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Mar 26

Mar 26

Warhawk Tournament 2010!

Dylan Jobe's Avatar Posted by

President, LightBox Interactive

On the heels of our recent price-drop for Warhawk, and for all of our fans both rookies and veterans, we have decided to hold a new Warhawk Competition!

Warhawk - Aircraft comabt

Many of us here in the States have been spending way too much time staring at our brackets so we’re opting not to do a traditional “bracketed” tournament based on teams or clans. Instead, we’re going to make this competition more accommodating of the individual player by hosting special Capture the Flag Servers that players can join and play on. These servers will have their stats tracked separately for the duration of the competition, specifically Points earned, and these stats will be displayed on a new Tab labeled “TOURNY” that we are adding to the Warhawk website and this new tab will process and update all the player data periodically — so if you get a kill or flag capture and then *immediately* go check the “TOURNY” Tab, just be aware that the server churns all the data every 6 hours and your fine, fine combat skills may take a bit of time to be displayed :-)

Warhawk - Champions Blade

So here are the ground rules:

  • Competition starts on April 2nd at 5am Pacific Time and will run through May 3rd at 5am Pacific Time.
  • Players must play on Official SONY Servers named “Tournament-CTF-1,2,3, etc.”
  • Competition is open to North American *AND* European players.
  • The top 50 players that have earned the most Points on these designated servers will win the competition.

Winners will receive the very rare Champions Blade! It’s an in-game weapon like a trophy that you can bash people with. You’ll also get a special edition Warhawk shirt for your avatar in HOME — only available to the winners of this competition!


Start sharpening your skills and get ready for the competition — an who knows, you may even run into a dev or two ;-)

Rock on,

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highlander234 said:

March 29th, 8:05 am

good idea!!!
i’m playing warhawk for 3 years so i really want this Champions Blade!

SaintMarcPaul said:

March 29th, 8:47 am

For those of us that started warhawk around the first GGL and missed out this is nice. Sorry a few vets are so mad and won’t play, i’ll sure miss seeing them in the servers – lol. They should just be happi they became generals off the old flag dropping and unlimited server times. From all the legit players I’d like to thank Dylan for creating a little hype leading up to E3 for warhawk. See you in the servers – my alt account is named ambient warfare.

Myhrmans said:

March 29th, 9:08 am

wowowowowowowowowo :O looking forward!!

CrossHawk said:

March 29th, 1:06 pm

Hey guys i have a few questions,

First: Do you get a cermonial blade if you just participate?
Second: Can you just play like one game and get the ceremonial blade?

Thats all please reply

yuriyagoygor said:

March 29th, 3:59 pm

LOL i am Going to TRy to get this big blade Champions How can u get it i’m Command Marshal

HAYAbUsAmaN said:

March 29th, 5:07 pm

I think that having the servers running 24/7 will only promote cheating and reward the guys who should have been banned from the beginning they will trade account passwords..
In the end someone’s account will have logged 31days without an hour missed I’m sure you have seen it before and they were banned.
Would work if a certain amount of hours in each time zone everyday would work nicely for all the people who have jobs the cheaters cant cheat its a Win WIN Just trying to help.

dragong23 said:

March 30th, 7:07 am

2 things.

I agree with lookingreat. My friends and I have discussed how unfair this will be. People will just play. I mean, I have friends who have gotten to top 50 in DM over like 2 weeks. That’s when they play 24/7. Now the good thing is these tournament servers, are more like Official Servers and we wont see the DM players who play 24/7 because if you can’t fly, good luck in getting in the top 50.

Now, manly. I dont mean to start [DELETED], but I’ve heard from a lot of people who competed in the tournament, that the way GGL ran it was biased towards a certain team. I may be way off and if I am, please ignore what I’m saying.

I believe this is a better way to give away a blade, but give it to about 100 people of the community who have played the game forever, but don’t have the time to put in because they have families and jobs, and school. etc.


Joey_Butters said:

March 30th, 4:15 pm

freakin sweeet man cant wait!!!!

Joey_Butters said:

March 30th, 4:19 pm

Warhawk is the name of the game…time to learn how to fly!!!

dsplayer14 said:

March 31st, 2:11 pm

I would LOVE IT to see a recruit with a GGL blade or Champion blade!!!!! Anyways, I am REALLY REALLY REALLY excited bout the tournament!!! I have had Warhawk for a year now and its my most favorite PS3 game ever!Like out of all of the PS3 games. Well, rated T or lower. I cant wait for it to start. Ive heard people talk about these way back when Warhawk was in stores for the first time. I wont get my hopes high of winning this but I am totally gonna play in it. I have a question though since this is my first tournament, Do you just like join the server? Or do you need to be in a clan of a certain number of people? If anyone can answer thatd be great!

