly appreciated if we had cooool avatars.

stevoman75 said:

March 18th, 11:31 pm

Hey great info… like always. love the post and love the blog, and since you guys listen to us so much i just want to say keep the skins coming heroes pack was awesome. how about some kratos and solid snake? just suggestions. naughty dog, you guys rock with those models, keep up the good work.

Ti_dus said:

March 19th, 4:59 am

Not everyone wins, cause European who bought all episodes separetly (like me) have nothing ;/

theklassklown said:

March 19th, 12:24 pm

Hey arne by any chance will these skins have voices

LiToDiAl said:

March 20th, 4:21 am

Great news about the skins. I’m happy to hear that you guys are seriously looking into making all skins available in co-op survival. It’s all that I care to play.

gameralex1319 said:

March 20th, 12:15 pm

I know this has nothing to do with the skins, but I have a question regarding Uncharted 2 online. I am trying to report players who are glitching, but when I go to the playstation site and write the name of the player, it asks me for the reason i’m reporting them. When I choose “cheating”, it tells me to choose the game that they were cheating in, but Uncharted 2 doesn’t come up. Why is this? Please add it to the list of games because the cheaters are becoming increasingly annoying, and they take out the entire fun of the game.

Another question- Why isn’t Prakoso (pirate guy) included? How do you unlock him?

Finally: How much will these skins cost, and do these skins have their own voices?


cbelpasso said:

March 21st, 1:17 pm


cbelpasso said:

March 21st, 4:40 pm


Xiophoam said:

March 21st, 6:23 pm

i set on my notification preferences that i would like to recieve news letters from sony, but i don’t get them. I think my email is just weird or you guys dont really email a lot (i dont know), but because of that i really dont get any emails from sony, even though i signed up.

JCRJ said:

March 21st, 7:20 pm

That awesome that we are getting these new skins. One question though, are you guys going to be offering new skins and maps from time to time? If so that would be great! Thanks for all you do.

Xelhes said:

March 22nd, 10:26 am

Arne i have a question

So for us americans…Do we have to purchase all the episodes in order to be able to download Rika and pinkerton?

Kirkpad said:

March 22nd, 1:12 pm

“1 Hero skin (Rika) and 1 Villain skin (Pinkerton) actually.

I thought it was pretty obvious they’re part of the webcomic since they ONLY come with purchase of the webcomic episodes or bundle. Especially since this post is about both.”

Thanks for the response! I am really interested in the purchase now that you responded.

Customer feedback FTW!

saosin85 said:

March 22nd, 1:47 pm

if not then I downloaded the comic can not download Rika Raja and Daniel Pinkerton

SCORPiON5150 said:

March 22nd, 2:51 pm

This is somewhat off topic and short notice for such a request, but a lot of us have been discussing some new skins we would like to see for Easter.


Any possibility you guys could make it happen? Most anyone that has heard the idea thinks it would be awesome!

nillacoke said:

March 24th, 12:45 pm


El_Bruto1 said:

March 27th, 1:42 pm

i would like 2 know if there would be a kratos skin??

El_Bruto1 said:

March 27th, 1:42 pm

it would be awesome!!!(:

WiggaKnight said:

March 28th, 6:18 am

I’m actually quite pumped for this release!

curtainman1 said:

March 28th, 11:10 pm

Any chance of Baseball Nate becoming available soon? I really want him!

majora96 said:

March 31st, 8:30 pm

Ok so I have already bought 3 of them so you are saying that I will have to wait until April 8 to receive the multiplayer skins?
And also is it true that there will be a DLC on April 15 with 4 maps and 5 skins?

gerseykid said:

April 1st, 1:26 pm

hey arne i just bought all three episodes today ( april 1st ) at 2:00 will i get the code for rika and pinkerton

WiggaKnight said:

April 2nd, 6:41 am

so are they not going to be released anymore? i can’t seem to find them in the store…

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