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Hi Everyone – It’s time for the weekly digital comics update for the PSP. First, we are proud to announce Markosia Enterprises has joined the Digital Comics team, so lookout for their content very soon. This week, we have Dragon Age, which is in the digital comics store ahead of its release in comic book shops. Also, All Hail Megatron, the final episode of Locke & Key, plus 5 more issues of Vintage X-Men (1963) from Marvel. Check out for more info. Enjoy!

Dragon Age COMICS STORE X-Men Comics Store

  • 2000AD Prog # 1671 – $ 1.99
  • Archie & Friends # 138 – $ 1.99
  • Donald Duck and the Anger Expert # 0 – $ 0.99
  • Dragon Age # 1 – $ 1.99
  • Dreamland Chronicles # 3 – $ 1.99
  • G.I. Joe # 9 – $ 1.99
  • G.I. Joe Origins # 9 – $ 1.99
  • G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes # 3 – $ 1.99
  • Gladstone Gander Tries His Luck # 0 – $ 0.99
  • Little Ducks # 0 – $ 0.99
  • Locke & Key: Head Games # 6 – $ 0.99
  • Scrooge McDuck and Secretary’s Day # 0 – $ 0.99
  • Shaun the Sheep Comic # 4 – $ 0.99
  • Star Trek: Nero # 3 – $ 1.99
  • Transformers: All Hail Megatron # 16 – $ 1.99
  • Wallace & Gromit Comic # 8 – $ 0.99
  • We Kill Monsters # 2 – $ 0.99
  • Weekly World News # 2 – $ 1.99
  • Wolverine (2003) # 62 – $ 1.99
  • Wolverine (2003) # 63 – $ 1.99
  • Wolverine (2003) # 64 – $ 1.99
  • Wolverine (2003) # 65 – $ 1.99
  • Wolverine (2003) # 66 – $ 1.99
  • The X-Men (1963) # 6 – $ 1.99
  • The X-Men (1963) # 7 – $ 1.99
  • The X-Men (1963) # 8 – $ 1.99
  • The X-Men (1963) # 9 – $ 1.99
  • The X-Men (1963) # 10 – $ 1.99
  • X-Mickey # 9 – $ 1.99

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  • Very much digging the vintage 60’s Marvel stuff; keep em coming!

  • So this is comics without the promise of collecting as a hobby or them one day being valuable? Good business model!

  • leonhart9876

    MANGA PLEASE! Been waiting for months for manga. Not everyone likes marvel or disney.

  • Still No DC comics?

  • wheres the God of War comic?

  • What about the news regarding comics in Canada? I’m tired of having to swap between US/Canada/Europe accounts just to enjoy the content on my PSP that’s available. :\ I bought my PSP Go partially for the comics service, and was hugely disappointed when I realized it wasn’t offered here. The stupid thing is that I’m still able to buy and view them from both the US/EUR stores, so if/when they are ever offered in Canada, I won’t rebuy what I already bought.

    Love the service, wish I didn’t have to feel like I’m doing something dirty to have access to it.

  • Is there any chance we are going to have any Ultimate Marvel comics show up in future updates? You would really make my psp Go happy if you a bunch of those show up lol

  • can we get Dark Wolverine on the PSN? please & thank you.

  • Dudes where are the DarkHorse comics? I need to get my HB and BPRD fix on the PSP.

  • Canada wants this, check your blog share

  • Where is the Resistance comic? Looked all over but couldn’t find it. Any PlayStation related comics should definitely be in the store.

  • Really getting tired of waiting for this and the movie service to come to Canada. Is there any news on it ever arriving in Canada? I would use this lots and probably would buy a PSP if it finally was offered. Until that day comes, I won’t be buying a PSP.

  • my LAN switch is broken. any chance comics will come to the PS store on the PS3? that would be sweet ’cause I’d really like to purchase some but can’t figure out how.

  • Grace Chen on playstation store updated next time could please ask our question Your Friend Mike from EU blog he ask almost ever question that there is on his playstation blog. Like Can please put some PS One games up today that EU had last week is why EU get more psone games then we do? thankyou Grace have good day.

  • @Grace

    Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #42 (One More Day #3)

    That is all.

  • @3: Just wait a little longer. Japan doesn’t even have Marvel Comic on their PSN too. I know many Japanese that love Marvel Comic. They probably want Marvel Comic on their PSN badly as we want manga.

  • gettinmoney662

    @2, this is for people who just want to read the comics for the stories and don’t care what they’re worth.

  • Otakuvirus00

    I don’t care much for comics but some digital manga would be great ^_^

  • Another fine week, could use more companies in on it so we get more variety to the comics added though (I hope to someday see Johnny The Homicidal Maniac on the PSN).

  • zooKreature

    Can u imagine buying some of the classics and the cost for a collectible? With this we can catch up without breakin the bank. If someone wants to collect to pass on to their kids or wants to turn a profit, for sure they will buy physical copies at a comic shop.

  • I think that Playstation should release a free original Comic series on the comic store. (Sort of like how they’re releasing The Tester on the video store for free.)

    It would be interesting to see what Sony Comes up with!

  • I didn’t even know that there were comics available on the PSN. Nifty. Unfortunately PSN has never accepted my credit card, and I can’t figure out why. :|

    Also, I want to add to the demand for manga. Claymore is one that I would like to read, amongst others.

  • I’ll join the que with the rest of the Canadians waiting for this service. The line is kinda long…hope this doesn’t make me late for my curling game.

  • @23 The line is longer than the one waiting for manga to arrive. WE dont get the video store or the comic store. Sony’s North America Business model blows majorly! I mean its just 2 countries (excluding Mexico) why do we get left out when we pay the same price for the same thing the US PSN-users do?

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