Junoblaze said:

March 31st, 6:42 pm

new Warhawk turney ill be in, but there should be other servers like zones and tdm not just ctf.

J-FIC said:

March 31st, 8:51 pm

:) ah this is great! See u guys in the top 50

DONUTBOY1o1 said:

April 1st, 9:34 pm


DONUTBOY1o1 said:

April 1st, 9:46 pm

also yea can you up the winners number 100 ppl? plz? cuz it’ll be fair and yea do you get the participant blade like before? cuz i REALLY LIKE IT LMAO

Joey_Butters said:

April 2nd, 2:14 am

hey u guys running behind???

i_KILL--noobs said:

April 2nd, 7:19 am

why is everyone butthurt? oh right i see,its a tourny for the lone wolfs and not the “superstars” over on psn who can just 0 ping and team stack their way to victory….the lone wolfs have been keeping this game going the past 4 months… u know those guys who go into the officials and fly 8 V 1 all day? there the ones who will get this blade and there the ones who deserve it…oh yeah one more thing GOML NOOBIES – PRO FLIGHT VERTICAL GLITCH FTW

chims said:

April 2nd, 12:07 pm

the warhawk demo isnt working


April 2nd, 2:49 pm

I agree with dragon, i can’t play all day everyday because i have school and my homework is straight up hardcore and stuff. so like the servers should maybe be ran for like 4 hours at the most at different times for different time zones and that like they should give it to atleast 100 to 200 people for real its going to be hard for alot of people to get into the top 50 spots. so maybe they should change it around because look at how many people are playing in the tournament its even hard as hell trying to get into one of the rooms and what there is like 40 rooms and each room can hold 32 people. kind of messed up if you ask me…

DONUTBOY1o1 said:

April 3rd, 4:32 am

why doesn’t the “tourny” tab show all the players how played? cuz my score is around 1,500 pts but my name isn’t up there why?
-plz reply

tloim said:

April 4th, 7:24 am

What we will do about cheaters forexample parcelforceman is a big cheater with his team look at his game stats he is currently online on the tournament server 38 at 16:25 (GMT+1). he and his friends go different sides and continuously capturing the zone without doing any fights

westliner said:

April 5th, 2:17 am

Hallo Dylan,
i’m markus from Germany… my question is: what’s about the ceremonial knife in the Tournament 2010 ?
never ever i can’t reach the Top50 for becoming a champions blade :-(
My opinion is… I don’t play the Tournament only just for fun, because the “stars” of warhawk players are really good and i have no chance in this tournament.
When you say… all the Fighters who plays many Times in this tournament will get a ceremonial knife – that was a really good reasen or me to play this challege.
best regards,
Markus “westliner”

westliner said:

April 5th, 2:22 am

sorry guys… i know my english is so bad – i hope you understand what i mean :-)

gunners89 said:

April 5th, 3:33 pm

im really glad that about 6 hours of my gameplay didn’t count towards my total yesterday. great job guys. my last 8k that i have gotten has all been in your tournament servers yet i only have 3700 according to the leaderboard. super sweet good work keep it up

ZeroStorm2012 said:

April 5th, 3:54 pm

I have an idea that most war games don’t and probably won’t do, Add some Naval Ships for artillery, Anti-air, etc that people can use as a transport and even walk on.

LINEZ__22 said:

April 5th, 7:46 pm

I can’t find the server for the tourny. Is it up yet?

InspectorCluseau said:

April 7th, 11:02 am

Hows about giving the Champion’s Blade to people when they earn General’s status? Nope, that’s stupid. My bad. Awarding for time played is rediculous and Zones is much better for rewarding a teams players evenly than CTF. Also, read anything Chemicalgroom wrote. Warhawk is my favorite game of all time. The sun does shine on a dog’s ass occasionally, though. This has me a little worried about the quality of any sequels that may follow it up.

Spec_Ops_Snyper said:

April 10th, 6:18 pm

It just doesnt seem worth it to me :/

c85d said:

April 12th, 8:52 am

I wish PSN would let the ps3 owners know WTF is comming before it happens like a message. SH**

TheLastNinja- said:

April 15th, 7:45 pm

What’s with all the month-long tourneys? First MAG and now Warhawk. Should have it 2 weeks at maximum for these lone-wolf tourneys. x_x

And I agree with #107, put the servers up for a limited amount of time, this way the tournament is actually about skill and not endurance.

x_daku said:

April 16th, 2:19 pm

Are the top 100 or 200 goingot to get the ceremonial Knife? Respond please.

Joey_Butters said:

April 22nd, 9:54 pm

this frikin game is gettin worse everytime i play its 1 sided all the time… u guys need 2 fix it…its frikin bull

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