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Apr 13

Apr 13

Coming to PSN this Week: Jungle Add-on Pack for Magic Orbz

Scott Hyman's Avatar Posted by VP of Publishing, Creat Studios

Hey PlayStation readers! It’s Scott again, from TikGames/Creat Studios. Do you all mind if I just crash out on the couch for a while? Since I’m here so often, I figured I might as well just move in for a while. That cool?

In exchange for food money, how about a new announcement? TikGames/Creat Studios is proud to deliver another Add-On Pack for our hit game, Magic Orbz. Since breaking apart pirates, witches and igloos just wasn’t enough, it’s now time to take our destructive tendencies into the JUNGLE!

Magic Orbz: Jungle Add-on Pack 06

On Thursday, April 15th in North America and April 22nd in Europe, you can download the Jungle Pack for Magic Orbz for just $2.99/€2.99. The Jungle Pack is loaded with wild beasts, ancient ruins, dense foliage, harsh weather, and everything else you could want to destroy with your little orb.

Magic Orbz: Jungle Add-on Pack 08 Magic Orbz: Jungle Add-on Pack 03

For those not in the know, Magic Orbz presents a fresh spin on classic brick-breaking gameplay, enabling players to bust apart bright, colorful 3D environments piece by piece. Using realistic physics and a super-high-tech system of object destruction, Magic Orbz is presented in stunning 1080p with online multiplayer and in-game live voice communications. (Now you’re “in the know!”)

Magic Orbz: Jungle Add-on Pack 07

As always, everyone at TikGames/Creat Studios thanks you all for your support and feedback. We all work very hard to bring you great games, and we read everything that comes our way from our fans. We can’t do what we love without you!

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Cstrfrk said:

April 13th, 11:31 am

I have two words: Amusement Park!

    Scott Hyman's Avatar

    Scott Hyman said:

    April 13th, 11:36 am

    Ooooh. Cooooool.

    But which is better… an Amusement Park with zombies or dinosaurs?

LokeSTL said:

April 13th, 11:43 am

Geez, that should be enough content to justify a Platinum Trophy, shouldn’t it? ;-) Let’s make this happen Scott…

How about an Asian theme with rice fields and palaces. Samurai for good guys and Ninja for bad guys. Maybe even Dragons and the bonuses would come from hitting golden Buddah statues. Just spit-balling….

Scott Hyman's Avatar

Scott Hyman said:

April 13th, 11:49 am

I’ll check with the dev team about a Platinum trophy. It’s been brought up before.

An ancient Japanese pack… that has a lot of potential. Everyone likes to destroy ninjas.

OnslaughtCometh said:

April 13th, 11:54 am


Dinosaurs in 1920’s New York? I’m sure that’s in a history book somewhere.

CrashSpyro said:

April 13th, 12:11 pm

Will check this out if and when I can get the add-ons in a bundle.

poodude said:

April 13th, 12:21 pm

Lmao, just in time, I finally got around to beating the Winter Pack this weekend. Not that I didn’t like it, it’s just Bioshock 2 and God of War 3 distracted me. Now I have to go get a PSN card so I can get this and the Uncharted 2 DLC next week.

Can’t wait to see what you guys do next!

sepijooon said:

April 13th, 12:39 pm

i just bought mushroom wars and i got digger HD the first day ,love both games.
i wasn’t sure about magic orbs , it seems it is too easy, but i may buy it, looks fun

i hope u guys make some psn games for MOVE

jh6269 said:

April 13th, 12:39 pm

Picture this: a sci-fi space theme pack where you go to weird alien worlds. Some worlds would be populated with dinosaurs, others, zombies, 1920’s New York, etc. Almost anything’s possible in space ;)

Dinosaurs, zombies, and Orbz in spaaaaaccce!

Darth-Krayt said:

April 13th, 12:42 pm

Awesome!!! Magic Ball (sorry, it’s always going to be Ball for me 8D) is easily my favorite PSN game. Brick Breakers have always been one of my favorite genres since the Atari days, and you guys took it to a whole new level with Magic Ball. I’ve played them all and you have made by a long shot, the best Brick Breaker of all time. I will buy any and all expansions you put out for this title.

PLEASE put out an Alien/UFOs themed pack. Classic “Grey” style aliens please. And I’d love an Egyptian themed pack as well. I do like the idea of Dinosaurs as well. I hope that was a hint at an upcoming pack. But the one I want the most is an Aliens/UFOs theme.

I love supporting fairly local companies as well. I live in Rhode Island, close enough for me to consider you local…..can I work for you guys?

DragonRay said:

April 13th, 1:04 pm

you guys are definitely my favorite psn developers
great games and the best feedback on the blogs

loving the games and eventually I’ll probably get hamsterball and wakeboarding HD too – just waiting for the demos to see which is more worth getting first . demos please and thanks .

oh , and a pinball type levels add-on for one of the classic arcade pack levels ? maybe ?

TigerLust said:

April 13th, 1:38 pm

I am down, as long as you can confirm no Tigers have been harmed in the making of the Jungle pack.

And please, no more of those 100-in-a-row things. I love the game and all, but don’t want to replay the original levels over and over again, y’know? New content is where it’s at.

PS: Def LOVE the ideas in post # 51 (Plat & Japan Pack)!

gosox said:

April 13th, 2:11 pm

Reply to #44. That would be Red Sox, Scott.

Vex_Doppel said:

April 13th, 2:12 pm

Sweet, I havn’t seen much on this game for awhile but I have a blast playing with my buddy.

plaztiksyke said:

April 13th, 2:12 pm

Amusement Park is a *great* idea! Clowns, contortionists, elephants, and caged tigers are scary enough, but even more amusing would be a “working” roller coaster that has a clown riding in it. I can see the trophy for that now.. ;) use the Killer Klowns from Outer Space as reference models! A distorted mirror that reflects what’s in front of it and shatters when hit would also be cool. Some Cirque de Soleil type surrealism would be a treat!

I, too, would like to see the Orb used in gameplay. It would be neat if it sparked when hitting things, glowed to illuminate its surroundings as a night time power-up, and/or reflected it’s surroundings.

papidj1 said:

April 13th, 2:46 pm

Please, let us interact with the enviroment, not just destruct it!. It woul be cool to have a n amusement park theme and interact like those pinball machines before we destruct all.

SpyDudeFX said:

April 13th, 4:00 pm

I like all of the ideas so far. Also wanted to add to please launch new DLC for Interpol + online co-op. That game is one of my favorites, and new DLC would be awesome.

DaWolf619 said:

April 13th, 5:28 pm

Love me some Magic Orbz, gonna have to get this add-on for sure.
Can you also check on the status of Mahjongg Tales: Ancient Wisdom? I got it because of the sale, but can’t play it as everytime it goes to Update it causes the PS3 to reset.

GGCAN said:

April 13th, 8:52 pm

A great game that will be worth reviving with this new add on.

Motherboop said:

April 14th, 8:40 am

I hope it adds 6 trophies. that combined with the other two expansions, it’s an instant purchase for me :)

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